Sadesati explained


What is Sadesati ?

 It is believed that when Saturn visits the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the house where Moon is placed in the horoscope of a person, the Sade Sati of Saturn is in effect. To simplify the concept if Moon is in Leo sign in a horoscope, when Saturn transits through Cancer, Leo and Virgo, the person is Said to be under the effect of Sade Sati of Saturn and all kinds of tragic evenets may happen to him according to some propagated beliefs.

 However it is important to note that not everybody Suffers from the bad effects of such transit of Saturn. Some people on the contrary may get Very good results and prosper during the Sade Sati while others may experience Big difficulties during Sade Sati. Therefore it is important to note that Sade Sati is not Always bad for everyone and it may on the contrary bless some people with very good Things. So it is again a matter of great importance whether Sade Sati is Bad or Good In your case. Do not be afraid and have the opinion of an expert astrologer who can properly analyze your Horoscope and tell you if it is actually bad or good in your Horoscope.



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  1. Nice resource! Many thanks for creating it. Keep posting that way.

  2. Very good article…sadesati….is really a more drastic for those who are influencing.

  3. Does Sade sati means a bad period for 7and 1/2 years or as most sites says -for scorpion- it is for the period 2012 to 2014? What is the experience of people during sade sati period on finance, health and housing related matter? When sign rashi vrischika is mentioned is it as per moon based Indian method ( name staring with N and Y) or date based method (which is November)? Shall be grateful if someone can throw light in this aspect.

    • Hi Sandip,

      Sade sati and other things based on Indian astrology are always based on your Moon Sign. This sign is not based on your name, etc but based on a combination of your date/time of birth, place of birth. For Vrishchika rashians the First phase of Sade Sati is from 2011 Nov to 2014 Nov. second phase for 2.5 years from Nov 2014 and then the third phase. Hope this helps your queries.


  4. Hi, my date of birth is 3rd Feb 1983 time: 4:30 pm at mumbai… Please guide me about my Sade sati.


  5. Dear Girishji
    please check my sons horoscope and suggest remedies. he is going thru sadesathi and has alienated us for no reason. we love him dearly and want all the best for him. we want to see him get married
    DATE OF BIRTH : 7th October 1986
    TIME OF BIRTH : 2.23 P.M.

  6. Tanu Naithani

    Life is hell if you do not know about your Saturn Transit , when it’s malefic.
    I am undergoing third phase of Sade-Sati as Scorpio, I was no knowing that I was undergoing it since August 2012, I lost consciousness of my mind. I felt as if my mind is clogged in all spheres of life. I had vani dosh, I was under going depression & always used to blame my spouse who was also undergoing Sade-Sati as Libra, This ruined my relationship with him & he does not want to live with me anymore, Sade Sati ruined my married life, My emotions freeze for my spouse in spite of being loyal to him. I am on verge of losing the love of my life, I kept on losing temper on him. I was helpless & lost. I was also feeling irritated from him. I am shocked to know my deeds & now came to know that Shani Dasha was causing all these things & affected my married life, I love my spouse & miss him, Hope he forgives me. PLEASE BEWARE OF YOUR SATURN TRANSIT ELSE IT MIGHT RUIN YOUR LIFE

  7. Dear Girishji
    please check my horoscope and suggest remedies. I am going thru sadesathi and facing lot of issues on earning front. Lost my mother in Nov 2017

    DATE OF BIRTH : 25th May 1964
    TIME OF BIRTH : 8.14 P.M.
    PLACE OF BIRTH : Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

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