Effect for Kanya Rashi

Kanya Rashi or Virgo moon sign ascendants are now in the last 2.5 yr phase of Sadesati as Saturn has moved onto Libra or Tula rashi, which is the second house for Kanya rashians.For some sadesati effects may be severe until May 2012
after which there may be some reprieve since Guru or Jupiter will support you strongly.During this period there
may be a tendency to behave rudely or harshly. Hence it is advised to practice restraint especially in the domestic or home front and also cut down on unnecessary expenses.

This last phase of Sadesati for Kanya rashi may even throw a lot of hurdles in your daily life, but continuing to be spiritual and patient would bring them on to the pleasant side. Continue to work hard as you have done in the last 5 yrs and you will surely be able to tide over this last part of sadesati.

Virgo or Kanya rashi natives are advised not to indulge in any major investments.These natives are recommended to recite shani mantras like shani Kavacha, Shani gayatri or shani stotra daily for reducing the malefic impacts of Sade sati. They should also visit navagraha temple and
do pradakshina along with reciting namaskar mantras and should fast on Saturdays to please the lord Shani.

    Shani Mantra for daily recital:

“Kaka twajaya Vidhmahi,
Katka Hastaha Deemahi,
Tanho manth prochodayath,
Neelanjana Samabhasam,
Raviputram Yamagrajam,
Chaya Marthanda sambootham,
Twam namaami Shanischaram”

It would be good if more Kanya rashians add their experiences to this blog and help other fellow natives in knowing that they are not alone in this and that there are many ways to stay positive and calm during these testing times.

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  1. Hi All,

    For the past 5 yeras i have been through hell and back. Still the problems haven’t gone and it is depressing to see that during the last phase problems are going to be there. I am sure a lot of virgos will agree with me on this. I lost my job, family, health, money you name it. This shani haven’t done anything good for me in anyways. Hoping that moving to thula would make things better for me but lets see at the moment I can’t see light at the end of the tunnel…..

    • you are exactly correct.Same thing happened to me.lost money,mom-dad,job.

    • Debalina Aich Roy

      Agree with you. Even I am also going in this situation from last 5 years to till now.


    • Trust me, i have been through this period, though in this period Shani dev will offer u all troubles, it is in your hands to change it in your favor, i have done and escaped from all major difficulties, first thing u need to do is say no to all addictions u have at present, surrender your self to the god whom u worship, visit as many temples as u can, most important to visit are shirdi, Shanisingnapur, tirupathi and sri rangam temples.
      than help others as many as u can. lead a life of simplicity.
      when you give all what u have to God himself, there will not be any thing for shani ji to take from you, infact he will bestover you with his blessings.

      • Srinivasan Iyer

        Shani Bhagawan is impartial…give up your addictions..help handicapped people….your suffering will get reduced…fast on Saturdays…visit navagraha temple on Saturday…you will get relief..

    • surender singh Kaparwan

      Very true I face lots of problems in each area of life.

    • I was happy in a job at Mumbai and in Dec 2011, I changed jobs and moved to Bangalore. I did a honest job and delivered results as stipulated still I lost my job and am jobless since June 1, 2013. This coincided with Guru moving into my 10th House as per my horoscope. I don’t know the reasons but I am really at a loss and don’t know as to why this is happening. I have been visiting all possible temples and praying. Only hope that things work out soon – positively. I am almost 50 yrs old and its tough finding a job.

    • I am facing lots of tension. There is no escape. We have to go through nightmare. Only hope is that it is getting over in June 2014. Patience is the key here. Worshiping God is the only answer. Believe me, it make you feel hopeless.

    • RELAXXXXXXXXXXXXXX guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sade sati ended today 2nd November 2014 for Kanya Rashi…..

      Now start leaving normal life and expect normality in next 1 year.

      All the best!!!

  2. I hope you find peace and harmony in 2012… You have already been strong to go through 5 years of turmoil… So hopefully things will look up in the New Year. This will make you a stronger, better person, and hopefully you will have a rewarding time soon. Be strong and hang in there. Good luck!

  3. Thank you NT, I have already lost my wife and Child for no mistake of my own during the last 5 years atleast if i had made a mistake then i can convincemyself but Sade sati has taken its toll. I also lost my good name within my inlaws circle.
    I lost my job too but managed to find another one by gods grace.
    Just have to wait and c what 2012 has in store.

    All the above happened inspite of me gong to the temple every saturday’s

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  5. I too have been through hell, recently lost my job. I am separated from my wife and kid. Mentally am just not at peace I still have financial obligations having taken loans.Unless I find a job soon I don’t see things getting better.
    Please let me know if you can tell me what is in store for me.

    I just pray to god for all those who are going through such suffering.


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  7. SeekingStrength&Love

    I wasn’t aware of the fact I was undergoing lot of stress related to shani in my rashi as well as same for my spouse. I was totally caught unaware of the extent of it’s ill effect that made my spouse take such drastic step to walk out on me and our child. While we both love & care for our child and this preplanned seperation on my spouses’ part is just not pallatible. While our son, loving both of us is going through hell as he has to decide where to stay every other day. He really wants us together. I have matured overnight through this tough experience. I recall requesting my spouse to arrange prayers at home to clear negative energy, but my spouse kept refusing and here we are all suffering living apart heart broken and even stress related to money matters. I believe in the ways of God. I know He will do us no harm. Shani is not a bad God. it is our past karmas – not necessarily current that make us go thru tough times. Please pray on Shani mantra to find peace during these tough times. It is helping me hang in there while still in dark cave with no sign of light but trying to create a positive mind ( my hope is my ray of light) – while still confused and betrayed , I forgive to move on in the betterment of our child with just the hope that one day my spouse will return to us in love & peace. Please pray for peace & harmony amidst all struggling couples in this universe ! Sending across same feelings to all of us in the same boat.

    • hello all kanya rasi people,
      please beleive in ” There is always light at the end of tunnel “. I myself a virgo, my wife is also a virgo. My daughters are thula and vrischika. All 4 of us are going thro sade sati. Life is very very tough. Last sept 2011 i lost my job(thrown out of job) for doing good for others. But of late i have got a job and strugggling to come to terms with life . My wife had met with accident and recovering now, younger daughter had thyfoid and has recovered now. I personally know that after may 17th 2012 life for next three years will be very very good. So hope for the best and pray to god. He is the only only who can save us. Remedy visit hanuman temple every tuesday and saturday, control ur anger, pray as follows “rama laxmana janaki jai bholo hanumanu ki ” may god give u stregth

  8. Hi guys me too kana rashi n am fed up with what o be been going thru lost my job n reputation on office n family healthwise too I suffered really fed up

    • Yes me too suffering the effects of sani since 5 to 6 years, be strong enough
      pass of time can change everything, if you run inside the boat you can’t reach the shore

  9. I am experiencing hell like all other Kanya Rashis.What to do.No job,relations messed up,I am in a state of depression,When will all this end?

    Please tell me

  10. April 14th 1965 Surat India 05:40AM
    When will these “difficult” period end. NO relationship all lonely.

  11. I lost everything I had saved and earned in my 20 years of working. I am 43. I loved ones, job, investments, etc. However, things have improved a little since last November, I am still facing huge debt and legal battles from creditors. Thank God, I have a strong spirit to deal with all this, but last 4-5 yrs. has made me fall into a deep depression. I am coming out of it as I regain my life slowly


  13. hi
    same here i am dying every day
    lost job ,relationship,no money
    dont have no idea what to do
    all i have is one thought to committ suicide
    thas it

  14. my 7 years relation is brokedown , lost every thing from past two years i m going thru immence pain
    which was not understood by my fiance
    n he completly messed up my life
    i really dont no how to carry my life forward
    pls help

    • Ohh ghosh I have been going through all the said problems ended a 7 year relationship with my girlfriend for no fault of mine, even felt like suicide but is it of any use it is something like we drink alcohol and think that everything is alright and have an excellent sleep but next day we have the same problem so ms keerthi I can understand how difficult it would be for you for coming out of a 7 year long relationship if you have any further experiences pls share

  15. i did not even know about the shani sadhe sati…my parents had shown up my kundli to various astrologers and no one refered to this.but i have been through hell since 2005 , and the suffering has gone worst now…at times i loose my mental balance….im getting into depresssion it seems all i want to do is commit sucide. I struggled to get a job and then i lost my job, my seven yr old marriage is almost on the verge of ending.my spouse has gone insane and is behaving iratically for no reason n i havent done ne mistake , i seriously need help can sum1 help me?

    • My spouse has tried to put me in jail 498 . She is missing in collusion with her parents and relatives . My two small lovely children have been kidnapped by them and i am charged with that too.My marriage was arranged and without dowry. All this in last 8 yrs. Still the worst is not over . There is one suggestion
      But be patient.

    • U wnt believe hw much it has affectd my bro. He was genius very gud chap now he s the worst n evryones eyes. Nothing can b done othr than to go to sani temple on satrday and get theblessing of him

    • Hello,,,,shubaji,,,,pls dont get to much panic for all the sins,,,,we have to bear this pain because its called Karma ka fal,,,,,so please be patience and face the situation,,,,,thank you,,,,

    • Shubha how r u now? I know what u r going thru. I m as well. Can’t believe how my head over heels hubby turned against me betrayed me n used me for personal gains n out to manipulate system n take my child from me. Its been tough when u r dealing by yourself. I never knew how strong I was until dealing with this. I wish u well. U can send me ur contact so we can hang in there together n overcome the hurdles n win our family back. – indian housewife

      • I am going through hell and when I read your words, I felt as if I found some connection in life. How do you deal with all the misery and hardships during this period?

    • Shubha how r u now? I know what u r going thru. I m as well. Can’t believe how my head over heels hubby turned against me betrayed me n used me for personal gains n out to manipulate system n take my child from me. Its been tough when u r dealing by yourself. I never knew how strong I was until dealing with this. I wish u well. U can send me ur contact so we can hang in there together n overcome the hurdles n win our family back. – indian housewife

    • Tanu Naithani

      Same happened with me, My spouse thinks it is my nature & does not want to live with me any more. Since the day one I started living with him after marriage, I was undergoing this hell without knowing, I kept on losing mental balance with too much restlessness within my mind/heart. First impression acted as last impression in the eyes of my spouse, Till he said me he does not want to see me any more, I have not realized what I was doing & why I was doing. Saturn Transit brings extreme behavioral changes that your life-partner can misunderstood you, I am in too much pain right now.

    • Tanu Naithani

      Same happened with me, My spouse thinks it is my nature & does not want to live with me any more. Since the day one I started living with him after marriage, I was undergoing this hell without knowing, I kept on losing mental balance with too much restlessness within my mind/heart. First impression acted as last impression in the eyes of my spouse, Till he said me he does not want to see me any more, I have not realized what I was doing & why I was doing. Saturn Transit brings extreme behavioral changes that your life-partner can misunderstood you, I am in too much pain right now.

  16. Beyond May 17 there may be relief for sure and also just hang in there

    My advise to all is , this is something you cant change but can alter and gather the strength to face it and derive positive results . Worship Lord Bhairav and he is only form of shiva who in kali yuga can be pleased easily and also is very fair and blesses them . There is tamsic and also satvic ways to do it . Or if you are very fortunate , which is very difficult to meet a True AGHORI which is rare may take you months ,years or days then your karma and destiy can be changed in an instant as the aghoris have so much of yogic powers that they are treated as equal to Lord shiva and bhiarav . But they are not intrested in this world and wander about , and so its difficult to meet them . But i can gurantee that your life desitin can change overnight with a true aghori and if he actually wants to help you but they do it only for genuine people and they are not carried away by money etc .

    However worship Shiva and Bhairava daily and also worship Baglamukhi devi

  17. d.s.banerjee

    Hi, all virgo team Members,
    My best wishes to see your pleasure and happiness in forth coming days.
    Look, I have faced the cyclone of this phase during 1980 -82 , when my life direction was changed opposite and put me into the hell up to 1986. Started fighting for self will and dreams. Finally by 25 years struggling I have found a place with the level of my old friends . Again from 1st March,11 I have lost my job, position, status, health , peace and harmony in my family, Finally, now I am in the verge of separation from my family for no reasons. But, still I believe that good time will come again and I shall overcome the worries and despondency.
    Lets try to see the thing and pass the problem with wait and watch policy.
    Don’t try to put our opinion and act as a boss. Hear filthy comments and dispose casually. Never mind for any insulation, or humiliation. Lord will shower his blessing shortly as I believe.

  18. i faced the same problems what everyone here have mentioned.i had to sell my beautiful house,my husband went more for drinking, started getting some health problems,there were always some fights between both of us for no reason,v both wanted to get seperated though we loved each other from last 12 years….my husband expired in 2009 though i was going for shani continously 4 months before his death.i have 2 small kids.i lost everything, relationship with my inlaws became sour…i just did not know what to do……from nov 2009 i could manage to settle down normally and do my further studies…i got job in 2010 as a teacher..it took some more time to settle….but could do work satisfactorily…but still in workplace i experienced my negativity many a times i thought of leaving job and go to my husband but i had to make myself understand that i m the only one for my kids…still i do experience problems….i feel my weight is also increasing.. i m really fed up….sometimes..now more 3 years though the effects will be little less but it is there..i m worried more because i m tired now very very tired cant take any tensions anymore…i just pray to god that give me back whatever i and kids have lost i know i will not get my husband back but atleast healthy relationships with relatives, in laws,

    • Dear Smita, I hope & pray that you are doing better. I have travelled through similar experience and realized that we cannot control the outcome of things but we can control our response. I hope the best for you.

      • Dear Mr.Vishwas,
        Best description of the troubles and correct identification of the cause – combination of Sade Sati, but ashtama guru and badly placed Rahu, and Mars . Yes even small job like filling petrol becomes a big task.
        Let us hope – it is said sade sati will end by sept 2014

    • Going thru the same phase – no job, tension at home, hope this will pass – benjamingrg@gmail.com

  19. The problems surround from every side. That is the beauty of the torture! Smallest job, as harmless as filling petrol, leads to delay, somebody jostles and picks up a quarrel. Important affairs raise hopes high and positive result seems very much in hand. Overnight, within a few minutes, all the build up disappears leaving bitter frustration.
    It is not only Sade Sati, but ashtama guru and badly placed Rahu, and Mars have all suddenly joined hands against us the Kanya people.
    Astrology can not repeat can not cure this – the great art teaches us to WHY the things are as they are and teaches us patience and encourages us to work hard.
    I thank this site to have given me the opportunity to pour out my troubles – I am feeling much better no. Thanks again. Let us work harder for the next 2 years.

  20. Absolutely same thing.I live abroad.I have lost my job and my wife had two miscarriages.Nothing seems to go right for the last 5 years.sometimes i think i ll go mad..i dont have any job now and i feel like worthless..i get agitated easily and quarrel with my wife…donno what to do..

  21. Hi! I also belong to the same boat. I will be 24 years old in august 12
    for me sade sati started in july 2007. In 2006 , I passed 12th, but repeated for medical. in July 2007 , I lost my medical admission merely by 7 marks and dental admission by 2 marks. I then got into Engineering with lowest rank college. In 2nd year of engineering during exams due to family problems, I didn’t appear that good. but by god’s grace passed that exam. In my final year Tech Mahindra came to our college, it first rejected me, then on second day took 3 interviews for 7 hours and finally I got placed. in june 2011 , I got joining from Tech Mahindra, I went to Pune, for joining on july 22, 2011, I went to their office for joining, 50 people were there came for joining, I unfortunately missed one important document, I told them several times , that I will submit it in 2 days. but they didn’t listen, and didn’t allow me to join. I was the only person who got returned empty handed. then for whole of 2011 , I sat at home and prepared for entrance exams, in meanwhile I got involved into marriage proposal, all was going so fine and good till 31st April 2012, and within 8 hours those people rejected me ( without even seeing me, they saw some pic taken 2 years ago) even the guy who used to like me, got backward. on 2nd may 2012, I lost everything. In june 2012, I will be joining one course. I don’t know where life is going. it’s really tough and hell. sometimes I think I should die. But thinks about my family and stay quiet. I have lost everything. inner peace. calm nature.

    • My bro s a sw engineer just fr name sake. He lost the oppertunity whr evr he knockd the door. He was wrkg fr night shifts later spoiled his health. Nw he s wthout job. Itsvery painful fr the family members to copeup. Im his sister bcoz of his suffernce nt able to bear going thr hell

      • Mre than him im going thr hel bcoz he doesnt believe all these and doesnt listen to us all. I.go.to temple and pray fr him. Very paunful.days we r going. thr. Its an literal hel. In kalyug i cal ths as an hel. No ned tobput us in burning oil. Thss enough its wrst than tbt.

    • Same happened with me. starting from july 2007, i lost my father suddently, i didnt get in IIT by one mark in math cut off, i got chronic illness, i got skin problems, i got admited in hospital , i felt like isolated in my life, i am 23 and till now, no girl has even talked to me for more than 2 minutes, i cry almost everyday before sleeping, But i am happy, might be after september 2014 it will end. THIS IS POWER OF LORD SHANI. Oh god please forgive us all for our bad karma in past and this life.

    • only patience , time can solve , running inside the boat you can’t reach the shore

  22. Sadesati pushed me to a downside of my career. I lost my promotion and good name in the company where I work. Relations messed up, even brothers, sisters and daughters started doubting my intention. Quarrel with wife has become a routine ritual. I lost my healt, bank balance, mental peace, concentration and what not. Got depressed because of problems at all front, relation issues without any reason, office relations, etc. How and when this mental trauma will end, God only knows.

  23. hello all,
    i am kanya rashi ans went thru a similar phase. lost my job, failed in business so on…
    but somehow came out of this phase.. i strongly believe this is because of our past karmas.. shani is just an result of those karmas.
    i have benefitted immensenly from nadi astrology.. you can find out about your past karmas and soutions to it.. nadi means a leaf and your name, family details arealredy mentioned on this leaf.. if u r lucky then try this you will find your name , family details and may you find the solutions…shani and sade satti teaches you a lot and dont give up in your belief in god…may gos bless you all and show you the right path

  24. Hi,
    guys my life was quite gud in engineering bcz of guru. my results were gud bt stil now not satisfied with job. Am workng with very smal firm not gud salary, not interestd in this field bt stil workng and stil searchng job my parents lookng for marriage there also problem its gud i didnt get marry actualy dnt wanted to get marr..
    neha i read ur post hope u wil read too mine
    if v got married b4 yr there may lots of hurdless fight abortion even may divorce whatever god did its for gud ,little bit astro numero..i know
    virgo’s wil start with gud time after may bt whatever wil happn its jst slowly slow.like patches in time everyday.saturn in our 2nd house til 3aug tk care of ur health. Then directly enter agn in 2039.I struggle a lot for job til 2011 had gud ref bt stil didnt get job with d help of ref. Witin dis period i lost money imp document, people cheated for job,lots of hurdless in life my skin treatment is stil going on. . not get gud result yet,not so gud bonding wth old frnds bt god gv me very gud suportive new frnds . .guys always meet new people it wil help u
    guys whatevr happnd from last yr its bcz of 8th guru now its in 9th try fr job wil get gud salary importance in ofice new job or its open new path marriage tie spiritual thinking, unconsious,go to dutta mandir evry thus and dnt swijch ur job til 2014 if u wil get job til may 2013 bcz guru wil b in 10th hous its affect professional life bt nt bad at all
    everybdy is hvng their destiny and astro can only predicts cant decide destiny think always in positive way sade sati is not to make us bad its make us alone independent to tk our responsibility, am away from my parents from 2010 shani is hvng very different lovely way to teach us thats v hv seen frm 2009 tk moments to look back 2 or 3 year ago u r at better position than previous.from childhood i pray to ganesha and shiva . And frm last april was readng shani mahatme got gud result read hanuman chalisa sat always go to temple wil gv gud result
    am sorry may am very late to post bt stil it wil help u in ur life always motivate urself
    take care everythng wil b fine withn dis 3 yr at d starting u wil nt abl to c ur gud luck changng v need strong venus our ruling planet its depend on our birth chart

  25. Hi!! Shani Maharaj is the best teacher anyone can ever get in their lifes. Be positive and do good karma.Recite hanuman chalisa daily. chant Sham shaneshcharay namah 108 times daily, donate to poors, visit shani temple saturdays and offer sesame oil.If possible get navgraha shanti through good brahmin.

  26. Pawan Shrotria

    I am of Kanya Rashi, I feel being honest is the best thing for Shani as Shani is grah of justice so Shani dev does not harm if you are honest. I started a big event Miss Midwest Nepal last year, in starting countless hurdles! Three times i planned to quit the event, but again i worked hard day and night and by grace of God, the event was a big hit.
    I would suggest you all if possible go for darshan Shani dev temple in Kathmandu as it is very siddh temple and perhaps only one in Nepal.
    If you want detail address cotact me.

  27. omg……omg…..frstly….m kind of feelin happy dat finally i hav got people who hav been goin thru d same shit like me…..i just always flt m d only one whos goin thru dis hell…cant really explain d last 6 years of my life in words…i run out of wrds ven it comes to explaing d past 6 years(still running).. hope dis ends soon..or else…my life n all my dreams r gonna die…..my mind wrks at d speed f light…dsnt stop at all….cant sleep…..hav become an insomniac….depression would be a verry small thng to say…..cant focus on anytin….cant concentrate at all…..

    • Kritika, i was also like you, thinking that i am the only one. but now due to that pain, i have studied astrology completely and become so spirituallly enlighted.

  28. I am also very much suffering escpecially in studies..I work very hard but I get only below average results compared to others who work not that much .Morever,all my professors seem to be like unsensitive and very biased to some students and unfair towards me
    I’m so much depressed I feel like comitting suicide…:((( I hate my life! Hope this sade sati ends soon…:(

    • Your story seems very much similar to mine. My DOB: 25th May 1983, POB: Cambay, Guj, TOB:8:15 am. I was considered jewel amoung all the Indian students(2007 to 2009) in my previous school. My professor were more eager then me to write recommendation letter for me. It was like dream. Whenever I was stuck with a problem some how I will get solution to resolve it as if someone told me the solution in my ears. Then I rejected the job offer in recession and join the PhD program. Intial days were ok. I created another history in my current school. But then my missery started. I always felt my academic advisor don’t support me as much as other graduate student. Every time I designed or work on some project some how the result don’t come out (can’t go against mother nature/ Physics principle) or the funding agengy backout at last moment. Then in May 2013 I realize I am going through Sade Sati ( Tula Rashi) since 2009. After that moment I lost interest in my work. I feel whats the use to working hard when in the end some hurdle will show up to demoralize me. Currently I am out of job and in serious debt. But surley I won’t commit suicide.

      • Hi Rakesh,

        Thanks for sharing with the community on the issues you are facing thru this Sade sati period. Don’t be disheartened by the delays put up during this period as Shani bhagwan is not a deny’er but only delays. These delays are to teach us certain life’s lessons and once you learn them, this will ease out for you. Continue to go after your dreams and you will surely succeed !! All the best.


  29. I thought myself is the only onr going through unending hellm during the last 6 years. Admission got cancelled in law in 2006. Friend betrayed and lodged complaint in police. A guy beaten me badly over small dispute twice. One in october 2006 and once in december 2008. Lost huge sum of amount. No sleep at all. Life is totally f****d up since july-august 2006. I decides to work,work gets failed. Thinks one thing but happens exactly opposite. Health badly ruined. Put lot of fats around body. Never thought I will be fat. Life is worst than hell for me. All my friends colleaguescompleted phd and I am not even masters. Loss of repute, gain in humiliation, all round mess. Don’t know what to do.

  30. Hi All,
    My DOB is 16/09/1985. on 16/2009 i met a terrible accident the foot skin was peeled. I lost my Mother on 2009, may due to sudden stomach cancer. Then father attempted 3 times suicide. I was totally depressed and resigned myself the mnc job. I try to change my concentration to studies but again i had a absess infection similar to tumour. On 2011 again enter into job but a low scale only. Continuous travel and more responsibility leads to deteriorate my health further and in the extreme i admitted in the hospital. My father wants a second marriage, property problem . no one supported me, no communication with father i dont know whether he married a girl or not. I liked a girl in my college days , I planned to propose her once i settled well, but this is not happened to me, Finally I proposed this year2012 on feb but unlucky i got a negative response.
    I lost my money, loved ones, mother, father, misunderstanding with relations, what more to say mainly health. Now I am stay alone with no communication with friends. no one understand me.
    I really pray the god to get me out of this hell world. really hurts
    death is even better than losing everything.

    If i have a chance of having a gun or cynanide then >>>

  31. Hi,
    After going through so many comments, I feel that so many people are passing through bad phase and I am not the only one. But I would like to share one thing that the entire 7 and 1/2 year period is not bad, if you have already faced so much troble, then better times are ahead. My life has changed 360 degree, however, I never lost balance and prayed to god almost daily. Prayers and deep faith in god can only help you pass this phase. I also lost my job, my lifestyle, you can say from a very good life to a less than a mediocre life. Health problems like accidents (minor) miscarriage, a severe case of Thyroid which was very critical, however, one thing has saved me is my deep faith in god. It is not that you start praying only when you face trouble, it should be a part of life. Another important thing is your Karma — present and past. Though past karma cannot be changed, present karma can be changed. Thus how you deal with elders, poor is very important as God Shani represnts those.

    Though have suffered a lot, i have not stopped doing my responsibility and praying and hope things turn out for better in future. I would in the end like to say that all is not lost and there is still hope.

  32. Hey guys
    Do you think our lives will ever change?? These past 6-7 years have brought us to a point where i am unable to see any hope. i failed so many times i dont even remeber the count now.. lost money…job everything. Every one said things will change from may..its july and things are same, i cant still see anything hopeful? Is it so that we havnt learned to live still, and our friends and relatives who are successful have managed their lives in a better way?
    People say that you are here because of you and your actions…but i frankly cant see where i am wrong. i tried, worked hard..everyone got the fruit except me. I am scared to be hopeful because in past years my life is going in circles i fail again i gather myself become hopeful ….try to manage things up …and fail..and live in sorrow for sometime until i again try to look for some hope. when will this end, and the time which we are losing every day will it be paid back? But then i think ,we have lost so much and we survived and again becoming hopeful for the future ( although everything is dark ahead) must be having a strong reason behind this which might not be apparent to all of us. May be the results will change one day. What else can we do apart from being hopeful. Its true that people fail in their lives and go through bad patches and they might not be able to justify their failures that time ..but eventually things have to change because how can we remain the same if whole of this world is changing..and so our results will change too..just hang on and do your best…leave rest to GOD.. allthough its difficult ..but nothing is easy in our lives..atleast this is the best path.

  33. Reading all the posts above, reassures me that I am not the only one who is facing Saade-sati. My 1st phase of sade sati was between 6th stad to 12 std, & as you have guessed studies sufferred. Again the 2nd phase started from 2004 & is still continuing. In this phase I lost my job innumerable times & again unemployed for the last 7-8 months. But do not despair. They say that when Shani exits (July 12 for leo moon sign), it bestows some kind of fortune. Just when my 1st phase got over & I thought that I shall not get admission,in Engg, lord shani blessed me with admission. Now also, when I am unemployed, I wake up in the morning & thank the lord for all I have recvd in life & ask him the strength to carry out my duties . For believers, I would suggest wearing Rudraksha mala. I am wearing one since the last 6 months & although I have not recvd any specific gains, it has made me a much calmer person,a much rational person . That is all I want to say. I believe that the life would be very dull with only good things around us. It is when bad things happen, we are really tested. So friends, cheer up & don’t give up the fight. Things can turn right any moment from here.

  34. Worst period of my life, struggles galore on all fronts. Made a company successful, but was cheated by my brother from it – lost money, time and youth.

    Job instability is very high, working 16 hrs. / day for past 2 yrs. and still don’t see light at the end of tunnel.

    Last phase has become more strenuous. First two were worst as is. Not sure how long can I keep sane and keep pushing myself. I take one step forward and then move back two steps. This has been constant struggle past 5.5 yrs now.

  35. Be HOPEFUL Guys.. My Situation Is No Different From Yours.

  36. Ya i was sucessful n settled life was perfect .then came sadesati it robbed me of every tìng.i started a business it failed ,lot money,lost my education’,my gf my frends.started two new business faced financial crunch .my mind has lost balance deception by employees.’i know not when it will end…iam totally freezed

  37. Dear all Kanya Rasis, we are all survivors! You are aware of your path and yourself as spiritual beings who are passing through a phase that has been created to bring the appreciation of the simplicity of life. No person is exempt from this experience and now we are going through this narrow winding path. However, we have the conviction that it is not the expectatio or the outcome that guides our victory but the attention to focus and do have our best experience with each person & situation in our life. It does not matter how the outcome happens but more importantly that we do everything with an honest heart. That is the main thing that we can learn from this experience. And when this experience is understood, Maya will be removed and Sani will cast a blessing. So dear fellow Kanyas be thankful that you still have air in your lungs, lips to smile because all will pass and you will bloom like a beautiful flower once again. Let not the journey throw off your mood, but move forward with inner stillness / calmness as your journey has given you many things. It is this appreciation of life that will be your reward and will change all negativity into positivity. Just hold on – success is right around the corner. With all my Love, Parit

    • Parit, Ur comment has made my day ! Are U an astrologer or something? Would like to know how you have expressed this phase so accurately. Do reply. Thanks.

  38. Hi,
    In first phase of sani i failed in education,no money,no respect,second phase of sani started and gurupalan came,got job,got married gained respect,third phase started,lost billing,lost new project(not selected for new project) and again sani retrograde and came back to second phase now lost job,no money,so many debts etc trying for a job and till now no progress,when can i expect good?

  39. Shraddha Umarji


    My DOB is 2nd Nov 1983 – born at 7 am morning – that makes me kanya rashi. I started my career in 2007 – have faced severe ragging at workplace. Joined a second job – was not confirmed for no apparent reason. Have joined a third job – however want to start freeancing projects.

    Facing issues in getting married as well. Not able to get a boy of my liking – have been trying for marriage since 2007 – cousind younger to me have got married during this time. Feel like committing suicide to end this turmoil.

    Just wanted to ask will I get a boy of my liking (or will I have to compromise – my life has been full of compromises since birth)? Will I suceed as a freelancer?

    Looking forward to some guidance.


  40. Hi
    I am also facing the problems last five years onwards. But the current transit of sade sati 3rd Phase i lost my job. Even in past five years i was changed to lot many jobs, still i was not yet settled. There is lot of problems faced financially, family problems, and profession also. Don’t know what will happen in 3rd phase of sade sati whether shall i get a job or not. I fed up while searching job in last 5years onwards.

  41. As a Kanya rasi person since 2007 July, I had experienced some turmoil in my family. Wife had a major surgery, she being a Kanya rasi, had to go thru some job related stressful issues. I was on a shaky job platform. Kids did well so far. Lost my father due to illness/cancer that sprung out of nowhere and at age 89, otherwise, he had no other complaints. I can say, the suffering is at minimal level. I think it is all HIS GRACE, he came to my rescue, crossed Atlantic with his wife, brother and his sevak, Lord RAMA came in the form of red sandolwood idols in 2005. I thought of keeping them as showcase pieces. But they being about 100 plus years old pooja idols, I was advised to have some shanti done, worship and perform “kalyanam” and I have been truthfully following the ritual for seven years. ALso, I offer ‘deepam’ every morning. Knowing that I had this phase, a relative and a fatherly figure gave me “upadesam” of Shani mantra. I have been reciting regularly at least 19 times. I also light “til” oil lamp. So far the harm is minimal and I was told, when you worship “Lord Anjaneya” or his LORD “RAMA”, the evil effects are at minimal level. In my case, it was all coincidental to have Rama and Hanuma in my place. As much as I have witnessed first-hand in immediate family and friends who had gone thru this phase, under the most agressive form of Shani phase when there are no remedial measures taken, the devastation can result in loss of parents, loss of job, loss of finances, excruciatingly painful travel, expenses, kids education will suffer and may end up in divorce due to arguments/loss of temper and difficulty in anger management. My suggestion is try to calm down and make it a habit to chant Jaya Mantra, Sani mantra, and offer deepam to Hanuma and Rama. best wishes

  42. My spouse has tried to put me in jail 498 . She is missing in collusion with her parents and relatives . My two small lovely children have been kidnapped by them and i am charged with that too.My marriage was arranged and without dowry. All this in last 8 yrs. Still the worst is not over . There is one suggestion
    But be patient.
    You have my mothers name.

  43. think royal ,think positive

    my story started loosing my ailing mother ,seeing her dieing moment after moment,i am april 1971 born , then my father misundersood me and left me my beloved sister,brother had a fight with me . i am cornered and isolated from family. i went to depression. got a govt job by grace.
    last blow came from my inlaws and my wife skillfully and ployed to elope my property and money . she started staying with her boyfriend(alreddy married) in nestle baby food company,N-E india.
    things are a bit worse i lost my father last month.
    in the mean time some good happened like i scored 27 th rank all india level
    and got into post graduation with scholership, things are better now ,still some small problems are there in college but better than the hell
    i advice to all in this trying period find something to hang on, give exams to get scholership and enroll in higher education, make best use of worst.
    keep ur kool,wear a pearl ring, give water to vhirav
    mahadev, put til tel on hanuman on saturday.
    this really helps
    i can see tiny ray of light and the end of tunnel called hell sani sare sati,be composed and fourcefully smile and follow me

  44. I am kanya rasi too. I have undergone probably the worst years at such a young age in my life (23). I had to undergo 3 major surgeries and the doctor still cannot assure me that i am going to be okay. Definitely, I have learnt PATIENCE i guess but what? I too want to see good times.. I thought the last 2 and a half years are not as bad as the first five but now i see to be having so many accidents on a daily basis just like that, unless i am careful all the time something bad keeps happening..not to mention the depression that I ve been experiencing.. a gloom which settled on me and doesn’t seems to be leaving me

  45. m screwed….things are gettin worse day by day….fell as if my mind has been blockd by sm supernatural force…cant sleep…cant feel anytin…its only dis burning sensation in my body….dat i feel…cnt focus..cant feel feel even fr a sec…

  46. wow, didnt realise there are so many in the same boat….my life started to go down from end of 2006 and i never in my worst nightmares thought things could end up like this….2 marriages and 2 divorces, and now a single mother….heard things are supposed to be better from 17th May 2012/Sept 2012…but the damage has been done….so much that can’t be reversed. Just hope the future looks better:)

  47. It has been experienced by me as well , sudden surprises with too much downfall , loss of money directly & indirectly.

    Circumstances became out of control and worsts situation developed from loosing the job thrice with ailments of parents begins.

    Still nothing is stable “being KANYA rashi ” , however unnecessary confrontations, disputes , fights , quarrels arise without any reasons.

    Logic fails most of the time.

    Pray during this tough period chanting of “Hanuman Chalisa” best remedy

  48. another piece of shockin news for kaanya rashi people….our second phase of sade sati was supposed to end on 23rd june 2012…but…some of my frns who r astrologers..told me after lookin at panchang…shani and mangal are vakri till 23rd november 2012…vich means shani has again moved backwards n is aagain in kanya rashi till 23rd november….n den after dis date…shani shall move out of our rashi n shall enter the next rashi n vill mark the end of second phase or doosra dhaiyya of our kanya rashi sade sati…cheers to our never ending struggle….m screwed…i m literally dyin to feel d wind…to feel happiness…n dis piece of news..is like..a cherry on the cake

    • awesome humour.is perhaps the best way to takle it..i personally feel letting it all go….and resign to our fate is the best way.

  49. Same here.but the best treatment for sade sati is to do everyday meditation.Control your thoughts.As many times you will think, say or write your problems .You are going to get the same vibrations from universe & thing will be more worse. My experience says the best way is to join any spiritual community.I joined Art Of Living & believe me things are changed . Because I can control my thoughts now & practicing sudarshan kriya everyday to get extra energy to fight for life in Sade sati.


  51. Hi guys, I am prem, after seeing so many people go thru the same kind of humiliation, loss of job, loss of education. I am also travelling in the same boat as you all are. It was my dream become an engineer, i got a seat in engineering but couldnt clear the engineering exams, people duller than me inefficient than me have cleared engineering but i couldnt. So i quit engineering since there was financial problem at my home. Since then i have been thru a lot turmoil, humiliations, sickness. I had to go through operation in the middle. I got depressed, became insomniac. Just plus2 qualification no one gave me job. Joined a call center couldnt handle the pressure and quit the company. Since then i am in and out of many jobs here and there. I am going thru hell since 2004. But now things have become a bit less chaotic. I had to let go of my dream to become engineer and did BBM. But still jobless. Did some courses. i have been changing jobs. now doing my MBA thru correspondence. Rite now iam 27 yrs and no job no gf. All my friends have settled got married i am still not yet settled in life. I am still a virgin guy . No proper experience not settled always confused and dont know wats gonna happen to my life. before this period I was arrogant disrespectful After going thru this turmoil i have become more patience, respectful, it has taught me humility. I have become more spiritual. Please be patient , do meditatiion and always remember to smile do go to shani temple and hanuman temple on saturdays and go to any guru temple on thursday like Sai baba or Swami Raghavendra temple. I cant promise that it will change completely atleaset you will have some peace of mind and it will give u the strength to face the hurdles. Just remember smile guys it will make the journey less hard.

    • good your an optimistic, i like that on this note ,since we all are sailing in the same boat i will suggest you to read a book called vedanta treatise by
      a . parthasarathya you will find all the solution for entire life.

  52. I am Kanya too, be patient and hopeful. Keep on looking at positive aspects. Sadisati tends to show us negative side , but one day we all will be thankful for this period. All I learnt from these troubles…is inner peace lies within. Thought of dying is worthless if it is not for a noble cause want to sprinkle one more advice- ” All is good when END is good” and it will end up soon. Be happy and cheer up guys ..there is more to do in life you just need to generate positivity despite of sadesati effect :)

  53. Can I do something to change this bad period into good? I dont know what more worse I can face in my life?

  54. I’m Srinivas R. My birth date – 16-FEB-1987.
    I had a break up with my girl friend more than 3 years ago.
    I want her back in my life. Will this is set right?

