Remedies for SadeSati afflicted:

  1. Feeding crows before you have your breakfast. Crows do free service of scavenging in your locality. So it is your duty to feed the crows. Do you not pay up if some one cleans up your house or toilets etc.Once your intentions are good the crows are not afraid of you. They begin to trust you. If you see this happening consider yourself lucky.
  2. Donate generously to blind people.
  3. Donate generously to handicapped people.
  4. Good dates to donate (as per Saturn remedies) are Saturdays, whenever dates are 8, 17 or 26 of any month, whenever it is Mid Jan to Mid March, whenever the stars are 8th star Pushyami, 17th Star is Anuradha, 26th Star is Uttarbhadrapada. These are called Saturn Dominated Time (SDT) intervals.
  5. Donate some of your black garments.
  6. Throw out torn and old leather items in your house.
  7. Refuse gift of leather. Avoid leather as much as possible.
  8. Avoid Non-Vegetarian foods on Saturdays and Saturn dominated time intervals.

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  2. Two of astrologers told me that during Sade Sati –
    Do not worship Shani Dev, Do not eat prasad of Shani Dev, Do not wear blue clothes. Only place an Iron nail in mustard oil in a Diya and place it in Shani temple on Saturdays, do not lit that Diya. And read hanuman chalisa.
    Although I learned all these things when everything is lost. Too late for me but not for others.

  3. what are the mantras to be chanted by kanya rasi people

  4. I am vrishik rashi anuradha nakshatra ,since 2012 dec been acutely feeling sade sati. Dec my stomach was so very upset I had to be hospitalised.Come jan2013 my mom goes to hospital for routine checkup ,within a week in hospital she passes away.In February 2013 a month after moms passing chacha passes away and father suffers a bad fall and is hospitalised. In May 2013 I go to the doctor for gas trick problems and had to go in for emergency surgery. My debts have gone above the roof.Patience and faith in god has increased.Miss mom.Feel helpless at times.Inlaws are of no help.This is dark night of the soul. Both the children are also going through sade sati. Children will get out in nov and husband will enter first phase.God knows what else is there.

  5. KR Gopal Krishnan

    Dear Shudiepa Basu,
    Dont Worry next one from 13th Jun 2014 is going to be an most auspicious period for Virchika Rasi.
    * Pray to Guru Bhagawan every Thursday
    * Pray to Saturn Bhagawan every Saturday
    * Visit Hanuman Temple on Thu & Sat / Chat Hanuman Chalisa daily
    * During visit to Hanuman Temple, carry or buy Thulsi and Butter, ask the pundit to apply Butter on Lord Hanuman, as the Butter melts all your problems will melt do it regularly

  6. I lost my job in 2013 and still could not find one. My wife is also undergoing a serious medical treatment since Apr 2014. Expenses are continuing and there is no income and also the life has become uncertain.
    Pls let me know by when will I get job
    DOB 29/09/65, birth time 14.58 pm, birth place Vadodara (Gujarat)

  7. After reading the positive things I have really tried to be optimistic, but there is no change. Money problems are unbearable. Just cant get work, people contact , the talks go on well, but fizzle out. So completely dejected.

  8. Dear Sir/madam,

    My birth details : 1-11-1978 time : 4PM Place of birth : Vuyyuru(andhra pradesh).I have resigned from my job in nov 2013 ,but till now i didnot have a good job though trying a lot.Please give me remedy for getting job

  9. I am Vrischika rashi Anuradha Nakshtra, from April-2011 I am suffering terrible in my professional life as well as personal life & other health issues, some important Relationships are ruined for small issues. In my professional lifes problems are unbearable. Now a days I am in worst mental pressure. Even scared for anything to do. Trying for another job.

  10. Hi Sir,

    I was working with a MNC but at present I am jobless.Not getting a job.Really worried as I already have a gap of three years in my education.Please help me out with some remedy if need to be performed from my side so that I can free myself from the obstacles.

    DoB 10/01/1986 place – gaya

  11. shyamala rachakonda

    Dear Girishji
    I need your help badly my son is going thru sade sathi and his nakshatra is anuradha and rasi is vrishcika .
    he is facing the effect since 2011 and he stopped communicating with us
    we are really anxious and want this bad phase to end
    please suggest what we can do so that he will have good days ahead of him
    already reading vishnu sahasranama, lalitha sahasranama, hanuman chalisa
    shiva mahimna stotra etc
    what else can i do

  12. Dear Girishji
    concerned for my son
    he is going thru sade sath and since he does not believe in god we are doing numerous remedies for him -already visited shani shingnapur, tirunallar, always listening to hanuman chalisa, doing pradakshinas for hanuman, etc
    its been hell for the past 4 yrs at home . lost both inlaws in a years span though they are aged. we had to make numerous trips to India because of that . I am having excess anxiety because of my son not communicating and not talking of marriage . all boys of his age are getting married already
    please help me and tell me what I should do
    DATE OF BIRTH : 7th October 1986
    TIME OF BIRTH : 2.23 P.M.
    when will good days come for our family

  13. Hi iam facing serious issues due to Sade Sathi ,
    can you please suggest some remedy to over come from this issues .. i am loving one girl and my family refusing me to marry her even she is also under sade sathi.. and more over i cant concerntrate on job change to get upgrade in my professional but my friends can .. please give some suggestion on this ..

    My DOB :28/.03.1989
    Vrischika/Anuradha 4th padam

    thanks you in advance

  14. Dear guruji,

    pls help me, MY DOB is 07-jan-1983 and place of birth: pollachi (tamilndau) and my wife DOB is 25-Nov-1985 and place of birth: COIMBATORE. we got in the year of 2014-august. till now we unabel to attrach each other and can you please tell me when my gets conceive.

    Thanks guruji

  15. Please help suggest remedies for our son
    date of birth : 7th October 1986
    place : wellington , newzealand
    time : 2.23 pm (afternoon)
    going thru sade sath and alienated from family
    how can we get him back ?
    please suggest remedies

  16. If you have any one in India, particulary in South of India, arrange for Neerajanam pooja on every saturday till 26th Jan 2020, the date when Sade sathi is ending
    in one of your comments you mentioned of this temple for anuradha nakshathra
    canyou send me the link please I would like to offer prayers on my sons name

  17. I’m vruischa nakshatra,dob 29-6-1977 6.25am.i lost my husband to a remarriage and my daughter is alienated from me.can u please suggest any remedies guruji for me and my child for peace and togertherness.d daughter also going through Sade sati.

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