Sadesati 2012 for Vrishchika, Kanya and Tula Rashi

There have been many pointers (including people who have commented on my blog) that Sadesati for Vrishchika Rashi or Scorpio moon sign ascendants seems to have started on a positive note. That is though many have faced some problems during the actual transit of Saturn around the 15th Nov, post that things are looking quite positive. Also since Saturn is in Libra (Tula rasi) which is an exalted sign for Saturn and also Jupiter is aspecting Saturn from the 6th house, it is of the view that things may be ok for Scopions. Even personally for me this is holding good. I would like to know more from my fellow Scorpions (Vrishchika Rashians’) and as well as from our experienced Kanya & Tula rashians as they are in the third and second phase of Sade sati respectively.

99 Responses to Sadesati 2012 for Vrishchika, Kanya and Tula Rashi

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  3. Hi
    Generally, Shani bagwan is supposed to teach us a valuable lesson.
    I think for me , it is work hard and dont take things for granted.

    How about you?

  4. Hi
    I think trouble started for me from Jan2012.
    Lot of mental tensions and general lack of confidence on myself. It has affected me only at the office and not at home. my home life seems ok.
    I did visit Thirunallar temple on last week on December and the mental tensions started on Jan as soon as I came back to work.

    I am vrishchika rasi,visaka nakshatra

  5. hi scorpions
    sade sati shani brings all mixed bag of good (less) and bad events in life but always any problems cropping in your life teaches you so many things ,gives you many alerts,dont look at them like problems. shaneeshwara is a fantastic teacher.
    I want to ask one important thing from all scorpians(moon sign) did you all noticed or felt or have any supernatural powers in you for ex- whatever you think happens many times ,many of your obstacles go away on its own etc
    kindly post comments and share your experiences

    • Yes. Though tough seem to have skirted them I would like to think with God’s help. During the worst times I had the intense desire to read the Bhagvad Gita and I read it everyday

  6. Hi.
    I am a scorpion, so i am sailing in the same boat.
    Things were all settled for me, loved my life, had good job, was seeing places and a little bit of worship. Had satisfactory growth professionally over the years………but out of blue moon my parents got to chance to visit USA and i was granted US visa on family based immigration at an age of 28.

    Now, things tend to be bad in new country…………..i was aware and well prepared for challenges…………..but got few setback on my planning…………and icing on cake was the US economy.

    Still Unemployed…………

    But there was a vacuum in past 4 months that i was not getting calls for jobs…..but things have changed over past few weeks, i have received calls and have been even shortlisted for Government job………………so after gloom and doom, i see ray of hope.

    But, this is just the starting of Sadesati, as it will be peak in 2014…….and what i fear most is the effect of bad positions of planets concurring with sadesati.

    I was born October 9, 1983…..evening 7.30 in Gujarat.
    I want to know how r the times ahead professionally.

  7. hi,
    i am nagendra with vrischika raasi and anuradha nakshtra 1 pada. i started facing problems from nov 2011 itself. as i am planning to take new career track is this possible time to do so. but on my personal front and professional front i am facing lot of problems. can you suggest me is marriage a good call during this period to reduce the effects of shani impact

  8. Hi Everyone,
    Actually in Nov 2011 i didnt knew we are going into this phase…And i was just feeling that i should try hard to get close to what i aspire…

    Yes i faced difficulties but its a hard learning that i had.

    Actually i chnaged my well settled job from position of Director after 8 years to a head of marketing in 2010.and in Feb 2011 i again changed to a europian company.

    After knowing about the sadesati period i was horrified and was very much tense…

    Some ealderly person told me that you consider Shani maharaj as a strict & deciplined father..look every event as he is removing your ill thinking,short cut taking habits & actually he is purifying you.This is the chance to make your self a genune person,an good individual who respects others.

    He will gift you rare abilities…

    I am learning a lot and the time has made me a internal reviewing person.

    I dont think a super natural power like Shani maharaj will ever do wrong with us…its intended to make us understand the realility of life & allow us a opportunity to change our attitide,behavoir.

    I think we should look at this with a very very positively.

    I am Vrushic ras,jeshta nakshatra.

    All the best.

    Keep in touch.

    Mahesh Shastri
    Cell : 08806013000

  9. Dear Mr. Mahesh,

    Its Really very Nice to read this… Thanks a lot for this wonderful Experience Which was being shared by your Elder… Its True that Lord Shani is really a very strict father. and I believe whatever you said is really true. I am very thankful to you for the Positive word you share with all of us. May God bless you and keep in touch and share any special things happen in your life..