    • I’m Srinivas R. My birth date/time – 16-FEB-1987 9:59 PM at Bangalore .
      I had a break up with my girl friend more than 3 years ago.
      I want her back in my life. Will this is set right?

  55. Thanks All,

    It really offers a lot of insight & sense of “Not alone in the world” after reading through the experiences of all of you. I am too passing through this phase of Lord Shani’s transit through Kanya Rashi. At the start of it I lost my mother suddenly due to a small illness & then few ups n down here n there.
    However I always believed that god is present everywhere n especially in other living things including other humans, plants n animals. As a result I always tried to live in such a way that I would help others, would think good of others, would do Anna-daan, would not hurt other’s feelings, would not cheat and keeping lies at its minimum (Sometimes you have too).

    I really feel that this lifestyle has kept the losses or bad events from occurring at its minimum during this dasha of sadesati. Whenever I faced any big problem like job at loss, I would start reading “Guru Charitra” for a week & immediately visit Ganagapur of Lord Dattatreya for a day & if possible other places like Akkalkot, Narasobachi Wadi, Jyotiba (My Kuldevata), etc.
    I guess that, all these things in toto had kept Lord Shani at peace with me. I also followed not eating Non-Veg on Saturdays n Mondays(My Weekly Fasting day), visiting to Lord Hanuman & Lord Shani’s peaceful temple (in Kansai, Ambernath), reciting their Mantra while doing slow pradakshina. As a gist I would say, if we can empathize with others n act accordingly, we would get a good life as a whole with love n affection from our near n dears.

    There are few other small things which I try to do regularly & has become a part of my life, making it happier day by day. All I trust is, act with others the way, you feel others should act with you n life turns to beautiful. Wish you all a happy, prosperous, peaceful n satisfactory life ahead n always,,, barring nature’s course.
    With Best Wishes,
    Prashant Salve (http://in.linkedin.com/pub/prashant-salve/1b/a83/bb8)

  56. My DOB is 11-oct-1977. my rashi as per hindu panchang is kanya. As per english calender is libra. My bad time started with my marriage in feb-2006. All hell broke loose.. entire family – bro, sis, their hubby / wifes, mom dad all against my wife. my wife is really short tempered and cant tolerate anyone.
    I have distanced my self from my family now… but she still fights with me a lot over past issues… she is not ready to let go of the past.. and shows off her anger in each and every smallest issue.. from past 3-4 years i hv just started agreeing to everythin she says.. but still she is not happy with it…
    she says her best days of life .were spoiled by me and my family… we also have a daughter now… but my wifes problems are escalating… my family is not in picture now.. but my wife says.. she is not at all happy with me.. she is staying with me just bcs she is not financially independent and doesnt have the guts to commit suicide…. I dunno if any of u guys can tell me how to deal with this situation… she is very unhappy with herself and makes sure that i too get unhappy.. :(
    Really dunno if this is all sade sati or just my karma… if indeed this is sadesati.. then will everything become perfectly fine after 7.5 years??? really dunno… may be i am also living bcs dont have guts to commit suicide

    • Hi,

      Suicide is not the solution to life’s problems. While some of your troubles can be related to the things that may happen during SS, I suggest that you try going to a marriage counsellor and try to figure out the real issues behind your wife’s anger. Once this is done, counselling sessions can help to resolve and put those issues behind you, leaving you with an option to start afresh. Many people have successfully done this and you can too.

      Parallely also be a bit spiritually inclined, visit Shani dev temple on saturday regularly and bring more discipline into your life. Shani is only a delayer and this is just to teach us some life’s lessons.

      I am sure you will come out successfull and as you can see you are not alone in this suffering :)


    • Hi Guys,
      If it provides some respate am sailing in the same boat too. I have lost all hope too, in terms of life, in terms of job infact everthing. My hubby made my life a living hell in the past 8 months and still continuing. Am tolerating only for my child. No mental peace, depression has taken its toll and I dont see GOD nywhere near me. When will all this end??

    • I read one incident where a wife was having same problems with her spouse as he was not keeping peace with her and their married life was a total hell. But then somebody told her about SaiBaba Navguruwar vrat and Sai Baba took care of her family life afterwards. Her husband realised his mistake and things improved. Surrender to Sai Baba and you will be blessed.

  57. hi all , i m too same like u all. i just dont want to say much…coz we all hv same problem. but i want to share one experince which i just facing.. i send some documents to some where to attestionon 19 nov, this supose to come back to me 24 nov, and today is 8 dec, still i dont rec back, i hv my orignal passport in side as well, and i m not in india that govt works alz late, here is every thing must on time… but i hv too much bad luck that every thing is nt going ok with me. i m facing this problems from last 3 years, tomuch loss and now from last 2 years no job even in europ. u can understand how much bad luck i hv , and i m in europ last 10 year, i hv many much exp in many jobs… buttttttttt……… as every body waiting for good time , me tooooo with u all people
    i hope next year will bring some thing good for us

  58. In last 6 years I lost my family, job, money. Now no hope, no friend. Getting suicidal thoughts all the time. Is this misery gonna end by death only?

  59. i lost everything wealth and job, kept all the gold ornaments in bank, now zero balance, no job, i dont know what is going, when will good days will come back i dont know, keeping mind cool and running my life in right path. kindly update me when will good days come in my life, date of birth 30/10/1978, as per telugu panchangam kanya rashi, and as per english scorpio

  60. Hi ,
    My rashi is virgo and in the last 2-3 years have been too much hell for me. I lost my 4 years relation, got in debt, became almost an alcoholic….home life suffered lost confidence and job last year. I m suffering from a huge depression to have lost all savings and my reputation is all gone. people look down on me… but i dont think that i deserved so much bad :( … i dnno i dearly misss my gf and now i look forward to a better life.. i m trying hard to leave drinking and be the one i used to be….

    take care all and hare krishna!!

  61. ir,

    Am another of kanya rashi person…Going thru extremely difficult period…infact this period is more dificult than 8th guru..i was thinking that things would change aftr 9th guru bt the things hv gone wrse – am maybe a few steps away from taking extreme step :((((..Am undergoing guru dasa sani bukthi..i dont know what is happening to me..i am stayng away fm family due to work…the work is extremely stressful and am begging GOD to help me to handle it

    Other kanya rashi folks – are u also feeling the same…..pls guide

  62. hi both ajay and pc , dnt take any hasty decision.life is valuable.I will explain abt my life time experiences during dis sadesati.I resigned job in capgemini on 31 st october 2007 after that i got offer in IBM on december 10 th.I lost that job in the month of april 2008.till 2009 february 9th i was jobless.During this time i had a love relation with one girl.I got offer in some xyz company on february 9 th 2009 , i worked there till 2011 march 31st, due to inevitable circumastances i resigned that job due to that girl.from 2009 to 2011 march 31 st i had a painful time with that girl.she is money minded,i realised she came for money.she betrayed me in the name of love.I complained the same to her parents,instead of warn their daughter they warned me. till now i dnt have any job,iam going on with the money i saved in past, situations are now improving slowly…iam in search of getting job and almost finalised in a software company in kolkata.wait wait wait…tilll our time comes…..

  63. I read that from 23 Dec Rahu and Shani yuti in Tula rashi going to be beneficial for Kanya rashi. Can anybody throw more light on it. Because this is last ray of hope for me. I do not see any end from this suffering. l do not know when I am going to unite with my children.

  64. Hi all,
    I am also kanya rashi uttara nakshatra person.. even am in depression almost every day from past 2 years… i lost the job, was unemployed for 8 months.. i worked hard n got another job… but everything is going worst in job.. All the time my teamlead will tell bad about me… i dont have confidence to work… every day negative thinking …
    Please any one tell me when SS is going to end for me ?? still how many days i have problem???

    • Hi Ravi,

      SS for Kanya rashians will end around Nov 2014. You have made it thru the first two phases, so pls hold on and Shani Bhagwan will surely give you a parting gift when he moves on in Nov 2014.


  65. Hello to all Kanya people. For me I have lost all my money I made from my house I sold in 2007 and more is going too. I am praying that it will be over soon.

  66. Hello all,

    Honestly , we all are bluffing and cajoling oneself that things would change for Kanya Rashi, but truly nothing of that sort is happening. Its all over, and we should take things on face value. Running away from the reality is no good.

    Its all over for Kanya …

  67. Life is a test. You cannot pass if you just give up. Extract the knowledge from your hardships and keeping going. Never give up because once you lose hope, you will lose the battle. We have all felt hopeless and struggled and I am no exception, but please do not lose sight of the good times to come. Keep your faith in God and move forward. If you lose faith in times of struggle, how can you hope to keep it when your life is going well? Death is not the answer because you will only prolong your struggles until the next life. Though the journey is difficult, the destination is on the horizon. Don’t give up! I believe in all of you!

  68. OK.. agree life is NOT over yet for Kanya… and also agree on Life is a BIG exam and everyone need to struggle to pass that exam.. But in this battle, along with us, all others are getting affected – spouse, kids, family, freinds etc.. I have lost my job and struggling to get another one for last 8 months. There is absolutely no light of hope in sight. Of course, needless to say that have lost all my savings and myself not in good position to give any hope to my spouse / play with kids.. Everyday is battle to try not making kids/spouse upset but…… why do they have to go through the same pain/struggle ? Can anyone help shed some light on this when will I be able to take my kids out for an ice-cream or when can I surprise them with new couple pair of cloths……

  69. Shani deva punishes us only for our own deeds. Whatever we are dealing at present is our own karmas only. So no matter how worse situation you are in keep doing good karmas like donating/feeding poor.
    I am also a kanya rashi and kanya lagan but last 5 years shani deva has given me immense success in my career although on personal front there were many ups and downs. I started my career in India year 2007 with a 9K monthly job and today i am settled in US working with one of the best companies in world to work for.
    Folks my advice for those who are going through a tough time. Only a sadguru can save you from troubles. On many occasions i looked at horoscope for bad periods and use to loose my mental piece upon start of such period but my Saibaba saved me from all of this. Baba made my good and bad phase all equal. He is just like a blanket to me. whenever he sees trouble he covers me. Often when i see trouble now i do not get hyper. I know baba will take care. To read people experiences with sai baba you can log go to http://www.facebook.com/SaiBabaMiralces
    Sai sadguru maharaj ki jai.

  70. Shani deva punishes us only for our own deeds. Whatever we are dealing at present is our own karmas only. So no matter how worse situation you are in keep doing good karmas like donating/feeding poor.
    I am also a kanya rashi and kanya lagan but last 5 years shani deva has given me immense success in my career although on personal front there were many ups and downs. I started my career in India year 2007 with a 9K monthly job and today i am settled in US working with one of the best companies in world to work for.
    Folks my advice for those who are going through a tough time. Only a sadguru can save you from troubles. On many occasions i looked at horoscope for bad periods and use to loose my mental piece upon start of such period but my Saibaba saved me from all of this. Baba made my good and bad phase all equal. He is just like a blanket to me. whenever he sees trouble he covers me. Often when i see trouble now i do not get hyper. I know baba will take care. To read people experiences with sai baba you can log go to http://www.facebook.com/SaiBabaMiralces
    Sai sadguru maharaj ki jai.

  71. Hello All
    I am also a Kanya rashi , date of Birth 03-02-1972. I am also going thru the most difficult phase of my life. Currently in Dubai sitting at home without a job, my visa is valid but passport expired, the sponsor is not ready to handover the passport for renewal. I also have a police case registered against me for non payment of credit cards. I really dont know what is going to happen. I am in deep debt and also no money for day to day expenses. I always have a fear that i will be jailed any moment. I recite hanuman chalisa every day three times a day, also recite 108 times shani mantra(Nilanjana)three times a day, om shanischaraya namah, 108 times three times a day, fast on saturdays.i carry shani yantra in my wallted, I am wearing a blue sapphire ring on the middle finger. But I am suffering and not knowing what to do. Where my life will take me to. We only have a shiva temple but no hanuman or shani temple. Kindly advise what is the best solution to come out for the malefic effect of Sade sati.

  72. Everybody says to be courageous and optimistic. But the bad time is here to stay forever. I agree with TBMBN , what is the fault of loved ones ? They are suffering too. It is now impossible to go on with this misery . I hope either it ends or the life ends. Can not take any more. I quit.

    • I agree with you man … amen.
      I can’t take it any more. Its not 2014 but its ‘Nov, 2014′. My Brain is already boiling, my Body wants to burn and my Soul wants to get free.
      Lets Wake up from this Real World or could be The Matrix, whatever.

      • Buddy.. Sade sati can never kill u in this age .
        It will just make realise abt things and life
        It’s all karma ..and sade sati is the pay back time.
        Maybe the karma is not from tho life but from ur past life
        Be a man and accept it

  73. All Kanya rashi people suffering now, the only way this will go is to put an end to this misery ourselves. This is not going to change and I dont think we all can put up with this until 2014. As for those who give promises of GOD well he doesnt exist anymore. End your life and get free……..

    • I agree with you man … amen.
      I can’t take it any more. Its not 2014 but its ‘Nov, 2014′. My Brain is already boiling, my Body wants to burn and my Soul wants to get free.
      Lets Wake up from this Real World or could be The Matrix, whatever.

  74. Sometime I laugh on mydelf guy didnot believe in horscooe started believing it.guy who raraly worshio started worship.i got married in peak period of sadai saati.within 1 month my wife left me one year they tortured me threatung owry case .my whole career was on ruinung face after 1 year of harasshment during last month ofsadia saatu peak period they put complain on women cell,first time in life I was in police statiin.latter settlement negotuatiin and I lost 10 lakh to give my wife ,i have to take personal loan for it,everythung ruined financially,socialky,but I never loose my will to survue still struggling nut during this setting phase life is little cool no mental harassment,got new job of 10 lakhs per annum, now concentratimg on my carrer to settle myself

  75. hi frnds,i also suffer a lot frm sade satti .after completion of my p.g i get lot of family troubles and financial crisis,i search for a job about 1yr 6months .and finaly vt the help of my frnd i got job 2011.i face many problems wt higher autharity and frnd.i fall in love but i unrevealed that person b/c i didn’t get sur that i am in love and idonot want damage my career and damage his career so i left him.i know what is means of job value but in sum bad conditions i left job.so my frnds brack up vt me.i got bad name.i lost my love but instead career also went back.

  76. My daughter who is 5 and a half now is kanya rashmi and is going thru this hell since she was born. She has multiple allergies, been to hospital 4-5 times, went through surgery, fractures twice and hatred from my inlaws. She along with her father and me(mother) have been through all kinds of troubles fractures, accidents, family problems, job problems, financial problems, health problems etc. So my questions are – when will all this end? As a mother, instead of her can I read shani mantras and fast on Saturday? Please reply.

    • Pooja Srivastava

      Yes You must. Your daughter will be relieved after 2014 November. It’s sad to hear that the little thing has to go through so much trouble. Don’t worry, you can do the prayers on her behalf and trust and believe. You know what’s the best past, as she is small she still can’t feel what she is going through as we couldn’t when we were kids. You and your husband are there to protect her in your shelter.

  77. I am kanya rashi born on 7-7-1981. I am also under rahu mahadasha & shukra antardasha. After a long unemployment I got my favorite job in 2012. I became too popular & started doing good to others and for the company. As a result I was fired on September by conspiracy from my hidden enemies. From then I am ruined and still unemployed. I lost all my savings. All my friends left me. I am totally lonely and along now. I thought of suicide in end of this month. Recently I worn a Blue-eye-Moonstone, Cat’s eye and Gomed. The Moonstone is controlling my emotions. But before suicide I will simply take it off.

  78. Two of astrologers told me that during Sade Sati –
    Do not worship Shani Dev, Do not eat prasad of Shani Dev, Do not wear blue clothes. Only place an Iron nail in mustard oil in a Diya and place it in Shani temple on Saturdays, do not lit that Diya. And read hanuman chalisa.
    Although I learned all these things when everything is lost. Too late for me but not for others.

  79. well i also hv hd tough time of my life. it all strted from 2006. bad marks bad gpa, misunderstandings with people, went to usa..the only good thing, however 2011 was hell, hd to selll my car and leave everything, came back to india in early 2012, jobless for more than an year, inspite of a good usa degree, for past 7 years i hv gone thru hell, issues at home, ws 23 in 2007 now 28…jobless, all alone, wondering wen will life move on….any remedies, can anyone evaluate my horoscope plz email me. i hv many Qs

  80. I had fantastic 5 years but the worst came in the 3rd cycle (nov 2011)
    I have gone through the worst phase of my life .
    Had lots of financial losses..lost almost all contracts .everything backfired.
    Personel relationship got messed up and separated , health deteriorated , depression .
    It has taught me tough lesson.
    Now I am in hell but will be back soon 😉

  81. It is indeed period of great learning through own experiences ..
    Things started changing drastically from late 2007 after I got a back pain and disk prolapse that hampered my normal movements for long time. Then on friends started behaving like enemies ,created disharmony at home . Foolishly fought with boss and quit a good position and job . Got another decent job,where people perceived me as threat and could not get cooperation. So left in april 2012. Got another job ,but in a different city and staying away from wife. Though there is no loss of money , the job positions have regressed with job changes. I see myself to have become very arrogant and intolerant. The period since 2007 has been time of great anxiety and test for emotions. So job loss, separation from wife ,loosing friends are all nature of Sade Sati. Prey to almighty ,and he will do good in future.

  82. Do Shanidev punishes only Hindus?
    I mean does Sade Sati effects Muslims & Christians?

    They don’t worship Idols & They don’t know Shanidev.
    In western astrology Saturn is equally feared as in vedic astrology but there is no such thing as Sade Sati in their dictionary.
    So, if I change myself (say) to Islam, do I get freedom from Sade-Sati, Rahu Mahadasha, etc ???

    • Hi
      whatever we are hindus,muslims or christians are they not facing any problems ……….they dont know their birth star as it is only our traditional system..If you analyse t hier birth chart you can very well get cleared in which phase they are ..as we say lord sani, and they say it is planetary effects, tarrot cards ,that’s all .All are facing probelms in this world ,if we are human we need to cross our life through ups and downs

  83. Hello All
    I am also a Kanya rashi , date of Birth 03-02-1972. I am also going thru the most difficult phase of my life. Currently in Dubai sitting at home without a job, my visa is valid but passport expired, the sponsor is not ready to handover the passport for renewal. I also have a police case registered against me for non payment of credit cards. I really dont know what is going to happen. I am in deep debt and also no money for day to day expenses. I always have a fear that i will be jailed any moment. I recite Om hanumate namah(108 beads 03 times a day)om namo bhagavate anjaneya mahabalaya swaha(108 beads 03 times a day),Om ham hanumate rudratmakaya hum phat namah(7×108 beads)hanuman chalisa every day three times a day, also recite 108 times shani mantra(Nilanjana)three times a day, om shanischaraya namah, 108 times three times a day,aum pram preem praum sa sanishcharaya namah 108 beads x5 times in the morning. Full fasting on saturdays without even drinking water till sunset.I carry shani yantra in my wallet.Carry Hanuman photo and idol in the pocket along with Ganesh for almost 03 months But I am still suffering and not knowing what to do. Where my life will take me to. We only have a shiva temple but no hanuman or shani temple. Kindly advise what is the best solution to come out for the malefic effect of Sade sati.I have no job and no money for day to day expenses also unable to give room rent. I am under the mercy of my friend. Things are going worser and worser day by day.

  84. Hi
    Needless to say that I am facing a very tough situation now..I lost my family life and fighting to raise my baby alone..and now my job is also a very big problem….so really lord sani is giving us judgement and he is testifying us how can we overcome from this……….only way is to pray with GOD SANISHWARA

  85. Read Durood…… I am and it helps alot. Try it, What you gotta lose?. Not a thing, anymore.

  86. Dear All,
    I’m also a Kanya Rashian. I’ve gone through & going through as much & enough. Life has been a downhill ride since 6yrs now. Loss of money, relationships,reputation,health…..you name it. My health started to deteriorate to begin with, i would feel tired for no reason at all. I’ve had 4 abortions wanting a second child. My education is incomplete,I fought for 3 yrs & gave up. the first yr, assignment got delayed; the second i had an abortion & the 3rd i was hospitalized on the day of exams.
    I weighed around 72kgs 6yrs ago, now I’m 95kgs despite of my sickness. My body just gave up on me. Every part of my body failed one after another. I suffered with acute sinus & ENT related issues for a yr. After that my uterus started having problem for which i took hormone treatments which made me more heavier. In between my knee ligament tore & had to be fixed. Then it was the turn of the stomach,i developed with gall bladder disease & am still suffering. Now its with my hands, I’ve been diagnosed with acute Tennis Elbow which stops me from doing basic stuffs. I didn’t mention, it was & is extremely painful throughout.
    Our business collapsed, though it was run in my husband’s name, we ran into extreme loss. We were cheated & lost upto 14laks. There was a cheating case filed on him & that’s when i had my 4th abortion.My husband also had difficulty in sourcing work & income just fissiled out. My son’s & husband’s health is also a cause of concern. We also faced difficulty in securing a seat for my son in the school.
    Mind is like a confused concoction…nothing i think or do actually works. Its a mere waste.Suicide was at most on my mind, i got fascinated at the thought of death. Depression took me to further depths….seems like neither my body nor mind is in my control.
    I actually wanted to find out how many more days of suffering when i started seeing this page & then, started writing.
    But I’m thankful that I have a wonderful husband who has stood by me like a rock. Though difficult, he has had patience to see me through.My mother-in-law, my co-sister & brother-in-law have also are/been very helpful.
    The one thing i got to know through these years is – who actually my friends are!
    All the best to all my fellow Kanya rashians….pls remember that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” .

    • Pooja Srivastava

      Hi Nandini,

      Can you mail me at pooja.magis@gmail.com.
      I totally understand what you’re going through and dont worry i am not from some weight loss program. I am a writer and need your help if you are willing to, for i’m also undergoing sade sati so just can understand your turmoil.


  87. Friends, since 2007 i being to jail twice on false charges. Lost my Houses, condo. My cars, my businesses. Got kicked outta of the country that i lived my entire life. Separated from my wife and my 2 1/2 years old son. It’s been awhile since i have seen em. My family members all turned against me, My own mother did black magic on me,friends filed charges against me. i drank, smoked weed, popped pills. God it was horrible. A friend of mine who is a vedic astologer told me i was under the influence of saturn. So what is the remedy?. Praise lord, whatever you believe in. I read Durood sharif. Believe me Durood did wonders for me. You can look it up on youtube. Durood e- Ibhrami. Please to all of you, “DON’T LOSE YOUR FAITH IN GOD” God tests us by giving us abundance and He tests us by taking it all away. Praise Lord as much, as often as you can. All our lives He ( almighty ) has blessed us with wonderful things. So what if He wants to test us for only 7.5 years. Be thankful to your God. Don’t put Him down. He will surely show mercy again and this is his mercy in disguise if one can see.
    you all take care people.

    • Hi, I’ve tried almost everything. Want to try your suggestion. But I can’t read Urdu or Arabic. I am Hindu but I love a sweet beautiful Muslim girl & she loves me equally. Even Saturn ruined my life from every angle she is the one & only friend who has kept relation with me. She is Capricorn so her ruling planet is Saturn. So I think Lord Saturn has sent her to me to keep me alive in Sade Sati. After this Saturn transit is over I want to marry her. But I’ve to convert to muslim, dunno how! But I can do anything for her :).

  88. to the admin: why don’t you post my stuff on here?. Is that cause I am a muslim?. shame on you, I am trying to help but you arrogance is getting in the way….

    • I think you are mistaken . I had approved your previous comment already .. pls check .. also comments from people who have posted earlier gets posted automatically .. and I moderate this panel maybe once in 2 weeks and hence delay..

    • i heard sade sathi when it comes second time in life,its good for the native but bad for mother or father,please rectify my parents are above 50 years ,as of now sadesathi is running for my cousin sister who stays along with us,next my sadesathi wil start from 2014 i.e dhanu rashi.Also my wife is running through ardhashtama in 2014 she will be relieved form shani.then how my bad period will effect her.I love my parents a lot.staying away from them will it reduce effect of shani.Or it will be more severe as two sadesathi wil run at the sam etime.


  89. me too
    life has been crazy there seem like no chance of getting better

  90. never got dignity and never thought right its just like devil is controlling my mind at the age of 27 i feel like i have done nothing for myself and whatever did for other was worthless,all the time scared of the life heart beats are going up and have been laugh for everybudy

  91. hi ,my name is rupa,i am also a effector of Sade sati.i had finished my post graduation in 2009.i have no idea that time where to go and what to do?i want to continue my study further.but due to my family condition i unable to do so.after completion of my pg i face so many problems. at that time my home under construction.my mother took all responsibilty for construction.she ask me for help.so i stay at home and manage all accounts.as my viilage is small ,i went to apply for a job into another town which is near to my home town.as per insistance of my brother i went to hyd and done instrumentation course.i meet different kinds of people at that time which are most cunning type.as my back ground is not english upto 10th,i suffer a soo much hurdles and critisises in my life…my family automospare is also not good,but due to god grace i overcum all hurdles and complete my post graduation.but after cuming to out from study i noticed that study is different fromt apart from out side environment.at that time my dad is going to be retaired,i want along with my mother to retairement function.my dad got money after retairement,but due his addiction on bad things,he completely lost his entaire money.by means of my hands i settel all the amont to others.it is most hurting situation to me.i did not thought my family conditions are this much bad state.finaly i came to my home town and again went for searching a job.i worked as data entry operator and telecaller for about some day.i noticed that everybody is paying attention in me.i realise that it is not a good situation for me.so i quit the job than i search the job hole heartly.i am very much in depresed condition”that i will studied this much heard,every body is enjoy a lot in their college time.and didnot went that side mostly i concentrate in my study,what is going on in my life.likely i got a job offer form my friend,my salary is 4000/- but i never mind for this because i want to learn the things as i was a fresher.ifeel very happy that my another college friend is also their.but have a little dought on that girl because she is soo much of cunning…i had very bad experience with that girl previously.but i am happy another friend is their she is my one of the best friend.i got the job.i went to a job.it is very big responsibility me because they offer me a new instrument which is entairely different to me.i had 1 day experience during my instumental training programme.i am not perfect but i able to maintain properly.as the time persist my friend is also doing analysis with me.just as a senior she have to give a support because i am appointed for a perticular instrument,but she make me a side and she done all analysis.it is again hurting situation for me.i told her schedule to do analysis but because of their nature she left entaire
    instrumentation analysis process in my hand and she live the office in afternoon.one of the collegue who is her classmate asked me why you should do like this.i replyed him as i am also cuming to learn,if entairely she is going to do how can i get the experience.i told her to do as per schedule.she went hostle angryly.in that day my another friend went to close to her and she tell useless thing about me.at that time noticed that another senior sir liked me the most…he attract with me.
    i notice he developed a strog feelings upon me.but when did not get the job i went to astrologer he told exact situation in which i am going to be face in job.so i donot want to take any risk,this job is very importent for me.he is always visiting to our hostle.his family conditions is also quite similar as my family conditions and he is entairely like me.i did not want to destruct his career and i didnot want to give any pain to his family and my family also because i thank to god for giving me a great oppurtunity to complete my education upto m.sc.and more over i give promise to my mother that i did fall in any love matter.so,i desided to call her as brother…as time persist he accepted as sister.i was very happy because i feel such a homely environment in office.girls who are my friends always want to put down.but because of my brothers i feel very good.as time persist another boy also develope a feeling on me.i am not aware of this.he is a bad boy so we r not concerning in any movement to him.he want to crate a nonsense in first time in my life,it went to manager level.the issue became the talk in entaire company.i did not want tocreate any issue upon me so i did not told some things to my friends also.i treat my frnds as my own brothers but time realise that they are not terating me as such.my other frnds also going to down in hstl also as creating my image as pscho.it is very hard situation.more imp my work is going to be more effected inso many troubleshootings.i so much of depressed state.i share entaire my hurdle to one of my frnd i told her to tell other but she told to every buddys it will becum main drawback.iwill face many critises with those friends but i didnot live job but finaly the time had came to left job.its too hard situation to me when another time that boy hit to me.nobuddy going to speek properly with me.every buddy thinking i am attracting the people.if i attact every buddy why i am avioding the people who has crush on me? finaly i realise that no one occupies our own brother position.in this journey i lost career,trust,confidenceand i also got bad name that i have a secrete love with a boy to which i called as brother.i ost all my image infrount of my pg classmates also .no one is calling like previously and no one is talking with me as properly.my life is completely smashed ,i feel why should she offer me a job.?after cuming from job i am soo distroyed condition.i didnot recover upto six months than i realise slowly beacause one of my friend who working their get scientist position and another frnd got marraige to his lover,next once sal incresed to 6500/-another person left the job and he searching a new job who got 3 yrs experience.i also get one of the offer from mnc company but due to lack of appoinment odder andsalary slip i lost it .when i went to collect this in my previous office every buddy including md blame me as i was not calling to company and not giving anyinfoformation.instead when ever i call got the cal i attendthe phone call and solve the problem.even manager and my junior to which i teach how to handle and do analysis completely,they also blame me as i did not work properly.i feel very bad b/c 4000/-is my salary 2400/-goes to hostle200/- for bus pass and remaining money is left was1400/-.by this 1400/- i have to survive the entaire month.i weasted lot of time and money for seaching solution and new testing methods for the instument.i even use my own money apart from my salary,done overtime and did not excepted any money for that and at the final i got a grate appreciation.i didnot get appointment letter and salary slip.instead i get these appreciation.any my frnds want to make me down even i came from company.my mind is not going to work properly.that asrologer told me even if i get marraige my life is not going to be fine.i donot kown how my life is going.i get a job or not……….i sincearely request u who studied this that donot love your company just love your job and donot get sentimently fool in profesinal like it is very painful if you get hitted by some one……apart from this many hurdls happen in my life.just i mention some in a breif….you are not alone ….like me also many people are with you……………..hope this 2013 is bring us a good fortune

  92. Hi friends…
    Same here, under went very much painful days in past 5years as if no place for hopes on future… Though every activity seems works out but at the last moment without my knowledge entire thing got collapsed…only obstacles though i’m good at every thing still not able to make my career …now in a position that even i fear to dream good days as most of the dreams going opposite…;-(

  93. Hi everyone… As v all know v r in last phase of sade sath shani…so y don’t v al start writing positive changes that v r experiencing… I would like to share the 1st good news after some 4years…i.e after 4years of my graduation now i recieved my convocation :-) i wish here after this blog is full of good news :-) :-) :-)

    • Hi, i like your thought.. but even after trying unable to get into better mood.. after 8 months of losing job, got 1 job that is very much suitable for me. But that lasted for just 4 weeks. For no reason, i was let go.. now still in search of another job.. currently surviving on spouse’s money but have so many difficulties in paying the bills and taking care of 2 kids.. relationship with spouse is also affected so much that i fear we will break-up soon and will be away from my 2 kids. when will i get job? when will we have a happy life? why spouse and kids get burnt due to MY BAD days? To mention anything good, i do not even see any light right now.. feel like ending my life. Lord Shiva, please show some light, Shanidev is your son. Please help us understand why your son so angry on us… :(

  94. I think Shanidev don’t Teach us anything he takes pleasure by ruining your life. Even after Sade Sati you cannot repair your ruined life bcoz you have lost many good opportunities and precious time of your life. And nobody will come to help, become partners or friends with a poor guy.
    I’ve noticed Shanidev don’t punishes Capricorn sun sign & Taurus moon sign people. The former’s ruling planet is Shanidev himself & the later’s is Venus who is a friend of Shanidev.
    I’ve a friend of Sun sign Capricorn & moon sign Taurus, her entire life going thru happiness even in sade sati. Capricorn ppl never lose jobs or see financial crisis in sade sati or ever in their life, the max that happens with them is health issue or an accident. Some says they are hard workers & born lucky! What about rest of us? Are we all idiots?

    So Shanidev’s Acts & so called Teachings are completely Biased. WHY? God knows.

  95. Deep in the shady sadness of a vale
    Far sunken from the healthy breath of morn,
    Far from the fiery noon, and eve’s one star,
    Sat gray-haired Saturn, quiet as a stone.

    ~ John Keats

  96. Hi
    I am also Kanya rashi person. I found till date sadesati period challeging. I agot married. Blassed with son. on cariier frount I am not able to stabilise in one job. And today god Shani blessed me with loss of job without my fault. I don’tknow where it is going to drive further. I am getting scared after reading experiances above. But still I strongaly beleave I will sail through this patch. Wish me best luck.

  97. I have all these comments and have inferred that whatever has happened in my life was ought to happen. My case is the same, I have suffered severely. Career growth is null, family expectations are high, people I thought would stick to me have gone afar. All I can say is that all this has kept me modest and humbled me very much. Now that we have entered the last 2 and a half years of our Sade-sati, expect the worst and be prepared and let bygones be bygones.

  98. FOR ME SAADHE SAATI MADE A GRAND ENTRY in november,2006…. with me getting malaria and the doctor administering typhoid drugs ,…..the result was a a disaster..anyhow i survived by the skin of my teeth..i used to be a bright student.but family problems ,broken-messed up realationship saw me failing in every competetive examinations after XII,2009.Anyhow i did graduated in 2012 with average marks.college years were nothing to be excited about.upon reflection i realised my past personality flaws like being arrogant,non-sensitive to others etc. and thought i deserved the horrific past 5 years or so….but Then i see people around me who are literally beasts and waiting to rip your heart out….what happens to them??what happens to our politicians?what happens to america for killing lakhs in iraqt?infact a man killed and ate a woman .
    “Issei Sagawa ” —he is now a celebrity..


      • much of it i knew….in the heat of things it all got out wrong …anyways thanks for the interesting info…

    • Pooja Srivastava

      Thumbs up for you venture sir. :)

    • Pooja Srivastava

      Last phase in Kanya Rashi is definitely better than past two phases. Their might be some financial troubles but there are no more betrayals. You can still have enemies, but people you trust on wont back stab you(or atleast there is no one left in your life now taken away by the last two phases lol :))

  99. I got into sade sati in 2007 and in 2009 -became nearly mad – on the verge of it – left a good job and joined another one – mother got cancer in 2010 – had the greatest misfortune to see her die – bit by bit – ie suffered and died in dec 2011.I again left job in aug 2012 and am in such a tough and very very difficult environment.I dont know what to do
    i have lost the meaning of happiness – i used to be a person with a smiling face – now – i am not joking but I actually dnt know how to smile.I dont know what it is to be happy.
    i dont know what to do..They say that SS will be there till dec 2014.Guru is going to be in10th house from next month which will make it more tough and i am running Sani bukti till jun 2014.

    i dont know what to do..i sometimes feel i should runaway and give it all up…will God help me…I am really serioius…I used to pray a lot- now while i go to temples – I dont know what to pray for -as Im not sure whether I would ask the right thing from God.That is my confidence level now

    Is there a hope for me

  100. Aditya S Phanse

    Sir, my question is that how long the sade sathi of Kanya rashi will take place (how many year it goes) because from 2008 i had job for a period then this job was lost it continue till this time. What can i do. My Shadi are not made because of this. Please help me for

    • You are in the last phase of the 7.5 years and sadesati will end after Nov 2014 when Saturn will move to Vrishchika rashi.


  101. Hi All,

    I was talking to my mom about sade sati and she mentioned the below procedure I thought might help you all. Btw, I am also a virgo and in the last phase of sade sati, so I am also planning to do this. Apparenly there would be a lot of relief.

    Recite the below poem 108 times for 9 saturdays. Try not to get up till the pooja is done.

    Anjaneya mathi patalananam,
    Kanchanadri kamaneeya vigraham,
    Parijatha tharu moola vasinam,
    Bhavayami bhava mana nandanam.

  102. Btw, also make sure to put anjaneya sindoor (orange color one) while doing the pooja.

  103. Hi Kanya rashians,

    I know atleast a couple of Kanya rashians who are close to me have had some injuries to their legs recently. This brings me to question, whether others have had similiar experiences ?


    • my entire body & mind from inside to outside is in pain …

    • My fellow Kanya Rashis – The time is now to show Whatever it is in your effort that you think you should no longer have – dissolve your worrying despite whatever life brings. Darkness will go away but your responses and the time spent worrying will be your legacy if you bring down your Spirit. Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached.
      This is your Defining Moment. Be in this moment Worryfree – Let whatever may come – you will Overcome – Force happiness from within not because of material comfort but from within yourself. You are almost there . Never Stop . Victory is Reassured. Just hold on .

    • Hi,

      I am also Kanya rashian.
      I had road accident on 15th June 2013 while driving scooty with 20 KM speed. I had spinal fracture which took 2 months of bedrest to recover.
      I dont understand how people are saying good settling phase of sadesati has started

  104. param malaysia

    i injured something related to my knee or ligaments around it, in 2010 i guess. I have tried Xrays , MRIs but still not sure whats wrong with my right knee. I didnt know its all part of a cosmic plan.

    Anyway, i have come across many non pleasant comments blaming these phase, however i do wish to remind all that this whole saturn phase is filled with utmost valuable lessons. If anyone feels that you are just suffering but no lessons, then you have failed to see it.

  105. This phase has been the toughest….but I have learned a lot…..We are almost there….16 more months to go…… If we have survived this phase we can survive anything I feel……broken, shattered but still fighting back…..

  106. i got heart problems

  107. Oh my God!!Reading all this gives me courage ..I have gone through so much in the past four years that i don’t even know who i am any longer.From earning two lacs a month i have literally been jobless since the past three and a half years .My husband had an affair with a woman almost his mother’s age and was on the verge of divorcing me .I gained several pounds due to depression,my health has suffered and i have no career to speak of .I have felt suicidal several times in the past months …If it wasn’t for my three year old son ,i would have been dead by now ..Everything seems so unreal and bizarre -as if i am caught in an endless nightmare out of which there is no escape!

  108. Hi,sorry for the lie,its not my original name. My date of birth is 13th April,which is said to be the MOST UNFORTUNATE DAY(Birth no 4 & destiny no 4).

    In 2005, I was forced to leave my job & from 2006 I decided to be full time in Music. I did almost 15 film music from 2009,but either those films din release or not canned or made so substandard & i”m no where. I saw other music director got overnight success. I always accused my bad date of birth.