  10. Hi,

    I am from Vruschika raasi Jyesta Nakshatra. Till Nov 2011 my family had been trying hard for matches for me, on Nov 13th one match got settled and I got married in Feb 2012.

    Not sure if it was good start or bad start of Saturn effect , as I faced lot of problems at inlaws place could not get my husbands support anywhere, but in all difficult times I never left my job .

    in Dec 2012 I got to know shocking news that my baby(6th month fetus) doesnot have heartbeat. felt bad , cried , on top of it the worst thing was my motherinlaw created a big fight and made my husband leave me at my parents place.

    From Dec 31st 2012 till date I am still with my parents, my husband doesnt want me because his mom doesnt like me.
    Mar 2013 my fatherinlaw passed away and my husband says he lost his dad due to me where in I was away from him and he left me before 3 months .All blames , sorrows nothing I could benefit in this phase.

    Dont know how to share the mental stress I feel and how much depressed I am right now.


  11. Hi Sandhya,

    Do not worry. Be calm and do not loose faith. This is the time where you need to be strong. Things will get set right slowly. Let people say what ever they want to say. Think that all those are happening because of your some of bad karmas which you are setting it now. So you need to feel happy instead being sad. Do Sani Bhagavan prayers on Saturdays. Do remember that after all these difficult time you will become strong. Never ever think bad about either on your mother in law or on your husband. I do understand you feel bad. But be strong to control your mind not to get stuck to their thoughts. You engage your self in some work. Just be patience. Things will get set right soon.Wishing you all the best….Laxmi

  12. when this shani period cools down. i am vrischika with anuradha 1st padam

  13. i feel isolated many times. is there any one who can call me 9949169960

  14. Hi Sonali/Girish
    I was expecting some good news after Nov 26 2013. But does not look like i has come yet 🙁
    could you pls comment on Vrushchika Rashi status in 2014?
    my DOB: 21-Mar-1976-23:10(11:10 pm)-Mysore.
    Tension at work continues even now…:-(

  15. Hi Sonali/Girish
    I was expecting some good news after Nov 26 2013. But does not look like i has come yet 🙁
    could you pls comment on Vrushchika Rashi status in 2014?
    my DOB: 21-Mar-1976-23:10(11:10 pm)-Mysore.
    Tension at work continues even now…:-(

  16. Hi,

    i am a female DOB – 14 june, 1989 Time – 9.37 a.m. Place kalyan.

    I got married on 29th DEC, 2012 and now i m heading towards the divorce with husband, just for the reason of his parents. HE has turned his back to me. he is not at all asking for any solution to work out the marriage. i tried everything i could do. 6 months his fathers asked me to stay at my parents house forever. and my husband has no opinion on dis issue. he asks me to return back only if i m ready to follow their rules.

    We were in relationship for 3 yrs before marriage. n now he is behaving in dis manner.
    I dont want to break the relationship. but i m confuse if this is a fruitful relationship or not.

    Is it just a sade sati effect or should i go ahead with divorce only???

    Please guide…

    Thanks in advance…

  17. Atchuta Ramarao

    Hi My details are below:

    Name: Atchuta Ramarao

    POB: Palakol, Andhrapradesh,India

    DOB: 18.07.1983


    Please let me know when will i get job?? My life is so horrible i cant expalin….

    Please please please help me.



  18. My dob is 30/05/1969 time:19.07. Vrischika Rashi and Vrischika lagna with Vishaka Nakhstra . It was everything nice in my life, Suddenly I lost my job in end of March,2014. I don’t know what to do ..and how me and my family will main concern is coming November,2014, when 2nd phase of Sade Sati will start. Don’t know how bad I have to face?? Do I get a decent job to survive before November?? Venus Mahadasha will start fro 29th there any good effect of Venus during my Sade Sati phase?? Please help.. Regards

  19. Hello
    I felt good when I came across this blog and immediately registered. I am going through a deep agony and bad phase. I request the experts of this blog to analyse my horoscope and give me a solution. I chant all possible mantras Hanuman chalisa, Dasaradha Sani stotram, visit Sani temple and light lamp. I lost my job in June’13. I had problems at work and also had bad health. I have a debt of 20 lakhs which I am unable to pay. I am not getting a new job also.I have contacted all channels. No positive results seen till date. Please help me.
    My details are below:

    Name: Gomathi

    POB: Madurai, TAMILNADU ,India

    DOB: 22/01/1971

    TOB: 16:43 hrs

    Star: Anuradha (Vrischiga rasi)

  20. Mahesh Shastri

    Namaskar to all,

    How are all feeling…

    Is it bit relaxed

    MAy be after June 19 2014 it will be a bit relaxation becos Jupiter will transit from 8 th house to 9th house…

    However i think what payers one has started now should continue for rest of life…i am doing the same thing…

    Metal will have to pass through fire to be able to called PURE GOLD…

    Lets accept our own mistakes…we saw what we feel good in seeing and not what is actually happening…

    In sadesati we are made to see what is actually / really happening and not what we want to see…

    Miracles will happen…shani bhagwan will bless us…

    Be honest,be polite,be human being…though we are suffering dont blame others..understand its our own deeds may be 10% but accept and live life.

    All the best…


  21. Hii sonali ji
    i am rashmitha. My date of birth 19-10-1990
    place of birth vizianagaram,andhrapradesh
    time 4-25. Pls go through my birth chart and tel my mariage and career predection

  22. Mahesh Shastri

    4.25 AM OR PM?

  23. Peri Kameswara Sharma

    I am Vrischika, Visakha Nakshatram and 4 Padam.
    I want to know how will be second phase of Sade Satti from November 2014.
    DOB – 20.08.50
    Time – 1734hrs
    POB – Razole near Amalapuram, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh

  24. I knew that sade sathi coming before it came in Nov-15-2011. Also joined with Rahu, who was supposed harm for 4.5 years. From November 2009, it was the hardest time of my life (Only Rahu till Nove-15th-2011).

    With the grace of my master I did few things to satisfy the impact of the period.
    –I went to US to be away from the family for 200 days.
    -I sold a property
    -I bought a property
    -made lots of loans (due for the impact of 12th saturn+ 12th Rahu)

    But still I had lots of troubles including health.
    >On March’ 8th 2012, my back bone was broken (L4-L5 dsik) on a holiday. Could not walk even 10 meters for a year. Later I had the back bone surgery diskotomy to repair the broken disks. For another 6 months I was bed ridden due to the impact.

    >I lost my father who was my best friend and master (This impact also is well written in the astrology text books)
    >I had to face unnecessary blame from close relatives.
    >I had to fight with my own people.
    >Faced civil case on my property
    >Had to live like a vagabond, away from family.
    >All works delayed due to un-called for reasons
    >Loans Loans and Loans
    >Had a hard time with girl child but problem solved very soon
    >Anxiety, depression and suicidal temptations (Only temptations..

    On the positive side:
    >Bought the house without even a rupee in hands
    >Lots of realization from near and dear
    >Got true friends, who supported me through my very hard times
    >Made a commercial complex, which can feed me for the rest of my life
    >Physically away from family but got lots of mental support.
    >Nobody believed the blaming game played by some of my near and dear.



  25. Dear All,

    Being a Vrishika (born on 3rd May 1969) I am in same boat as most of us.

    I lost job in November 2013. However, till June 2013 things were very very comfortable ,with good financial security and family life.

    I have been praying to Lord Shiva and Hanuman for past 6 years.

    But now, I have completely surrendered to the concept of KARMA without any attachment to gains/outcome. Things are not very bad but they are not too comfortable as well.

    I have started getting anxiety attacks which completely leave me shaken. Whenever, I get these attacks I stop my work and pray harder to Lord Shiva, Lord Shani and Lord Sun.

    One thing I have found interesting in a website. Shani resides in our body – at the end of the spinal cord. Infact all the navagrahs are associated with different chakras in the body. Yoga and Vedic knowledges tries to balance these chakras through meditation. Prayers are also a form of meditation.

    Some asans in Yoga can be helpful in making these chakras strong. I am finding Surya Namashkar to be very beneficial in keeping the mental balance.

    REMEMBER SHANI IS SON OF LORD SUN! Thus Surya Nashkar may be beneficial.

    These are only my observations and practice. I am no expert in vedic and yogic knowledge.



  26. Hi Guys,

    My nakshtara is Anuradha and Rasi is Vruchika. I’ve been going through a lot of pressure at work , things haven’t gone my way. Recently mom suffered a cardiac arrest and is now in vegetative state at home. All this and the second pada of Sade Sati will start from Nov 2nd. Dunno wat else is in store for me.

    I’m reciting Hanuman Chalisa everyday and Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra. Hoping for the best for all of us.