    I feel so helpless,many a time thought of suicide came,but as my wife has no one other than me,I couldnt.
    I always asked to God ,why did you bring me in this profession???Why didnt you make me an ordinary person?? Never got an answer..

    Just 2 days back I came to know that im under SADE SATI..I can only dream that from November 2014 ,I will again get new assignments & make good music.Jai mata di.

    • Yes – Nov 2014 will be the day of deliverance for us. Hoping that that sun will shine on your career now onwards

  109. devendra chaturvedi

    lost my wife and father in this period.my in laws cheated me.my son is of very angry nature,saved his life with lot of difficulties.financial burden and also government cases on head.still pray to come out without any damage.jay sriram

  110. Hello
    I am also under the inflluence of sade sati. Already a criminal case for a guarantee cheque for credit card bounce is going on.Expecting more. Already lost approx 25L in clearing some of them.Don’t know what is more in store.
    Hope to get out soon.Sri Sachidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai

  111. I have everything that I want until last dec 2012. Just when i was concentrating on my job i lost it. Since then nothing worked. I am so depressed and sometimes i feel like killing myself. I am losing fame, money with this job search. My contacts are burning and i am not able to face anyone. I know shani punishes severely while making us more strong. I suffered like hell when Ashtama Shani was running in my kundali. Now i am suffering again. I don’t like to be insulted and that is what i am getting everytime. I have nice family, good husband and kid and supporting parents and siblings. But everyone in my family are settled well and happy except me. This is killing me inside. I feel like i am fit for nothing and crying everyday. I want to get out of it but i am not. I feel like i am running with a bomb in my womb all the time which i can’t take it out and escape. I only beg god one things. some ppl are so happy, i feel like shani doesn’t look at them at all. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop it. i have learnt a lot. Help me now. I am drowning. I can’t live nor i can die. I am in horrible situation. This is killing my patience and my happy time with my family. When will this end. Some say Jupiter transit will help. I am not sure. I am worried.

  112. Hi, my self pavithra (DOB 24.11.1989, Time 9.19 am)
    me and my brother coming under Virgo, i was very good in studies, i never took below 85 % up to my graduation BCA-2010 Passed out, after that i planned do MBA(F&A, HR) I was very good in 1st,2nd, & 3rd sem, but i got backlog in 4th sem, where its unbelievable, my principle & my parents thought im the Rank Student, but i broken all of them heart, coz i fell in love in June-2012,
    i wanna inform to students, dont fall in love during the education time, i m the best example, when i started to love him, i stopped studing
    Now i planned get marry him on October-2013, really i dont know what will happen…pl can someone suggest me

    and my lovely younger brother also coming under Virgo kanya rashi,
    he died in accident in Feb-19-2012, in shivarathi festival day, beside of shaneschara temple

    small suggestion from my side, pls dont eat Non veg and dont use alcohol during the sate sati


    • hi pavithra I m also kanya rashi hastha nakshatra but u must be care abt boyfrnd coz he ll cheat u i knew. plz cntct9900003997

  113. Hi, i planned get married in Sep or Oct – 2013 with my loved one, kindly help me on this i will give u more details of mine and my fiance

    Name ; Pavithra
    DOB : 24.11.1989
    Time : 9.14am
    Zodiac sig : Virgo (Kanya rashi, Hasta Nakshatra, 4 th pada)
    place of birth : Hassan (Karnataka)

    My fiance : Arvind N Sharma
    DOB : 06.04.1983
    Time :9.19am
    Zodiac sig: Capricorn (Makara rashi, uttara ashada nakshatra, 2th pada)
    place of birth ; Bangalore (Karnataka)

  114. i heard sade sathi when it comes second time in life,its good for the native but bad for mother or father,please rectify my parents are above 50 years ,as of now sadesathi is running for my cousin sister who stays along with us,next my sadesathi wil start from 2014 i.e dhanu rashi.Also my wife is running through ardhashtama in 2014 she will be relieved form shani.then how my bad period will effect her.I love my parents a lot.staying away from them will it reduce effect of shani.Or it will be more severe as two sadesathi wil run at the sam etime.

  115. what is pongu shani,if it is good why people are scared of sadesathi second time

  116. Hi,
    I belong to kanya rashi,I got overseas job inMay 06 few months before saade saati began .First few years were very tense although financially good. I experienced peace of mind from last one year, however professional growth is slow. My tula lagna also probably helped?

  117. hi,
    I need to ask about my marriage we are trying sinces 5 yrs but no success , i had lost my job also. Every one in my family is distrub due to me and every one ask me only one question when is ur marriage . please let me know how to overcome the problems my astro details are as follows

    DOB : 22/11/1981 time 9.15am place : mumbai
    Rashi : kanya

    • Hello
      I am been told once the sade sate period is over marriage will also take place. I have been searching for a partner for the last 12 years. My dob is 3rd Feb 1972.

  118. paresh merchant

    Hi, I belong to the Kanya Raashi too.The same things as the rest of you have mentioned have been happening too.

    I lost my job in 2011.I am at home and have am unable to take proper decisions, however small they may be.

    There are misunderstandings and fights with my spouse over small trivial matters.

    i have developed health problems all of a sudden.

    My relations with my inlaws are no longer good.I feel insecure all the time

    My twin brother has cheated me of Rs 2 crores in a property matter.He does not give me even a penny andI have to live on my wife’s earnings and sit at home and gtake care of my daughter who is my only saving grace.I am fed up and think of committing suicide but remember my daughter;s innocent face and think what will happen to her and my wife.
    i visit Shani temple on Saturdays and have begun to chant Shani Chalisa and Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan daily.
    I have passed almost my entire life of 50 years in this Saade Sati phase.It’s always with me and does not allow me to prosper.

    Waiting in hope for things to change.

    “Jai Shani Maharaaj” and ” Jai Hanuman Dada”

  119. I read all comment no story is different .
    for me I cannt explain my second phase of sadai saati.I was in such situation that I can say nearby to suicide and death.Even today soemtime I fear to think about last 2 years .but not things are settling slowly.I am not saying I am in good position .I have mental tension alot but not like these 2 years .I lost 8 lakhs money and paying its loan still .My wife gave me divorce and has taken 8 lakhs from me ,I lost family ,financial condition unstable .but still I can say i am in better position then past and i tied up my shoes to fight this last 1 and half year now . Dont think your life is good or bad but think this is part of life not the heart of life .Now I am 32 ,bachelor (divorced) still I think I will get stable financially and personally

  120. Yesterday at I prayed to St. Raphael, St. Michael & St. Gabriel to fulfill my wish of getting back my Last Job & to get Rubina as my life partner. I know they must have heard my prayers & I have full Faith in them. Amen.

  121. dear kanya folks,
    it is a great relief to read the comments written here all of you. It is soothing me that I am not the only one who is suffering since 2007. I am kanya rashi, uthraphalguni nakshatra in kanya lagnam. I lost my father in 2008, me and wife having a lot of misunderstandings since last 5 years. she is also kanya rashi, Chitra nakshatra. We had a very good life before. She started hiding and started to believe other religion by an influence of a friend, completely ignored me and my words. She is still behaving like that and i dont see any hope that she will change in future. For the sake of my kids I am adjusting with her. She is now moved to other place as I am in Overseas now.
    I had a very good career all these years, suddenly since last 2 years I am in a big trouble with the career. Still I am hanging on that job hoping that 2morrow will be better. I have lost a lot of money in various ways though I am not in debts.
    I am having sleepless nights all these years because of this. Hope after 1 year things will improve

  122. i am 23 yr old male,graduate..currently struggling to land a job.many have expressed here …their troubles in getting married and finding a suitable groom..just wanted to say i am open to offers if you dont mind my obvious financial liability

  123. Hi,

    I am also experiencing the same. Plz tell me when will this sade sathi ends for Kanya rashi. My DOB is 7.3.1977.

  124. hi frnds
    i am also comes under kanya rashian.my date of birth is 26/3/1986.my nakshtra is uttara phalguni 4 padam.my birth time is 1:10 am.during this period i lost every thing. most important my father.he is my best frnd and my little son like.i love my daddy most.when ever any trouble comes,i just think about my family.i am free of all tensions,when i am with my family.my dad and me are one party and my mother and brother are another party.when we meet or assemble, we enjoy a lot .unfortunately he died in 22/6/2013 due to brain stroke.he got hypertension.he got difficult vision.suddenly his blood supply in one part of brain is stopped that is on left side.his 90% of brain in left side is completely dead.right side also damage is recognize in some part.it is very difficult .doctor says that it is impossible to recover .plz take him to home and until alive take care of him properly.but he responding to our world.he tried a lot to open his eyes but brain did not supported.we do not want to lost him.we resided to shift in a superficiality hospital .during 1 hour they said it is difficult to survive because he got a heart attack.they give us another hour for observation.they said that his is ok.he worked in a army that way his chest is some what high.they tought that his heart is going to get expended.they sad only we are trying to save his life but they didnot give conformation .upto 21 days he did get a food only some amount of milk is introduced into his nose to stomach by means of tube.his respiratory function is slowing down mean its remaining brain is also slowing down .suddenly it stopped and he got dead.his entire body system is perfect but due to brain all going to be effected.he is very curious about my marriage.i unable to give him that happiness.my mother also did not have proper health.i lost my valuable thing in my life.not only this way but also many loses occur during this time .i lost of my reputation because of false frnds also my job.but inspite of this my dad expiry is big lost.i will never fulfill that happiness. it will be said that shani dev give punishment to our karma but what is the fault of my father?why should he give punishment to him?not only him but our entire family.he is like a child .how painful death is given to him.its my life time punishment.Not only for me but my entire family.if he want give punishment that give that particular person .why should another person also get effected?

  125. Dear Friends, Greetings.

    *Have lots of patience, do good, try helping others. Good Karma comes around in some way.

    Chant what makes you feel good at heart. Gayathri, Shani Gayathri Mantras give good relief.

    Have loads of belief in oneself. No one will push you except you.
    1st phase
    “If you are insulted, accused, or gossiped about, don’t say anything bad. Don’t see the shame, be the one who corrects it.”

    Between 1st -2nd phase
    “When you go through a hard period and everything seems to oppose you, NEVER GIVE UP! This is when the course will divert”

    3rd phase
    “When you fear your struggles, your struggles consume you. When you face your struggles, you overcome them”

    Have faith, everything is possible. Saturn will correct the minute details in your sculpture of life.

    God Bless each & everyone.
    Thank you.

  126. I was born 1949 in a village at the sandhi of Chithra Star 2 and 3rd Pada, less than 5 mts difference ! God only knows exact time !Mine is Thula Rasi as per Vaakyam and Kanya Rasi as per Thriganidha ! I observed Thula Rasi till 2010 ! Thanks to the pain of 7.5 Saturn I consulted an astrologer, he pointed out it is Kanya Rasi and so 2.5 Years less trouble ! In Tamil we say ‘Sathakamaka Sollu vathe Jathakam’ ! Means astro predictions should always be favourable !! …I learnt astrology from my Grandfather and have cast 100s of horoscopes manually (1975 -90!) The first sloka he delivered was (translated in Tamil/English) ” A man’s fate sits strongly on 4 pillars: 1. Suya Bhalam – One’s own strength 2.Soozh Bhalam- Strength derived from dear and near , 3.Deiva Balam – Strength derived from Prayers or divine blessings and 4 . Last but not the least, Graha Bhalam- Strength of Planets. So I would appeal to all not to be cowed down by ups and downs due to planateray movements or Dasa Periods ! Use your strengths , Pray and plan your strategy to overcome obstacles. You will survive and win !! ….. From 2010 I am using the software for instant horoscope, Instant Predictions (100 Pages -Rs 200/- !) and Instant Match for marriage of children ! So I am able to exactly calculate the 7.5 years for the Rasi Sandhi or Paadha Sandhi. Please note a Rasi is not a firm boundary and a few seconds can not change the planetarty influences greatly…the lag and lead will be there of course….the short point is One should not see 7.5 saturn alone ! it accounts for only 33.33% coupled with planetary movements of Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu… Remaining 66.67% is impacted by Dasa Bhukti as per lagna chart.. So discuss with an astrolger and work out a strategy to galvanise your suppo rt base- own,friends and relatives- and fight it out ! Meditate and Pray…Saranagathi ( Surrender to God) will bring great relief and provide peace ! Do not waste money in pleasing Sani Bhagwan ! Simply pray to him daily, that will do !

  127. have any one know that our shani sade sati will effect our parents also?

  128. i have gone through hell
    i pray that noone has to go through like this.Financaly i suffered heavy loss…lost monet which i got by srlling ancestral property though many people advised me agaist selling it yet i sold it..now my parents are in stress as my bussiness is going nowhere and property is gone too…my mother also suffered from serious injury ….i had toundergo treatment for depression ,why should near and dear ones suffer bcoz of us….past few years life is only downhill socially too i had arguments with relatives and even neighbours…earlier i was on good terms with everyone but now its totally difficult as everyone i thought was my friend have turned away….what sort of time is this…as even things,projects that seem allright go wrong suddenly
    people change their mind on last minute….
    Is there no way out of this

    any chances of things changing….any kind of donationd etc…dont recommend any pooja ,mantra etc as i dont feel like doing these….i have lost total faith in god….seems god is ignoring simple hard working honest people ….while those cheat and do bad deeds are always happy….. is this kalyug ever end or suffering of simple folks continue

    • Dinesh K Mehandale

      Hi Kanya Rashi Folks,

      The negative influences that most of you have gone through are all natural part of life. Life is BIPOLAR, meaning its a pair of opposites!!. Shani is a dispenser of Justice, he will show us the true face of life no matter how big or strong we are. There is no escaping from this. This is part of much larger design of destiny for every soul born on this planet.
      Best way is accept life as it comes and surrender to god.

  129. been through hell from 2009 till now , I am a bit assured there are other people here suffering the worst effects . I have no recourse but too wait for this to pass …..in these 4 and a half years gone through , broken relationship , my EX boyfriend cheated on me badly and kept befooling me till he got married all of a sudden to a woman I had no idea about , he was 2 or 3 timing ,humiliation , social and otherwise for no fault of mine , I have been humiliated by this guy in front of my entire family as he lied about me outright … I tried to help someone and it boomeranged big time on me …on medications for depression , mood swings , thyroid ….all started during this phase , have gained weight from the slim girl I used to be …my hair and skin turned brittle and coarse , dry hair ..due to thyroid and anti depressants / anxiety , lack of self confidence …family discord , they too has to face problems because of my depression , I have almost become socially cut off , passed my PG with much diifculty …have literally been through hell …cant describe here …my friends are working and I am jobless ….I have kept faith in God and I am still pulling on ….Don’t have any hopes as such because the astro tell to do this or that and have done that without any relief coming ….still im facing this worst worst worst period as I got no option , felt suicidal , I thought death could still be better than this living hell ….I belive all the strength I got ot the courage and patience to live through this horrifying phase is because I have relied upon Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi ….doing any more pooja’s and rituals now make me sick …..I HOPE THIS TOO SHALL PASS ! Cheer up people …..that’s the only thing we can ! Maybe life changes its tide …: ) :) BTW one astro told me Sade sati for kanya ends on 21 September : ) Hang in there ! it has made us strong and wise at the least :) May God help us all :)

    • Dear Gia

      reading your post seemed like reading about what i have been through in the past five years…I too lost my job three years back,have thyroid,gained several pounds,socially cut off from my friends,severely depressed.husband started a torrid affair almost two years back.now today i find out that he has moved on to some other woman..have a three year old son,else would have committed suicide by now…trying for a job desperately.nothing seems right!!…but hang on there …hold your chin up!!this too shall pass

  130. Same here guys….
    Going through very difficult time…let us not lose the hope…we have completed 6 years…just 1.5 yrs more…
    I am consoling myself….

    • I have moon in 6th house in virgo…..1st 2 & 1/2 yrs were distressful,emotionally down….In the middle 2 & 1/2 yrs I lost my father and resigned my job(due to misunderstanding,and fights with my boss and teammates)….this 2 & 1/2 were deadly to me….I would sit alone in my room and suffer my loneliness and depression….the last 2 & 1/2 yrs r a little…Things have started to brighten up now….yaaaa I did yoga and meditation which made me strong to face the troubles….Now I am almost a professional in yoga…and believe me it has helped me a lot…Now I am trying some something higher…Hope I will get it

  131. Guys,
    After learning from past 6 year’s
    Please find the below my experience..
    * Parents are God .
    * Treat brothers like in Ramayan [ Sri Ram and Laxman ]
    * Don’t hurt anyone ..
    * First thing is we need to take care of our family..Parents, brothers , sisters, wife , child.. , if any one is facing issues .. it will affect us also.
    * After that whole world is Family(its a Bholenath(Shiva)Ka family)
    so try to do good things..for society… and Whatever Karma you are doing give it to God(Shivarpanamasthu) .Surrender YourSelf.
    * God Shanidev is trying to Correct Us.
    If you not Correcting now..never you will get liberated from those issues.

    * This time is great time for us to get Purified…

    So we need Thank God ShaniDev .. He is Cleaning Our Body as well as Soul…

  132. friends,
    my opinion is quite different,,,
    from very first day of my sade sati i got opportunity and during this years i got married, purchased flat, my sisters marriage and many other expensive occassions completed but i came out without difficulty now in last phase getting little problem but shani dev has given me a lot in this sade sati period,,, its all about karma as shani gives result of your past karma be honest to get better results in this time

  133. Dear Friends. Hope all my dear are doing well. Today, i would like to share about a yoga called Parivartan yoga. Parivatan yoga simply means exchange of planets, it can be in rashi chart or in navamsa chart. Parivartan Yoga is of 3 Types, broads speaking: Dainya Parivartan Yoga; Kahala ParivartanYoga; Maha Parivartan Yoga. Of this, the last one, Maha Parivartan is the most auspicious. This happens with the Trikona, Kendra or 2nd and 11th Houses are involved in the exchange of houses. When this happens it is the most auspicious case of raja yoga. There can be 28 different Mahayoga types. To quote 2 examples, 1) Suppose the First lord house is in 7th house and the 7th house lord in the 1st, this is a Mahaparivatan Yoga. In such case, the two houses are well connected and both turn powerfull. People with this type of yoga, they enjoy the benefits of this yoga once they get married as 7th house also stance for marriage and partnership. Again another type is that the exchange of 1st house lord with 5th house lord. This is another good type of yoga which promises fame, wealth accumulation and respect in the society after the birth of the first child in the family. They are usually blessed with great spouse and children. I suggest people who are blessed with this type of yoga, to please examine your horoscope as it would solve many of the hurdles in life. Usually i have seen people with this type of yoga lead a normal life and once this event takes place in their life.

  134. Bros and sisters..

    No respite after MAY…2012…..6 years……No job…I have lost all respect..living with my wife….sponging off her..humiliated by inlaws….all after having a decent job and good education…from good institutions ( Ph.D what more can you study)…..is shani bhagawan wants to teach me a lesson….he has taught me al lmost all miseries of this world……but I still have my loved ones around me……hopefuly….after Nov 2014…world will be rosy again

  135. Worst money problems ever, went though hell with my house, too much problems to fix it, sold it and money didn’t stay.

  136. i am really tired of the sictuation i lost my three jobs in last 5 years and now i am jobless almost 1 year now i feel like to go and die somewhere do suicide but looking at my 2 daughters face always stop my feet from doing such thing dont know what to do and how to do every…. monday,tuesday,wednesday,saturday i go to temple without failing but the sictuation is getting more and more worst i never drink alcohol never tell lies never cheat to anybody but nobody belives me even who is close to me is my wife she always take dought on me for what reason i dont know really now all is finish i dont want this type of life i want to finish this in one short i think that i will have to giveup my life ( Balli to god ) for bright furure for my family and children and i ready to do this may be this will be my last message to all by alvidaaaaaa atleast i thing i will get peace after my death right ……..so by to all let me finish my life peacefully ….and let my enemies be happy for lifetime…..alvida again…

  137. Please remove the comment under the name banna pls pls pls ………………………………………………………

    • So much trouble and so much struggle ..It still goes on.. But in fact I learn a lot ..Now I m feeling clarity in life.. May god bless All

  138. sad..goodbye now..better luck in next life…

  139. Hi
    All, feel sad to hear same problems are facing everyone like me, can anybody know exactly when it will stop .
    Shani dev gave me beautiful things but snatched so many . Like so much insult , sleepless nights, money , job ? My whole life changed now, still hanging in the air with lots of burden but I have trust it will end soon , but I don’t kno whether I ll get all things bck ??

  140. who ever having sade satti go for “AYAPPA SWAMY MALA”. after this you will not affect from any grahas. its true.
    This year i am going to wear AYAPPA SWAMY MALA.

  141. Mihir Ranjan Sengupta

    My moon rashi is Kanya. Since last November 2012 my financial status went into doldrums, ever since there was a theft occurred in my account. Then came a severe blow on my career where the employer has not yet settled my salary. Today, I am almost broke. The new job is yet to get finalized as there is a tremendous recession in Education Sector (B-School). One Senior faculty is being replaced by three junior faculties. Dont know where my destiny is moving to. I am absolutely tired and do not know what to do and how? (My dob – 09.02.1966, 9:45am, Calcutta(India))

  142. I lost two jobs in last one year, since sep things have wrost, my wife deserted me first…I could not come out of emotional trauma…when tried convincing I was slapped harassment complaints at my office and then later at police station. I was falsely got in trouble. being innocent also I am facing lot of difficulties..insult…even after working hard could not convince the seniors that I am working, for small mistake they fired me from work, now when I am trying interviews..they don’t select me.

  143. All what I worked for last 27 years hot wiped out.Hope one day will rise to the surface.

  144. Worst period of my life. Lost EVERYTHING. My wife died of cancer last year and also lost almost all my properties. I don’t want to live on without my wife but I can’t just die leaving my daughter alone. Chained to this life now. Now I just have my company (which is also struggling) and one land which is in litigation. When will this end? It is supposed to be there till Nov 2014, but astrologers are saying that there will be relief from June 2014 itself as Jupiter starts from then….is it true? My DOB: 25-12-1975. Time: 07.30 AM (Nellore, AP, India).

  145. People….we all are depressed ……. I am seeing lot of comments which points to ending of this life….well…I request you to give time a chance…..trust me most of the time it heals the wounds…yes some wounds are tough to heal …but it gives reasons to live on…so people pls…do not think about ending it…atleast.now….that will make us loosers….if you have to end it…end it at a high note after Nov 2014 ….if situation does not improve

  146. pouring Milk over shiva linka has eased my sade sati effects…pls try it as well

  147. Echo the same sentiments as others have. Worst period of my life. In addition, my wife and mother are also of Kanya Rashi. So it’s a complete mess. Waiting and hoping for that ray of sunshine to get back on track with our lifes.

  148. i don’t know whether i am in sadesati period or not. iam facing lot of problems from the past 5 years. i even thought of ending my life.i lost every thing in my life no respect apart from this iam well educated but still working low level jobs. day by day problems r increasing. please guys help me to know whether iam in sadesati period r not if so when it will end. any remadies.
    BIRTH TIME- 19.15PM
    longitude latitude- 16.4300° N, 81.0900° E
    please say if anything more i need to provide.

    • Dear Pridhvi,
      Your moon sign is kanya rashi. You are under SADESATHI period now. It has started in 2006 and will end next year october. Fortunately now it is the last phase. Hang on for some more months. Your life will change after that. What ever happens, approach it with a cool head. ALL THE BEST…

  149. One thing that has helped me is to sacrifice something that you love doing. Saturn loves sacrifice. I was working on my own company on the side and closed it. I got interviews for 2 jobs the same day. Similarly, smoking, drinking or any other thing that you think you love – please give it up and you will see immediate results.

  150. Hi Guys,

    I agree with all the comments you have told about kanya rashi and its sade sati period. But, when this period will come to an end. till now really not sure about it!

  151. All same here but being in with saturn for 40 years (altogether either in lagna or in sade sathi (two times) or half sade sathi (four times) ….I learned it from my experience and analysed it and got the understanding to get relieved …do the following:

    Don’t even hurt with speech or actions or intentions ( mostly the people whom you think below you… there is no one below you at least at this point of time that is what Sani wants to teach you).

    There is no point going and helping out others and getting benifits immedeiately it doesn’t make sense for you in this birth (but its always good i am not saying don’t do but i am saying do it from your heart for no returns) . as the current situation is what you have sown in previous birth.

    Don’t stick close just detach ( i mean do it with out attachment/expecting any return) to your habits (good or bad) or relation or your likings .. you can only be close with God your creator, that is what Sani needs from you it wants to detach the likings .

    Take day by day , hour by hour and minuite by minuite analyse and grow within no body will come for help. It is the justice time for you so no one will come for help. if they come they will also taken into loop. so avoid taking help (remember if you take help you are building relationship which sani doesn’t like). instead face it eventually it will make you to face it yourself so get prepared with out complaining and accept.

    As said… Sani want you to see independent and close to your self (Without name,fame,relation,money …isolated, it want to make you realise that you have come without these and have to shed these (its a trial and prepare you for real mukthi.

    Just imagine if some one says for mukthi you need to shed all these . will you be able to do voluntarily… defenitely not… so sani helps showing what it is. its not suffering its a step close to mukthi which is your own identity.

    The intensity is different to all beings all are not given regorous teachings but all have to go thru these teachings by sani. either at one streach or little by little thru out life. (that is what we have come to… Learn by Living). so don’t compare the bad effects with others not having these bad effects. every one holds on their own karma.

    All is for good. Sani knows the exact intensity which you can take so never quit .. accept it (yes its hard but accept, you will get an exciting reward for yourself for sure 100%) .

    No one showers true knowledge of self than Sani Devatha. Unless you detach from closest things which you are thinking is most important you can’t move further. it will get harder when the bondage gets thicken … so its right time to understand and move on. Lord Sani will appreciate if you allow him to work on you.

    It happens to all. no one escapes from this … it has to happen only for good of self. pls analyse and get the truth and get relieved.

    I am sorry if i have hurt your feelings as i understand how difficult it is to loose who is very close or dear to heart or to loose the belongings which one has gathered in the form of name fame or money or realtion ship. i respect the effort you have put to gain the trust and things which you had lost or having been loosing. (its hard for anyone).

    I just want to motivate to accept the situation. ( i have not intention to hurt anyone who reads this post, in case i am not makeing my self clearly pls ignore my post and forgive).

    The result will always be Good so have patience…all the bad time will get erased allow good times to fill in your life without thinking of past. it will change and Goodness is on the way accept it.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts..
      It makes more sense now. The past 7 years a lot many times I felt I was alone, independent with no one to help me and I was thinking why am I such a loner. I have changed 3 cities and I had to settle all by myself. But now it makes sense. Its Shani gods way of teaching and getting me closer to liberation.

      I still have this mind where I think of people who are lower than me, and Shani god has taught me well. I have seen them rise above and above and living my dream. I have seen myself trying hard to achieve the kind of success which they are already enjoying. So that made me realize no one is smaller than you.

  152. Hy guys, i cannot believe how simillar experiences we all have.. from loosing job, financial problems, death, depression.. I really thought that me and my family were the only ones. I started reading about sade sati few months ago and after I read your stories here I feel better because now I know that this all will come to and end… For me and my family 10 more months… God bless you everyone and keep you faith!

  153. for past 7 years i lost eduction, money, family,happiness, love failure, attempted suicide, very worst thing in my life. mental problem always comes day by day, and i am begging for money from father. i cannot even sleep at night, my neighboors advised to my father that to throw away in mental hospital for nothing. My life is very painfulll. I am just 21.

  154. I am also kanya rasi, i am not facing any problem like finance & other & i am not considering anything as problem. But After 15 years of our marriage, my husband is doubting/confirming on my character and our life is very miserable for the past 5, 6 months. I can not bear this situation. Day by day things are getting very worst. This is also due to sade sati. This problem also will clear after june 14 / nov 14. Please reply me.

    • Hi Ramu,
      This is due to 2nd Saturn and 10th Jupiter.. We virgo people have been facing the winds in relationships since June13, when jupiter moved to 10th house, so the protection we had from saturn due to jupiter being in 9th house(benefic jupiter) is gone, and we are exposed to saturn, along with a bad jupiter. Just hold on for few months when Jupiter transits to 11th house (Laabha sthana) from 19th June 2014. Things will change a lot, and by end of year, when saturn transits to 3rd house on 2nd nov 2014, and happiness lies ahead..

      Hope this helps..

      Rahul :)

      • Hello Mr.Rahul
        Thank you very much for your reply. Any how my name/image/character everything spoiled. Due to my husband’s misunderstanding day by day/ word by word he is torturing me. How my husband’s misunderstanding will clear. After june/Nov how it will happen. I don’t thing he will believe me. God only knows the truth. I don’t know how to prove. Every single second i have a thought that i have to go away from home / i have to kill myself. But i am controlling / adjusting for my daughter. I don’t know what will happen.

  155. Dear All,

    Thank you all for sharing your experience. I feel better when I read about the similar experience others have suffered and that I am not the only one.. I am a Kanya Rashi guy and I too had my ups and down during this period. I would say every failure has taught me a lot in life about the people and the circumstances and have made me even stronger..

    1. My first failure was my marriage.. I got married around end of 2007 and my wife left me in 4-5 months as she was having an affair.. That was the most horrible time / phase of my life. But the best part is I got out of it (as in I got divorced) and I got much much closer to my parents. I used to take simple people for granted but after meeting a bitch like my ex-wife now I have started appreciating simple people and I don’t take them for granted. The good news is that now I am engaged to get married next year.

    2. I had to sell my property as my family had a long running debt of around 15 lakhs. But the best part is that I was able to pay off the debt and all other debts and thankfully now me and my family is debt free.

    3. Sade Sati is the period when you get to know the true colors of the people in your life. And that’s what happened. One of my cousin who was very close to me since childhood stopped talking to me all of a sudden. One friend who used to hang out with me very often refused to help me out financially when I was in need of some money.

    4. The best thing of my life happened during sade sati.. I got an opportunity to work in South Korea and that was the best / most memorable experience of my life. But because of my unstable mind I quit that job after a year and came back to India for further studies. I did not get good score in GMAT so I dropped my plan of doing MBA and on the contrary did smaller certifications by taking a break from work for almost 2 yrs.

    5. I went to China for further studies but came back in just 2 weeks as I could not think of staying there for 2 yrs. I joined 2 jobs after that and I quit it in 4 months. In both the jobs I met colleagues who were a major pain in the neck and who made life hell for me. I was jobless for almost 2 yrs.

    6. My health deteriorated a lot – I had a minor operation for anal fissure. After relocating to Delhi, somehow the winter here is taking a toll on my health and my body pain does not seem to go away. Surprising South Korea is much cooler than Delhi as it snows over there but the weather in Korea never had an impact on my health.. Whereas here in Delhi the weather is making me sick.

    7. After coming back from Korea I am finding it really difficult or rather impossible to go back to Korea. So it makes me feel that coming back from Korea was the most stupidest thing of my life. Thankfully I got a well paying job here in India and I am being able to make my ends meet. Even when I was jobless for 2 years I was supporting my family financially. So money has not really been a problem for me. But its just that I have not been able to save any money. The money just keeps flowing..

    8. What has helped me during this period is wearing Rudraksha. I started wearing Rudraksha immediately after my divorce and thankfully I got the offer to go abroad. Towards the end I stopped wearing rudraksha and I had to come back. So wearing rudraksha has really helped me whenever I am in problem (like searching for job etc.)

    9. I did utilize my break to upgrade my skills and I did study a lot in the past two years but unfortunately in my current job I am not using any of that skill. I do not regret it much as I am being paid well and with my current skill I have good chances of going back abroad (hopefully after my sade sati gets over).

    So all I can say is that sade sati is not all that bad. There are good things too that happen. As someone rightly pointed out above that Shani god is a delayer of things and it teaches you to be lot patient during this period and value the things which otherwise you would have taken for granted. I personally feel the delay in my life.

    But as my friends above have advised I would keep praying, visting temples on saturday and most importantly doing good deeds. Dont just help beggars or poor people. Just look into your family and you’ll find people who are close to you who would be in need of your help – like for kids education, medicine for elders and others.. Help your family members who are more in need of your help and take their blessings. I am sure that will please Shani god over and above anything else.

    I did help my family a lot. I have helped my relatives with medicines and even financially whenever I can and I strongly believe that I am bearing the fruits of it all.. May be I am not realizing the effect of sade sati as much as everyone else.

    To sum it up – Pay it forward.. :)

  156. Hi even i am going through alot trouble at the moment and from all sides. At the moment life seems completely dark and there are times that i dont see any hope. But this period has also given me a new perspective to life. Shani dev is the humbler and destroyer of ego and arrogance. It teaches us that trouble may come to us at any moment of time. I am 23 and my sade sati is ending in november and hopefully for everyone. Things aren’t exactly working towards my favour. Before my sade sati i was having an extremely awesome time of life. I thought that my life would carry on that way and nothing could stop me but i was wrong. To cope up with my failures i started heavy intoxication, i became extremely angry and very hard to be around. I was even contemplating on committing suicide. But then i thought i needed a change of scenes and i left my home and volunteered for an ngo and i stayed there. This was the start of my spiritual journey. I was an agnostic never really believed in god or prayers much. But now i meditate twice a day. Although it’s not like my troubles have vanished but it has given me the strength to face my troubles. Meditation gives me mental peace and i think in this troubled times any small amount of peace means alot. I believe that this is a learning period maybe not too favourable for materail ventures but it’s a perfect time for philosophy and to find deeper meaning of life. Sometimes we have to go through hell to discover our own strength. I pray that all of you find the strength within and i pray that happiness comes soon for everyone.

  157. well m also suffering from sade sati :(
    fed of this m just 23 in search of job but not getting even working hard.
    mentally anguish sometimes i think why god is cruel to me even being helpful and good to others :(
    16 dec 1990
    02:00 am
    durg chhattishgarh

  158. Hi,
    The worst decade of my life..i lost my mother in 2005..things got worst..i got married the next year and was forced to move out of my family..i took a job in 2007 ..working in a call center but pressure of work and tensions made me quit it..i started my own call center in july 2013 and till date..the investments did not bring any good..i lost all the fortune i had and currently empty handed..that too without the conscience of my wife..my life is filled with tension and depression..i also lost my flat and gold…i feel like commiting sucide..currently was advised to visit major temples and give up alcohol which i did …i am hoping for the best to happen as soon as possible and get rid of this sadhe sathi ..

  159. also..i am a kanya rashi..in my entire life..i have never hurted anyone’s feeling of duped..but i feel cheated by my own family who cunningly took the property and gold and last..but not the least..people back talk and pass comments…i am really worried when this will end..
    time – 02.45 am

  160. Fellow Kanya Rasians 9 months and 7 days left until 2nd November 2014. That is going to be a lovely day. That’s day our 7.5 year Sade Sati ends. Keep helping the helpless and poor. Give your lunch to someone even though you are also hungry. Give your best shirt to someone who wants one. Wish well to people who blame, scold, or demean you. I am told good time to invest or build a house, but check with your astrologer. Be patient we have spent 78 months of this curse just 9 months more to go. That is only 10% left. We can do it.

  161. Usually I don’t follow astrology, so that I was not aware of Sade sate. dob: 7/9/1983. Recently I started reading everything. Knowing this only add more pain to wounds. Since 2007 I have been facing hurdles wherever I go. Before that I enjoyed love and respect from family and friends. Now I feel shame to face people due back to back failures. Lost self esteem, courage, and confidence. Suffering from Alopecia, lost all body hair. Thrown to hell like situation. Degraded from a best employee of Fortune 100 company to a Room Cleaner. Had to do that for survival. Many time thought about suicide. Ill luck grasped all area of life. Lost couple of good jobs with no reason, even employers were helpless to retain me. Financially debts made me to bow to everyone. Health wise Now I look like an old man, tried medicine and Mantra for health recovery, nothing worked fine. Socially withdrawn. Relationships collapsed. 2012 was merciless, 2013 was a Hospital Year for me, I was not hospitalized for anything but many hospitalized because of me, that’s what People says. God knows that. 2014 also making me sick, invested huge amount in a partnership business, now its look like ; there is a good chance to loose all that borrowed money. More debt on my shoulder.

    • Man I am also going through hell(Tula Rashi). Please read my previous comment to understand the problems I am facing now. Instead of considering suicide let this bad time pass. After Sade Sati will pass hopefully everything will be fine. I realized before coming to Sade Sati I became arrogant for all the sucess I received during the year 2006 to 2009. I got my lesson and now I am paying for all the bad things I did to others during my successful days. I hope you will taste sucess soon and will post all the things you did during this period so that other people follow them. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  162. Hello Friends & Kanya Rashians,
    Yes Its True, I have faced lots of Issues and Problems from 2007. Still i am facing the same issues and Problems like you all. Till now I have changed 4 Jobs. For 6 Months I was Jobless. Not getting proper satisfaction and success in JOB. Today also i am Mentally,Physically,Financially & Health wise Disturbed a lot. i lost my Parent (Dad) nd Grand-Parent (Grand Mother) in last 7 Yrs.

    Just request you all,pls visit Navagraha,Shani Maharaj,Hanuman and Lord Shiva,Durga Mata Temple.. Pls do Jaap of Shani Mantra..


  163. Man I am also going through hell(Tula Rashi). Please read my previous comment to understand the problems I am facing now. Instead of considering suicide let this bad time pass. After Sade Sati will pass hopefully everything will be fine. I realized before coming to Sade Sati I became arrogant for all the sucess I received during the year 2006 to 2009. I got my lesson and now I am paying for all the bad things I did to others during my successful days. I hope you will taste sucess soon and will post all the things you did during this period so that other people follow them. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  164. Dear All
    Belive in ur self n in god wat ever happens,happens for good keep on trying one or other day u ll get success be happy .During this period u ll face many challenges face it.Once u r done with sade sati it ll take 30 years to come back in ur life

  165. Hi guys,i m also suffering from many probs. Since 2007. Firstly i failed to get good ranked engg. College. Then failed to get good marks in engineering. Up to 12th i was very good..was above 85%. But then my image totally get collapsed. Got stuck in issues with all sirs. Got stuck in some sort of skin problems. Recently get shocked due to 1 of my best friend. Feeling like mentally sick now. Currently doing internship in reputed comp. But stuck in lots of issues with my boss/guide. Feeling like m all alone. Nt e1 single work is going good. Having lots of problems. Donn knw when this all will end. M tired now. Mentally and physically also.. donn knw wht to do now. Going through hell….:(.. my image is totaly destroyed in comp. My mom dad are in tension nw because of me…….when this all gonna end…or else i will end…many tmes i gt thoughts of sucide..please help me…m all alone…:(

    • take it easy…dont bite more than you can chew…prepare to sacrifice some things you are fond of…identify things that stress you and counter them….

      ultimately do your “karm” honestly and leave the rest on KARMA

      this was an conservative sensible reply

      but from my own personal experience i am as clueless as you…wicked people all round me have things going in their favour and i dont know why

  166. Shani god is great teacher, he teaches us never to commit any crime or to do anything wrong in our life, though I am not happy now, as I am verge of divorce, went to jail for no reason, my wife wanted divorce, though I never had even thought of divorcing her, she started hating me and finally booked 498a case on me sent me to jail, though I have not taken or even demanded dowry, though all lawyers police guys, know very well, I have to attend court and everyone watches me as wife beater and dowry seeker, though every one knows it is fake case no relief from judicary, they keep on giving me dates, which I am forced to attend without failing, if I miss another warrant will be issued against me, I have been harrased for huge money as settlement, I am not getting any relief, I lost job twice, I lost my job in dream company which I had always dreamed of. then again I lost job in my home town, due to court proceeding which created lot of mental tension for me, felt like commiting sucide, unable to sleep. Worshipping lord kartikeya and lord venkateshwara gave me lot of positive power to face all hardship.

  167. I never believed in astrology until I started analyzing the reasons behind my misery. I am jobless since two years. Interviews that normally result in success dramatically end with no results. Things at home are also bad. Dont know what more can I do to come out of this situation.

    • Don’t Believe in anybody.believe in yourself,in sade sati period the only thing we have to do is putting extra effort in all our work and giving charity and food to the poor people ,the master of reality shani dev will give lots of rewards in the end of sade sati..

  168. Hello ppl, even i went through hell since last 7 yrs & 6 more mnths 2 go. Almost 4 3 yrs i didnt knw that i m gng thru saade saati in mylife……after series of problems , i decided to meet an astrologer. Thats when i came to knw that my bad phase is gng on….i nvr believed in astrology but bcoz of untoward incidents in my life, i strtd believing it. I lost my parents,i had to quit my job & now gettng a new job is lke a challenge. Sometimes i feel that i lost myself in this past years.its tough dealing with situations everyday.

  169. I never believed in astrology either but things have been extremely difficult since 2008. I have been unemployed the last two years and interviews end in nothing. I interviewed for a job over a year and got rejected after a year of interviews, which was depressing. Relationships also failed for a reason or another. Friends betrayed. Misunderstandings with parents. to be honest – i no longer have any hope and want and desire. :(

  170. It is punishment for us. It is very hard to pass Sade sati panoti time . I feel, the ending phase more difficult than other two phases. I have been struggling with jobs .it’s frequently on and off . I put a lot of efforts to get contract job .But not getting success. I had bad experience to get contract job , every thing went well till end and last moment i did not get. Even I lost my mom in this period .My source of income totally down and I got two traffic tickets in this period even though, i drove car very carefully.
    I am too much tired , just waiting for last phase to finish quickly and my life becomes smooth again.I prayed gayatri mantra ,Shanti mantra, and shiv mantra to get positive energy.

  171. Unbelievable, Unbearable, Unimaginable, Unreal & Never Ending Nightmare.. Just imagine Platinum converting to Mud which says it all……Waiting for June 2014 since am told things will change then for all Kanya Rashi,s…

  172. Gopal Krishnan

    I was born on 23-Sept-1976.
    I completed my MCA in 2000 and joined IT job. Since 2003 I am suffering from loss of job satisfaction. Did all poojas – rahu puja, kala sarpa dosha etc. Went to Sri Kalahasti, 9 Planetary temples in Kumbakonam, Went to Nasik.

    I am still single and none of the alliances are materializing.

    I was in IT for 10 years (since Jan 2001) which was paying me well, but the job was full of stress and I had no job satisfaction. I had quite a few breaks in between. I lost my father in April 2006. Got a job in a big Indian MNC and was getting good pay. During 2009-2010, I had a bad appraisal and had a pay cut. I could not take it as worked day in and day out. Worked on 99% of weekends and holidays. Almost 16-17 hours a day like a donkey and in the end I got a bad appraisal. I resigned that Job. I was waiting for another job. I got a consulting job in the middle east, which also had a decent pay. But all of a sudden in 2012 things changed after that the company is going through tough conditions. I am mentally suffering as I did not listen to my elder brother who said not to leave the IT job. But one good thing is that, I am able to know myself better. In spite of all these difficulties, my Lord Sri Krishna has blessed me. When I needed the money the most, some how or the other I received. I am analyzing my strengths and weaknesses which I never did in my life. I am doing MBA through distance Learning. I know that all these tough times will bring the TRUE SELF outside and removes the FALSE EGO from you. So, be patient. We will all do well this YEAR.


  173. Hi All,
    Lets be patient for few more months.
    This phase is surely going to end.
    All of us have suffered a lot and now its time to enjoy life.

  174. I lived for only watching to see the Sadeshati period end,
    as I was told by Astrologer that all bad things happened in my life due to Sadeshati effect[paying for old sins indeed ] ,
    My life was not hell as per other people,but it became hell considering the life i expected: i saw people working in strength against me without any reason,just to let me down,i lived a life without much money,my virtue was shaken as well….

    But it prepared me for something Great too,so thanks to it and only one thing i care for it to end is that my family may remain same……

  175. Last seven years have been really stressful and depressing… Desperately waiting for good times to start… Hold on for few months…Hope everyone finds peace and happiness soon..

  176. I dun kn vere to start from.i havnt felt anytin but sadness since 2007..cant even explain d pain i hav been goin thru..sm astrologer said way bak in 2011 dat i vud feel better after nov 2011
    .but m sorry to say dat my problems only aggravated after 2011…i feel lonepy..sad n depressed all d tym..i feel smtin inside me burnin everytime…i seriously dun vat to do vid d remainin broken pieces of my life..

  177. I cry all d time..
    All d tym…i lock myself in my rum..n cry all d tym..no frns left…fanily members turned enemies…my elder sis made fun of me..called me a slut..my brother in law…ven i was alone in a rum..tried to molest me…my elder brother..a selfish bastard…brought financial losses on my mother…lost my dad at a young age..my sister in law..has mot let me n my mother even breathe properly in our own house…my academucs has suffered …hav been at home for years…isolated..m literally braindead…my cousins phyaically abused me..kept makin fun of me venever i met dem…so finally i boycotted dem permanently…dunno…dunni vat else i hav yet to see in my lufe

    • Hold on friend. Things would take a turn after 19th of June or most definitely after November. One thing to remember your brother, sister and the rest or only delivery people. They are delivering punishments to the sins you may have done. In a way they are helping you to repay your debt. For the wrong they do they will pay separately. By hating them or taking revenge you are only adding more sins to you. So when things get better please don’t hate them or take revenge. Also if you had at least one relative who did not trouble you they are your real friends. In short try to be a much better person to others including friends and also enemies. Yes that is after November. Now smile :)

    My moon sign is Virgo / Kanya. And I have gone through more or less same situation from 2006, as mentioned by all people here.
    But I have to mention one important thing about Lord Shanidev is that he is the brother of Lord Yama. And both are famous for their unbiased Justice. Lord Shanidev just gives fruits of all the karmas or dids of you. He just sets us to think from inside. And make our thoughts, mind clear and transparent inside and outside. There are many Kanya Rashi person who got peak of success in their sadesati (e.g. 2011 Cricket world cup winner India’s captain M.S.Dhoni)
    So what I suggest do all ur karmas good and well. Worship Lord Shani, Hanuman. Have faith on Good Future. And important thing just help poor, needy, handicapped persons. Lord Shanidev always bless those persons who helps such persons. And go Hanuman Temple on every Saturday and offer Oil and Udid to Lord Hanuman.
    We have suffered so much in last 7 years. And on 2nd November 2014 Sadesati for Kanya Rashi will end. And while relieving or Kanya Rashi, Lord Shanidev will give definitely very sweet fruit for our patience of 7 and half year. Be positive do your Karmas good and ur upcoming future will be very bright. Wish u all the best and Good Luck. JAI SHANI DEVA…

  179. I went through very losing times – lost a huge chunk of my savings, lost my job, my son left his education incomplete, i lost my peace of mind, gained my son’s wrath for no fault of mine, he got in bad company without my knowledge, fell out with my mother and suffered violence and humiliation at her hands, fell in love with a person, lost my concentration, my spouse’s health went bad and he lost his job, yet i gained new property, published my first book, understood for the first time how it is to be in love though i cannot express my love to him for society’s sake as he is married and has a good wife and it would only belittle me in eyes of all as he is family friend. I learnt lot of lessons mentally – i learnt to let go, to feel compassion more than success, to know what I can feel, my real desires and goals,ie, writing. I learnt to be more humble, to say sorry more often……now 6 more months are there and though the problems are raging I am still fighting on…..

  180. My Sade Sati started in 2007. My date of birth is 5 aug 1962 and time is 10.39 pm at Kuala Lumpur. My troubles started in 2007 but it got worse with time. I entered into Shani Mahadasha and Shani bukti in 2009 and that apparently with Sade Sati is a tripple whammy. Consulted many astrologers and heard so many different opinions. Health deteriorated mysteriously. Suffered from panic attacks and depression initially. Then my feet started to hurt. Then my knees, mu hips and back. Then I got hit by pinched nerve in neck that has caused muscle wasting in upper body. My hands are soft so I have pain holding things. Its like I have been hit in the feet, hands, neck, eyes and teeth. I cant exercise cause the hands and feet hurt. I limit walking cos of the feet. I cant go to temples cos cant walk barefoot. Work is in a limbo since 2007. Have been doing the prayers but wake up every day wondering how I am going to make it through the day.Some astrologer said I have a curse from Lord Shani and it will play out throughout the mahadasha which ends in 2028. Lord have mercy. There are lessons to be learnt and debts to be paid. For sure my ego has taken huge knocks and I am appreciative. They say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger but I cant help but disagree. On the one hand we have to make our way through the world to avoid being harmed by the darkness or evil. On the other hand we need to overcome our own darkness and evil. And lastly we seem to be at the mercy of the planets which cause us to suffer for our karmas. Even if Lord Shani is ok, there is always some other planet that is a cause for concern. Is there no atonement for ones sins? Is God like Shylock in the Merchant of Venice, punishing us for every “pound’ of sin? We dont know where we came from, why we came here, what debt we need to pay. If we are in the midst of so much suffering, how can we offset our karma? Besides, shudnt we doing whats right cos its right and not bcos of merit? What does it take to have the simple things:- to love and be loved, to serve and contribute, to have sustenance, to grow in true wisdom and to laugh and make the world , at least the portion you have passed through, a better place bcos of your presence. Cant help wundering why a loving God would cause so much suffering. Will times be better after Nov 2014? Who knows for sure? And if it doesnt, can we still hold on to the belief in a loving God?

    • Hi Ganesh. Why dont we think the Shani and the befits and ills of the planets as a system rather than a god? System does not have a heart. It delivers what it is programmed to do. What we are paying till November 2014 are the sins we ourselves committed in the last 20 or so years or may be in last births. If these debts are not paid we have to carry this burden to the next sade sathi that will come when you are 70 or 80 years (when we would be in a worse situation health/money/friends wise). You cane this far in 7 years. Few more days. You can hold it. If the system is working good we are supposed to get what we lost and more after November 2014.

  181. I went through hell for the past seven years. Around Sep 2007, I was forced to resign from my Govt. job and that too after five years of working and all around me including my parents criticized me. I was jobless for about six to eight months and then enrolled to do my PG and then took up a job as a lecturer in a private college. But even there I was forced to come out as they wanted PhD. I have since enrolled for PhD at a reputed institution. But even here I am facing lots of troubles. I am totally depressed. I don’t know how people especially kanya rashi ones (I am myself a kanya native) are optimistic. I have become bitter and the bitterness seems to be increasing. I am yet to get married and with almost zero bank balance and no hope for the future. What enrages me even more is that I have never hurt or harmed anyone. I have tried to be honest and always tried to help others to the best of my abilities and I also used to visit temples. During my most depressing moments, I remembered god and pleaded him to save me. But I guess some people are born to suffer and lose. Reading some of the entries has only confirmed my opinion. We must be the lesser children of god. Or else even he must be feeling helpless and impotent. The though of suicide has crossed my mind several times, but just the thought of leaving my aged parents alone made me to step back.
    My sufferings have not made me a “beautiful” person as some people claim. It has wiped away the smile on my face and made me a bitter atheist. I see no light at the end of the tunnel. If this is the transformation that sadesathi brings, then surely it is to be dreaded and I sincerely hope that even my enemies should not go through the trials and tribulations that I went through. I personally think it is better to be stoic and suffer rather that beg before an impotent god who can only rub salt over our wounds and hope the next time we are born as his “favorite” children.

    • I like vat u hv ritten..d most honest post…i hav turned bitter vid timw too..dun kn hw can people rite things like luk at d glass half full n shit…ven d glass of life has been broken into thousands f pieces n it cant contain amytim but pain…it hurts..every day…every hour…every minute..every second…

    • Hi Rahul
      I am 100% certain you would be laughing at this comment by 2015. I am not going to list what I lost and things I suffered. But I want you to remember the friends who are remaining with you as they are your real friends. You have to be with them in your good times and bad ones. and also their good and bad times. Also after June 19 thing could turn around. If not its 6 months more.

      • Dear Ian,
        Your optimism surely makes me laugh…Really appreciate your sense of humour….but I am not at all impressed nor do I see my troubles ending anytime soon…..In fact my condition has worsened over the past one month….My father is seriously ill and my PhD has gone for a six…really struggling…wonder how others are seeing light at the end of tunnel and are being optimistic….One thing is for sure..if I am laughing by 2015 then it must be in an mental asylum (may be you forgot to add that part…) Brother, its good to be optimistic and all those blah blah about positive thinking and positive attitude…but only I know what I am going through…its easy to be an armchair critic and belch out futile advices and false assurances….just be in my shoes for a week…bet you gonna wet your pants…and who knows may be even god may wet his pants (unless otherwise he is wearing “Xtra large” diapers…..) But brother I do hope you will be smiling at the end of 2015….so keep your smiles and leave others with their sorrows…Hope you get the message.

  182. Hi All, same here, my moon sign is virgo, from last 6 years i have lost job, money and quarrel with parents for no reason, lost many friends, father asked me to leave house. but i always keep a habit of going to temple i.e. Hanuman temple on tuesdays and offer camphor and tulsi mala. and on wednesday to ganesha temple and offer lemon. lots of changes happened by following this. i could live without anybodys support. finally still im facing bit problems at job. but im sure i have faith in ganesh and hanuman that they will rectify this. anyways as astrologers told me after july 2014 will be very good for kanya rasi and we’ll gain back all that glory again. i also wear rudaksha and pray lord shiva which gives me peace of mind . thanks,

  183. Manjunathswamy

    Namaste All !
    I am also a virgoian ,,,,,, Right now i am in last phase of my sade sathi ,,,,, all my friends betrayed but few true once stay with me ,,, they are only our true friends …. I want to suggest a wonderfull thing to all
    1. For continuously for 11 days do Hanuman chalisa for 5 times . ( whihc around takes ur 20 min)
    2. Atleast once in week do Shri Vishnu Sahasranama
    3. Try visiting to Lord Hanuman Temples .
    4. Important of All throw of all ur fake arrogance , attitude , ego , self promotions …. Always work without any expectation & Put results to gods feet ,,,,, I know its pretty difficult to develop this attitude in this developed era ,,, but wen everything vanishes away it will automatically develop….
    Never Keep ur sorrows in heart , a little tears can lighten up ur heart …..
    Let Lord Shri VIshnu Bless us all.

  184. hi ,
    I am Suffering from sade sathi from past 7 years . it’s been very hard from June 2009 …From 2009 to 2013 it was very hard for me…mental tensions and job wise also very hard … waiting for the sade sathi to complete in 6 more months.

  185. effect f saturn is soo horrible dat i cant explain in words….terrifically ruined my life..spoiled evrythin-studies,relationships, health.it ws a complete disaster. many times i tried to kill myself bt evn i ws not as strong to take dis step.. now i can say things r under control bt i keep on askin God… WAT WAS MY MISTAKE… :(

  186. Hi all,
    As all of you, I am suffering from last 7 years of sade sathi.
    It started in 2007, I was in a small job. I my self resigned the job and started searching for a
    new good job. This was the starting point. some how i was able to get another job but it was not
    a satisfied job. I too lost friendships with almost all my friends except the close ones.
    In 2008 I met with an accident and bet ridden for 1month. After the accident, the colliuges were
    seeing me differntly and end of 2008 recesion. Hence due that I lost my job. 1 month I was searching ofr
    the new job and again got small job. Till 2011 this was continuing and from 2007 to 2011 I switched
    almost 4 jobs. From 2011, things were little better not worst, I was able to maintain the job at least.

    As far as my relationsships concerned, those who had there for me were left and no one did want to contace
    me. They are still not in contact, before this years I had been with the for all help.

    by God’s grace I had my parents and family in support when ever I was in the hardship.
    Money is a problem, even without a single penny in my had I was wandering. Again in 2013, I met with small
    accident and but by gods grace I am okay now.

    I am eagerly waiting for the colour days to come. All through the years whenever I was in the trouble
    I visided Lord krishna (2008, 2010, 2012, 2013), Lord venkateshwara (2009), Shridi sai and shani singanapur (2013).

  187. Yeah …the last 7 years of sani has been rather brutal in all aspects of life :/

    in every possible way…hahhaha…..

    sometimes the situation i find myself in is so preposterous….that you cant help but laughing….

    be happy guys….atleast you guys were close to your family :)

    imagine stuck in a foreign place…all by yourself…lolz

    but on the bright side…..

    from the comments that i have read so far…

    i see everyone has become a philosopher in their own right 😀

    i guess …once things start getting back on track….

    you all will be more compassionate to others suffering :)

    and indirectly become awesome human beings

    so keep yer chin up… :)

    • Nice thoughts!! but as far as my self is concern.. now i have lost all the hopes in life..How Shani dev will change the nature of person troubling you..i think we are expecting too much after this sade sati..

  188. paswan chamar


  189. I have lost all hopes and confidence in myself after falling down so many times dejected. I was alwyas an average student. Now even scared to try things because of bad things happnening in life since these 7 years. Hope we all have good things and events to follow in life my friends.

  190. Hello All,
    Things changing from 19th June 2014. I can feel the positive vibes already.. Can see the silver lining somewhere..
    Please update your experience ..

  191. i wrote in this website in 2012….my life went downhill in a bad way since end of 2006…………………….i looked for this website again to see how people are doing now that we are almost at the end of our hell hole and to see if others can see the light at the end of the tunnel….

    I feel more positive about the future….maybe its cause i know that the 7.5 year sani is ending….i think i am a good person but suffered a lot…so i think when sani leaves he will look if we are good or bad people and help us….yes i know the damage has been done….but that same sani who could do unimaginable damage can also do a miracle and set our life in some livable path….i hope

    I’m a single mother now with a a child who has autism and no job….im not hoping for a winning lottery ticket, but i wish my son becomes like other children of his age…no developmental delay (even though he has now started seven year sani), i hope i can be a good mother to him, and look after him as a mother and father would….i hope i can support him financially and mentally and give him all the love he deserves…where he doesnt ever think about not having a father….i am confident that god having made us suffer so much will only help us in the future….i am feeling a positive energy that i have not felt in years

    if we have got through so much in this seven years, we are the strongest people…we are courageous and successful for getting through this….only we kanya rashi people know what we have gone through…

    my advice…times are changing, think positive, be confident that life will change….our karma caused us to suffer for these 7.5 years…we have done that…now let us enjoy….lets live life…start fresh…..everything we do will be successful…positive attitude will bring positive energy….

    • Happy to see you on a positive node.. And yes the bad times are gone now. Am sure your child WILL get better by every passing day, and you will fulfill everything for him. God is on our side now. Get ready to see the bloom again.. God bless Everyone !!

  192. Hi fellow Kanyarasians. I am not an astrologer. But I have read that there is a transit of Jupiter that happens on the 18th or 19th this June. This is said to have beneficial effects for Kanya Rasi until July 2015. Also I am told that the last couple of months of Sade sati (September and October) there could be a reduction of the effects of sade sati as Shani will start rewarding our patience and endurance. Wish you guys good luck

  193. During Sade Sathi we will suffer lot even me and my daughter are suffering now also we invested but we didnt get back our investment and my daughter lost the job and i was unable to provide education to my son, we lost relationship with our relations. I under went for eye operation but still suffering hoping for best!

  194. Even i heard that after jun 2014 things would improve but things have really gone worse for me for this month…I really dont know what to do…If good times are going to be like this,shudder to think how the future would be

  195. same here.. things were not good but atleast bearable till may… but june has seen it all spiral out of control…first i got typhoid on june 15,than pulled up my hamstring a week later…and now dry tonsilitis is making me feel like i have a steel knife in my wind pipe….if at all this sadhe sati is going …it is going out with a bang

  196. Things are ever so slightly better for me. Nasty/Bad things have stopped happening, however, nothing good has happened though. I just feel as though things are moving ever so slowly for me and i am just waiting and waiting for anything to happen. Patience has been BIG. I feel stuck but i do not feel depressed nor i am not facing any new problems. The old problems merely persist. Does anyone else feel the same or are you still facing new problems?

  197. I had experienced nothing new , surprise financial losses continue in the lastest month of June 2014 even when Guru Transits , un expected problems continue .

    Some astrologers are saying wait until July 13 when Rahu shani seperates .

    Don’t know if any thing positive begins , losing self confidence .
    Struggling for Job & money as usual .
    God bless all and let us all get rid of this worst phase of life.

  198. It seems that new bad things have stopped happening. As we have been going through this phase for 7 years now,any good happening surprises us. Our mind don’t want to believe the existence of good. It feels like we have learned to live in/with pain. But choice is now ours. We will also have to go through the good times soon but now we we have developed the attitude of detachment. This is what my life has taught me in last few years. Also my mind wants to store all the teaching of the life on my permanent memory, because what goes around comes around. If me or any of the person i know goes through it again, we should be able to remember the lessons we have learned. I hope it will help us a lot in future. But one thing for sure, craving for good times have gone now. There is something beyond it which is calling us….

  199. hi I am rakesh…..dont know how to start ….heard thingsdont will get better as the sade sati comes to end..but My situation is getting worse day by day…nuthin is getting better…whether is there any light at the end of the tunnel I am unable to see…I am feeling as if I am all alone in this world …cant describe in words the suffering which I have been thru in these past 7 years…a deadly knightmare…..have been insomniac for past 8years…itz been years where I have slept well. …depression would be a very small word to say…I am expecting good days ahead for me and everyone……dont know what lies ahead in the coming days……sade sati has given me all the sufferings a human being experiences in a life time..experienced all miseries…tried every thing to change my life but…..still the struggle going on……

  200. Hello every1..
    i am al so kanya rasi and been through a lot specially since december 2013 when my long time gf whom i was planning to get married to left me under very dramatic circumstances .Just the thought of it makes me depressed since december and time goes by but i just cant recover from that. Since then, my life has become hell, problems with my mother, father,I completely lost my peace of mind and joy of living. Suddenly,evryfing went upside down! I consulted an astrologer and he told me that i am under shani influence. Since then i do a lot of reading on the internet and pray a lot everyday. I have become sm1 very spiritual and i hope my faith in god will get me to see the light at he end of the tunnel.

  201. Woah! I am sorry to hear so many of you are having problems. It seems like the majority of you are Indian and may not fully understand Sade Sati. It is different for everyone. Not everyone faces such extreme difficulties in Sade Sati, everyone’s charts is different and in fact, many people do quite well during their Sade Sati although it may require them to work harder than usual and deal with more responsibility than usual. I live in the US though I’m Indian and was raised here and I’ve seen many friends and family get married, have babies and get promotions at work during their Sade Sati. So obviously it can’t be all bad for everyone.

    I think everyone would do well to watch this video on youtube.com by a well known Vedic Astrologer here in the US by the name of Ernst Wilhelm. His explanation should ease many of your fears or at the least help you understand what Sade Sati is. Blessings!

  202. Hi All,

    I m in the same boat….. Do not know how things will fall in right way.
    only miracle is the hope.. Good Luck to all.

  203. I have Moon in Kanya 4th house, and Shani conjunct Rahu in Leo 3rd house. My sade sati was extremely harsh. During first phase I fell in love with a Capricorn/Sagittarius girl who was constantly pulling me to her and then pushing away (I believe she has borderline personality disorder). I experienced extremes of desire/rejection and lack of self-worth during this time. After this I was plunged into depression and at its height during 2nd phase of sade sati, a very difficult period with my mother, with whom I have a lot of issues in life. There was an incident which caused complete separation between us and I do not see how this will ever become resolved. Still, there have been good things to come out of these difficult years, namely my relationship with God has deepened despite much inner turmoil.

  204. I have many points in common (Kanya rasi)
    -loss of job in 2011; jobless till April 2012
    -loss of job in May 2013
    -loss of father in August 2013
    -Grant of dozen credit cards in 2013 to end up in debts
    -Got job in Nov 2013
    -Loss of job in March 2014
    -Extreme debts
    -Severe depression
    -Bad relationships

    But the good thing being–hell lots of experience and compassion for the poor and needy.

    Hope the suffering ends in Nov 2014.

  205. Dear All,
    My star is Hastha. After going through the problems people have mentioned here, I don’t think I faced the worse by God’s grace. However, there was persistent struggle in my life. I can’t say it’s totally fruitless. I moved up in life and at the same time I broke down couple of times. It was like a sinusoidal wave. Whenever I lost, I emerged much better only to loose again more badly. So, over this time it gave me an understanding that nothing is really constant. It’s gonna change. For ex: Today a girl I got engaged to said NO for no real reason. I’m in difficult phase. Couple of months ago, I was very happy.
    All in all I became a bit cynical for what I went through. I lost hope on anything. I just want to take life as it comes and put in my best effort and leave the rest to God. I cannot do anything beyond for I’m a player in His game.

  206. are things better for anyone out here? Anyone managed to find new jobs or get married?

  207. Hi,

    Yes, things are looking better for me…for now :-)

    Lost my wife…death.
    Extreme debts…lost almost everything.


    Engaged and getting married to a wonderful and compassionate woman.
    My land is on the verge of being sold…if that’s done, all my debts are gone and I would be debt free, with some money to play around.
    I have my own business, which has been struggling, but if things go well according to the plans, very good chance of it getting international business and growing 10x.

    So please do keep hope. Things are starting to look better.

  208. pratyaksh purani

    I am one the passengers of same boat, up and down of turmoil since so long….do not want to waste every body’s time on same what is went with all you are the same with me too
    People were advising me 13Jan 14, 23March 14, 19June 14, 12July14 and now latest some 15August14 and if not the last date is 11Nov14
    But do they really mean it, as jyotish/astro expert or they give false hope rays so that we live in and feel Carrot theory and run behind to pass time till we do not know
    What exactly people are saying is SHANI what ever takes from you give back with interest plus, once he leaves you so we have to be patience
    As well they said Kanya Rashi is fortunately having Guru now for next 12-18 months is one of the excellent ever been in last 60 years for any rashi, i do not know if so good, it really shall pay from July14 but no indications yet, does it really happen dramatically like we started getting problem suddenly and quickly in last these years? I do really have my questions, there has been some thinking of Rahu, then again after 3 yrs a small panoti, called dhaiya 2.5 years, this small panoti is there again too, that shall too have similar pain, could some wise people with real education/qualification/professional merit in jyotish/astro, please guide all of us in right direction, like a doctor and tell us all bed things even we do not like, to be in future, if so yet to happen, so we be ready, as i read some one said we been habituated in living in life with pain, issues, problems, losses of money, prestige, job, social status, etc

    So please request some one very wise mention here and allow the crowed to travel and then make sure once we are out from the ocean of these sorrows we to guide in this forum here. Because as a system as some one said if Kanya rashi goes some other rashians will be here to bear pain and fortunately if we can be able to awake them early than we did. It would really be help to our selves not tto them becoz that satisfaction we get would be more than any pleasure

    Hope my thinking is little different but the pain we had we should not allow others to repeat, if we know medicine please provide them is a service no doubt we can not reduce their pain one or the otherways they shall be having from SHANI SYSTEM but they may have atleast capacity to bear it

    May Dandadhikari Lord Shani Maharaj bless every rashian from the Pain and sorrow. Request more guidance from veterans and experts

    • pratyaksh purani

      Dear all,
      Can any one reply my old pending request, stating similar issues of monetary losses and so much of pressure cooker situation in all parts of life.
      As i have below details of my horoscope like…
      1. ASCENDANT (4-kark) SHUKRA,
      2. Second House (5-Sinha) Surya, Mangal, Budha,
      3. Third House (6-Kanya) Chandra, Pluto
      4. Fourth House (7-Tula) Harshal
      5. Fifth House (8-Vrishik) Rahu, Neptune
      6. Sixth House (9-dhan) NO ANY PLANET
      7. Seventh House (10-makar) NO ANY PLANET
      8. Eighth House (11-Kumbh) Guru
      9. Ninth House (12-meen) NO ANY PLANET
      10. Tenth House (1-mesh) NO ANY PLANET
      11. Eleventh House (2-vrishabh) Ketu
      12. Twelfth House (3-mithun) shani
      I am having no improvements and no way if i have things restored on business, income etc
      Request your expert comments

      Pratyaksh Purani

  209. What a time it has been… Lost my Job in June 2007, got a one year contract after 4 months sitting idle, which also finished in Sept 2008 (start of recession), idle again, fortunate to get a job in Nov 2008 but that too lasted for 9 months. Idle third time. Kept my nerves and was fortunate to get another contract after4 months break. Was a hope to get permanent there, but didn’t happen. Idle for 4th time and boy, this time for a daring 1 year and 2 months. Finally employed Since April 2011 however had severe Parent sufferings. Away from family for 3 years now for offshore job. And now guess what, the current job is on verge of completion and this time because of Company situation.

    OK, enough of it…

    The good side:
    Glad that things were on at least, and so much hope that its ending soon. Less than 100 days remaining now. Its the last leg of patience and a period to start building hopes, time to sow seeds and finally keeping hope to see as lots mentioned ‘the light at the end of tunnel’. Guys, keep yourself motivated, energy levels high while still exercising caution as its not over yet.

    Initially told that this ends on 14 July and now I read the period ends 2 November 2014. Whats the relevance of 14 July as it just passed. Well for me, I have seen not much change in situation in last 10-12 days, rather more mental frustrations.

    Share your experiences.

    – One

    • this is something similar to my case. The years you have mentioned is almost similar. Don’t worry you will sail this, you have reached the final.

  210. Hi frens!
    suffering from 2006 to till date……… fingers crossed for future
    could nt get thru good companies coz of 58.88 agreegate
    no job from the day I passed out (aug 2010) to sept 2012.
    temporarily got some job but was thrown out during training session.
    got job for 4k salary with full of stress from sept 2012 t0 sept 2013.
    jobless from sept 2013 to till date.
    failure of my dental clip treatment lots of gap in between teeth.
    but I have some inner peace coz of my sadhana, satsang and seva…

  211. This sade sati period was very diffucult for me and my famly. Mostly everything bad that was written here has happend to me. But few days ago I got a job of my dreams and I still cant believe it!! . Also I have a feeling that everything will get better, I dont know why but that is how I feel..

  212. This sade sati period was very diffucult for me and my famly. Mostly everything bad that was written here has happend to me. But few days ago I got a job of my dreams and I still cant believe it!! . Also I have a feeling that everything will get better, I dont know why but that is how I feel..

    • which nakshatra of kanya rasi are you? i am wondering if the earlier nakshatra’s are beginning to feel the good effects?

  213. Guys , I have been suffering from sade sati from last 7 years , but last 2 months were life changing, Have at leave my job suddenly in may , was in big visa problem due to loss of job. But i got my dream job after middle of june , i have been trying this position for last few years. keep your fingers crossed have faith and work hard. Surely there will be an end to this misery.
    read Hanuman Chalisa and guru kavacham everyday.

    • which nakshatra of kanya rasi are you? i am wondering if the earlier nakshatra’s are beginning to feel the good effects?

  214. Raveesh Mohan Shrivastava

    Same here friends I am a virgo moon sign too and faced hell lot of problems
    specially second phase was the worst . Its bad now as well but better than before .
    These things I have faced before
    1 Backbiting
    2 Breakups / bad relationships
    3 Bad Career
    4 Anxiety / Depression
    5 Bad Finances
    6 Very Low Self confidence /esteem
    7 No idea about what will I do in future though I have a job
    8 Sometimes I feel there is a stone kept on my chest which makes me feel heavy
    9 Bad Dreams
    10 Unknown fears
    11 Bad Health

    Only thing kept me going is just praying and friends who took some care and family support else I would have not been able to come up.

    I am ready to help or may be learn from Virgo people around how I sailed through tough times you can email me at raveesh.shrivastava@gmail.com
    Not an astrologer but very strong willed spiritual person

  215. for the last 5 years, Lord Sani z has been merciless. I have lost everything and virtually reduced 2 utter poverty and Health too in great shambles. I have no hope 2 recover. I visited very good # of temples and nothing rescued me. How 2 overcome z beyond my imagination? now.

  216. One of the worst phases of my life, i lost my job and i really dont know why i even lost it, health is gone bad, family in bad state,i mean i am literally in shambles, things that come almost to closure just drop off dead just like that as if i never had it at all, i am gone, i guess i lost it all, left with absolutely no strength any more, please help me some one

    • Rajan,

      I am also going through an extremely difficult time and things haven’t really improved for me too. i usually read the comments here and try to stay positive. Things have changed for at least two members – they’ve got their dream jobs. I’ve been to interviews and things have progressed on and n the end they’ve just fallen apart. it has happened to me too. We have to keep our faith and believe that dreams will come true for us too.

  217. Hi Kanya rashians. I was against astrology and all other belief before sade sati. also i am a muslim who rejected astrology. but sade sati taught me everything . now i beleive in astrology. my sade sati started july 2007. i got a job 5 july 2007 in a MNC in middle east with a huge salary. i lost that job on 2008 sept. i got another job in 2009 jan with a better salary. i made house with that money a big house but my dad owns it. He say will not give me that. i lost that job in 2012 april. i wandered 4 months then i got another job with less salary. i was unable to live with that money. i lost that job in march 2013. now i ahve been wandering without job for last 14 months. mental stress, high blood pressure, high cholestol, big family issues i am facing all these. in 2007-2008 i was rich. now i am a poor without any job. i made 30 lack rupees in the first 5 years of my sade sati. i lost all those money in 3rd 2 and half

  218. Hi guys! i am mentally in WORST STATE !!! I’m always angry…mood swings keep changing and that makes my head spin like crazy! no job no fronds NOTHING!

    Is neone facing anger issues? i am unable to even control it…isnt this the last phase? isn’t it suppose to be better? :(
    feeling helpless hopeless and useless..!!

  219. there may be possibly no anger issues ..just being at wrong place at wrong time coupled with frustrations…remember its darkest before the dawn..then again there have been many false dawns

  220. Hi Friends,
    Baaga aindhi mee andharki.. Hammaya nenu okkadney edusthunna anukunna ponley mee andharki kuda ilaney undhaa..happy…!!

  221. Hi,

    Now my sade sati is about to end on 2nd nov n I came to know abt it last month that I was going through it. Wow! Everything that happened to me during the last 7 n half years which I thought is happening for a reason. I have felt the emotional n relationship issues more coz I give more priority to them as compared to job, money even if I don’t have much to spend on daily needs. I was shattered emotionally soon after graduating BCA I got good jobs in mncs but relations with colleagues n boss in all 4 companies were not good. I was humiliated m discriminated by others when I went abroad. I used to get compliments about my looks n hair which is opposite now. My confidence has left this planet n I keep on introspect about past n my thinking power is sinking. I feel so reluctant to go out and meet people or to just explore country. I want to keep on sitting at home n watch tv which was totally opposite earlier. Unwanted stress is there. Super disturbed mentally. Terrible Mood swings n suicide thoughts are there for easy escapism. I am lacking concentration in reading. I was a top scorer in english 7 years back but this is what is happening to me now. Is this really an effect of sade sati or this is what fate is which cannot be changed? Or our life is what we make it? I dont have any freinds or relatives. M a loner just coz I keep on finding faults in them coz at some point of time they insulted me in front of 50 people including a priest who asked me ‘ how much you want to donate? ‘ when visited a temple in mathura. I had no money coz I was 18 n studying in college. My masi aunt insulted me saying he doesnot have anybody in this world. I dont have father n my granny was struggling with cancer at that time. My mom never wanted me n my chilhood was miserable coz of her. I dont mean such relatives if they have so much litter in them. My wife is supportive but coz of my mood swings how much she will support! Since my childhood, I have suffered a lot, so maybe that was the reason that I could not figure out the sade sati effect on me from past 7 years. I have more to write but 2mrw is big day for me. Take care

  222. Hi frnds..
    looks like its getting better for sme pple…as far as m concerned i visit this page very often bt i never posted before…as i wz waiting n hoping smethng good will occur…n the positive aspect is tht things do hav changed bt nominal i shuld say…although a big relief is tht nw m nt at all facing any unnecessary crap in my life…life is at peace…bt still struggling fr a job n thts the only reason of my sufferings…
    juss read above tht sme of u hav knocked the gold…very happy to c tht n God bless u guyz with everythng…n i hope tht soon we will see the brightest dawn of our life…although its too much a toil to keep this faith goin…finger crossed…
    jai shanidev…jai hanuman…prabhu sab ka kalyaan karen…

  223. Dear Friends, just bare your miseries for few more days. After September 4 2014, Virgo rasi (moon) people will feel improvements. Also stop blaming Lord Shani only. Since Beginning of 2013 Lord Rahu was also in same house i.e 2nd house of Kanya Rasi people and matters became worse when Lord Mangal also joined forces with Lord Shani & Lord Mangal. Don’t forget other planets like; Guru Bhagwan and Lord Ketu; Both were in the bad houses; 10th and 8th since June 2013 and Jan 2013 respectively. But anyways, Lord Shani is punishing for our past bad deeds (paap karmas). Yeah I know, its easier to say this to others but Let me tell you, I am also a Virgo Moon and I can totally relate to every one here. Since 2007, I have lost all my friends, money, home. I got involved in many dangerous accidents; car/ bike/ truck. I got Humiliated where ever I went. I became addicted to Alcohol/ Smoking and I started hanging out with similar addicts which made my life worse. I lost my friends (good). I always had an ARMY of friends….. Everyone in my city knew me, and respected me and now? they probably don’t even remember my name. No girlfriend for me in last 7 years 😀 I did had a relationship which lasted only 3 months (with the blessings of 9th house Guru Bhagwan in Sep 2012. But it ended with Guru Bhagwan moving into adverse 10th house.