    Best regards,


  27. Hi every one
    My name is vijay my D.O.B : 16/06/1981
    T.O.B : 07:05 am
    Hi plz tell me the prediction’s for anuradha 4’th pada mithuna lagna

  28. Dear Sonali Ji –
    I am V Balakumar DOB: 11-Jun-1965(05:30 am)-Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu).
    Despite of my best efforts, I have not been sanctioned any increament in my current job for the last 3 years since my joining in this company on 28th Apr-2011. Whatever my presentation has been awarded to other colleague due to which he got promoted with my performance. Because of my non getting increament, my finance position is very low. Due to which I am irritating every one in my office including my owner due to her once sided. (my company owner is a lady). Now, I am fearing any time my company owner may give golden shaken. I don’t have money also if I would be jobless.
    Let me have your remedy on this to overcome from this situation.

    V Balakumar

  29. hello friends – thx for posting your experiences.
    i want to ask if anyone is experiencing paranormal activities at home. I am vichrika rashi as well and undergoing sade sati now.

    need some advice

  30. Hi friends,
    Even I am sailing in the same boat.
    Lost well paying job in 2014 and settled for under paid job.I have seen lot of fluctuations in career between 2013-2015.Currently unemployed.
    May i know when will sade sat end for vrushika rasi……..??

  31. Hi Sonali,

    Please read out my horoscope as well. I have requested earlier as well.

    Name: Rajeev
    DOB: 07 -sep-1978
    Time: 16:55
    Place: Chamoli (Uttrakhand)

    My career is not going good for last few years. I got a job 6 months back after losing out a well paying job. Not very happy with current job, lot of dissatisfaction. Please let me what my destiny has stored for me. Can I ever think of doing any business. If yes, then in which area. Also, I have been hearing since childhood that I have 2 of panchmahapurush yogas in my kundli.

    Thanks in advance,

  32. Poojya Pandit ji, My Son Vikram Narayanan Aiyer DOB: 21.06.1980 TOB: 00.15 A.M. POB: Mumbai. Was working in an MNC Abroad till Oct”15. Since the company had to retreanch certain individual my son also was retreanched. He is trying his level best to get a job. Will he be successful in his Job Hunting.? Due to this His Marriage proposal also has to be postponed. Please advice, Anxious Father

  33. Poojya Pandit, There is a small correction regarding my Son”s DOB: 21.06.1986. Kindly read the same as 21.06.1986 Thanks

  34. Hi Sonali,

    I am in desperate situation to finding out my career growth, last 7 years not much of improvement in financially and professionally even i put lot of hard work ,all are gone are vain. I am not able concentrate on my personal front.

    my DOB : 13/sep/1972 and time of birth 8:15 A:M , Place : Salem , Tamilnadu

    Pls give me your comments and anciently waiting for your comments. Pls

  35. Hi sonaliji

    Wrongly i have type, i am eagerly waiting for your reply and it will definitely give more motivation as i read most of your comments .

    Please spend some time give me your valuable comments

  36. Helo every one.. i am female and my date of birth 19-10-1990, place vizianagaram,andhrapradesh. Time 4.48am. Pls go through my chart and tell my marriage and career prediction..

  37. Hi Sonali,

    Pls spend some time and let me know about career and really dejected about my career during sade sani period. and no improvement in my career.

  38. Do not consume oil, grease, fried, buttery and cheesy items during the phase of sade-sati, It will reduce the impact of saturn by 30%. This is my own discovery, whenever I used to consume fried items there was going to be a big problem waiting for me the following day. This has nothing to do with your health but the circumstances around you, Saturn wants to you to do everything that gives him an excuse to hurt you. If you want to reduce the impact of saturn then you must follow everything which saturn opposes- consume pure food (sun), wear Ruby, get rid of metallic furniture, donate oil, recite vishnu sahasranamam, donate to sages, ashrams, gurus, take help of teachers and wise people.

  39. Can u pls tell me my mariage and career prediction name: rashmitha, dob: 19/10/1990. Place of birth:vizianagaram, andhrapradesh. Time of birth: 4.48 am.