    Anyways, I am concluding my post by saying that I could write a book on the bad things happened with me during Sade-Sati. However, It did made me stronger in the end. Also, its not like that during whole 7.5 years you will suffer everyday. Lets be honest, we also had some good time, though it was in grams as compared to bad times in kilo-grams. But DONT WORRY anymore, sade-sati is ending and not coming back for next 30 years 😛 😀
    Meanwhile, keep doing good deeds; daan, help, charity, community service, pray to your ishta devata (your home diety god).
    Some Important things to remember: If you cannot do any good, don’t do any bad either. DO-NOT make fun of other people, control your anger and tongue. Many of you including me have to put control on our speech. all this is happening cause of adverse planetary placement. Now what you have to do? Do whatever you want to do. Forget sade-sati, its just about to end. Start planning your life and believe that god will take care of you… IF you survived 7.2 years, you can survive these last 2 months too 😀

    Smile, Be Nice and Good Luck 😀

  224. Raveesh Mohan Shrivastava

    At Rahul , your line is absolutely correct .
    Happiness is grams and sorrow in Kilograms rofl , anyways similar to you I had army of my friends I still do sometimes but I have shifted 8 cities in these 7 years and stayed in more than 12+ different houses . So much unsettled . I now usually go for movies alone I enjoy that rather than waiting for a friend to say “Okay chal chalte hain m free today tomorrow etc. ”

    Confidence is yet to be back , career is yet to take up already behind . I feel I am in vanvas like lord Ram away from home and staying alone in a meager salary easily to fulfill my needs . Though a strong believer of god but sometimes faith waivers and a feeling comes that my chart is doomed .

    In these years I have read 10,000+ astrology blogs on sade sati etc . Lmao now I consider myself to be one .

    • Hi All,

      I just happened to come across this site , in my sheer desperation to find out if there were people out there going through the same issues as iam.

      And here it is.. i come across number of posts , rather a tracker of posts since 2011 wherein people have talked about all of that i have certainly experienced.

      I absolutely agree with Raveesh/Rahul’s posts stating all the SYMPTOMS of Sade Sati :)

      1) Loneliness to the core ( Its creepy when your phone dosent ring at all)
      2) Relationship Break up – with Humiliation
      3) Immense Humiliation
      4) Hard Work – never acknowledged
      5) Loss of confidence – ( so much so feeling scared to drive) / feeling scared to even communicate with people
      6) Financial Losses
      7) Constant Insecurity
      8) No. of job changes/ job issues .. Along with major issues with colleagues / Boss

      I can keep on pouring in , but what iam glad about. Is i can go out for movies alone, eat alone , shop alone. Understood so well that its the meaningful people in ur life that should be around and not a useless group that will humiliate you even at the slightest indication of your loss of confidence.

      However what still worries me is that ive become much more introvert than before , and some issues still hover over my head . I hope Lord Shani does bless all of us after these 7.5 years of true teachings.

  225. Ravi N.

    I don’t have words to describe my mental stress. I lost my new house, all liquid cash, I was in Europe but was struggling over there hence back to India but my misery didn’t stop here. Since 2010 I am jobless despite of my higher degree from France and very-very good marks (90%). My marriage was also delayed but got married in 2013 but she is far away from me. I don’t know how to pass this phase, waiting for 2nd November 2014 when Shani Jee travel to other Rashi (I wish them other Raashi guys to be prepare with all the remedies they could during this effect).
    This phase taught me how to behave while in problem, what to avoid and how to patient in any situation. Otherwise this period will take away all that you have, your name and fame, your friends & family everything….

  226. Hi All,

    I just happened to come across this site , in my sheer desperation to find out if there were people out there going through the same issues as iam.

    And here it is.. i come across number of posts , rather a tracker of posts since 2011 wherein people have talked about all of that i have certainly experienced.

    I absolutely agree with Raveesh/Rahul’s posts stating all the SYMPTOMS of Sade Sati :)

    1) Loneliness to the core ( Its creepy when your phone dosent ring at all)
    2) Relationship Break up – with Humiliation
    3) Immense Humiliation
    4) Hard Work – never acknowledged
    5) Loss of confidence – ( so much so feeling scared to drive) / feeling scared to even communicate with people
    6) Financial Losses
    7) Constant Insecurity
    8) No. of job changes/ job issues .. Along with major issues with colleagues / Boss

    I can keep on pouring in , but what iam glad about. Is i can go out for movies alone, eat alone , shop alone. Understood so well that its the meaningful people in ur life that should be around and not a useless group that will humiliate you even at the slightest indication of your loss of confidence.

    However what still worries me is that ive become much more introvert than before , and some issues still hover over my head . I hope Lord Shani does bless all of us after these 7.5 years of true teachings.

  227. Hi Guys,

    After I came through this site, it was liberating to see I am not the only person facing these tough times. Through the last seven years, I used to feel why is this happening to me..is this the end? Is it going to be same way?
    It is a crazy, humiliating, out of control and depressing roller coaster ride.
    I was very successful in my career and personal life before this started, I was fun, chirpy, wanted guy with friends, bosses favorite and a social person.
    Along with Sade sati , I am going through the end of Rahu dasha which added fuel to the fire.
    • Lot of humiliation in office
    • Broken relationship and divorce without my fault
    • Relatives and their true colors
    • False acquisitions in court (till now the case has not closed)
    • Missed international travel and Job opportunities seven times to US ( most of the times getting cancelled at the last minute, after the ticket was booked)
    • Though abroad now in a different country, work is full of humiliation and hard work not being recognized
    • 11th guru bought some relief, not as predicted by some sites that “it is the best times from last 30 years”
    • Visa problems
    • No job opportunities
    • No promotions and the worst pay hike after 2 years
    • Debt has mounted like a mountain, without me realizing and I see less ways to bring it down with the current pay
    • No Savings
    • Fear of diseases and death ( end of rahu maha dasha and shani effect)
    • Extreme anxiety and restlessness
    • Every steps leads to failure and negativity, so I have lost interest of doing anything
    • Loneliness and paranoia
    I keep hearing when lord shani leaves, he will settle life and give a direction and it will start showing from last 3 months… till now I have not experienced anything that will bring relief… I have lost faith with what I lost in all spheres of life,
    And ponder how things will change suddenly after nov 2nd.
    For a guy like me, who faced every situation with courage, this phase of life is helplessness with situations beyond my control.
    I have passed every hurdle during this tough phase with immense support from my mom and prayers to Maa Durga.
    I wish and pray all good things to everybody who has shared their experiences.

    Good Luck,

  228. Lord Shani never Denies..he only Delays 😀 you’ll get back everything you lost and much more than you wanted 😀

    Meanwhile, keep doing good deeds. If you have nothing else to do, do daan, charity, volunteer and do nice things for others. Don’t think these things go unnoticed. Sade-Sati is now a thing of past. Lord Shani is preparing to enter Dhanu Rasi on Nov 2nd, 2014. After that a Fresh period will start in all all Virgo’s lives. You’ll blessed with everything you desired during your Sade-Sati.

    Note- Never hurt Animals, Parents, Elders, Children. Instead, help them and love them. Lord really hates them who show no respect to their parents, smokers, drinkers. You get the idea right?

  229. True that Rahul… Agreed !!!!

  230. Rahu and Pooja , many people I meet are not going through sade sati are still in trouble 😛 . Its good that we found something to believe and say all my troubles are due to this phase………..

  231. Dear All,

    All of us have faced similar problems for past 7 1/2 years and it was most tough part of life.(You can see my comment on this page posted last year)
    But, I must say that, I am seeing signs of hope since past month. Relationships are getting better, work at office is getting acknowledged from manager, got a promoted, health improved, financial status is getting improved and many such positive signs..
    I hope good things happen to all of you fellow Kanya Rashians.
    God Bless You All!
    Please post reply to my comment if anyone is having similar experiences..

  232. Hi to all member,
    It is a surprise to see how all r suffering .
    what I have experienced in this sade sati is that it is a kind of mental stress , unnecessary resistance in carrier , but still growing . This phase has given me a lot also in terms of money and wealth. Also I have noticed it had affected me in bad in terms of spiritual path as I started seeing spiritual things with logic and keeping distance from these meetings . I am a firm believer in god and service of human being and what saved me from this phase is this only . I never deviated from doing my duty towords my patients ,never cheated them , and that is what I think have paid . I have realised shani is dharmadhikari and denotes lower socioeconomic group so having righteousness (own dharma) and serving poor people are the keys to have blessing from him . Also having strong faith in god and keeping balance of mind will take u forward from this period of life .
    Chant hanuman charisma daily and shani mantra
    Neelanjan samabhasam, ravi putra yamagrajam ,
    Chhyamartand sambhutam, tam namami shanishcharam.

  233. Although theoritically we can if we had been survived since 7 years and few months and wait for last few weeks

    Practically nothing positive begins yet.It is good to remain positive and be patient but how long ?? If there are no symptoms of light yet at the end of darkest tunnel.

  234. Hi people,

    I have been reading this discussion forum for over the last few months and I didn’t gather the strength to share or discuss because I am likewise a tragedy Shakespeare failed to publish-from a superstardom in my field to a mere mortal-betrayal, insomnia, loss of job, bad soul crushing breakup, humiliation, loss of confidence, loneliness, well I fit in here.thank you all for the encouragement, because I live to die another day! Lol hope shani dev shows some mercy on us and soon.i am an avid reader of this blog, hope we all crawl out to the light. Here is few lines I had penned for you all-

    “I am at the threshold of darkness where uncertainty is almost certain, but hey, I see the light, for it leads to the tower of wisdom”

    Respect and regards to all

  235. Don’t give up now 😀 . From 24th September 2014 you guy’s gonna get a jolt of good luck and all your troubles will slowly be vanished and new opportunities will be abound. :) Those who see “no light at the end of tunnel”, will now see shining bright luster.
    Actually, since last 2 years, the planetary alignment was very malefic for Virgos. Its no surprise if you guys including me had major disasters in financial, relationship, family, health, happiness matters etc.. But then again I personally think that its all due to our bad karma. Lord Shani rewards those who go good deeds and punishes those who do bad. He’s like a Judge of Supreme court and he’s been there since 4.5 Billion years. If you do bad things, you can’t escape from his justice.
    But anyways, good days are just coming in 7 days 😀 get ready for good time; that you have been waiting for so long 😀

    take care 😀

  236. Wow hope hope hope .
    Let’s welcome new hope and wait for 24th September and will see how bad or good karma will results after this day.
    Keep posting

  237. Hi..Rahul
    I am also kanya. I am suffering from last 7 yrs.At present I am in very bad situation. Nagetive thinking/depression.I don’t know what is the cause. Tell me after 2 Nov 2014 everything will be fine? Plz reply…plzzz

  238. Rahul , how optimistic :) looking forward to better times. Last 2 years have certainly been turbulent.

  239. Hi Rahul
    As I know the time change is from 2 nd nog rather 24 September .
    What do you meN by 24 sep .

  240. @puru, Yes, Lord Shani will move to Vrischika Rashi (scorpio moon) on 2nd Nov, 2014. But starting September 24th, The effects of Lord Shani’s upcoming transit will be felt and also because of “other” planetary alignment such as favorable position of Lord Mangal, Shukra, Guru Bhagwan, Budh etc. If you guys wanna dig deeper into jyotish astrology, then you might get confused. Because its very broad subject and considering only Lord Shani is not enough. He’s just a part of 8 other planets 😀 and we have to see what other planetary movements are occurring. So after September 24th major planets will be in our favor, which denotes a “Golden Period” Till July 2015.
    Generally Jyotish practitioners (Pundit’s, Pujari’s etc) say that Lord starts to show its good results in the last 6 six months of sade-sati. So I recommend, to think what is happening with you guys these days 😀 Any betterment? New gf/ bf? New Job? Little bit of happiness? or new hope ? 😀
    Don’t you feel much better than those Last Two years? 😀

  241. A very nice quote sri sri
    BE LIKE WATER.When there are stones on the path of water,
    What does it do?It rises above the stones and flows. Similarly, obstacles are there in life. Rise above obstacles and move through them. Have patience and flow over them.

  242. Hi All,

    Just wanted to share the difference/improvement I am seeing, since some people have asked about that.

    I went through lot of stress since end of 2006 when I graduated and moved to a new place due to job. I didn’t have any friends in the new place and felt home sick and have been feeling depressed most of the time since then. My career was pretty okay with 4 promotions so far, which is good. In personal life I have seen what others have described, friends that I thought were close, turned out not to be good friends at all. Had a couple bad relationships, which were very hard to take. Have felt a lot of grief with relationships overall. But then there were also couple friends who pushed me through this time. Also, my family was with me all the time, I am very grateful for that. I got married in 2012, had trouble initially to understand and adjust with my spouse and it was stressful. Had a lot of fights.

    I finally started taking medication for depression, which helped a lot. These days are definitely much better than the last few years, got promoted recently (September actually to a senior level which I was expecting since the last two years). Relationship with my spouse improved and I am definitely hopeful of the future. Overall although this period was not at all easy to go through, I learnt a lot about myself and other people. I know who really care about me and who just want to spend time with me when my spirits are up. I have become stronger.

    Wish you all good times soon!

  243. Hi Rahul….
    I am suffering very bad situation. Mental stress is growing up. Unknown fear don’t what to do..plz give some reply

  244. Its the 24th…Im seeing no improvements :(

  245. Hi..Rahul..
    after 2 Nov 2014. Everything will be fine?

  246. Hi Rahul,

    I do admit that i do feel marginally better BUT here hasn’t been any massive changes. Still looking for a job and no marriage. there is always some sort of delay. Guru in 11th hasnt really brought much relieve – other than, there are no new problems.

  247. I agree with girl. No new problem since guru transit. However, stress is still not going away due to the financial issues. I do not see any solution coming towards me that will take me out of this mess.

  248. @ girl,

    As this month progresses, you will notice improvements. I Know many people are wondering why Guru 11th, didn’t delivered “Extraordinary Results”. The reason is, Lord Shani’s gochar (transit) in Vishakha Nakshtra, which belongs to Guru Bhagwan. Presently, guru bhagwan is giving you good results but they might not be noticeable. All this is until Nov 2nd, 2014 😀 when lord moves to Scorpio. On top of that, from Oct 31st, Lord Shani is Combust (Shani Tara Asta), which means; Sudden and Lots of Gains; So much that it may be much……..much more than what you ask for. And as you know “anything excess is bad”, so be careful what you ask for 😀

  249. I lost my father on 23rd September . I’m kanya rashi and chitra nakshatra.i am very sad and not sure any good will happen in the near future.

  250. I dont know Rahul but I feel like laughing at what you are writing

    It has been just over 6 years since I have laughed -I was btw a very happy to go person with a smiling face till abt 6 years back – Just a small change in the last 6 years – Earlier I was smiling- now everybody laughs at me (I am a laughing stock)

    Lost all hope – Everything is leading to a dead end – This is supposed to be a good period –

    Can everything change overnight – I really dont know – lost all confidence and lost all commuication skills …

    If I start to pour out – I could it for pages and pages but I saw your post and I didnt know whether to cry or laugh,,,

  251. Hi everyone,

    I came across this forum today and it is comforting to know that I am not alone. My moon sign is Virgo too.

    The past 8 years have been life-changing for me. I moved to a different country on immigration and started life all over again. I had no financial help but friends were very supportive. I worked hard to settle down in this new country and found a decent job. That job made me slog hard but taught me a ton. It was a great experience while it lasted although from a compensation stand point it could have been better. But my resume looks stronger today because of it. After 2.5 years, my position was eliminated. I have been without work and income for 13 months now.

    In the meantime, I bought my own condo, made more friends, and got my citizenship. Now I have a passport that is respected around the world and I won’t need visas to travel anywhere.

    Its been a very scary roller coaster ride so far. But at the same time it has made me stronger. There are days when I feel depressed and lonely. There are days when I feel strong and proud.

    All I need is a good job and a decent pay check coming in. I hope turn corner soon.

  252. As of today, its exactly a month to the end of our sade sati guys. i hope everyone is feeling slightly better to the start of the year.

  253. not for me…i literally had a back-breaking injury by a fall…on september 20…and it pains like hell

  254. Hi all , mai phicale ek month se sare comments pad rhi hu, r jab maine himat ki k mai bhi apne gam ap sab se shar karu bs usi din mere dongal tut gaiya bs mai samjha gai Day tha “Saturday”.

    Mai ab kisise kuch bhi shar nhi kara chati r karu bhi kya ap sabhi jante ho meri bhi condition ap sabhi jaisi hi h.

    Bas ye kahana chati hu k “” Sani bhagwan Won The Game” …. and we lost everything

    Ab to ye nhi samjh aata k rou ya hausu..
    ap sab jo bol rahe ho ye Nov k bad sab thick ho jayega mai puchti hu k kya tick hoga gaya time ,imge,paisa, kya ??? Ha mai manti hu k sani bhangwan ji ne k acha isan to bana diya par sab kuch chin liya ab sry nhi likh paungi.
    Bas ye mila last 7.5 yares me “0”…. Big Big “0” har tarfa se….

  255. Hi Rahul,
    Though I visit this blog from last 1.5 years, I still did not mention any comment.Actually it was not any difference about the experience of sufferings with others. Maximum bad experiences , Maximum struggle from last 7.5 years.Though some good news was there for me(i.e. Marriage & new Baby) but there were also so much struggle and suffering in these areas.There was no stability of jobs location. was jobless for 7 months immediate after marriage.And lots of headache , tension,etc etc.I agreed with you about all of your analysis.Guru 11th still did not show any extraordinary thing.What I wanted to ask you that , 1. If my calculation and analysis are not wrong upcoming 8 months will be the “Most Golden Time” about the Virgos.(Nov 10 th’14 to July 10th’15) in coming 10 years.. My 2nd and important question is that I have read in almost every where that “Lord Shani gives a HUGE AWARD before leaving of Sade Sati “and we should get it from September’14 which I have not seen yet.As a regular visitor I found our maximum virgo friends also did not see any special things yet. A liitle bit of positive vibration is obviously there but “No Reward yet” . Could you please explain and elaborate this. Thanks in advance my brother.

  256. Hi Girl,

    Things are looking the same,nothing bad has occurred,but nothing good has either.Life is still NUMB.
    Even if things look better ,i would shy away from them. I used to being alone.
    I was once a happy go lucky guy with full of joy and now ive turned into a grumpy old alcoholic.I really dont know how to smile anymore and i dont understand why people can be so happy all the time. Ive too have gone through the wrath of Sani since Aug 2005 till now

    -A woman that i loved so much suddenly cut me off,i became a stranger overnight
    – My bank balance went down to 0 and i owed tons in my credit card

    -I was once the light in my company, when sani came along i was made to do low jobs, ws forced to resign but still held on..went for so many interviews but failed
    -Got isolated from my friends,no one would even call me out for lunch anymore

    -Death of grandparents
    -Sencond relationship in 2009,thought this was the right woman,but got burnt again

    I was left wondering alone,prayed but nothing happened,alcohol helped a bit.but it could not cure my depression
    Someone please help, i really dont know how is it like to be happy again

  257. Hi Rahul,
    My Shani mahadasha is starting from Oct12 and Sade Sati will be ending on Nov2. Is The period from Oct12-Nov2 going to be stressful one due to Shani Mahadasha and Sade Sati coming together for me?

  258. well i really hope we start hearing good stories in this blog from here on , it has been a roller coaster ride hopefully everything stabilizes from now on.

  259. Hi everybody,

    I am Kanya Rashi as well, God life as been so difficult since November 2006, when Sade sati began for me. In 2007, changed job, lots of struggle there, people literally made me cry. In 2008 resigned from there, was jobless for the whole year, had a bad break up. In 200 9 changed 4 jobs, had worst bosses . in 2010 was jobless for the whole year, got another job in 2011 that too in 2nd half was asked to leave from there in march 2011. Changed job twice in 2011, worst colleagues, family issues, you name it and I have been through it. In 2013 , somebody even abused me in front of the whole office. I resigned from there, did not get any job for the whole year. Later, started working , which is just an average job to meet the daily expenditure. Waiting desperately for November 2014, all through this while recite Hanuman Chalisa and visited temples to keep on moving in life.

  260. Dear All ,
    Jai Sani maharaj !!!
    I am also from kanya rashi , my Sade sati two phase were excellent , but last one year was very hard I lost my job for new challenge in life and took risk , finally came to know that it was my test time .
    Life is test and Sani maharaj will test your ability and time with respect to your past & present work , and will provide result as per balance score card.
    My friends , time is change and we will thanks to sani maharaj for his test and wait for your result .
    Now sun , Venus , rahu are in Virgo with your individual birth chart and karma people will find their results in coming months of October and November .
    Eclipse on 8 oct and mercury retro gate to Virgo also give u all excellent result .

    Coming weeks are very good , do all your good work and ready for good news .

    May god bless all Virgo with their dreams and hard work.

  261. For Scorpio people ,

    Please check you Lagan or birth chart and match with Ashtakvarga chart from good astrologer for your coming days . It will give you correct statue during Sade sati effect . For some people it will be very good and prosperous period of Sade sati .

    Believe on god and supreme power , help other and do all correct job .


  262. Silence here !!

    Does every one started feeling little comfortable ? Positive things started to begin or same as earlier.

    So far nothing stressful & alarming, but nothing is progressing positive also.
    Struggles continuing , Hurdles and holdups are like part & parcel of life , hope it will vanish as the right time comes shortly.

    • Yes I got the best campus placement of my batch. I’m not talking about money , but in terms of the reputation of the company and the job profile. Finally my hard work and struggles paid off. Please see my comment below I have told everything in detail.

  263. Hi All…

    Pata nahi kya hoga still in tension nathing going good how it will be well no idea ?

  264. No improvement. No signs or glimpses of any good thing coming.

  265. Nothing has changed, life was disgusting, is disgusting and I think It will be disgusting. I think, I am born to suffer. All my friends are doing what they want in life, and I am struggling to get a decent job since 3+ years.
    Having a pathetic time since 2006.
    Jobless for a long time, no money, humiliated for everything. Had an interview call few days back and now it is cancelled for unknown reason.
    I cant remember how many opportunities I have missed, but I remember my bank balance pretty well because it is just few thousand rupees.
    In spite of all these things I have never thought of killing myself because I would like to see how far it will go , ready to face anything and I am numb to all these things because I am used to it.
    So, KEEP CALM AND SUFFER because I am sure nothing is going to change.

  266. Hello All
    Still no respite.. Currently still jobless with lot of debts. Don’t know when it will turn into a nightmare. Desperate for a job and to keep life going. Already gave up idea of getting married. Atleast financially need to have some satisfaction. Hope things will get resolved. Also sometimes do feel whether things will sure become favourable or life long we have to keep hoping that better days will surely come

  267. Dear Sir
    Iam prabhu s v DOB 15th Jan 1974 at midnight 01.55am am confused few astrologer say am kanya rashi and few said am tula rashi and i myself is confused, Coming to current situation am getting more and more in borrowings, my quiry is will i clear these loans and lead peaceful life or not if so when will be that date onwards

  268. Hi I want to tell you my experience:
    I have great results! Got the best job possible in my field last month.

    Academics/ professional life:

    I was always in the top 1 Percentile.I was considered a gifted child and was a national level topper plus I had a high IQ and was skilled in all activities.
    I almost never studied and yet it was easy for me to crack any paper and get 90+ in Maths and physics even if I just studied the hour before the paper. Shani taught me that I won’t get marks for free, so for the first time in my life I actually had to study to score. I got 95% in my boards then.

    I was doing well in standard 12 and lost my admission to the state medical college by just 5 marks. However, some how my Maths score was brilliant and I got into computer engineering in the best government college in the state. Now I realize it was the best thing that happened to me though At that time I was depressed and it changed my full career so it was unexpected.

    I got a backlog in Maths though I was always considered a genius in Maths. I realize this was a punishment to wake me up and wok to my potential. Upto then my cgpa was 6. I worked extremely hard after that and got 8.5 then. I was a proactive student. I took the toughest subjects to increase my knowledge and so in BTech I got the best placement in computer engg in the best college of my state. I am only 20 and looking forward to a bright career post sadesati.

    Personal life:

    I was considered extremely attractive but I suddenly gained weight and my jaw bone structure started changing. I started looking bad and became very conscious about the comments made about me. I lost my confidence, but shani taught me how to not be affected by others and learn to stay strong.

    The friends I made turned out to be fake, arrogant and had a very bad reputation. All of a sudden, I had a bad reputation because I used to roam around with them. However, I made sure I made an effort to become friends with every one I knew, and now I am on good terms with all. I do not drink, smoke and my friends did everything, even drugs. I learnt how to stay strong and away from addictions in spite of bad company, so shani has made me extremely strong-headed. I also learnt how evil people are, and I was very innocent so this taught me a good lesson. All my friends were always fighting and my relations became strained. But I handled it well and Now I am prepared for handling anything and am confident that I am liked by all who know me.

    My boyfriend suddenly left me for the most absurd reason after we were together for 5 years. I learnt to love and respect myself. I realized that I loved him so much that I undervalued myself. Now we are together again but I am so happy I feel like I’ve met my soulmate. Also, I learnt how to grow as a person and become happy without being dependent on any one. Our relationship is strong and happy, and very genuine and innocent. I love him but I am also strong and independent.

    I had to stay away from home during an internship. Despite having a strong application, I was rejected from every single company I tried for. I kept trying for over 6 months, and after being rejected 20-30 times I finally got an excellent offer but far away. I decided to work double hard, and my performance in my internship was so amazing that the full team appreciated my efforts and I have a great project to boast of in my resume. I was homesick, but I took that time to learn how to be independent and happy.

    My father has been staying away from me since my childhood due to work. I meet him once in 6 months. This used to make me cry and depressed, but now I have accepted it.

    My grandmother got cancer, and my aunt passed away. I was a very emotionally fragile person. But now I have accepted my life as it is, and learnt that nothing is permanent.

    These are the major things, but I have been facing problems for each and every small thing I do. It is very annoying, and my mind is constantly at unease. However, now I’m very very mentally prepared to handle anything. And I’m sure all of you will be able to.

    The key is to stay strong. Take each challenge, and find the best opportunity in it. Don’t look at sadesati as an excuse to get into bad habits, don’t run away from the problem. Be prepared to take whatever good path is required, to make best use of the opportunity. Do not be manipulative or immoral. Be good. Shani is trying to teach us to go out of our comfort zone and I believe I have passed his tests and learnt life lessons. This was the best learning experience of my life.

  269. Dear All,

    I am kanya rasi person….”Uttarapalguna”.

    I am having 4+ years of experience in software industry, ,,in 2012 i don’t know but i have resigned my job in good software company.

    From there i am in hunting for a Job till now no job(Salary Based),,,got job but worked for no salary in two companies. I got married in 2013 February,,but in March 2014 my wife left from me kept 498,,,I have gone to jail and she is asking for Divorce.

    Things are going very bad from my side from May 2012. Right Now i am with my parents….my wife is very good person…but why she behaved like this…still cannot understand……

    Whether she will change her mind…will she come back,,,,will I get a job shell i earn money………..i have lost all my reputation in society…

    Will any body…tell me when my things will change.,,,,whether it will it is a million doller question ?????

  270. Notins changed yet..its all d same…life stinks..ven god was ritin down peoples destiny..he forget to rite mine..feel sick..tears hav dried down..insomniac for five years…did all dat i cud to move on..start afresh in life..but it all ended even more bitterly dan bfr..life since 2007 has been all about the worst i cud go thru…

  271. I am RAJ.Things are slowly improving but not as we expected.Still hurdles and some arguements, some confusion.I have 7 yrs of IT experience even though iam struggling to get job now.Attending interviews and ended up with negative results.I think surely things will are going to get improve by this month end.All my frnds here plz have some patience, i know we can say number of things but experiencing things is difficult.I have been facing all these problems for the past 7 yrs.Definitely things will improve by november 15 th.

  272. 21 days more to end 7 1/2 years of sade sati but the lessons learned should be remembered for life.

  273. Hi all 😀
    Presently the good effects are very subtle. Since Sade-Sati AND your own personal Mahadasha i.e. Shani Mahadasha, Rahu Mahadasha or other malefic mahadasha has played a significant role to bring you down and drown you real nice, It will take at-least some time to get back on track? Like I said in Previous posts, looking at only Lord Shani’s transit is not enough. Lord Shani is presently in Giving Back state but what about other malefic config in your charts? Let me put in this way; if you have “BADLY” placed Lord Shani in your birth chart (in houses like; 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12) And if you are running bad malefic mahadasha like Rahu or Shani and on top of that you are/ were under Sade-Sati, then you will have double bad effects of Shani Sade-Sati. Because Transits combined with Dasha will give you actual results.
    Lemme also let you guys know, if you have/ had good placement of Lord Shani in birth chart, i.e. 3rd, 6th or 11th house, then during your sade-sati, you would have reached GREAT heights, probably have had become rich 😀 or minister 😛 (Mr. Narendra Modi has 11th Lord Shani) 😀 see the difference?

    But Guys don’t lose hope. Its common to work in under-qualified jobs during Sade-Sati. It’s also common to lose bank balance, girl(s), wife, family, health and everything else. But again, these things are just delayed….You WILL get them back and very soon 😀

  274. Well in nut shell until now not much improvement for most of the Virgos.
    Any way keep the fingers crossed as it is certain that after every dark night sun will shine and brings a day with rays of new beginning.

  275. both shani bhagwan and rahu bhagwan have given me excellent job. but my personal life is a living hell. got handicapped and married to handicapped…i wonder if i have a jail yoga

  276. I have been told I am undergoing Sade – sati as well as Rahu Maha dasha. This pretty much sums all up…I am in super bad state….In last 2 years I was layed off twice. I did get the new job back within the time frame I had targeted for. This was professional set back.

    About my relations-ship I was in love with a girl ( and she said she loved me too) but when the time came to make a decision wether to marry me she choose other-wise. 5 months later she married someone else.

    At present I am not at a very good talking terms with my family. Everyone is trying to give me lectures as to how to live my life, nothing wrong in that but they fail to see what I am looking for from life. I believe I am a survivor, even after loosing good jobs for no apparent faults of my own I have been confident that I will pull through and I did. I hope I will get everything back now that Saturn is about to make a transition….

    I just keep chanting Om Namaha Shavai……

  277. Dear Rahul,

    I am kanya Rashi ,,,Uttar Pallguni (2nd Paddamm),,,Danush(Lagna).

    I am forwarding you major planetary information on my birth Chart. Can you please explain me the effect of Mahardarsha with Venus Anthardasha. currently I am running on.

    …boz., Venus and Shani good friends is there any good will happen or malefic effect.

    1. Rahu is in 3rd House
    2.Shani is in 6th house with Mars and Moon,,
    3.Venus is in 11th house.
    4.Jupiter is in 7th house in my birth Chart.

    So, is there only Sade-Sati effect or my own personal Mahadasha i.e. Rahu Mahadasha or other malefic mahadasha has played a significant role to bring me down and drown ?????

    boz., things are not at all working for me ,,,,,Rahul no job from past 2 and 1/2 years.
    Got married but wife left and asking for Divorce ,,,Case is pending in court …what to do????whether she will change her mood and again return back.

    Please let me knew after sade sati whether things will change or should I wait some long time boz., of Rahu mahardasha with venus Antardasha.

    Please Let me knew.

  278. its getting so hard now..life is a complete chaos…just when things seem to start improving….BANG…it all breaks down….my heart shudders at the thought of “What if there was nothing called sade-sati”

  279. Dear praveen kumar,
    Rahu mahadasha n ketu antardasha gives gud result… n u lso have gud placement of rahu as well as venus…
    Many of my friends are waiting for gud results…. bt let me make one thing clear we will not get the reward in single day… shani in 12,1 and 2 house from ur rashi is known as sadesathi, n tht is nt gud…. bt shani in 3rd house is excellent…. shani will give its all best results in 2.5 yrs starting from nov 2, 2014…
    I’l lso lyk to make one more correction about shani mahadasha n sadesathi…. mahadasha totally depends upon shani’s placement in ur horoscope gud or bad house n it will act lyk tht…
    On d other phase sadesati depends upon ur current mahadasha n antardasha…if thy r gud ul get gud results n if bad thn bad results…
    Finally its nt lyk tht if a person has gud placement of shani in his horoscope he will nt suffer in his sadesati…. he can lso suffer d equal of u all have….

  280. @praveen, you have one of the best planetary combinations.
    Lord Rahu = Excellent
    Lord Shukra = Excellent
    Lord Shani = Excellent
    Guru Bhagwan = Excellent

    The major problem is Joblessness. Money, the Root of all evils? 😀
    Yeah but we all need it 😛
    Some need it to feed their families, while other need it to have a lavish lifestyle. Anyways, in your case, if things don’t improve after 2nd Nov 2014, you can expect things start to go in YOUR favor after 25th Nov, 2014.
    AND This also applies to all other Virgo Moon’s.

    VIRGO’s: Many of your problems are created by your sub-conscious mind. How? When you keep thinking: “Something Bad will Happen” “I am so Alone” “I have so much Pain” “I am suffering everyday”.. etc. etc.. etc….
    Basically you are affirming yourself that you ARE THIS. Even if nothing bad is happening in your life or if something has happened because of your fault, you are just gonna blame sade-sati… EASY right? For the time being yes. But once the sade-sati is over? then What you gonna do?
    The moral of the story is; Stop your forever lasting wait. Do whatever you wanna do and do it now. No Job? okay, Go Look for it. You not gonna get it by sitting in your home. Looking for a gf/bf or a wife/husband? No Problem, all you have to do is; look for her/him. You just need to Try.
    If something is not working i.e a relationship, friendship, partnership or anything, by now you should have some idea, its not going to work anymore. You know, the recent Lunar Eclipse was in Virgo’s 1st – 7th house 😛 . That means, if you have any problems in your Relationship’s you need to let it go AND if you are single, its about to change 😀

    Sorry I talk too much sometimes 😛

  281. @ praveen kumar

    I am also uttrapalguni and i’m also currently running rahu-venus mahadasa + sade sati. I’ve also struggled to get a job for the last two years and things have fallen apart the very last minute. No respite as of yet but i am hoping things will improve. I was told that Rahu-ketu is a bad period and that was when i lost my job. I hope things improve for you too.

  282. In this forum, all my friends if you notice, we all are riding our life on “Hope” but not on surety or confidently say we will be on our heels back on track. I am not here to demoralise anyone’s faith but mind keeps thinking when we will come out of this “Hope” and come to the reality of Success after going through all the hardships in this seven and half +years.

  283. Thanks sir, time will changing for me firtly i change my “thought”

  284. One should stop blaming the tough times to Sade Sati , rightly said by Rahul what after 2nd November you continue to struggle then ? Things will be fine only if you are willing .

  285. Consistent failures would definitely shattered all the “Hopes” , Moreover if we go on deeply we all are sufferer of circumstances .
    At the moment there is no respite from such intolerable circumstances for which we alone are not at all responsible .

    Who want to suffer too much , everyone want to be happy , healthy and wealthy , but mental peace is necessary which has been lacking .

    It’s easy to say that “keep on trying” , but without any indication of positiveness confidence level shattered in all aspects of life.

  286. agreed to the point but then here in few posts there is too much dependency on Astro , because people are extremely scared worried etc. They need to realize that they shall stop depending on 2nd November these dates will then come in future as well . None of us have a horoscope perfect like we think our friends in USA are enjoying on FB having great life good kids etc. How long will be dependent upon. ” Good time starting on 15th August ” Next good time from 7th October etc. etc. ….Good to believe astro and take some relief but not have to be dependent

  287. Well, as for me, the worst was in 2012: I lost my wife (she passed away because of cancer), and Got into debts. 2013 was flat, no good or bad. Debts were still there. In 2014, a small ray of hope….got married in August and a possibility of selling a plot of mine, which would clear all my debts and help me live in peace. Marriage life is fine now…just waiting for the land to sell. As you can see, there is a slight improvement…hopefully it will last and blossom into a permanent thing. I wish you all the same…everybody deserves happiness, especially after what we have been through.

  288. Dear Rahul,

    Thanks you very much for your valuable Advice.

    SadeSati is completing my 2nd Nov,,2014 right ??? why are you describing about 25th Nov,,,2014.

    May i knew reason behind that ???

    Praveen Kumar

  289. I have been suffering since 2007. Since June 2014, I started noticing positive changes and felt that may be things would change for the better as various astrologers are predicting. However, the month of October has been very challenging and it seems that I will lose all the breakthroughs I have had over the last few months.

    • Hi,

      I experience positive changes since August, it continued in September too.
      But, things have become pretty tough since Oct started. I hope this ends soon..