  40. Sandip Pandey

    Dear Sonaliji,

    My DOB Details are here:

    5th Dec 1980, time 17:25 pm Place: kolkata ( west bengal )

    i am facing a lot of difficulties in my life, i already lost my business in this year on march, i am now outside of my hometown, living alone here with a small salaried job, By profession i am a web designer, Can you please take a look in my kundli and know me when do i become successfull in my life, i am already 35 Plus years. i am very tensed about my future. i am married and a small kid, i am also worried about them.

    kindly suggest me

    Your Faithfully,

  41. Dear Readers, i get so many request these days on Sade Sathi, that some time people of Tula rashi forget that albeit they are in sade sathi, they are in the last leg of sadesathi. What is more worrisome for them is not the present Sade sathi as it would come to an end on 26/01/2017. However the next month transit of Lord Jupiter in Kanya rashi is what bothering many. Since Jupiter is transiting through 12th house it will be quite stressfull however not very much to worry since Rahu is still placed in 11th of labha sthan. One can definitely over come many personal problem during this time, with some efforts for sure. I will all the Tula rashi individuals good luck and have a great time ahead.

  42. Hi Rashmitha, you are currently under Jupiter MD and Ketu AD. Although your are under Jupiter MD, Jupiter is helmed between Rahu and Ketu which is causing problems. Also the present Sade Sathi for all Tula Rashi will end by 26th Jan 2017. Post that you shall experience some relief. In the mean time do visit Shani temple every saturday.

  43. For Marriage, the next 2 years is good. Only word of causion, match the horoscope before proceeding with it. Since you have a malific planet in 7th house. As far as career is concerned, presently is shall be better than 2015, however from 12th Sep 2017, the money flow shall be very good and a better prospect can be experienced.

  44. Sunny, you are of Sinha rashi, currently under the Dhaya of Saturn (2.5 years) Wati till 11th August 2016, when Lord Jupiter will transit 2nd house. Also after 26th Jan 2017, the Dhaya effets will subside completely. So best of luck….. presently you are under Moon MD and Saturn AD. So it has to be slightly bad. Never the less, be rest assured the time coming from here shall be better.

  45. Dear Vrischika rashi’s. As i had already cautioned few weeks ago on the dates to be careful, i am reiterating the date to be careful this month which is 23rd and 24th August. All those especially planning to practice for the Janmashtami on 25th, please be careful while climbing and practicing. Since at this point in time both lord saturn and Mars are transiting closely, degreecally and can create some friction. Rest all will be fine. Just have faith in god and leave things to him

  46. Dear Girish Ji,
    I am a 36 year old male, just got married last year. Frm 1.5 years my career has been extremely unstable jumping frm company to company and when ever i settle down i get some health problems. My rashi is vrishika. I have been going through a tough times since 2010. Plz check my details and advice.
    Name Niket Dave. DOB 10.3.1980
    Place Pune. Time 11.34 am

    • Hi Niket,

      I am also Jyestha Nakshatra and Scorpio moon sign.
      I am 37 now , born in 79, I am single so on that front I have no tensions but yes am facing extremely tough times from 2011.
      Atleast you have a career even though its unstable , I have earned for only 1 year in past 5 years. Again am trying to find a job , hoping Jupiter transit helps me in some way.

  47. Dear Girishji
    concerned about my son
    date of birth : 7th oct 1986
    time of birth : 2.23 pm
    place of birth : wellington, newzealand
    he is going thru sadesath and not really communicating
    when is he likely to get back to family
    not religious so we have to do any remedies
    we are going thru worst phase of our lives right now
    please suggest what we can do to get harmony back in family

  48. Dear Lalithaji, your son was born under vrischika rashi, Vishaka nakshtra, 14/2/2018. Currently he is under Budha/Mercury MD which is Markesh for every vrischika rashi, and on top to add, Rahu AD, which is mystifying. Your Son is illusioned on this, however he can overcome this after the above date, no pooja for the time being. He is also into sade sati, which will add trouble to his endeavour.

  49. Hi…Its been a longtime, I have been tracking this blog site. Let me tell you, its best that people talk and try to help eachother.

    I have already posted myside of the story couple of times and I have been having a roller coaster ride. But expectations from life and God should not run down my friends. Ultimately Tough times never last Only tough people do.

    For sade sati some common solutions for all that are definately effective irrespective of Mahadashas you are running.

    1. Krishna/ Radha Bhakti….ultimate, If possible go to Bankebihari ji in Vrindavan or start visiting Iskon near your home- Read Gita regularly. Even Shani worships Lord Krishna
    2. Ram Raksha Strotra (please read this great Strotra daily or as frequent as possible) It shall have a positive impact on you and shall provide lot of Internal strength. Sade sati attacks central nervous system, this strotra shall improve your internal support and mental immunity.
    3. Aditya Hridaya Strotra- People who are in grave downward spiral- or think they are and no solution is visible in short term, Please read it, it will give you lot of help in clearing obstacles around you. Try doing research about this strotra you shall know when and why it came into existence.