  290. 3rd nov 2014…..from this day v all going to start a new life…..as the sade sati is gttng over., all of you just keep a positive attitude and dont forget your bad times and believe in god….everything gonna be perfectly alright after that….i m going through the same…and its really frustrating i know….but just few more days left and we’ll be out of these sufferings ….good luck to all of you….and plzz also post the good things tht will surely happen to you after this peroid ends as we should share our happiness also

  291. helo! m facing sde sati 2nd phase. lost everything. family, love,fame, help me … tula rashi

  292. PhD from Australia and jobless in India for last 3 years. Surviving on wife’s salary and looked down upon in society. Numerous applications but barely any calls even for interview. Never thought I will end up in such situation. Trouble started in Australia itself, around 2009. Got worse within 2 years and I had to quit my job and move to India. Addicted to internet. Cant find solace anywhere. Each day is a struggle. More applications, God please end all this. Like so many others on this board, I too have forgotten how to smile and be cheerful. Life is simply one big sad story.

  293. Hello All

    I am a Kanya rashi too…where do I begin……I was in last year of Engineering when Shani Ji came in……initially I did not pay much attention to the whole Sade – satti thing as it did not affect me much in first phase…I came to US for higher education in Aug 2008 and I was studying so I did not feel a lot of effect of Shani for first 2.5 years……after that I graduated in May 2010…I did get my first job in July 2010 but the job only lasted for 2 months……later on I was jobless for 2 months. Finally I got a contract job in Nov 2010 with a promise that the contract is for 10 months, but the contract ended suddenly after 4 months…I was lucky to get a job right away because of a friend….but I had taken a huge pay cut…..I some how managed to get a decent job again which was a full time opportunity……I started the 3rd Job in April 2011. The job was good I was doing good..I went out of my way sacrificed my vacation to help out my company to be ready for a very important conference…….the company got new clients as well from that conference…then all of a sudden in March 2012 I was laid off …..I was not that worried about loosing job but I was terrified about loosing my work permit….but I faced the challenge I somehow managed to secure my visa…..I interviewed day and night for next 1 month finally I got into a very big firm which happens to be in top 10 of fortune 500…..(So far I did not realize I was under sade – satti ) . At the new company I had a terrible manager and working condition I use to work 18 hours a day and I have got a manager who was an example of micro-management expecting email with status every hour!! Any how after a year I managed to change team within the company….but my past with previous manager came back and bit me…I was once again laid off by the company in April 2014. Once again I started interviewing and by the grace of God I got a job within 1 month…I am currently working in my new job…….

    In April 2012 I came across a nice girl we started talking and soon we both started liking each other….but after 1.5 years she just decided to end it……she not only ended it but she even got married to someone else almost immediately……….

    In the last phase I have had the most bitter experience……in early 2014 my ex-girlfriend got married….I lost my job…I lost my grandmother…..my relations with parents and brother became bad…..4 days ago I lost my grandfather……
    I tried to help a friend with his financial situation (He told me he needed money because his wife was sick) by lending him money…few days ago I got an email from him saying he had lost all money gambling!! I feel like laughing at this point…….everything is back firing……I tried to put my experience here and it was rejected (lol)…..
    I know my experience is not as bad as some of you have seen…..

    I hope this post will not be rejected….( :) )

  294. I read at other forums , most of the virgos are still experiencing bumpy ride .
    November 2014 will be key month for changes to be expected .

    It’s not so precise about specific date 2nd or 25th Nov , as astrology itself is neither 100% precise nor 100% certain.

    Cheerrr up… waiting for some positive energy.

  295. Dear All,

    Kanya Rashi people Positive News from my side after waiting 2.5 years.

    Got Offer Letter .

    After Waiting 2.5 years,,,to day i.e., 20th October, 2014 received Offer Letter from one of the good company.

    Just cannot believe whether offer letter is belongs to me (Checked mail again and again) ????

    Finally,,,got job,,,,just waiting my wife to come back (She is asking for Divorce approached court filed 498 A) will she change her mood ???

    So, guys wait for your turn…i hope not far way for your turn. (with Smile).

    Praveen Kumar

  296. Congrats Praveen
    Atleast u have a reason to smile for getting a good start. The best will surely follow from now on.
    Not like me who is jobless for the last 1 year and 10 months as of now. Even after having an working experience for 20+ years of which 15 years working abroad in a Team Leader cadre. Also still unmarried when most of my cousins and sons and daughters of my relatives are already married or getting married. Sometime feel like asking god, what mistake has the aged parents made to punish them like this. We as their children, our duty and priority is to get a smile and peace of mind but instead giving them sorrows and sleepless night for thinking about us and our future. We have made them think that their children are useless and good for nothing. We infact are not an asset but a shere liability for them. The situation is we instead of taking care of our old parents, they are taking care of us. It is really disgusting. God tells us we should always tell the truth. But what if telling the truth brings a calamity can we forgive ourselves. So telling lies to give a peace of mind Is it a crime. While discussing with others, when u get to listen nasty comments like take any job even if u get very low salary and that what u are looking for a CEO job to get high salary. There was a time I used to feel confident to perform the best with the experience I had but now I have started thinking whether I am really knowledgeable and also will I really perform good if given a chance or life long will be unemployed and under the care of old parents. It is really shameful and disgusting. The condition of mine is neither can eat nor swallow. Waiting eagerly with a “Hope” things will improve from november.2014
    Sorry to bore u all. Just wanted to share my feelings in this forum. Good luck and deserve all the happiness and prosperity after going thru all the hardships and trauma and All the best to all those whose life has started taking a positive turn.
    Rgds …Girish

  297. Congrats Praveen
    Atleast u have a reason to smile for getting a good start. The best will surely follow from now on.
    Not like me who is jobless for the last 1 year and 10 months as of now. Even after having an working experience for 20+ years of which 15 years working abroad in a Team Leader cadre. Also still unmarried when most of my cousins and sons and daughters of my relatives are already married or getting married. Sometime feel like asking god, what mistake has the aged parents have done to punish them.We instead of giving them happiness and peace of mind in their fag end of their life, punish them with sorrows and sleepless night for thinking about us and our future. We have made them think that their children are useless and good for nothing. We infact are not an asset but a shere liability for them. The situation is we instead of taking care of our old parents, they are taking care of us. It is really disgusting. God tells us we should always tell the truth. But what if telling the truth brings a calamity can we forgive ourselves. So telling lies to give a peace of mind Is it a crime. While discussing with others, when u get to listen nasty comments like take any job even if u get very low salary and that what u are looking for a CEO job to get high salary. Are we not capable or dont have the right to become one. There was a time I used to feel confident to perform the best with the experience and knowledge I had . But now I have started thinking whether I am really knowledgeable and also will I really perform good if given a chance or life long will be unemployed and under the care of old parents. Really have no idea as to which path life is going to take and what is the final destination. It is really shameful and disgusting. The condition of mine is neither can eat nor swallow. Also it is often read as we are punished for our bad karmas, Agreed. But Is it justified that include your near and dear ones in the punishment and shatter u completely t0 make u feel that life is a burden.
    Sorry to bore u all. Just wanted to share my feelings in this forum. If ever we will have Acche Din and If we do, “Hope” it will come soon. Good luck and deserve all the happiness and prosperity after going thru all the hardships and trauma and also best of luck to all those whose life has started taking a positive turn or whose Acche Dine has started.
    Rgds …Girish

  298. Praveen,

    Why would you still want a wife who has filed a divorce with you during your troubled times?
    Isnt it better you look for another that will cherish you and love you no matter what?

    Just my suggestion..

  299. “unconditional love” is not something on which you should hinge your marriage on.love dies out…”deals” or “agreements” manages to crawl on…

  300. Congratulations Praveen. Thank you for sharing. Lets hope there will be a flow of good news from others too.

  301. Dear Kanya Rashi People,

    Actually i have listened from some person,,Every Evening,, when we put a oil lamp in front of “Shiva Lingam” in our pooja home and started praying “OM SHAM SHANAISHCHARAYA NAMAH” for 108 times with studying “Hanuman Chalisa” things will be very positive.

    Actually I have started above process and I have stopped taking NON-VEG with in 10 days,,,I got selected and Offer Letter is released and I am joining in my new job on 3rd Nov, 2014. Coincidence is after 2nd Nov, 2014.
    So,,I am forwarding this information to my fellow Rashi people..My aim to every people should their achieve targets and God should bless them.

    Praveen Kumar

  302. Praveen Kumar,
    Good news indeed.
    Wishes for future endeavours.

    Do you wear any ring too?

    • @SSS and fellow Kanya Rashi People,

      No I don’t wear any ring…I heart full suggestion to every one trust God ,,don’t trust stone.

      Every movement,,,When every u got leisure just Pray “Shani Bhagwaan Mantram i.e.,

      “Om nilanjana samabhasam | Ravi putram yamagrajam ||
      Cahaya martanda samhubhutam | Tama namami Shanescharam||”

      as many times as you can but minimum 19 times and read Hanuman Chalisa…daily once,,

      Don’t take Non-Veg till get the success.,,,and don’t forget to go saturday to Shani Temple (ie., Navagraha Temple) and perform grounds 19 rounds with reading above Mantra,,,it is better if you have Lord Shiva and Hanuman together.,,,boz., there is a story behind if you pray shiva and Hanuman on saturdays the malfic effects will be removed.

      Why i am discussing with you guys boz., I have done all the above and with in 15 Days,,,now i got job after 2.5 years.

      With smile.
      Praveen Kumar

  303. Congrats praveen….and i hope everything will get good for everyone after 2nd nov..n plz keep on sharing whether its a bad news or good

  304. Hello. i am feeling good now because of you guys. I am not the only one who is suffering from problems as mentioned above. And finally our time is about to come 2nd november 2014. Time 6:33 pm. Hope your life will change. be thankful to lord shani. He made us storng enough to face problems.

  305. Praveen

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Let us hope everyone achieve success and come out this misery shortly.

    Happy Diwali to All .

  306. Kanya Rashi People ,chalo gam ko bhula kar jhuta hi sahi bt aj se sabhi hasana chalu karte hai..
    itana time nikala hai thoda aur sahi kuch to acha hoga, kabhi to hoga ,

    aur nhi roa sakate ab to jhuta hi sahi bt haso
    hasne hi adat dal lo….
    happy diwali 2 all Kanya Rashi People…

  307. Hello folks, i wont lie. My sadesati was extremely beneficial keeping all the material stuff aside. These time showed me the real face of people whom i trusted blindly before. Got my dream college. Ya i do attempted suicide many times but it made even stronger. I became spiritual from heart. My arrogance went down and started devoloping as a matured person. I m stressed in only friends n girlfriends. Everythng waz like tough gifts.

  308. Hi everyone,
    Here on the edge of our sade sati end, I think it’s perfect time to share my experience, I won’t lie ,I’ve been following this blog from 2012 but only got the courage to say out loud about my life,
    it will be good if I share my birth details 1st
    My D.O.B is 23-march-1989
    Time 8:40AM
    I am hasta nakshtra native
    As various astrologers told me I am undergoing rahu mahadas that is set to end in some point in 2019 and shukra antar dasha along with… you know what we all are writing here about ,
    this may get long, and I apologize for it in advance, but please bear with me
    I wasn’t the exceptional student but I sure was gifted,i passed my 12th board in 2007 ( yes the precise time our sade sati started, at that time I didn’t believed much in it, “yeah, what’s the worst that could happen from which I can’t recover ” that was my thinking, because in 2005 when everyone thought I was over and done with, I made the most exciting comeback that shocked everyone, so this formed my arrogance that I am invincible as far as studies are concerned (big mistake) ,the results of 12th got withheld because one of supplementary copies got missing, how, I don’t know,i got very poor marks about which we have to go to reevaluation procedure and all, and finally got good marks but that too was not what I expected, I probably wouldn’t gotten distinction too if my father didn’t supported me during this R. t. I. And reevaluation procedure , next I got the admission in the very same college my elder sis attended (and hated it) ,once again my arrogance chimed in and I told my father “ha mai kar lunga engineering yha” despite his clear warning that its a partial and money seeker institution full of **** ,after that I have to live with a room partner I hated in school life and he proved it again by putting me in tight corners very often,i had to solve conflicts on his behalf,college life got Rocky ,and I simply couldn’t adjust in, I simply didn’t know how to get mingled in there, (that wasn’t the problem in the past anywhere ) ,I got ill badly in 1st semester and got 4 backlogs, but again my arrogance told me there’s nothing to worry about because my elder sis had been to an engineering college,my parants were understanding enough to ignore any bad results in 1 st year, that made me ignore them too
    Moving on to personal side I was in love with a girl from class 10th and I finally got to talk to her in2007,just 3 days before my college was started,she seemed good at first but later played very big mind tricks and all the time I thought I was the one dictating moves of hers and mine, the truth was precisely opposite, she was polite and never forced me to do anything, but she was very cunning and stubborn, finally when I was getting some signs she was genuinely interested, a jealous friend and a friend with long standing grudge called it in, told my parents everything, and told my parents it’s why I don’t pick up their phone (the reason was something different entirely) ,so my father broke havoc on her home (in the most polite way possible, ofcourse ) so we got in big trouble but even after that she agreed that she loves me but because of this, fear crept inside her and she refused to meet me anywhere,that led to further confusion and frustration and disputes and one night in my anger I told her on phone that it’s over, I was just angry at that time and never meant it, but she took it to heart, (again arrogance told me that she’ll never leave me) ,but she did

    after that I couldn’t take it anymore ,I lost sleep, thinking and understanding capabilities, concentration, precious health, all this led to my detention in 2nd sem, I don’t recall anyone in my college who was detained in merely 2nd sem, that final straw sealed it in, I lost interest in studies, the very subjects I dreamt of studying since childhood, computer science, for which I taken admission to that hell hole,from there my downward spiral went on, I got weaker and weaker from mind and body, I didn’t fit in anywhere, before detention it was just a nuisance, afterwards, it became impossible, I was entrenched from my old friends too, coz they were academically ahead of me and I was afraid and ashamed to be a target of jokes, (that actually didn’t happened, but fear of it got inside me like a rock), I faced intense humiliation (no thanx to my family too, which tried everything to humiliate me in front of others ) , I was taught that raising voice or arguing with parents is wrong so I remained silent, I got scolding sessions that lasted 4 hours,.. and a lot of them, a lot, I remained silent, depressed, and alone, I couldn’t tell them that their pressure and tyranny and polite but angered and mismanaged intervention in my personal and professional life was earth shattering and depressing along with enough mistakes on my part, I just remained silent because of my upbringing and I read somewhere too shani punishes them who fight with their parents.i never drank, smoked or ate non veg, not a single time, I didn’t believed In hurting others, but my parents constantly asked me about drugs I take, this broke my heart every time I heard it but I remained silent, because I was afraid fighting for my honor is wrong, if questioning party is parents, (big mistake ) I think lord shani wants us to do the right thing and my soul being tortured is not one of them, so after 24 long years of silence I burst open, I wrote a 15 page letter and sent it to my parents that was 2013, and I started to defend my honor wherever anyone tried to hurt it for wrong things, that letter didn’t had the effect movies show you when some one burst open like I did, but it at least conveyed the message that I will not be silent from now on,but that didn’t bring peace either, our home feel like a haunted house, we Don’t celebrate anything ,everyone remains tensed all the time ,and everyone blames me, for anything that went or goes wrong
    What little friend support I thought I had was taken from me when I learned that the person I trusted most was talking and Laughing and making a joke out of my struggle and secrets I shared with him, and playing games against me too,exactly like my ex girlfriend, I helped him everytime and he used me all of the time, as experiences here tell – shani shows us the true colors of people, my girlfriend got back to me after breaking my soul.. after 1 year of total no contact or mercy, but with most humiliating conditions like “mai apke pas wapas nhi aai hu lekin mjhe apse bat bhi karni hai” etc,i never got comfortable with this situation but I got no clue as to what I should do
    After all this I am countinuing my engineering,leaving that merciless hell college, when I had the time, was probably a better idea ,but my arrogance told me to not quit, and now I see no future,i got asthmatic too,i am afraid of meeting people, making friends, I am afraid of pretty much taking any action, (I know this thinking put me in great trouble ),while I say to myself “let’s do it” the voice in the back of my head tells me “save your breath and energy,you know your attempts will fail, why even try? ”

    I lost everything, my career, my friends, my courage, my confidence, my name, my fame, my passion, my family, my girlfriend, my golden days of youth …wasted in depression ,it seems I am purged of everything, there’s nothing to live for,people live and die for their beliefs if nothing is permanent, everything is going to be taken from you at some point, why even try ,to build something new? That’s what voice in the back of my head told me.everytime I attempted to get out of this mess, it seemed sky itself is descended on my shoulders to stop me getting out of this rut, and I knew what they mean by “there’s no true despair without hope” maybe I did bad things in past lives but I know I never did wrong to anyone in this life, even to my enemies,i never disrespected my parents or elders, I never demanded for anything because I knew they won’t do it, hell its been two years since I bought a piece of cloth for myself,i often had suicidal thoughts, cut my arms too, only to write a lot by blade on my arms
    At least I got a lot to read,i don’t feel shame by saying ,yes, I turned to self help books, ( because who else will understand )some are very calming, some just increased my anxiety,by keen observation of other people’s and my own relationships I now know how romantic relationships work and got some clues about what I did wrong and what nobody should do,i started meditation and it helped calming my mind, I began to observe people and their behavior, and I think I immediately know it now what is it that other person is trying to say or show off or hide, what’s he like, and most of the times it was unfortunately so crystal clear for me that my belief in non-existence of good people hit a new deep,in the last phase, from 2012 ,nothing new bad s**t happened, but situation didn’t improved either, my meditation efforts were futile and at times irregular,but I started going shani mandir every Saturday, and preying daily,all in the fear that something new will happen and I’ll feel that mind numbing depression again,but since last 3-4 months I started feeling a new hope, I cant find its origins, but I just felt it, my meditation and concentration practices are becoming more effective, my ex girlfriend has become everything I wanted, got some papers cleard and family life a little somber, I thought this maybe just what I was waiting for,to people who say lord shani gives back what He takes, I have only one little experience, in2012 an expensive trimmer of mine got stolen, everything pointed to my former room partner, but just 1day before Diwali I found it in the bag which I was using back then and again started using some 1 year earlier, from 1 year it was under my nose, yet only now I could find it, that too accidentally,but I’m sure much more expensive things than a trimmer are lost along the way, and need to be given back/rebuilt/restored ,for all the people here, I am really grateful I never got into any accidents ( only 3 minor ones ) but nothing bone cracking accidents,as many people in sade sati suffered here,i never had a single bad habit before and even in intense depression and problems, God gave me strength to never turn to any sort of addiction or gambling or shortcut or cheating for any benefits, I came from a hindi medium background but learned good enough English, so I could read the stuff which is calming and illuminating,i think sade sati alone would not be so painful ,but shani intensified malefic effects of rahu too, and with the departure phase of Shani, rahu is getting manageable too, somewhere I read rahu governs electronics items, and sure enough I had trouble with them, despite taking good care of my gadgets (whatever I had in the name of gadgets )
    I think people “can” cope with sade sati better if they are “aware” of place, time, situations and other peoples thoughts realistically ,and mindful of their own thoughts and inner chatter and not dwelling in their sufferings like I did,after all this, I started believing in god, but as a punisher, He will not spare you if you are not aware and mindful of your surroundings and actions,God won’t arrive here and lend his hand personally to get us out of our mess, we must do it ourselves and we can only prey to god that he help us see through people and situations more clearly and not placing hidden obstacles in our path
    Now when just 1 week is remaining from the end of our sade sati ,I wish you all a very good luck, and hope things will start becoming and looking better, if they not already are,we all suffered huge losses and very rough days of darkness, and I prey it not to be a coincidence that our sade sati is ending just 1 week after biggest festival of victory of light over dark,in our tradition.

    Happy Diwali
    and stay hopeful

    • @Abhi8492, I am Also Kanya Rashi , hasta nakshatra guy with pada 2, I Have Faced Similar problems That You Had Faced From Past 7 amd half years. I am Very Much Waiting For The Good Time. how about your feeling Now Sade Sathi had Completed.. any drastic changes …

      • Hi ramu
        1st of all congratulations on getting out of this,my life is not getting better as I thought it’d be,deep anxiety and fears are growing day by day, before all this I had sade sati to blame, but what now? There are not so much problems in real life as in depression in my mind,at times I feel clueles, studies are not getting better, as I can’t concentrate well,what future holds for me is unthinkable yet I can’t stop thinking about it hope you get it under control

  309. Dear All , troubled and not so troubled fellow Virgos ,

    Check the degree of your moon and then see by what time Saturn will be in the same degree in Scorpio thats the day when you will be completely out of it . 2nd November is in general

    For eg. if I have 3degree moon my sade sati will be over by Moon in 3 degrees in Scorpio :)

    When there is a transit every transit has a Neutral Phase followed by a positive phase. This happens with Sade Sati as well so you may in general say a month or so before the transit you will see no new troubles / issues everything will be stable that is Neutral phase. Benefits will start pouring once Saturn is out of your zodiac.

  310. re editing –

    Sade Sati will be over when saturn is in 3 degrees in the Scorpio sign . that is 30 degrees aways from my Moon in Virgo (got it :) )

  311. My Moon is in Virgo at 26deg. So u mean to say that When Sat is at 26Deg in Scorpio, then my Sade Sati will be over. But that will be some 2years away from Nov2.. Please explain what u want to say?

  312. It makes no Sense to count Lord Shani’s transit using degrees. We believe in Indian (Vedic) Astrology and we go by Rashi’s (Rasi’s) and not by Western (Chalit House Chart and House Degrees etc). When Lord Shani enters Scorpio on November 02, 2014 (Sunday) at 22:02 (10:02 PM IST) then Sade-Sati will end on all Virgo Moon signs.
    IF you are saying that, “degree of your moon and then see by what time Saturn will be in the same degree in Scorpio thats the day when you will be completely…..”, then how would you know at what degree your house 12th, 1st and 2nd house start and end? And can you backup your statement by showing us the calculations used to determine house degrees i.e at what degree your 1st house starts and ends? (moon house)?

    Anyways, its just a common sense, if you are experiencing bad effects since early 2007 then it should end on 2nd Nov, 2014 because these are the start and ending dates of Sade-Sati for Kanya Rasi people and no matter what degrees your moon is.

    Also I have noted that its not worth to calculate Sade-Sati using your Ascendent. We MUST only use moon sign i.e Kanya Rasi 😀

    Right now Guru Bhagwan (Lord Jupiter) is under check from Lord Shani 😛 therefore you won’t be noticing any significant benefits. BUT just hold off….. just one week more, when Shanidev moves to Scorpio, he will let Lord Jupiter to Bless us fully with NO INTERRUPTION. Its not that we are not getting any benefits from 11th Jupiter, Its just that Jupiter is under check and his benefits are reduced until 2nd Nov. So just hold down just few more days 😛 and that’s it 😀

  313. Jai Sani Dev

    Dear all ,
    Degree will not impact much , when saturn will change house then your sathbala score for Saturn also change as well as it also depends your dasha and anterdasha , and lastly the position of Jupiter from your moon which is very good for kanya moon sign.

    For kanya rashi people , 3 rd phase always be difficult and you will find some changes after the transit of Saturn as house will change and check your sathbala score for 8 house with Saturn if it more than or equal 3 then it’s good for you and total score should be more or equal than 28 .

    Be positive and believe in shani Dev.


  314. @RAHUL….
    Your explanation is awesome ….what ever you said is exactly correct…currently shani in 2nd house for kanyarashians, so from 2nd house shani is aspecting guru as 10th house aspect.So indirectly it is controlling GURU’S good effects.

  315. Dear Virgos,

    1 most important thing, I personally feel that most of the virgos are honest, hard working people who believes in live their own life and not interrupting life of others. But don’t know what sin we have committed that we are suffering so badly.

    I do not see any relief. But after reading most of the post above I believe my sufferings are much less than what others have went through.

    For some reason, I do not see my astrologers putting any new update specially if you search for kanya rashi November 2014.

    I don’t know what to say or explain but with what I have read is that for next 6 months is that its an awesome time for all of us. But will the things change overnight / over week / over month ?

    I feel there is a complete stoppage in my career over the years now. No earnings for last 8 months even after having a job and working on commissions. Jobless for nearly a year before that.

    The industry I am working now has not crashed but there is hardly any income as a whole for most of the people working.

    Hardly any money left to survive, already living on debts.

    Is there any astrologer / person who can help me with my career ?

    I have really worked extremely hard over the last 8 years but not with that great results. Denied of promotions etc etc. / mislead by employers / seniors…

    I don’t know what to do as all doors looks closed as of now. I cant see a ray of light from anywhere.

    All jobs I have applied recently over last 2 months, almost all of them have rejected me even after being well qualified…

    I have always been overly dedicated towards my career.
    Please help !

  316. @kanyarashians,

    I got offer Letter on Oct 20th Letter and I am joining on 3rd November as “Team Leader in one of the good Software Company”.

    It is good that “Karthikamasam”(Lord Shiva favorite masam) has started just follow below process definitely you will get positive response…

    Just put a Lamp in front of “Lord Shiva Bhagwaan” in evenings and Pray Lord Shani Bhagwaan”of “Shiva Lingam”and start praying “OM SHAM SHANAISHCHARAYA NAMAH” for 108 times with studying “Hanuman Chalisa” things will be very positive.

    Actually I have started above process and I have stopped taking NON-VEG with in 10 days,,,I got selected and Offer Letter is released.

    Praveen Kumar

  317. Hi ALL,

    For me SEPTEMBER 2014 is good and i got all interview calls and attended interviews with full confidence like anything.I don’t know what went wrong all of a sudden,OCTOBER 2014 starting to till today …i lost my confidence in attending interviews…and no concentration for preparing interviews…arguements with friends and some disturbance in mind.Has any body experienced the same thing? At least any experts or guys who knows astrology very well explain why this month is like that?

    my star: chitta
    kanya rashi





  318. As posted and said by TEJU & RAJ , Myself had experienced almost similar energetic situations in month of August & September .

    It seems the beginning of several positive things will start , but progressively in month of October expenses increased and everything collapsed unsuccessfully.

    I’m now passing through
    Jupiter – Mahadhasa
    Venus – Antardhasa.

    Wondering and waiting for positive “concrete” results.

  319. @SSS……




    • @@@@@@@@@RAJ

      as per Moon
      planetary position as follows :
      2nd house Saturn
      3rd house As
      4th house Ketu
      6th house Moon
      7th Sun Mercury Venus
      8th Jupiter
      10th Rahu + Mars ( Anagarak yog)

      Since 2009 in cumulative i was jobless for 28 months

      7+7+14 ( ongoing)

      If you have any knowledge please review my case.

  320. @@@@@@@@@@RAJ

    as per Moon
    planetary position as follows :
    2nd house Saturn
    3rd house As
    4th house Ketu
    6th house Moon
    7th Sun Mercury Venus
    8th Jupiter
    10th Rahu + Mars ( Anagarak yog)

    Since 2009 in cumulative i was jobless for 28 months

    7+7+14 ( ongoing)

    If you have any knowledge please review my case.

  321. I am not running jupitar mahadasa but i did feel the same way. I was extremely optimistic towards the end of August and the whole of Sept. I was getting loads of interview calls over the period but come Oct – everything waned and it has been extremely quiet. I do feel a little down at times but MUCH better than early this year.

  322. Hi Kanya rasians 3 1/2 days left from 7 1/2 years of sade sathi. Don’t know what is in store, but I am sure it wont be bad as the last 7 1/2 years. Webmaster and contributors thank you for been there. Thank you all gods for keeping us live.

  323. pratyaksh purani

    Dear all,
    Can any one reply my old pending request, stating similar issues of monetary losses and so much of pressure cooker situation in all parts of life.
    As i have below details of my horoscope like…
    1. ASCENDANT (4-kark) SHUKRA,
    2. Second House (5-Sinha) Surya, Mangal, Budha,
    3. Third House (6-Kanya) Chandra, Pluto
    4. Fourth House (7-Tula) Harshal
    5. Fifth House (8-Vrishik) Rahu, Neptune
    6. Sixth House (9-dhan) NO ANY PLANET
    7. Seventh House (10-makar) NO ANY PLANET
    8. Eighth House (11-Kumbh) Guru
    9. Ninth House (12-meen) NO ANY PLANET
    10. Tenth House (1-mesh) NO ANY PLANET
    11. Eleventh House (2-vrishabh) Ketu
    12. Twelfth House (3-mithun) shani
    I am having no improvements and no way if i have things restored on business, income etc
    Request your expert comments

    Pratyaksh Purani

  324. this is it..it is now or never..all my hopes are pinned on this november…tired of drifting endlessly..numerous heart-breaks…and failures…

    but this is dangerous..common sense suggests that all this sade-sati is a hoax..my maternal uncle has been in coma for past one year with brain trauma..official reason is getting run over by a motorcycle…but many have suggested business rivalry…as he quickly earned a lot of wealth through a start-up construction company in the badlands of bihar

    roughly one person is dying on indian roads every 2minutes and thrice of that are getting critically injured..do their astro-charts give any inkling about the impending disaster

  325. It is impressively long thread. I am a doctor by profession but study human psychology and behavior for hobby too.

    I have been told by a priest that i have sade sati since 2006 has warned me of very very tough life. I have my bad times and good times since then. Lovely kids, lovely wife and also lots of quarrels and stress at job. Now I am 43. What i want to say to all of you is to look back before sade sati started. Even then you have same ups and downs very much same stress arguments loss and gains. Sade sati in not in your chart it is in your mind. If you can not fix your mind after sad sati some other dasha will come as an excuse rahu or ketu. GROW UP. Accept the challenges of life, use your brain to live your life. I dont see how my last 6-7 years of sade sati are different than my younger life that was not under sade sati. I dont see how it is going to be different after sade sati is over.

    It is not sade sati, it is that different age window has different challenges. An 18 years old think it is his sade sati that he could not get in engineering or medicine and one in 20s 30s think his girl friend or her boy friend is ditching because of sade sati and in 30s 40s you think about money kids etc……It is because it is very difficult for a normal human being to accept that he or she is falling short. May be not working hard enough, not being good enough and above all not being mature enough to understand that ups and downs are part of life.

    If some of you are holding your breath for sade sati to be over and expecting sudden influx of wealth and great relation or success without doing anything to change in your mind and attitude, your sade sati will NEVER end.

    I feel pity and pain when i see humans suffering. I have my share of losses and wows but i take them as part of life and move on and try my best to learn from every down turn.

    Hope you all be healthy wealthy and WISE. May god bless you all.

  326. Any body got offers or any improvements?

  327. Hi frnds…
    can anyone pls tell me when things r goin to change?????????????
    still no significant change…how long do we hav to keep struggling with this?????

  328. nope – still waiting.

  329. pratyaksh purani

    Dear Rahul, Request your expert comments please!!!!

    Please reply my pending request, stating similar issues of monetary losses and so much of pressure cooker situation in all parts of life.
    As i have below details of my horoscope like…
    1. ASCENDANT (4-kark) SHUKRA,
    2. Second House (5-Sinha) Surya, Mangal, Budha,
    3. Third House (6-Kanya) Chandra, Pluto
    4. Fourth House (7-Tula) Harshal
    5. Fifth House (8-Vrishik) Rahu, Neptune
    6. Sixth House (9-dhan) NO ANY PLANET
    7. Seventh House (10-makar) NO ANY PLANET
    8. Eighth House (11-Kumbh) Guru
    9. Ninth House (12-meen) NO ANY PLANET
    10. Tenth House (1-mesh) NO ANY PLANET
    11. Eleventh House (2-vrishabh) Ketu
    12. Twelfth House (3-mithun) shani
    I am having no improvements and no way if i have things restored on business, income etc

    Pratyaksh Purani

  330. Seems floating like a boat in rough sea.

    Since this week mind keep on thinking ig all goes well after 2nd November or need to wait further with surprises .

    I hope no more shifting of dates? ???

  331. Dont know whats happening still

    I too faced a little bit of +ve vibe in aug/sep..attended close to 3 interviews for a job within my own company but in Oct – got confirmation that I had got rejected in all of them,…attended an interview even yday and got rejected..

    So far I used to tell myself that its due to Sade sati but I dont know what will happen from November.

    By the way,as per vaakya panchang,the sani transit is on Dec 19th…so 45 more days to go

  332. Admin deleted my long comment. . :-( which I typed in mobile for so long …that’s another example of sade sati effect, effort getting wasted

    Anyway I want to inform you all that today I survived/avoided a big financial loss ,all Thanx to god,can someone explain to me, what effects can I have if I am under rahu mahadasa?

  333. Comments not showing?

  334. Admin deleted my long comment. . :-( which I typed in mobile for so long …that’s another example of sade sati effect, effort getting wasted

    Anyway I want to inform you all that today I survived/avoided a big financial loss ,all Thanx to god,

    Can someone explain to me, what effects can I have if I am under rahu mahadasa?

    And yes dates will not slip again, this is it, anybody got plans for celebration? 😛 because as far as I can see only some people are feeling relief ( I am not one) some where I read saturn in 3rd and guru in 11th is beneficial for all kanya rashians as in we’ll not be kings but in position of king makers, we will have room to move and manuever, I don’t remember the name of site but I’ll post link in further comments

  335. Hi Guys….

    Nov 1st to Dec 7th Shani is going combust …for all the moonsigns


    will it slow down the good effects for one more month…. I am not sure… Hope it doesn’t…

    Experts please share your thoughts.

    Good luck to all…..

  336. Really? Again ? Been suffering from sani since 2005 and just when I wanna celebrate , you post this ? Really ? Might as well i commit suacide..my non Hindu friends who are also kanya rashi are enjoying life .. For me, no more of This shit..
    Good night and goodbye


    No NO NO….Shani is going combust means it is very close to SUN in terms of degrees.For all our virgo’s SHANI is coming to 3rd house and it is combust till december 10 th.So it means it will give sudden good results…more than what we expected.So guys dnt worry and lets hope for good.By december 10 th all KANYA rashians will get settled interms of job and financial aspects at least.


  338. Well I have heard from a very knowledgable astrology that the effect of sade sati will gone completely after Dec 16 although officially sade sati is Nov 2nd. It would be unrealistic expect things to become well over night it will gradually improve. And your good and bad time also depends on your planetary position and the dasha of which planet is running. If your position of the planet is not proper then that particular dasha would always create some problem according to it’s placement. It’s a very deep subject and one cannot solely blame sade sati. But things will definitely be MUCH MUCH better. Compare to sade sati will seem manageable. Wishing you all the best.. Sade sati was definately a rough ride but we have Come out of it stronger. GOD BLESS.

  339. Thanks Prithviraj and Raj great insights….

    wish the very best for all.

  340. I have been waiting for this day for the past 7 and a half years and things will surely get better or at least better than it was. If nothing else its good to know its over. As for expecting unexpected gains and rewards or expecting too much too soon will lead to disappointment and sadness. As for Sun when combusting with any planet is good except Shani. Shani is an enemy of Sun astrological wise. And it seems Shani is not particularly happy in Scorpio which is 3rd house from the moon. Although please note: “THINGS WILL DEFINATELY GET MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN SADE SATI” as Raj said after Dec 10th but its going to be gradual. But Life will definatly become very very good when Shani enter Sagittarius which is 4th house from our moon. Shani is happy there.

    I don’t want to demoralize or demotivate anyone. I want to be wrong ad believe before this few months i had no idea of Astrology what so over. Due to the circumstances and from hearing from a lot astrologer this and that i decided to learn it and i still know very very little so am sharing what I know best t the moment.

    I thought of posting this cause i wanted others who are also in my place to know what i know so that we can be mentally prepared to what might come. But i believe in us. We have survived these many years surely things cannot get any worse then this it can only become better. We are now stronger then ever and can move forward faster then ever. Hope this helped a little and thank you all for being a tremendous support for me. It was thanks to you guys and the blog that i was able to sail through this period. God bless and wishing you all the happiness and success.

  341. Feeling good and not afraid any more due to such never ending shifting of dates.
    I agree nothing going to change overnight but sure will improve in progressive manner.

    Good luck and all the best to everyone one here.


    What you said is exactly correct.Initially i was also not a beliver of astrology.As things were gone worse day by day and frequent quarrels,financial up-downs and sitting in home ideally made me to study astrology and learnt it.
    Yes as you said, we can not expect overnight changes.SATURN is Combust with sun ,but saturn is in 3rd house…ofcourse it is enemy house for SATURN.As you said at least we can expect things are going infavour of us from now onwards…


  343. hi

    I had pasted 2 comments earlier bt they have not been published

    Any particular reason why my posts are not published on the forum

    • Hi,

      Greetings ! If your post has not been published it can either that it contains some kind of advertisement or potentially commercial matter or it might have been an offensive one. I am not sure on exactly why your comment was not published as we have hundreds of comments every week. If your matter did not have any of the above, then pls re-submit and it should be published.


  344. Dear All Kanya rasi people,

    Don’t be in negative frame of mind just studying all posts…ie., 3rd house is good or bad for saturn???? How many days your life will be same at same position …definitely it will change right ???

    Just fix in your mind you will getting Good News in your life soon friends i.e., from 2nd Nov, 2014.

    If you want details about Saturn Transit just study below statement.

    We are getting good days from Nov 2nd Sani Peyarchi (Saturn Transit) is happening on Sunday Nov 02, 2014 at 00:59 AM IST as per Krishnamurti Panchangam. Saturn will move from Libra Moon Sign (Thula Rasi) to Scorpio Moon Sign (Viruchiga Rasi) and stay there until Oct 25, 2017 12:54 PM IST as per Krishnamurti Panchangam.

    Praveen Kumar.

  345. We are waited waited waited and the date has come!. We cannot expect everything will change over night. As far as concerned me outside world is pretty same as before. May it get better by god grace. But my inner world found some peace after june. All the problems that I have been through these years, still staring at me. But god gave me strength to face it. And he gifted peace of mind. Really happy to see that some friends got positive start. This forum was the only shelter in this tiring phase. It gave immense support. Whenever I felt bad and desoluted, I found a shelter here. Thanks……..