    The last two effects you shall see within a week that your thought process is changing. Sade Sati attacks the mind and nervous systems. This results in wrong decision making one after another and we go down in a spiral socially, personally, financially and other aspects of life which are important to us.

    PLEASE do not ever read Banjrang Baaand….only Read Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Ashtak.

    This is the time to understand ourselves and realize that God is there, watching us and we just have to extend our hand for his support.

    You can get in touch with me on my mobile 9818015757, or whatsapp me for further help or clarifications.

    Jai Shri Ram!
    Jai Chauhan

  50. Niket. You are of Jyeshta, nakshtra, and come 18th September 2016, saturn will trnasit through your nakshtra, till 26th january 2016. Again you are into Moon Mahadasha which is not very supportive, the time is not very great, except for lord Jupiter. Offer Chana mala to lord jupiter so that he can expedite the benefic results on you

  51. Hi ,
    My DOB 13/Sep/1972 , time of birth : 08:15 A:M, Place of Birth : Salem , Tamilnadu,
    Could you pls tell me about professional growth and can i get a job in abroad , because last 7 years i did not see any improvement in professionally and financially.


  52. Dear Mam,

    Pls advise nothing is going right, struggling to get job since last one year if any remedies pls let me know

    DOB 31 01 1978, time 12.20 AM early morning place pune


  53. Deepthg, sorry to hear your case, in your chart, currently you are into Venus MD. Venus is lagna lord and 8th house lord. your 9th house lord is Budha/Mercury. Both have exchanged houses. More over, your nakshtram being Jyeshta, Moon and Saturns are conjoint together in vrischika rashi. Again since you are having rahu is 7th house, it shows more than 1 marriage. The scope looks difficult for reunion.

  54. Girish sir thanks for the reply ..have 1 doubt that is if my husbands horoscope is matching will it cancel the dosha and make our reunion possible.his dob 11/9/80 place maharashtra,hasta nakshatra

  55. Hello Girishji,

    My date of birth is 24th November,1984, morning 8.30 am, Calcutta , West Bengal. I have problems in my marriage. Kindly advise me as nothing is working out. Email-


  56. Dear Sonali Mam,

    My DOB is 5th Dec 1980, Time of Birth: 17:25 pm in Kolkata, India
    mam i am facing a lot of mental and physical problem relating to my career and finance, i am 36 now and until now i am unsetteled, i lost my business and work in 2016, Kindly let me know my future days, how it will be, i am in deep trouble during this time.


  57. Dear Girishji

    Pls advise nothing is going right, struggling to get job since last one year if any remedies pls let me know

    DOB 31 01 1978, time 12.20 AM early morning place pune


  58. Dear Nishi. Wtih your details, you are Tula rashi, chitra nakshtra. You have entered saturn MD and Saturn is in its own house in 4th bhava. Sukha bhava, Saturn takes time of give results, but rest assured it gives. Infact on 26th Jan 2017, your sade sathi will end permanently. This is just a transitory effect, nothing much to worry. continue to visit temple on saturday.

  59. Thanks for your kind feedback, I pray to god for the same.

  60. Dear Girish g

    My DOB is 24 july 1980
    Place hoshiarpur
    Time 8:22 am

    sade sati is going on sir suffering since 2011 i read all the quotes of fellow scorpions and suffering same problem with debt weatlh health and job and no child birth since marriage 5th year going on

  61. Girishji
    how is the transition of Saturn going to effect my son who is a vrischika rasi.
    date of birth : 7th oct 1986
    time of birth : 2.23 pm
    place of birth : wellington, newzealand
    please give us some hope please

  62. Hello Girishji,
    I am vrishchika rasi n my husband is too vrishchika rasi. We have been facing problems since nov 2014 . I did not get any increment or a good position in my job nor my husband is getting any job. he is jobless since 2014. I am trying to switch job but not getting or clearing any interview nor any promotion in my current job and we even keep fighting at home a lot. So you please suggest us if anything good would happen in future with us. My birthdate is April 9th 1985. my husband is April 3rd 1984. My birth time is 10:30 pm around.

  63. and Girishji my birth place is Mumbai

    • Hi too born on April 9 , 1985 ..have been searching for some one with this d.o.b for long are you doing …how’s your Sade sati going on …I am still struggling…my problems started from nowhere in 2012 🙁 …

  64. Please reply sir g

    inder | December 28, 2016 at 10:39 pm | Reply

    Dear Girish g

    My DOB is 24 july 1980
    Place hoshiarpur
    Time 8:22 am

    sade sati is going on sir suffering since 2011 i read all the quotes of fellow scorpions and suffering same problem with debt weatlh health and job and no child birth since marriage 5th year going on

  65. Dear Inder, Your sade sathi is in the last phase, however the larger problem is that of your current MD which is that of Shukra till 9th Jan 2018. After which you shall enter Surya MD. Albeit Surya is in your 12 from Lagna, it is actually in 11th in Chalit Chart which give the benefit of labha sthan to your completely. More over you have the famous Budh-Aditya Yoga in 11th house in Chalit chart which makes it even more strong.

  66. Dear Girish Ji,
    When will my sade sati end. What phase am i in.
    Dob 10.3.1980
    Time 11.34 an
    Place Pune

  67. Thanks girish g

    Plz sir my present position is not good worse health and without job and no money is there is any thing to do any upay to come out from this present situation Plz help me sir. if anything to do with shukra MD. Or this bad period will continue till 9 January 2018
    Plz help me sir I will be very thank full to u entire my life

  68. Hello Girish Sir,
    I am having sade sati since Nov 2014 and still could feel the effects of it. My rasi is Vrishichika and my husband is also of the same rashi. My birth date is 9th April 1985, birth place – Mumbai, Birth time not sure exactly but around 10:30 pm. I have been trying to get a new job since last 1 and half year but could not get any nor my current company is giving me any increment. I feel i do not get any appreciation for the hard work I do. I even started feeling as if this is the end of my life can you please let me know what is there for me in future is there any relief any good is going to happening how long do we need to suffer more.

  69. Please reply me Girish Sir, I really need some advice some guidance not able to concentrate on anything. Feels like everything is going bad.

  70. Dear Mansi, I can understand your mental agony, however in your case you are not just under Sade Sathi but also under Dasha Sandhi of Venus MD to Sun MD. This is causing a slow down in your achievements. Visit Navagraha temple on very friday and Sunday. If possible please do a Navagraha shanti in any temple.

    • Dear Girish Ji.

      Kindly help me,

      from when good time starts for me.
      Birth details.
      Date: 06-Feb-1983
      time: 10:45 AM
      Place: Hyderabad, Telangana

      Thank you in advance

  71. Thank you so much Girishji, really appreciate for responding I will try to go to Navgraha temple. Also please tell me how long this will continue and by when we will have relieve. wasn’t the Sade Sati over by 26th January, after that we should have felt some relieve as I was thinking please let me know how long this will continue.

  72. Hello Girish Ji,
    My DOB is July 5th 1971. Place of Birth Machilipatnam, AP. Don’t know the exact time of birth. I know my birth star is Anuradha. When will my sade sati end. What phase am I in right now. Please let me know the effects and remedies of Sade Sati. Thanks

  73. Dear Sir,

    DOB 31 01 1978, time 12.20 am, Pune
    As you said Tula rashi sade sati is completed but no change in life or career, it s getting worst, can you suggest some remedies or way to reverse this painful period

  74. Neeraja, what is the time of birth?

  75. Hi
    I am going thru this now. If I were to check back the time sade sati started its been a down trend. But realising this it’s best to get the net ready. Hope things work out well soon.


  76. Hi Mr Girish
    I’m from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and family have been here for 4 generations.
    Going thru some hard times. Lost of job debt cumilating now. Could you tell me on how’s the last phase of the 2 and half be.

    9:50 pm 22 December 1973 Petaling Jaya Malaysia.


  77. I don’t know the exact time of birth, but is in the afternoon

  78. Dear Nanatha, Currently you are in the last phase of Sade Sathi, also in the last few years for the end of Venus MD and then Surya MD. If clearing the debt is concerned, this will be cleared slowly, but certainly. You will be in a position to clear only in the Next MD which is that of Sun. The MD of Sun starts around Nov 2019. Post which you will be debt free. But that does not mean you will not be able to clear any debt before that, it will be very slow to clear is the problem.

  79. Hi All, How many of you got changes in this 2017??? Please those who got your problems resolved please share the same.