  346. Hi, congrats to all,its past 10.22 pm as our sade sati is finally officially over ,I am being honest there was a time when I thought I could never see this day, I have waited for this day for what seems a very long time,more than anything else,i don’t know if it’ll bring happiness or not, time wilk tell and yes nothing changes overnight but all analytical kanya rashians know this in heart, but I’m just feeling so happy that its over, can’t believe I survived it, though can’t say successfully, far from it, I just want all of you to be here even after this is over, so we can share what changed, and what we felt, we’ve been together in this in dark times, now we surely can stay put and share good storxqVVo4pulDUL oo,good luck to you all, and now I’m off to dancing 😀

  347. Hi, congrats to all,its past 10.22 pm as our sade sati is finally officially over ,I am being honest there was a time when I thought I could never see this day, I have waited for this day for what seems a very long time,more than anything else,i don’t know if it’ll bring happiness or not, time wilk tell and yes nothing changes overnight but all analytical kanya rashians know this in heart, but I’m just feeling so happy that its over, can’t believe I survived it, though can’t say successfully, far from it, I just want all of you to be here even after this is over, so we can share what changed, and what we felt, we’ve been together in this in dark times, now we surely can stay put and share good stories too,good luck to you all, and now I’m off to dancing 😀

  348. Hi All

    yes the time as arrived for good times…today Nov 3rd came to office i got mail about my salary hike, then i realize good times started …this is the starting point so will see better opportunities lets hope and be patient. form last 7 year struggling like any thing ..not getting new job all the interviews are being fail ..some times got selected and don’t know y they rejected i feel very bad and be calm cant do any thing in present job no hike for 2 yrs its like a hell cant express the situation..miss understandings in relation ships every body left me still feeling bad about that… i am waiting for good day from that time..now the time arrived don’t worry good times for ALL MY FOLKS..

  349. Finally the long wait is over and the sade sati ended …Lets hope for the best now …
    All the Best everyone for your upcoming lyf and challenges .The problems which we have faced during this period has definitely given us a better perspective of lyf .

  350. Some more clarity on my post above when Sade Sati ends.

    Saturn when 12th to your moon sign Sade Sati starts and ends when it is 3rd to your moon sign , every sign is 30 degrees apart right .

    So if degree of you moon is 3 Sade Sati started long time back when saturn was in 3 degrees 12th to your moon sign .It will end when saturn is in 3 degrees in Scorpio .

    Yes if someone has 28 degrees Moon in Virgo then your sade sati benefits will be visible when saturn is 28 degrees away from your moon sign . You may refer to texts by Late .Mr. K.C Saxena

  351. “Zindagi ka safar hai ye kaisa safar..koi samjha nahi koi jana nahi”

    hai ye kaisi dagar..andhi race main dorte sab magar ..

    koi samjha nahi koi jana nahi

  352. My life from the past 5 years has been continuously hell. Don’t know what is my future. I am facing health problems that are unexplainable to doctors. There have been many sleepless nights and nothing good happened in any aspect of life, be it career, family, studies, health. I have lost a lot of things in my life due to health problems. Hoping time will change now .

  353. Hi friends,
    I would say after this prolonged period of darkness that we all went through ,I am pretty confident that there will be light after the end of this dark horrifying tunnel. I face these brunt of Sade Sati all these years which started with loosing my mother, followed by job loss and severe financial losses to the tune of which i haven’t seen in my entire life.
    But to be honest I have learnt my lessons however hard it was and hope that at least I work them out for better .Lets all pray that we all do well from here on & help others who will be facing upheaval in their lives after the november Saturn transit.
    Wish you all very best of luck and stay in touch.


  354. Hi friends,
    I would say after this prolonged period of darkness that we all went through ,I am pretty confident that there will be light after the end of this dark horrifying tunnel. I have also like you all faced the brunt of Sade Sati all these years, which started with loosing my mother, followed by job loss and severe financial losses to the tune of which i haven’t seen in my entire life.
    But to be honest I have learnt my lessons however hard it was and hope that at least I work them out for better .Lets all pray that we all do well from here on & help others who will be facing upheaval in their lives after the november Saturn transit.
    Wish you all very best of luck and stay in touch.


  355. Hi All,

    I went for interview yesterday and got a confirmation call from the company that they are ready to hire me…

    Let’s see if everything works out well.

    Just wanted to share this good news with you all as we all are in similar boats.

    If you can smile, it will be great as we all can expect similar results soon whether its job change, promotion or salary hike.

    Our career has already started improving for some of us and God will change for all of us.

    All The Best To All Of You In Advance & I will Love To Hear Positive Responses From You All !

  356. Congrats P

    Timing is changing for Virgo , I am also feeling , I gone through interview yesterday and Also waiting for my awaited results for three opportunity . Let see how my time will change .

    Jai Sani Dev


  357. Hi P

    First of all ” CONGRATULATIONS ” hope your journey started ..seeing your msg we are all happy and thanks for sharing …All the best for your carrier and life. :-)

  358. Dear all,
    Love was the most neglected part of my life. I liked this girl since the beginning of this year and confessed my love few months back. there was absolute uncertainty till yesterday. i thought i had little chance with love of my life. yesterday i had date with her and told her about all the positives and negatives of my life. she expressed her unconditional love for me. it was big relief for me. there is no uncertainty now. i got love of my life. finances are also improving gradually. as they say”weed grows faster but flower takes time to bloom”. lets be patient and keep faith.

  359. Congrats to everyone those who are experiencing positive beginning.
    Hope it will also work for those who have yet to see sunlight.
    Pray for us.

  360. Guys,
    Myself still struggling, had been to an interview last week, though I have cleared the interview, the position itself is on hold. This has happened to me on many occasions in the past, thought now would get the job, but again history repeated.
    Graduated six years ago, worked only for 18 months. Lost lots of time, respect, whatever money I had. Nothing is going to change for me I guess.
    Hope you guys have a fresh start.

  361. No job, no offer, no successful interview from last 3 years. Hope that all will change. Sometimes doubt creep in, but during this time learnt little bit of astrology. Goodluck to everyone and great to see that all you stuck together to get over the calamity. Hope things better and we never forget the lessons, humility that we learnt during this period.

  362. pratyaksh purani

    Still feeling and finding things are negative, can some one comments please

  363. Jai Sani Dev

    Do not worry time is changing for kanya rashi people if you feel some trouble discuss your natal chart from good technical astrologer .

    I wish that you will get success as Soon as possible.

  364. All,
    Still the same at my end, job pressure getting worse by day
    -No appreciation from management
    -No girlfriend

  365. Things haven’t changed drastically for me either but I do have internal peace. i know that things will get better slowly and id just have to be patient. Still unemployed and unmarried. :)

  366. @girl,

    can u provide me u r bith chart details so that i can analysis when u can get married?

    • 22 May 1983, 7:03 , singapore

      • @girl,

        Hi i have analysed your birth chart.VENUS & RAHU sitting in any house together will delay marriage.In Your chart “VENUS & RAHU ” sitting in 2nd house.Generally 2,7,9,11 houses are for marriage. ” VENUS & RAHU” in anyhouse together can cause marital problems or problems with lover,unhappy love affairs. Even my birth chart contains ” VENUS & RAHU” sitting together but in 12 th house. Currently you are running under RAHU MAHADASHA- VENUS ANTARDASHA from 30 th JANUARY 2013 to 30 th JANUARY 2016. But you will get spouse from good rank and educated.You will flourish in foreign countries and you will get married before JANUARY 2016 and chances of romantic liasion is there and it may get turned in to marriage.Marriage may happen after JANUARY 2015 TO APRIL. Becoz your VENUS transits 5 th house of love, entertainment,romance from 5 th JANUARY to 30 th JANUARY 2014,it has an aspect of RAHU &JUPITER.RAHU & VENUS ASPECT triggers love in 5th house and when venus comes to 7th house FEBRUARY 25 th t to 20 th… MARCH.it will trigger marriage …


        • @ Raj

          Thanks, raj!

          My mum has been told the same – that i’d be married soon. Apparently, both saturn and guru are influencing my 7th house. I don’t have much hope myself as I have not met anyone and I am not in a relationship either. ha! Should it happen – it’d be a miracle. :)

          About venus + Rahu – i’ve been told that for a woman’s chart it is Rahu + Guru that causes marital problems (and a male it is Rahu + Venus). Time will tell i suppose. Keep you posted and thank you, again! I hope things get better for you soon.

        • Dear Raj,
          Will u analyse mine…DOB 10/10/1969, 5.45 am Kochi, facing serious problems in marital life

        • Hi Raj..
          Really its good to see u helping pple regarding their astro charts…n i would like to thank u fr doin this…
          i am aslo kanya raashi and suffered a lot during this period…i would not say tht i have the worst suffering bt surely a very bitter one…seen a lot of things in last 4 years, which were the most dominating in terms of giving pain to me…gone thru a lot of things in professional as well as personal life (joblessness, court case, zero acknowledgement for any good)…although my family has always supported me bt now it looks like their threshold has reached..n m still coping with the same problems…
          its just a request to u if u could tell anything abt my astro charts…
          if u could take out some of ur precious time in helping me it would b of grt help and motivation for me…i m providing u my birth details
          DoB -13-Nov-1983
          Place of birth- Allahabad
          Time of Birth- 3:25 AM

        • @Raj
          a little correction in the previous post
          DoB is 13-Nov-1982 (83 on papers)
          waiting for ur reply…

        • Hi Raj,

          Can you please advise on my chart. I am really on the verge of suicide due to impending problems and debts. I just want to know if there is any hope left at all.
          DOB – 13 May 1973
          time – 10.10 am (my best guess)
          Place of birth – mumbai

    • pratyaksh purani

      Dear Raj, Request your expert comments please!!!!

      Please reply I have issues of monetary losses, broken partnership business and so much of pressure cooker situation in all parts of life.
      As i have below details of my horoscope like…
      1. ASCENDANT (4-kark) SHUKRA,
      2. Second House (5-Sinha) Surya, Mangal, Budha,
      3. Third House (6-Kanya) Chandra, Pluto
      4. Fourth House (7-Tula) Harshal
      5. Fifth House (8-Vrishik) Rahu, Neptune
      6. Sixth House (9-dhan) NO ANY PLANET
      7. Seventh House (10-makar) NO ANY PLANET
      8. Eighth House (11-Kumbh) Guru
      9. Ninth House (12-meen) NO ANY PLANET
      10. Tenth House (1-mesh) NO ANY PLANET
      11. Eleventh House (2-vrishabh) Ketu
      12. Twelfth House (3-mithun) shani
      I am having no improvements and no way if i have things restored on business, income etc
      All jyoitsh gave so many dates but all dates have been failed and nothing improving. I am export business person

      Pratyaksh Purani

      • purani,

        You’d have to be patient. I doubt anyone on here would be able to solve your business woes. We’d only be able to hear you and offer you some form of support (i.e. we’ve all gone through the same rough times). i do really hope things start to pick up soon for you and when things do improve for you – please come back and share the goodness with everyone. I suppose that’d give others some hope too.

        • pratyaksh purani

          I am patient, thanks for your being kind to draw my attention as no one other than me can solve my issues pertaining to business etc.,
          My intention was to share that, exactly this what all here in and the forum is wanting as you rightly said, with POSSIBLY getting some support in form people could extend

          Hope expert could extend some sort of comment looking at my details above.

          Regards and Lots of Thanks
          pratyaksh purani

  367. @@@Raj,
    As per your request vide your post of 29 oct.I have provided my details on 31st oct post.
    Appreciate if you can look and share your views about Jupiter Venus dashas for myself.

  368. Really , all of you who have suffered can only think about marriage ?
    Seriously , most of us who have gone through sade sati, that’s the LAST
    Thing on their minds ..

    • @ satvinder

      you are too funny. I suppose it differs from person to person. During sade sati – i was greatly affected in terms of career and love. Despite, losing my job – i was financially well off. Now that sade sati is over – two things are on my mind. When will the job come? when will i meet someone right? I suppose there’d be people who are in the same boat as me and there’d be people who’d have much different (and perhaps bigger) worries than mine.

      Either way, i’d just have to say that things are slowly getting better. i feel much better. My mind is clear and i do feel optimistic. I hope and believe that the rest would follow from there.

  369. pratyaksh purani

    some one can you please comment on my urgent request
    pratyaksh purani

  370. Jai Sani Dev

    Dear all ,

    Always write your DOB , Time of birth and place of birth for any astrology support . It will help to calculate your correct dasha and Antar dasha and relative transit effects .
    Rest the owner of blog will guide you .


  371. @girl

    Nope, I’m not being funny at all, infact I was i was once a funny and an optimistic person who helped everyone financially and emotionally before my sani period came along , every women who came into my life , may it be younger or older has just used me and left , I’ve worked hard in my career just to see it sink away like the rest of the things i treasure in life , everyone who has done bad is living a better life ..you tell le girl.. What is wrong or right anymore ..,
    I can be reached at satvinder@live.com.my
    If you don’t feel like replying in this forum

  372. @Satvinder

    Things have been hard for many of us but you have to know that everyone has to go through sade sati in life. People you may be doing better than you today (thanks to their good time) but time will catch up with them and they’d have to face their own wrong-doings. As for yourself, things are about to change for the better. Keep faith and good thoughts. Be genuinely nice. you’d be fine.

  373. It was really hard for me in the last 3 yeasr and financially big down fall, heavy work. Bad busisness.. Lost all the hopes and me n my wife both being kanya rasi must have worrsened. She was extremely supportive and great support for me during this period which helped me to come out. Now i see a change in the last 2 days positives in the air and solutions to my financial problems in the near future. Its a positive sign and hope every body who went through this hard period come out of therir problems. It was really hard time. Thanks for all sharing their experiences. It gave me strenght to carry on. I was on the verge of total collapse which was least expected in my life. Thanks to my wife support and friends , I,finally see the end of of the tunnel.. Alll the best friends .

  374. Ofcourse Marriage is a very important part of any ones life but after facing so many hurdles during the last few months/years the last thing you should be worried about is a wedding. Just like you there is definitely someone waiting for you also and hoping she should meet you soon. Please donot worry about getting married since the more you worry about a wedding the more impact it will show after you get married. Also in my experience i have never seen a guy/girl who are not happy before marriage and very happy after their wedding.. The moment you get married everythings over and you will start regretting why you have worried so much in the past. So stay calm and wait for your soul mate.

  375. Hi all,
    I know how desperate everyone of us are, but things don’t change overnight, can you remember the biginning of your bad times? I know it didn’t happen overnight (the same day your lover left you, you got jobless,parants or siblings suffered in some way, you got health problems, accidents etc.?) I bet nobody has experienced this Kind of spontaneous change, for me ,it took me 1.5 year to lose everything.(studies,respect,love,peace,money and so on )and they always say destruction is always much faster than construction,so going by that logic, I have to wait for a long time to get on track, and IT IS painful, but I’m now optimistic, why? Because I know worst is over and maybe it will take a lot of time but things are on right track and one day it’ll be fine, where as from past 7 years ,I knew whatever I’ll do it’ll be in vain until 2 November 2014 ,so cheers guys I may not know much about working of forces in universe ,but I know this, it keeps balance between good and Bad , no one recieves only good in life , but opposite is also true

  376. Seeing nothing good coming my way as yet..but during the last couple of years of endless suffering I have turned into a stone..numb feelings…..lost all faith..given up on myself..into deep debts…dunno if I will even come out of it…waiting for either DEATH to take me or the COPS…I guess it would be the second one…not lucky as yet for DEATH to take me….

  377. No respite..The ordeal continues……………..

  378. Dear Arun ,

    Check your degree of moon then see when saturn in your chart will be of the same degree . This will be the day you are completely out of sade sati also see what MD – AD is going on and see if it is associate with any malefic planet or not . You will know when to expect better times.

    Sade Sati ending for all on 2nd november is too generic statement : Just in case someone has fever paracetamol is fine to give but not in every scenario only paracetamol will work . hope you got my point

    everyone has a different chart .

  379. my date of birth is 06-11-1988, time- 4.30 PM . Please tell about my astrology , Job oppurtunities and good Time

  380. @ RV I have no idea how to check it…if you do pls see mine……DOB 23-02-1981 Time of Birth 11:00 AM, Kollam, Kerala,India ..Pls Help….

  381. my date of birth is 01-06-1982
    Time 8.55 AM .
    Born in Delhi.
    Please tell is Sade Sati is completely over for me, about my astrology , Job opportunities and good Time.

  382. Hi! RV , just a query if Moon is at 15 degrees . In that case has Saturn already reached that level in Scorpio ?

  383. it has gone quiet – i suppose things have improved for many people on here?

    • @girl,


      For me again interview calls started, yesterday i had interview with one amrican company it has gone well, and i have given 5 interviews in last 3,4 days.I think things are improving,my confidence level boosted now…up to some extent.


  384. I really hope that for most people belonging to Kanya Rashi – things would have turned better… But in my case, I am still playing the waiting game patiently with prayers in my heart, lips and mind.

    Things are yet to change and I am sincerely hoping and praying. The last 7.5 years have been a testing period.

    And the last 18 months have been a real crusher … psychologically and financially.

  385. @POOJA,

    SATURN will be at 3 degrees in SCORPIO on 24Th NOVEMBER 4 hrs 13 minutes 34 seconds ,this is as per RV….this moment SADESATI will be completely out for KANYARASHI folks.


  386. Still the same…..I dont think I will ever get relief

  387. As FYI – The below website offers tools for creating a free birth chart with planet degrees mentioned. It also has a tool that shows current planetary positions based on one’s current location – see Free Birth / Natal Chart and Live Planet Positions under Vedic Astrology column:


    It also has a free forum for posting questions for the site administrator and daily / monthly predictions per moon sign.

  388. Looks good to read up about some of the Kanya Rashi folks progressing towards positivity. As for me… my confidence levels still being low , as much in the recent times ive stopped applying or going for interviews. Unknown fear still lingers.

  389. My DOB is 5th Apr 1985, time 19:15, Place Borivali Mumbai

    My question is like many others here, regarding Finance, no Romance/Merriage yet

    Nothing seems to work out still, life is hell, and because of my Sade sati, my family is also going through hell, its high time now for my family, Lost houses, huge loss in 3 different business in last 2 years, lost all the lexury per say, home jewellery vehicle etc.

    When will this deficult time end for my family, as I dont care much for me

    Please reply

  390. Since 3 rd Nov many new opportunities have opened up and things look positive but yet to materialize……..

  391. I have mixed experiences , from 3rd November onwards I’m able to complete few long pending money /financial matters and all has been beneficial for me .

    Regarding job and interview I usually receive calls since last 14-15 months ( job less) mostly overseas but waiting for something to click that gives me final solution .
    Career point of view I had suffered in this last phase tremendously .

    Lets see what is hidden in future.

    I keep on praying .

  392. Nothing has changed till now. Applied for so many jobs but till now not a single call. Financially struggling. Have already lost confidence and also worried whether will live unemployed and struggling throughout life.

    • @@@@@@@Girish ,

      Sade sati has low influence on virgos now , you need to check your Mahadasha and Antar dasha , malefic planets are becoming hurdle.

      I evaluated for myself similar problem running Jupiter-Venus both are anti planets causing hindrance.

      • @SSS…

        So iam also running JUPITER-VENUS dasha, does it mean that no good results will come.JUPITER is now in 11 th house so you can not consider it as malefic planet and VENUS planet it is for luxury and wealth….?That to VENUS is combust now it has to give positive results.


        • @@@Raj I noted your earlier posts of 29th October and I replied with my planets position as requested by you.
          Did you check?
          Regarding anti forces it may or may not cause much harm or influence alike Sade sati but cause hindrance which is answer to question that even after sade sati had finished despite it positive beginning yet to commence.

  393. Its so funny when people dig deeper into Astrology and try to connect dots just to see themselves failing to explain any sort of information relative to what is happening.
    *So Shani has moved to Scorpio Ahhhhhhhh what a relief. But WAIT! I am not seeing any results? – asked by many people here. One said – I did not get any job even now. The other said – I am still struggling financially etc. etc. etc…
    *And then they are told to look into their Mahadasha and Antardasha 😀 wow!
    umm okay you are under Rahu Mahadasha, He is under Jupiter Antardasha and bla bla as as result “YOU wont feel the results”. Wow!
    *When Shani moved into 12th house (Leo) commencing sade-sati on Virgos, we all felt its effects RIGHT! so why don’t we feel any effects when he left?
    *Don’t tell me its some bad planets placement or bad dasha because Dasha’s don’t change overnight/daily/weekly/monthly or yearly. They last for YEARS. eg- Rahu Mahadasha lasts for 18 Years. So why No one is saying that they were under same Dasha even before Sade-Sati started? The Dasha is same and doesn’t make any big difference to you than transits.
    Lets be bit clear; for half of you Virgos have Rahu Mahadasha going from 2000 till 2018 okay? Sade-Sati came and gone (brought you disasters and what not) Rahu Mahadasha is still here. So if Sade-Sati can cause disasters during its time why there is no recovery, similarly when it has ended?
    *Lastly We are talking about Sade-Sati so lets stick to it. This is a Karmic Planet therefore it would be foolish to attach Shani to any other planets. Because in our lives, Destruction only happened with the commencement of Sade-Sati and not even by so called “Malefic Rahu Mahadasha”. So Expect something back only from Shani and not from or because of “Rahu factor”.

    • pratyaksh purani

      I agreed with few of the things to you which are of concern for not you only but even the experts as they are too not immune even few of them have great SATUTRN, GURU and AD, MD still they are had to face brunt of Sadesati but i am requesting them all about my agreed to you on few of the concern tyou have raised, but i am requesting them all to find time and explain us thet may help us educating PEOPLE AROUND us are, to be in SADESATI so atleast we just not the selfish people its our pain over, we do not care…YES WE DOCARE and WANT TO HELP PEOPLE who are having similar pain of 7.5Years nexr, atleast we can guide and then save them if god, time, fortune permit to them.

      Please please do understand we are not hurting any exports EGO not respect but a humble and selfless request to comment

      Dear RAJ, RV, ANSUL, Anand and Other Exports

      – No one doubts
      – I myself nor so many of others are Export like you for ASTRO here cando
      – You have to appreciate; they are not trying to prove to any of you nor other experts as they do not trust you nor your expertise
      – People are scared especially who are not believer of astro, who are not acquaint of astro and someone who were having life always at test
      – More over as you said different charts different persons, persona, someone suddenly falls from long hard earned life savings, fame, social prestige etc and then if lost a lot due to some unknown reasons even, with done so much of hard work, hard and honest efforts and even after 7.5 mark was passed and things still same not giving any relief quite logical to have questions raised in the mind here of this person (SOMEONE)
      – Request make it a discussion largely expert participate and hence be fruitful for all are new travellers who are entered in sadesati. Even we can at least able to give them the highlights for them being careful and they feel happy at 10% its more than an achievement as what I believe.

      Pratyaksh Purani

  394. Dear Kanyas,
    How is everything ? For me ..its still the same
    Waiting for some sort of miracle after 10 years ..
    Yes ..in case some of you are wondering , sani period started
    Very much earlier for some , I still remember the start date for my
    Killer periods , 08/2005 till now , there has been no Ray of light in my tunnel of darkness .. Wish some of you have good news ..

  395. Guys – I have been reading this post for quite some time now and was trying to ascertain a pattern with what people were presenting about their life. Thought, I will also contribute.
    This is a very good way for all of us Kanya Rashi folks to gather the pattern as it emerges during this transit. Like everyone…I have been suffering too. Last seven years have been BRUTAL. I have even abused God during this time. It was like…Yeh Bhi Koi Jeena hai Lalloo. If this is what you call Life then why the heck am I living…I better be dead. But one needs to know that this drama of life is all about Karma which you cannot escape. You WILL have to perform your duties and you cannot escape it by dying. If you kill yourself then you WILL have to come back in the same state you left to undergo your Karmic obligations. At the end of this transit all I can say is that – I have been humbled and I am good human being now. And…now I am on the path of Self Realization…and of course have Realized to a good extent. Understood and Realized that one day I am not going to be here…really have felt that. So…take it easy and don’t take life so seriously…its just a sophisticated game. To help you all…I suggest you read this – http://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda/chap43.php. If you get time…try to read the whole book. Please note this is all about belief and doesn’t our whole life rest on a belief that you are you 
    Please note couple of things that I have learned. I am not an astrologer but an avid follower of astrology. I scan through numerous sites to get a pattern on what’s going on and what is supposed to happen.
    * Saturn did not suddenly Jump from Libra to Scorpio…so the effects will be slow… just like the night goes from dawn to daytime. This is our dawn period. It’s a slow transition…before you get back to White from this Black period you will have to go through the Gray.
    * The sade-sati is a period of delayed gratification. That means you have banked all your Good Karma. Now the universe will provide the opportunity to use the back account. Remember the Karma Bank will open in the daytime not in the dawn :)
    * At least there should be some peace. I have lot of peace now…and it’s heavenly and blissful. As they say in hindi “Paani ka amrit tatva usey hi pata chalta hai jo raygistaan se pyaasa aaya ho” 
    * Do not expect anything magical to happen unless you yourself have performed something magical in the past.
    * Look back to your last sade-sati and review what happened when you came out of it. It will give you a clue of what this period should look like. Mine was life changing. Hence…waiting for something similar to happen.
    * I have been so scared during the past period that I have stopped dreaming of anything good. This has led to killing of all desires. Now I can say I am relatively desire free…and its such an amazing feeling. It is, trust me.
    * Lastly…work backwards…remember you are not going to be on this planet for long. This is what I learned in last phase when I had to face the fear of my own death.

  396. @@Don’t worry Sativnder
    It is hard truth to bear.
    For me slight improvement like pinch of salt.
    Nothing extraordinary happen so far.waiting and praying no other options

  397. Hello all,

    I had been just reading the posts every day . I am believe in god too much. Lord BALAJI being home god, no one said me to do fasting on Saturday but my mother said Saturday is an loving day for the god. Since past 6 years every Saturday is fasting day for me. I realized this, while other days I hardly say god name other than morning and evening when I come home. But Saturday when ever I feel hunger or thirst I use say god name.
    Yes mine was also a disaster. Where got married at 10:00 am went to court at 4:00 pm the same day cost me to the hell, thank god I had my job and still with it. All painful statements are true and applicable to me as well. “Your journey vai sadesati may not be a happy, it does not mean you do not deserve the result. It is the rest how u choose the results to be.” The first positive result is when you believe in yourself and god, rest follows you even if you don’t want.

  398. Dear all ,

    Raj is doing excellent thing to collect all data and serving all of you in a platform to share your pain . I appreciate the Mr Raj efforts .

    Regarding Astrology and your parent status of pain for Virgo moon sign , let me clear one doubt that each individual in this world has different astrological chart due to time , place and date .
    Saturn is out of 9 planet , 12 Rashi , dasha , anterdasha and 27 nakshtra so that if calculate the probability or distribution of these you all will find each individul has so different if there moon sign are same .

    So only Saturn transition can not do miracle to any one, it depends upon on your individual chart that weather Saturn is malfalic or benific as per your Lagan chart and situation of other planets.

    Vedic astrology is science and depends upon the electromagnetic , infrared and gravitational forces from each planets to each one including plants , animals , generations and countries .

    This blog approach is good and effective way to understand the pattern of Sade sati , for some people Sade sati is very good also , be positive and believe on super power and do your hard work .

    I am also kanya moon sign with saggitarious Lagan and in my Sade sati the two phase were excellent I got overseas job , home and money but in last phase I took risk and lost my job and now things are changing again .
    Saturn is malfelic planet for my chart.

    So believe it also depends upon your karma , environment , country you are living and specific in your own charts.

    Anshul Bajpai

  399. Dear all ,

    Raj is doing excellent thing to collect all data and serving all of you in a platform to share your pain . I appreciate the Mr Raj efforts .

    Regarding Astrology and your parent status of pain for Virgo moon sign , let me clear one doubt that each individual in this world has different astrological chart due to time , place and date .
    Saturn is out of 9 planet , 12 Rashi , dasha , anterdasha and 27 nakshtra so that if calculate the probability or distribution of these you all will find each individul has so different if there moon sign are same .

    So only Saturn transition can not do miracle to any one, it depends upon on your individual chart that weather Saturn is malfalic or benific as per your Lagan chart and situation of other planets.

    Vedic astrology is science and depends upon the electromagnetic , infrared and gravitational forces from each planets to each one including plants , animals , generations and countries .

    This blog approach is good and effective way to understand the pattern of Sade sati , for some people Sade sati is very good also , be positive and believe on super power and do your hard work .

    I am also kanya moon sign with saggitarious Lagan and in my Sade sati the two phase were excellent I got overseas job , home and money but in last phase I took risk and lost my job and thinks are changing again .
    Saturn is malfelic planet for my chart.

    So believe it also depends upon your karma , environment , country you are living and specific in your own charts.

    Anshul Bajpai

    • Hi Anshul,

      Can you please advise on my sadesati. This just seems so never ending. I don’t seem to see any respate at all.

      DOB – 13th May 1973
      Time of Birth – 10.10 am
      Place of Birth – Mumbai – Dombivili

      Any response highly appreciated.


  400. Dear all

    For Sade sati you people will surprise that the our PM Mr Narendra Modi ji is having moon on Scorpio and his peak Sade sati is running and he became PM in his Sade sati rising .

    Name: Narendra Modi
    Date of Birth: Sunday, September 17, 1950
    Time of Birth: 11:00:00
    Place of Birth: Mehsana
    Longitude: 72 E 28
    Latitude: 23 N 37
    Time Zone: 5.5

    Anshul Bajpai

  401. Absolutely agree to what Anshul said 2nd november statement is too generic .

  402. Dear Friends,

    Nice to see that many of you have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I am still bitter. I guess that the bitterness of 7.5 years is going to take some time to disappear. The only good thing that has happened is that I have reconciled with my life. I am like that object which is falling under the effect of gravity and has attained terminal velocity….so I can neither accelerate nor decelerate….even God cannot change my velocity….so I have scored over God…that is the only thing I can gloat about…apart from it ” a big ZERO”….I see a lot of comments advising people to see the sunny side of life, the good days to come, how shani gives much more than he has taken etc etc….If it does good to some then I have no problems…But personally I laugh at such imbecile and puerile statements which are ridiculous and preposterous to say the least…..Gosh if only I had an AK-47 assault rifle and shani appears before me…..alas dreams are my only succour…

    Anyway friends, keep chugging and try to be happy…

    BTW who is this another “Rahul” trying to spread the message of hope and goodwill and happiness and spirituality and blah blah blah….You are such a blot on my name ….Can you please change your username to something like “sidekick_of_shani” or “shani_my_friend” or”astro_friend” something like that…


  403. Rahul, AK-47 is an understatement, i wish i had a bazooka
    Sani has caused me so much pain till today i still continue to drink alcohol everyday to reduce the pain.I am a functional alcoholic so to say.
    I worked hard for all my relationships (which was flushed down the drain)
    I worked hard for my money (will all turned to pee when i drink)
    Here i sit in my office now with people backstabbing me,even when it no fault of mine.I ve taken 9 years of this s**t, how much more?
    I cannot keep track of all my planets , i only know saturn and jupiter are the main planets to influence us either with blessings or disaster.
    Ive become NUMB,like rahul in neither here nor there.
    God..do you have any mercy all all..?

    • Dear Satvinder,

      I am really sad after reading your plight….alas I can do nothing more than offer you a few words of solace…atleast you have money to spend on booze and drown your sorrows…just think of a poor guy like me who cannot do so and has to ‘gulp’ down the bitter medicine day in day out……We have really become NUMB….numb to pain, misfortune,sorrow,failure,disease…….well the list is endless….I hope brother that your troubles vanish quickly…..so that you quit drinking and save the money (so that I can get a AK-47/Bazooka with that money)….

      Keep laughing at your misfortunes….this will certainly irritate shani/god…


  404. do you have any physical health problems because of your drinking…i used to drink a lot but an uncomfortable little burning sensation on my middle left side of abdomen made me quit the booze..upon researching i found it could have been pancreatitis or onset of cirrhosis….i am clean for about two years now…if this all astrology…sade sati …november ending….etc etc…turns out to be a sham..i am going to drown myself in the spirit

  405. Hi everyone! Amist all the gloom – i did get a few interviews in August – Oct. Just that they didn’t quite work out but i am pleased that i am getting called for interviews. From Last sept to august this year – i kept applying but not a single interview call. As someone mentioned above, my mind and heart is at peace most days and i just pray and hope for the best soon. I do feel a small positivity within me though. Its tiny but it exists and i appreciate that.

    I am currently waiting to hear back from two companies. Should anything positive work out – i will keep everyone posted. :)

  406. Hi all,

    I have asked the same question befor also but still no reply, and My situations are alsobsame as they were before 3rd Nov 14

    My DOB is 5th Apr 1985, time 19:15, Place Borivali Mumbai

    My question is like many others here, regarding Finance, no Romance/Merriage yet

    Nothing seems to work out still, life is hell, and because of my Sade sati, my family is also going through hell, its high time now for my family, Lost houses, huge loss in 3 different business in last 2 years, lost all the lexury per say, home jewellery vehicle etc.

    When will this deficult time end for my family, as I dont care much for me

    Please reply this time

  407. Dear friend,

    Your comments reflect that you are still not understand the spiritual power of god , God as well as planets are only help and support those people who believe on positive , good habits , helping nature , speech control and value to life . Life is not only materialistic or man made , it is above all money , relation and power in our today’s world.
    If you are suffering from materialistic pain from long time or short time then always refer to people who are physically challenged from birth , what is there mistake when they got birth without eyes , problem in legs or any other issue. Unfortunately , god given them pain from birth . Life is beautiful , hard time will teach us , how to handle difficulties so that we become strong man in future .
    Distorying the present with negative thought process is very easy way but understanding the issue , fighting with problem , identifying the root cause , identifying the action plan and execution of action plan will help you to come out from your problem . Prayers and astrology will provide you right path to follow in hard time to resolve the root cause in fast mode .

    Rest all depends upon individual , how he deal with his own life , our karma will pay 70 % role in our current life and 30 % will be you luck and destiny . If in your kundali or chart a good fortune is present it will only will execute when you try it other wise how bulb was discovered by Edison or Mother Terissa became saint.
    Apology , if any body will hurt from my views.

    Jai Sani Dev

  408. Hi all,

    Everybody here are expecting and worrying about good results after sadesati period.Even iam also worrying about myself.I have morethan 6 lacs money blocked in policies.There is no money in my pocket only 5000 rs.From next month onwards i dont know how iam going to my premiums.I didn’t get any job till now.I have given interviews like anything.If i get offer i will get minimum 12 lacs per annum as package.But still iam hopeful to get job very soon, ofcourse there are times i bereft of confidence.

    Today i want to explain something intresting, about a famous person , film star in INDIA.How he is struggling still even after sadesati i will explain.This is just to boost all of your confidence, ofcourse he is having lot of money .

    HE IS NONE OTHER THAN “MEGA STAR CHIRANJEEVI” and an icon of telugu industry.

    HE is also ” KANYA RASHI” person and STAR – CHITTA .

    See the struggles he had experienced during sadesati:

    1. His younger eloped with one ordinary boy and got married in ” ARYA SAMAJ” in hyderabad in OCTOBER 17 TH 2007.Daily Heavy arguements between daughter and father CHIRANJEEVI 7 months before marriage.
    After marriage daughter filed cases on father CHIRANJEEVI and his brothers saying that there is threat for her life from these people.The couple went to SUPREMECOURT OF INDIA and met famous lawyer PINKY ANAND and they filed case.Court ordered police protection for them and it is big news in national media. “CHIRANJEEVI” and whole family depressed and requested her daughter to come back in all tv channels.but no use,finally CHIRANJEEVI broke all bondings with daughter.That is first major set back for him.After that he come to know few things about the events led to her daughter’s marriage.Top CONGRESS PARTY leaders from ANDHRAPRADESH they are behind that boy who married CHIRANJEEVI’S DAUGHTER.—
    2. Due to that personal experience he wants to take revenge on CONGREE PARTY and he wants to punish the people behind his daughter’s marriage by becoming CHIEF MINISTER.He announced a new political party by name ” PRAJA RAJYAM” on 26 th august 2008.That time YS RAJASEKHAR REDDY was ANDRAPRADESH CHEIF MINISTER …the most powerful CONGRESS CM .All congress cm’s are undercontrol of MRS.SONIA GANDHI but YSR used control SONIA GANDHI.ANDRAPRADESH HAS GOEN FOR ELECTIONS IN 2009 MAY and results came after some days CONGRESS PARTY they retained power again.The PRAJA RAJYAM PARTY won only 18 assembly seats out of 294, even though they got 64 lakhs votes 16 % of votes polled.This is second major setback.
    After the above sudden debacle all PRP PARTY cadre and some sitting MLA’S joined in CONGRESS PARTY slowly……Finally CHIRANJEEVI merged his party with CONGRESS PARTY in 2012 to get CENTRAL CABINET BERTH .This decision was opposed by each and every people of ANDRAPRADESH.He had experienced all bad kinds of abuse from people .Rotten eggs thrown on his face during a function.


    see 2nd part…….