    Thanks in avance

  80. Uma Maheshwari

    Girish ji, repeating my details
    DOB 28th July 1966
    Tob 2:00 am
    POB: Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh
    Please check, moon dasa .. none of my relationships coming back to me. My most valuable relationships. Giving immense pain.
    Lost job now. Don’t know how to continue my EMI
    Is there no relief . This heart pain killing really.
    Doing all remedies suggested.

  81. Dear all, For the past 4 months I have not been able to add much to the blog for which I feel really sorry. This has been largely with my preoccupation with some of my clients for whom I have been providing Vedic astro readings on daily basis and also providing subject matter expertise. I can share these readings to also some of you over the email. Unfortunate since I have an NDA (non disclosure agreement) I will not be able to share the website deatils. If any one intersted please send me a mail to

  82. Hi Girish Jii,

    My DOB : 05TH DEC, 1980
    City: Kolkata, India, West Bengal
    Time of Birth: 5:25 pm

    I am having hard times from 2011, please have a look in my future and please let me know about my Future


  83. Srayoshi Lahiri

    My bday is 1august1985, 11.30am Kolkata. I am going through a bad family time. And a phase of Sade sati. my husband born on 9 August 1981, 8.20 pm Chittaranjan, westbengal. He is vrishchik rasi. We are having problems and he is not interested to continue relationship. Please help

  84. Srayoshi Lahiri

    My bday is 1august1985, 11.30am Kolkata. I am going through a bad family time. And a phase of Sade sati. my husband born on 9 August 1981, 8.20 pm Chittaranjan, westbengal. He is vrishchik rasi. We are having problems and he is not interested to continue relationship. What are the remedy

  85. My Husband lost his Job in December 2018 and he is now looking out for Jobs but not successful in the interviews he has attended. He is in the field of IT working for Financial Industry, Currently we live in London. and now we are under stress with tight Financial’s. My Hubby details are DOB- 23rd August 1974, TOB 10:30 am, Place of Birth: Mellumpudi (village near Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh). Can you pls let us know when would he be successful in getting a new JOB.
    My details are DOB 23-Oct 1978, ToB: 15:45 hrs, Place of Birth Mumbai

  86. Hi Darsh.

    Your husband is contemplating to be independent and pursue some Business. Mostly from May 2019, he would be full-fledge into the same. Even now, he would get a job if he seeks one, but from May 2019, he would be into full-fledged Business. Is he contemplating?

    • Hello Girishji
      My Hubby got a job offer yesterday but this would be short term. did you get any time to look at my request below about studying further more

  87. hello Girishji
    Our Financials are not that great that he can think of starting a business. My Husband was in to the mid-management in the IT industry for a large global financial service . We have opened up a Pvt Ltd Company foundation as he was wants to do contracting job rather than a permanent job for a period of 4-5 yrs. this was after he lost the job. He also want to do some certification along with some management course once he there is a flow of income .

    Just curious to know what type to business would it be viable for him.

  88. Dear All, Hope all of you are doing well. In fact, I wanted to bring this piece of writing but was occupied for some reason or the other. This reading is about the transit of Mars from 6th Feb to 22nd March 2019 in Aries zodiac sign. This is a good phase for not only native of Scorpio Moon sign but would also encapsulate Scorpio Ascendant native. More to boost the latter, since, Mar is the sign lord of Scorpio and Aries. When Mars moves to Aries, be it Scorpio moon sign or ascendant, there is an expectation of improvement in one’s career. If looking for a change in job or a new job, then make the most of this time. You would certainly see the difference. In fact, to enhance the gains, one can visit Nav-Graha temple every Tuesday or visit Kartikey’s temple every Tuesday. This will bring ease in the life of Scorpio native.

  89. Dear All, some of you had recently checked with me if the upcoming Rahu and Ketu transit would be difficult along with the transit of Sade sathi. As I always maintain, please do not look only at the transit but also the entire Chart with respect to Mahadasha and Antar Dasha. This would give you a better picture of what to expect. If you feel you are unable to comprehend, then consult someone who knows the Nitty-gritty. This would help you in future.

  90. Sir /Madam ,
    If am facing very serious career issues . from Aug 2014 out from the job due to no reasons . Tried to get another job but could not succeed. Also tried for business but failures are being part of life now a days .
    What would you guide ? Kindly advice . totally blocked .
    Seek your support , advice and help for job and earnings .
    details are
    date of birth :- 23rd of march 1977 ;time :- 13:25 hrs ; location :Village selu , taluka Parbhani ( state maharashtra )
    Pls help

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