    3.Finally CHIRANJEEVI got cabinet berth and became UNION TOURISM MINISTER with INDEPENDENT charge.During that time there is turmoil in his younger daughter’s married life.She filed DOWRY HARASSMENT CASES ON her HUSBAND deliberately with the influence of CHIRANJEEVI and they tortured BOY’S family like anything.CHIRANJEEVI him self threatened boy’s family and the boy is rejected to give divorce.The boy was arrested and tortured for 7 days.So everybody in ANDRAPRADESH they come to know about so called MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI’S cheap tactics.He himself spoiled his good reputation by involving in all these acts.After few months FAMILY COURT has given divorce for the couple.
    He lost his reputation among his die-hard fans also.Fans they are hitting CHIRANJEEVI’S statue with cheppals and they are spitting on his photos and burning effigies.
    4. This was the time when TELANGANA MOVEMENT was on peak stage in ANDRAPRADESH. There were seperate agitations going on for “UNITED ANDRAPRADESH” and “SEPERATE TELANGANA” in both regions of ANDRAPRADESH.
    During this time CHIRANJEEVI announced iam for UNITED ANDRAPRADESH .Then the real struggle started.All TELANGANA student unions and JOINT ACTION COMMITEE people they staged darnas and rallys infront of his house.For him it was very difficult to handle both TELANGANA and ANDHRA PEOPLE.He was almost in the middle of ……….After some days he bats for HYDERBAD as UNION TERRITORY if CENTRAL GOVERNMENT is willing to give TELANGANA.On this statement whole ANDRA REGION burned and people threatened him for life long ban of his family members movies in ANDHRA REGION.After somedays TELANGANA FORMED.ANDRA people demanded CHIRANJEEVI’S RESIGNATION, but he didn’t announced his resignation and has gone to underground.He is the main culprit for STATE DIVISION by taking some huge amount of package FROM MRS.SONIA GANDHI.
    Hi brother and cinema star “PAWAN KALYAN” OPPOSED STATE BIFURCATION and the manner in which SONIA GANDHI did.But CHIRANJEEVI did not say anything ot talk anything against SONIA GANDHI.This incidence HURTED BADLY so many ANDRA PEOPLE.Some people they committed suicide.Then his brother AND FILM STAR ” PAWAN KALYAN” started a new political party called ” JANA SENA” TO SUPPORT NARENDRA MODI as PM .This hurted alot CHIRANJEEVI. After that PAWAN KALYAN broken all relations with CHIRANJEEVI.
    2014 elections came and MODI become PM and CHIRANJEEVI lost his CABINET BERTH.

    All the above incidents during SADESATI.


    Recently he came out of SADESATI like all of us.CENTRAL GOVERNMENT has issued a notice to Mr.CHIRANJEEVI asked him to vacate GOVERMENT BUNGLOW.They stick notices out side of his house in AKBAR ROAD,NEWDELHI.Now he is fighting with GOVERMENT.

    BEFORE the above incident he visited famous PASUPATHINATH TEMPLE IN NEPAL AND OFFERED ALL PRAYERS AND PERFORMED POOJAS AND DONATED 5 LAKHS.He has been performing SHANI HOMAS all these years but he is still struggling…….even after sadesati…

    Very soon he is planning to quit politics and want continue his film career…..Recently he hinted that he is going to registe for his 150 th movie and he is listening to all stories and in search of finding director for 150 th movie.

    So what iam saying is things slowly will improve….

    My passport has expired 2 yrs back and i have been trying to reneawl it for the past 2 yrs…but faced some or other problem….finally not.Now i got appointment on DECEMBER 4TH for RENEAWL ,and iam seeing success and happiness in there only.If everything goes fine by 2015 APRIL I WOULD BE IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for permanent settlement.

    This is again REBIRTH for all of us…..I LOST ALL MONEY AND RESPECT WHICH I HAVE EARNED EARLIER.But now iam happy and finding happiness in small small things…….

  410. Only Patience & Tolerance will help. Any amount of Pujas, liquor / self pity or fault finding will not help…Since 3 rd Nov many new opportunities have opened up and things look positive but yet to materialize……After 7.5 years of watching platinum turning to mud things looking better now….The one who took it all will give it back 10 folds am sure….

  411. This is a brilliant case study Raj , you can also see similar things that happened to Salman Khan & the controversies (Accident , BlackBuck . Media mishap etc. ) Would love to read you analysis on that.

  412. Hello Everyone,
    Am following this blog for almost 2 years now. Every time i have a bad time, i come here to check is it happening only to me, and every time am amused to see am not the only one. Am like why is this s**t happening to all the kanya rashi people, we have taken more than we could in the last 7.5 years. Broken relations, helplessness everywhere. I thought Jupiter transit in June will bring some sunshine, but NO.. then thought Saturn transit might turn things around, but still NO. Inspite i gave up my present mediocre job for a new one, and now am stuck nowhere. I came to US in sadesati, but i had to go a lot of sufferings, and my long relationship ended in just days.. Am struggling financially since then. I got some interview calls, but the best joke of my life was to get a call from Facebook, which i crakced two technical rounds, got selected, and now due to some disperancy between the vendor and my employer, am on a verge of losing the job. Am fed up of all this. I have worked my blood hard, to get till here. And to see such opportunity slipping from my hands is disgusting. My patience is getting over day by day. drinking almost everyday to get over what has happened in last 2 years. Am done. Bhaad me gaye planets and bhaad me gaye transits. All this is bullshit, just to play with poor people like us.

  413. forget about money and marriage.. these can happen in our favor later as well.. Wat about ill health and loved ones death.. these cant be revoked…

  414. What i liked about sade sati is that even if people are going to temples and offering prayers and surrendering infront of him with knees down he is not leaving anyone.. Hatsoff to his commitment..

  415. Next time this sade sati comes into my life.. Im off to himalayas.. some one willing to join??????????????

    • @@@Lonely soul
      By changing the place one can’t change his/her destiny.
      What we have to gain or loose it’s fixed.
      It’s all after effects of sade sati we all are still into such discussion.

      God bless all and give strength.

    • Hello Lonely Soul,

      I am ready to join you. But I just have one request. Lets first go to Las Vegas and Miami first and then we can go to the Himalayas.

      Atleast let me commit some ‘sins’ so that during our stay in the Himalayas I can sonsole myself that I suffered bcoz of the ‘sins’ I committed during my trip to USA…In that way I can find a justification for my suffering ( I am sorry I do not know what ‘sins’ I committed in my previous birth)…also ‘spiritual’ people in this forum will stand vindicated….



  416. 100% seriously… more so..if it turns out to be a false dawn this time …only if you are willing to add manali on the itinerary list..(for its world renowned “Manali Cream”)

    we would survive hippy-style.. just like the ramdev baba during the 1990s

  417. Jai Sani Dev

    घर बनाने में वक़्त लगता है
    पर मिटाने में पल नहीं लगता
    दोस्ती बड़ी मुश्किल से बनती हैं
    पर दुश्मनी में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    गुज़र जाती है उम्र रिश्ते बनाने में
    पर बिगड़ने में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    जो कमाता है महीनों में आदमी
    उसे गंवाने में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    पल पल कर उम्र पाती है ज़िंदगी
    पर मिट जाने में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    जो उड़ते हैं अहम के आसमानों में
    जमीं पर आने में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    हर तरह का वक़्त आता है ज़िंदगी में
    वक़्त के गुज़रने में वक़्त नहीं लगता….

  418. Jai Sani Dev

    घर बनाने में वक़्त लगता है
    पर मिटाने में पल नहीं लगता
    दोस्ती बड़ी मुश्किल से बनती हैं
    पर दुश्मनी में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    गुज़र जाती है उम्र रिश्ते बनाने में
    पर बिगड़ने में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    जो कमाता है महीनों में आदमी
    उसे गंवाने में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    पल पल कर उम्र पाती है ज़िंदगी
    पर मिट जाने में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    जो उड़ते हैं अहम के आसमानों में
    जमीं पर आने में वक़्त नहीं लगता
    हर तरह का वक़्त आता है ज़िंदगी में
    वक़्त के गुज़रने में वक़्त नहीं लगता….

    • Namaskar AnshulJi,

      Your poem is really heart-warming… I felt a touch of Javed Akhtar Saab in those lines…..really classy and elegant…..

      But there is one problem….at the start….why “Jai Shani Dev”???? I mean are you expecting all of us to be grateful that we are suffering and burning away our so called ‘bad karma’…..But who is auditing our karma and is that chap foolproof…..I mean if you want a tooth to be pulled out you will go to a dentist not to a quack….you can check the credentials of the dentist and if something goes wrong you can even sue him? Same case with our karma….How am I supposed to know that I have done bad karma (in my previous life) and so I am suffering now? What about the precious time which I lost due to depression and anxiety? Wealth and status can come back, but time will not (I do hope you know that). Since I crossed my marriageable age, I doubt if ever I will get married. What about those people who have lost their near and dear ones? What about the lasting effects of ill-health? I don’t think your ‘shani dev’ can turn back the clock and bring back dead persons to life.

      Its good that you are spreading hope and love and blah blah blah through this forum. But some of your ideas are really outdated, irrational and un-scientific to say the least…..you sound like a good-natured quack….not a qualified dentist….So I would request you to stick onto your poetry and stop that rigamarole about shani….Most of us had enough of that chap….


      • Rahul -I don’t think anyone can answer the questions you have other than you yourself. First of all…be logical. There is NO Shani Dev. It’s just the planet Saturn whose movement we are concerned with as people have figured out that if its in a particular angle then some things happen. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Its all about data and how dots have been connected to tell us that its because of Saturn movement. Go beyond…and think…is it Saturn casting a spell on us? Are there some rays coming from Saturn? Is its Gravitational pull? What is it?…I don’t think we have an answer. And, since we do not have an answer we have to rely on patterns and pattern is what is called Shani Dev…which is mere personification of the Planet Saturn. It depends on where you want to establish your faith…the Supreme (who of course no one has seen)…or these other forms…ITS ALL UP TO YOU! But do a favor to yourself…question yourself to the extent that you are at a point you cannot get answers…and that would be the place where you will have to Believe and establish your Faith!

      • Well said Rahul, I agree with a lot of things you’ve said.
        I don’t know what has happened to you or what your personal situation is so I’m not going to comment on it. I’m following a really simple principle which has really helped me get out of this shit, and I hope it helps you and others reading this too! :)

        1. Accept that certain things in life are not in the best situation. Previously I never believed in astrology much, but nevertheless the last 7.5 years have made me realize that maybe it is true I don’t know the science behind it though. That being said, don’t be negative, but stop expecting things to work out. If they do, great. If not, move on and stay strong.

        2. Leave no stone unturned. If shani can challenge us, so can we fight. I have managed to successfully turn around everything that went wrong in my life and I’m happy. I feel 100 times stronger and I’m only 22, but I’m in a happy state of mind. To all those people who think things will magically change overnight, no they won’t. Also, stop blaming everything on shani. I think one thing I have realized is that take whatever comes your way and make the best of it. Here’s my experience:

        1. Education – should have gotten my preferred stream, but I missed out on it. Had to take a stream I didn’t like as much, but decided to stick to it. Decided that since I’m doing something I don’t like, I should do sooo well that I have no regrets in life.

        2. Career – had backlogs in college. But I went out of my way and did not sit at home for a single vacation. Started working in companies at the age of 17. Relied on contacts mostly cos despite giving 50 applications, not a single interview call.

        3. Love – long term relation ended cos the guy I was with thought he was ‘never serious’ though we were together for 4 years! I let him go. My way of thinking was, I can’t change his feelings and if he really feels that way, it’s better for me to let him go.

        4. Friends – fought with every single person close to me at a point. Was aggressive was angry.

        5. Family – not good, separated from my father, bad financial situation, instability, family members fell sick.

        I have good news. Each and every single thing changed.

  419. Hi all,

    I am not sure if my posts are being seen by others… Nobody replied to my earlier posts… Please reply and confirm if you can see this, so that I can post some good news from my side.


  420. @ Raz

    we are able to see you post, Raz! Please do share your good news – it’s always nice to hear that someone is doing well. Gives hope to the rest of us :)

  421. Dear Mr Rahul

    Every one has potential right to speak his thoughts in this forum , I believe in Sani Dev it’s my personal perspective not others and I am not forcing any body to follow me . I am democratic leader and an electrical engineer , living out side India from last 10 years .
    I love astrology , doing my research on it and belong kanya rashi moon sign .
    If you do not like my thought process it’s your own view and I hope that you can understand the importance of destiny in your life.
    Hard work will not pay you every thing in life but it’s importance will be inevitable , hard time will come and go in every body life , the person who born blind , he did not even perform karma in his life but unfortunately nature give him pain from birth till whole life . No astrology or preyer can change your destiny however you can reduce the pain of life of a blind by providing education , blind navigation system help a lot to in their life . Sani is son of sun in Vedic astrology , sun is day so Sani is night or chaya, to deal with darkness you need light or power , that light will be through your preyers and worship to almighty . Our future is in karma of present and past , for example you are doing so many paryers ,using gem stone and same time behaving badly with poors, servant , physically challenged and family member then how your gem or preyers will help you to out from pain of Sade sati . Then your karma also need to participate in your dailiy life , which also effects your positive and negative thought process.

    I believe that you are came across lot of pain , I prey to almighty that all your pain will resolve soon and you get success in your life .

    Jai Sani Dev


    • Dear AnshulJi,

      I read your reply. First of all let me tell you that I have no malicious intentions of hurting you and your sentiments. People like you keep telling that Sade Sathi will make you a better and beautiful person and all that…..But in my case it has only made me bitter and ugly….You cannot even fathom the pain, humiliation and sorrow that I have endured and continue to do so…..the scars will remain and as long as they remain I will continue to be bitter….

      Please note that I do not want your sympathy or help….its just the bitterness and frustration which keeps spewing out of my system. I repeat I do not want to hurt your feelings and inadvertently if I have done so then please accept my sincere apologies.

      You gave an example of a person born blind and gave some explanation. I ask you what if some person goes blind due to some mishap and then when he is trying to collect the broken pieces of his life, some random guy comes along and harps about shani and karma and blah blah blah, will the blind guy accept it with all humility and repent for his karma? If you were that blind guy what will you do?

      You also gave an example of me wearing gemstones and praying in temple but misbehaving with elders and treating physically challenged people badly….Now I ask you what if I was the opposite…..Actually I respect elders and I am really compassionate towards others and also help others in whatever way possible for me and yet I suffer the pain day in and day out…..Should I go to temple and surrender to god? (in that case he is nothing but a blackmailer) or should I accept that there is no god (or an impotent god) and then continue to suffer despite being good and virtuous?

      I chose the second option. That is precisely the reason why I got a bit irked when you glorified shani. I do not know what troubles you have faced in life but let me humbly tell you one more thing….its easy to be religious and sing praises of shani when you are surfing the ‘good wave’ …but just think about guys like me stranded in still water in the middle of the ocean, doing the rowing all by myself……just think….

      I want to reiterate the fact again that I have no intention of attacking your views nor do I want to get into a war of words with you…..It will be a futile exercise….so you enjoy your ‘surfing’ and please let me ‘row’ albeit with a bitter heart….


  422. Hai Raz
    We see your post friend and pl share the good news. After all the paing through these years , good news is all we are waiting to hear. This forum has given us opportunity to hear and share our experineces during this testing period. And also opprtunity to understand the fellow humans in a better way. We are waiting for u man…

  423. All – I learned something new today…we all have questions on why someone is suffering while others are benefiting while all of us are of same Kanya rashi. Well, I knew this all along that we are all going to have very specific outcomes based on the different degrees of the planets. Even though we are all broadly classified as Kanya rashi but we all differ in various degrees of other components…like – degree of planets, mahadash, antardasha.
    There is one more analytical way of defining our outcomes during transits and that’s through – Astakavarga Table. Get your Astakavarga Chart through http://astrosage.com/kundli/ and analyze your results based on tutorial from different sites. One good sample is – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AUxhL3B-vg.

    So…now you will see why even though Jupiter being in 11 (a very good house) and Saturn being in 3(again a very good house)…is possibly imparting or not imparting good results. Let me know if you have questions. Have fun!

  424. Duh…it has become worse…..jupiter change had brought a mild breeze and it seems sani transit is even gona estingush that ..well I am feeling helpless

  425. Have given up believing , maybe astrology is just crap to make people believe to make money ..I’ve visited too many crack pot pundits and so called gurus to get false answers , may they enjoy with my hard earned money ..as for me , I’m still saving up to buy my bazooka

  426. Hi
    Myself Raj Kumar Verma I lost my job in july 2012, all the savings gone, I lost my father in Law, Brother in Law and around 5 more people during saade sati period, I am still searching for job now.

  427. @girl
    Thanks for replying! Well, my story goes like this:
    The bad: Lost all except one property, got into very steep debts and finally,lost my soulmate, my wife to cancer in 2012.

    Now: Astrologers said good things will happen from July 2014 as my Jupiter Mahadasa is starting then. Here are the news which are showing signs of good things to come:

    1. Got married in August 2014, as predicted. A very sweet and understanding girl. A perfect match as I remarried to have someone to look after my daughter.
    2. Two years ago, I had a Honda civic and a good life. But later, I got down to Hyundai Eon for the past one year. Then just last week, I had a discussion with my office guys (I have my own company with 2 more partners in it) and the very next day, I was given a 2012 Honda city, courtesy of my office!
    3. My salary increased by 30% from last month
    4. My father-in-law (my late wife’s father) suddenly got an urge to buy an apartment so that I and my daughter (his grand daughter) wouldn’t have to struggle and pay the rents.
    5. My land which I have been trying to sell for the past year is now almost sold. If and when that does happen, EVERYTHING in my life is solved…except I can’t get back the one I lost.

    So I just wanted to share these things with you guys…I have been reading almost all the posts and wanted to add my story too so that it may give others hope.

    @Raj: Would you be able to see my horoscope and tell when I would be able to sell the land? If so, here are my details: 25-12-1975, 07:30AM, Nellore, AP. Would really appreciate it :-) Thanks in advance.

    All the best guys, hope everything works out for everyone. We may not get all we have lost, but we may be given some peace to continue living.

  428. Pavan,
    Graduated in 2008(math grad), was jobless for 30 months, then worked for a terrible MNC for 18 months. Now, since Oct 2012 jobless for more than 2 years . Overall jobless for 4 1/2 years.
    No money, no job , already a laughing stock, relatives think I am just lazy to work, not interested in leading a good life. They don’t understand that I am trying but nothing is happening.
    Brothers wedding in 2 weeks, one more chance for all people to make fun and speak things behind me. Sister-in-law has a good job while I will be sitting at home. I don’t know what I have done to be punished like this, I am a person who would mind my own business,nothing has changed after November. Lost hope in astrology, will never visit any astrology sites since it is nor working for me.
    Now certain websites are claiming that for virgo’s things will get better only by AUG- 2015. Cant even think of waiting till then.
    At least happy that some of you are having a good time, while I am suffering, I have realized that I have to live my life as a bachelor, all I want now is a job so that I can earn money for myself.

    • Don’t worry.Things will get well soon.For some the good things will happen slowly and don’t lose hope.Everything will be fine.

    • hi pavan

      how r things at your end now…Has the time turned good?
      I am also kanya rashi which is why i am asking
      Any other member can also comment on the ongoing time of kanya rashi


  429. I have great news guys!!!

    Read my reply to Rahul to understand what happened before.

    How my life has changed :)

    1. Education – got into a university that’s top 10 in the world in my stream.
    2. Career – got a campus placement in the best company that visited campus this year. Got 4 job offers from other companies in my hometown. 3 of them are MNCs.
    3. My boyfriend came back. Our relationship is stronger than ever. We needed that break to reach a new level of seriousness. I learnt how to be independent and happy without him, and he realizd my importance.
    4. Friends: all the real friends are back. I’m glad that I have genuine people around and I’m glad that I let go of those who took advantage of me and were undeserving of me in their life.
    5. My family will be re united after 10 years in June 2015. Health issues have been solved.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel. :) just stay strong.

    • @Pavan ,
      same thing happened to me, blessed are those whose families support them in tough times and I don’t mean financially,at least you got your degree at right time,for me, education took a big hit during sade sati, among other things ,now I realize if people could look back 8 years earlier me, they’d say “who the hell are you and what you’ve done with Abhi??” hope things turn out good for you my friend :-)

    • Oops so sorry, touched on wrong reply

  430. DOB: 23-09-1976
    TOB: 21:05 / 09:05 PM
    POB: Dadar, Mumbai – 18.58 N / 72.50 E

    For me past 7 -8 years has been hell. Health issues, Career tension, Unmarried. Don’t know what sins I committed in my past birth and this birth. Plz help me.

  431. Hey buddy Raz,
    that’s great news, congratulations, you seem like a hard working guy, well it’s great finally someone’s hard work is paying off, and yes you can’t get the one you lost, and we all are sorry for that , but hey you got to know another good person, most people can’t get even one, so your luck is high brother ,news like this are so sorely needed by all of us


  432. Hi Mr sandy

    Thanks for contacting me , however I will only explain much about you as I need permission from Blog owner . You are kanya moon sign and. Gemini Lagan , you are under Jupiter mahadasha and Venus anterdasha and your Jupiter is in eight house , Venus is in 12 house and combust in Lagan chart , for rest public discussion only possible with if I get permission from owner of blog . If I can help you it will be my pleasure.
    I always use my astrology education as free service for human kind.
    You can contact me @ anshul.balco@gmail.com
    I hope Mr Raj will understand .
    Jai Sani Dev

    • @@ANSHUL,


      My birth chart details:

      star: chitta, kanya rashi




      Right now iam going through JUPITER-VENUS dasha? Can you tell me about when can i get married? what kind of partner i can get? any foreign travel settlement and about my love life?

      Even though i am good at astrology, i need to know further about my chart…


  433. Dear Strong Girl….. Fantastic.! Thank you for sharing your experiences and the good tidings in your life.
    While I have not yet experienced the benefits of the end of the Sade Satti.. for Kanya Rashi, I am hopeful and praying for better days ahead.

    Many Congratulations and Wish you A Great Life Ahead full of Happiness.

  434. still facing lot of hurdles..

    dob : 17-03-1987
    birth place : amalapuram
    time : 15:20 PM

    can some one tell me whats going on in my life.. Really appreciate your response.

  435. adding

    chiththa nakshatram
    kanya rashi.

  436. Hi Lonely Soul,
    I am still studying astrology and so reading charts is just like a hobby. My analysis may not be 100% correct or correct at all. With whatever little I know I’ll try to help you understand your current situation.

    Shani is in your 5th house Scorpio. And shani has transitted from Kanya has come to Scorpio. Plus your current maha dasha is jup-saturn dasha. Now Shani Looks at the 3rd, 7th and 10th houses from where it’s placed. That means it’s looking at your 7th, 11th and 2nd.

    1) 7th houses is marriage
    2) 11th house is house gain
    3)2nd house is house of wealth

    thus I think you are facing troubles in these fields at the moment because of Shani looking at these houses.

    Otherwise your chart is good and everything will be alright. Your jupiter is in its own house and is good and currently going through jupiter dasha so it’ll be good. And your venus is in 7th house therefore you’ll have beautiful spouse only beware of quarrels. Mars 10th house also good. You will do a profession which different from what you have done your education in. Profession in electronic goods will be beneficial or in politics. Hope it was of little help.

  437. For the past 7 1/2 years was a hell, but some what managed with the professional career and there was no financial problem during those times. After Nov 2, I have got serious problems with my professional as well as personal. From Nov 6, i was forced to resign from my current organization, i am a newly married, don’t no what went wrong, now i am getting frequent quarrels with my wife. My DOB 03.11.1983, Birth time : 12.11 Am, Chennai.

  438. In reply to Rahul,

    I have also become a bitter person.I seriously don’t even know how to smile anymore.No one should be treated this way,living life during sadi-sati was like death.If there is a god,and if he really does love us all,why make us suffer?

  439. Hello Everyone,

    I have been following this blog for the past eight months or so. I must say that I am quite touched by what I have read so far. I can also relate to what my brothers and sisters have had to go through. Nothing can mitigate the pain and suffering we have undergone. I am also happy that some people have seen the proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel’….They are really lucky ones and I am really envious of them…..

    But what worries me is the spiritual angle some of the discussion has taken…I mean some people do find some comfort and succour in believing god and thinking that shani is making them a better person by troubling them…They say shani acts like heat and ‘burns’ you so that you come out as shining as pure gold…..Then there is the ‘hot’ topic of karma and of course the ledger balance of god where god karma and bad karma are tracked…and you are ignorant of this of course….so you suffer because your ledger balance indicates lot off bad karma…so even if you are the very symbol of virtue…you suffer like hell…but good times are ahead if not in this birth then the next one….so it also means that in the next birth even if you are a scoundrel of the highest order, you will have a good life……I must say this gibberish is really mesmerizing and entertaining…

    But friends we can be sympathetic to one another and help each other whenever possible…why drag god into it? I mean if someone poured out their problems, then the least I can do is commiserate with him/her…and try to help him/her to the best of my abilities…..I will not give ‘gyan’ like some people in this blog are resorting to…..For me humanity is of paramount importance….spirituality, god and of course shani comes a distant second….

    It pains me to read how many of us are looking for a ‘sedative’ for their pains and sufferings…. and subsequently get fooled by ‘spiritualistic’ people with their sweet talk and even sweeter sermons…..

    I know some of you will pounce on me and brand me an ‘atheist’……well I would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven….

    I believe this blog was started so that everyone of us can share their sorrows and then comfort each other…..but I guess some ‘mercenaries’ of shani have infiltrated here also and gave this blog a religious hue…..

    In the end, I apologize to anyone if I have inadvertently hurt their feelings or sentiments. These are strictly my personal views.


  440. Jai Sani Dev

    I am not able figure out your thought process ,
    May almighty bless you .
    Never underestimate others success and pain , life is full of experiences , I hope in future you will get your right path .

  441. Hi Prithviraj,

    Thank you sir . I appreciate the time you have taken to analyze and provide your inputs.

  442. @Lonely Soul
    You are most welcome. Keep faith and have patience. It’ll all be ok.

  443. anshul.balco@gmail.com

    To Pugazhenthi,

    Your time will come back by 29 Jan 2015 . Do not worry , talk to your wife calmly , Hard time will go in few days .
    You have good time running but unfortunatly a patch of dark time is there , be strong and face the challange , you will get success soon.
    Jai Sani Dev


  444. Hi everyone ,

    Any one has experienced some positive results ?
    November passed also today 1 month completed from 2nd November ( end of virgo sade sati)

    Still struggling for results , again waiting and waiting continuously.

  445. Hi Everyone,

    Nearly a month ago, I posted that I got a confirmation of a new dream job but now due to some legal issues, it looks like I have 99 % lost this job without even joining it.

    Feel like retiring at an early age. I think I gave too much importance to my career over last 10 years and looks like loosing everything.

    It looks like everybody is fed up of me. I asked for help on this forum earlier but nobody bothered to reply.

    My date and time of birth is

    8.55 am


    • Hi P,

      really sorry to hear about your new legal problem – i am surprised you are facing new problems though. Tbh, I haven’t faced new problems since July/August and i do feel good. The old problems persists but no new legal, financial or etc worries though. i hope it is something really small and everything works out for you eventually…

  446. Thanx for the concern !

    But why am I suffering now ???
    7.5 years wasn’t enough ???

    I am working on a commission based job and earned something after 9 months.

    I was happy.

    But after the issue I am facing now, it looks like the troubles with my career will never stop ???

    Can anybody advise ???

    My DOB is 01/06/1982
    Time : 8.55 am


  447. http://astrology.barishh.com/result.php?opt=dasaphal one of the best sites to see your horoscope details. Tells you about your current dasha and its effects

  448. Rahul (The Original Rahul)

    Hey its me again Rahul 😀
    I just saw another person named Rahul posting…But anyways 😀
    Just to let you guys know that Lord Shani was Combust from Nov 2nd to Dec 6th; which means All effects of Lord Shani will be temporary withheld, be it good or bad. If you don’t know combustion: In simplest words; When any planet is within in certain degrees close to Sun, its effects are withheld temporarily. In Lord Saturn’s case its 15 degrees 😀
    BUT now the wait is finally over. All your pending tasks will be completed in short time and be it ANYTHING.
    For us Virgo’s, if we think logically, When our Sade-Sati ended on 2nd Nov, Lord became Combust, Right on that day 😀 So how can one expect good results? From this 6th Dec Onwards, You will See Its Results.

    Don’t be surprised if you have become bitter, started to curse others, or lose temper more often than usual 😀 …
    May God Bless you All…. 😀

  449. Hi everyone,
    Been reading your experiences since last two months would like to add my experience. In the last couple of days including today December 5th 2014, I have been feeling depressed,suicidal,sick of life and am still being tormented by Shani dev even today. Unnecessary problems,tensions,losses with no positive signs anywhere. Sade sati for me still continues……
    Dob 16.9.67. Time 1.50 am. Place. Siliguri (W.B)

  450. @ Rahul (The Original Rahul) , its so true that i had rather noticed things become worst even post 2nd November. Nd being bitter was infact inevitable as the patience was truly being tested . I really hope we all have something bright to look forward too.

  451. Its still the same story… Not much things happening ..a kind of fear and anxiety is continuing. Unless I come out of this ,things will not improve. Things bad happenned but brooding over not helping in any way. Feel like working my ass ou is the only way to get out of gloomy attitude. Sitting idle and repenting over loss of money and buisiness is killing me . Lost so much and only fpmy friend and guru in this testing times. Feel like touching her feet for her patience n putting up with me. She tells me to foregt losses and Financial melt down. Tries to convince me that with my experience and qualification , i can make up in 3 years. But still its hard for me to bear the losses. I knew that she is right and i should stop cribbing over past and move on. Thats the only way I can move over sade sati.. Wish me good luck friends. Had enough of this late nights and late rising. Fear of unknown things , anxiety.. Get off me …

  452. Its my wife who is friend, guru guides me.. I am for ever thankful to her. Sadly i never told her how much i am dependent on her.

  453. Alike most of the other virgos I’m too still struggling. Don’t know to whom believe and trust.God is still testing and results are same as usual even after sade sati plus 1 month period over.

  454. Our sade sati is only over on 16th Dec though.. That is what the priest in the temple told me at least. it is only a matter of days now, though..

  455. 16th Dec 2014 or 16th Dec 2015 or 16th Dec 2016?

  456. 16 dec 2014, Tuesday.

  457. Don’t worry guys. Everything will be fine. I wanted to ask if anyone is having; Strange Dreams these days? like unusually weird, night mares, horrifying, awkward etc? I hope I quit my drinking habit soon. I got addictive to alcohol in 2007. Then in 2009 I quit it but then again in 2012, I got this addiction because of a girl/ breakup! Since Dec 2012, I have turned into heavy drinker 😛
    I became a loner; No friends/ No Gf/ No Relatives/ Even MY parents are worried about me. They think I am nothing all but a liar and good for nothing. Money is not a problem for them. But I am Jobless and NO MATTER how hard I try to get one, I am unable to get one :( and Guess what? I am a born American Citizen. Living in NYC But HELL! I can’t do nothing and when i try to do something, it meets Immediate Failure, even after sade-sati is over :(
    I had heard a lot that people gain back everything/ much more than what they lost during sade-sati. But I am still waiting for something to happen :(

  458. Hi Fellow Virgos. This is supposed to be a forum for sade sati impact on vruschika or scorpio but all the way from top to bottom, it has only been virgo. It shows the extent to which shani has tortured us in the past 8.5 years (technically 7.5 but he became retrograde twice).

    And still he is not convinced with what he has done as I’m not able to see any improvement in any area and the misfortunes seem to continue.

    Please share if any of you experienced anything positive so that i can also keep hoping.

    Thanks a lot for the support.

    I really feel sorry for all the people who ended up divorces/lost their loved in this period of sade sati. May god have mercy on all of us.

    After all we represent 1/12th of the world which he created.

  459. girl…dont post more dates for past so many so many years most of us are being deceived by different dates…cant take any more…I have resigned to my fate

  460. Such dates now seems useless after suffering 7 1/2 years and the wounds are not able to heal for much more time.
    I’m feeling dejected & hopeless again after 1month (2nd November)

  461. Yes , no more dates .LoL I have been hearing this past so many years .Just one month more just a bit more only 20 days etc .As I said its not a thing like a doomsday when 2nd November everyone will feel great. See your chart see what degrees of moon you got see when saturn will be of equal degrees in scorpio . See your MD – AD as well .Saturn might be good in your Horo but might be MD AD combo that was making it worse etc.etc. . Cannot just blame on Sade Sati everything.

  462. Tomorrow is the 16th..Going to buy a jackpot ticket and hope it strikes BIG time!

  463. Total disaster without any respite.
    Lost hope and believe in so called almighty or god.

  464. Yeah, I guess it’s time to accept fate, maybe we all did something horribly wrong in our past lives (which we don’t know about ofcourse ).that’s the only explanation to me, I never hurt anybody, never drank never ate meat, but I guess it’s 9 years of suffering and suffering, lost everything and now the last hope is gone too, I still believe, major damages need much more work to recover from, but my perspective shift is this “WHAT’S THE POINT?WHAT’S THE F***ING POINT? “if in another sade sati, all we work for till next 27-30 years will be lost ,and we can’t do much about it anyway, than what’s the point of all this, talk about detachment from world lord shani

  465. End of Sade Sati on 16th has really changed. I still owe the bank the Loan i have taken from them. During the Sade Sati time, the tone of the letter was casual just like reminding for repaying the loan amount. Now the letter has become like threatening for legal course of action and that too 3 times the amount I owe. Which I am sure even if I work rest of my life will not be able to repay.. I think acche din is come. Will wait and see what else good days will happen.

  466. Hi everyone,

    Again after reading experience after 2nd November and 16 December of few virgos. It seems more shit is flying on us without any rescue.
    It is not our fault at all , whilst it’s the poision spraying on us continously and we all are targets.
    Hell is not yet over and deeply concerned of such jinx how and when it gets vanished.

  467. Things looked up after Nov 2 and i was excited. Now after Nov 2 & Dec 16 ( supposedly the final exit of sade sati,s tail in simple language) the unstoppable nightmare continues. Have started a new factory to generate & create TONS of PATIENCE every minute….

  468. things are very chaotic at the moment getting into scuffles here and there..eerily sade-sati began in the same way..some days are up but some days i feel like giving up.but atleast better than past ..when nothing used to happen at all..there was complete numbness..gone to watch Hobbit movie..could see everybody happy enjoying..but it all seems to be moving past me as i looked on…tired of being so lonely for so long

  469. Seems like… things still are the same atleast for few of us. I have had things getting tougher post 2nd Nov. and last week was a shocker. Cant figure out whats exactly happening.

  470. yes same here. things are getting still more worse after 2nd Nov. looks like no hopes. seems nothing is going to change. tired of this life.

  471. Seriously, what is happening to Virgo people???Guru (Jupiter)is 11th position and Saturn is 3rd position..it should be the best time after 7.5 years to us…but it is same what it was ….in 2015 virgo horoscope it is mentioned every where ..that after july’15 ..Kanya rashi people will have to face obstacle …as Jupiter will move to 12th position.. I was laughing alone after reading this ….i do not understand what else obstacles will come further to us??? Anyway up to july ’15 jupiter is in our 11th house (house of gain) lets hope for the best!!!!!! and see what is ahead in coming 6 months to us……

  472. Hello Virgos,

    Reading all the comments here gave me a little strength. Ya, even I was also waiting for Nov 2, nothing happened. It started happening worse though. I almost gave hopes on dates now.

    Some one told from March the good time starts but really sick and tired of hearing these days now. Things are worse now.

    But just to mention I really feel that I have been monitored by a class teacher or policemen i.e Shani which is really monitoring me. One bad habit/task and he will rip me off then and there it self.

    Lets hope for the best and see if March really helps or not.


  473. I want to experience those days of wild laughters, friends, gatherings. I do not wish to tell miseries anymore. I just want to wait, quietly as if to survive through the chilly wintry night in a thin bed sheet.

  474. Seriously after 9 years , I’m sick of hearing all this .. I’m ready to give up God if the torture does not end , so much Money wasted on rituals from idiotic pundits ..no more
    Merry Christmas guys

  475. Now I am forced to believe either Astrology is fake or its a way to make some money! Guru 11th and EXALTED Goddammit! There was so much hype, that Guru is getting Exalted and is extremely lucky and beneficial to Virgos But what happened? It did Nothing. Shani 3rd Did Nothing. There was so much hope, that Shani delivers good results while ending Sade-Sati. Hell, some even claimed that benefits start 6 months prior to the ending of Sade-Sati. But Nothing Happened! Life actually became much miserable; no gf/ friends, money/ home/ All Gone! My car, bike; everything GONE!!!!!!!

  476. Nothing stays forever. Good as well as bad times go away.

    Yes waiting for this rubbish 2014 to complete and hoping for new beginning in positive and prosperous way in 2015.

    Pundits usually have no concrete solutions or remdey just waste of time and money.The interaction with such guys brings more negativity and useless fear in mind.

    Happy New year to everyone and hoping everyone wishes will be fulfilled shortly.

  477. It’s like what I said, god won’t notice good deeds done by us,he won’t give us any rewards, but he WILL punish us if we make slightest of mistakes, and yes pundits have more or less hit or miss solutions, nothing concrete, think about it this way, when you talk about wraith of gods, do you honestly think any human efforts will save us from it… At all? Everyone’s life is much different than other’s,how can one solution will fit for all?

  478. Dear all,

    I read all of you comments , and watched wonderful movie PK , where a align was searching GOD ..
    I agree with you that some people are struggling without having bad sins or karma , it’s nature cosmic effect .
    To understand in better way , you have to know about electricity , as electrical power is not visible by naked eye but still running a fan , bulb etc and generated by coal, water , nuclear etc and it’s effect to each and individual life . In electrical engineering there is subject called EMT means electro magnetic theory which deals about electro magnetic forces around us . If you relate , astronomy and astrology also deals with individuals electro magnetic aura , which depends upon following things :
    1 . Place of birth
    2. Date of birth
    3. Time of birth
    4. Family of birth
    5. Father & mother emf
    6. Present place of living

    So if two people have same time of birth and date of birth then also they are distinct between each other . Electro magnetic aura depends upon person birth chart and astrology only tells you the path of your journey . No body can change it the path decided by almighty but we can improve our aura by colour emf therapy .
    To more discussion contact me.

    Be positive and live your life in present don’t think about future and forget past …
    Future will come automatically , just do your good and hard job.

    Jai Sani Dev

  479. The nightmare continues with no respite……..

  480. share your birth details pgm

  481. RV,
    8.39 am Bombay.
    Kanya Rashi Chitra Nakshatra

  482. pgm, could you please check for me…

    It has become worst than worst and looks like more worst to come…
    Puneet Malhotra
    8.55 am Delhi

  483. pgm, could you please check for me…

    It has become worst than worst and looks like more worst to come…
    Puneet Malhotra
    8.55 am Delhi

  484. P….
    I have no clue on how to help you…..RV is checking it out for me so please ask him….

  485. Will anyone who is finally moving up the ladder comment ? At least it will us some hope in hell…………

  486. I got a dream job which I lost without joining it…
    Still have the offer letter though…