Sade sati for Vrushchika / Vrishchika Rashi (Scorpio)in 2011-2012 Blog

I am starting this blog, as we (Vrishchika rashi or Scorpio) folks are moving into the 7.5 yr Sade Sati zone, when Saturn moves into Libra (Thula) on the 15th Nov 2011. I have started experiencing some effects of this phenomenon already. Since 1/12th of the world population can fall into this category, it would be really helpfull if we can share our experiences, frustrations and the ways and means by which we are coping with the difficulties that Saturn gives us. This is a time of learning new lessons, mending old ways and coming out as a new person. Lets all be together in this and help each other.

Though I will be entering mine from Nov 15th, I can already feel the effects of Saturn. Everything was going smooth in my career, when suddenly things went spiraling.  Hence I have created this blog so that all Vrishchika rashians can discuss about the issues they have started to face due to Sade sati and also help each other with positive suggestions.

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  1. Nov 15th 2011, (9 days from now) we will all be moving into this 7 1/2 yr phase. Wishing all a very constructive and positive ride through this phase. Pls share any experiences you have at this juncture, which will help us all. Let us be in this together.

    – Prakash SR

    • Dear Prakash,

      I’m a scorpio raashi , and experiencing the same. Suddenly on 15th of November 2011, things turned tipsy turvy and I changed my career for a low paid job, which is equally destructive and harmful. Currently I’ve left this job, and trying for other avenues. I have a loan and am totally at a distress.

      Can you help me? Suggest some remedies which are effective.


      • Hi Shekar, same case happened to me. I left my regular job for a fat pay opportunity, but after 3 month they told me to search a job even I work hard there than their regular employees. So I searched a job after sitting home for 2.5 month. but unfortunately that new job also I left because I could not able to setup mind there, even I got a manager post.
        Then I returned to my old job, but I can’t get peace of mind.
        I am thinking about my furture, I am vruschika rashi person.
        Sometimes I thought to commit suicide, but I have tried earlier days but not succeeded. Now I thought my future is blank, no progress. I feel that I can’t beat the situation also I have loosed my confidence. Well hope u must be alright. bye..take care

        • Hi Anil,

          I am also going through Lord Shani’s blessings of Sade-Sati!

          Read your comment today.
          How are your feeling now? How is your family?
          Please do take care of yourself and try to overcome your negative thoughts.
          Do contact me if you want to just talk and discuss.

          Please remember our lives are most precious tough times will not last forever.

          Regards and Best of luck


      • KEka , Go to Sani dev temples on sat

    • i was in a normal job till Nov.2011 abroad some sudden offer with a fat pay came along i threw my regular job for this attractive offer ultimately the new job let down me and i returned to the old job with great difficulty and there also acing problem due to my rejoining now no job in july,2012 aboad – what a start play

    • I have also noticed that the decision I have taken recently regarding my career was not right and I am quite frustrated. Hoping to get out of this situation soon.



    • I have been feeling the effect of Sade-Satti since Nov 2011. Also I was under Shani-Antardasha (2009-2012). I was doing a good job (but changed 6 companies since 1997-2011), in 2011 I had to quit my job, and now I am doing a job with much less pay. Wants to go for MBA abroad (last year got admission in a reputed B-School, but financial problems blocked my way). Visited many temples since 2011. Is Lord Shanidev will do only harm to me and not give any blessings? Who can give me this answer. Now I am 38 yrs, and really I don’t know how I am going to achieve everything in life?. An astrologer predicted that I will do everything in life and may rise in my career. But it seems a wild dream for me. I am broken…..

      • Hi Abhijit,

        I am 45 years old and I am too blessed by Lord Shani with Sade-Sati.
        If something wrong has happened to us ( I too lost jon in Nov 2013) then it was due to the fact that we did not regenerate ourselves in last 30 odd years. I completely believe that amongst all of us (who are undergoing Sade-Sati) the person who has been regenerating themselves will not be effected and will do greater things in life.
        But for us who are undergoing this learning period, we must understand that Lord Shani wants us to utlize our fullest potential in coming life.

        Do not loose hope. Believe in the DNA gifted to you by our parents. You are much stronger and with understanding that Lord Shani wants you to rise above others, toil hard and honestly.



    • I am not astrologer.But these are some prescribed remedies
      read Dasaratha Shani Stotra

      -for saturn related problems-perform sindhoor(orange color not red )
      archana to lord hanuman regularly

      -perform bilva archana to lord bairon also
      -perform archana for saturn
      -Pray to SriPad Sri Vallaba for saturn dosha-Among Lord dattathreya avathars he can save from difficult time including saturn perion
      -read Sree pada Charitramurtum(order book from temple)
      -read hanuman chalisa(if you dont know hindi convert the enlish to your languange and read)
      -write sri ramajayam in enlish in white paper for 1008 times.Make
      a papergarland 1o sri ramajayam in 1 paper.Do for 100 papers.
      Create the paper garland and put around lord hanuman in hanuman temple.Do this weakly

      -read sri pad vallaba charitram for saturn perion and guru charitra for
      financial prosperity

      -chant om gum ganagapathaye namaha-to solve problems

      -read sripadd vallaba charitram

    • Hi Prakash,
      could you please comment on vrushicha Rashi in 2014? was expecting some good news. But as of now nothing is good 🙁 please suggest.
      my details are
      my dob: 21-Mar-1976, 23:10 (11:10pm), Mysore(Karnataka)


    • Hi

      I m born 2 Mar 1978 in pune India 18.30 is timing. I am trying to change job due to multiple issues in current job. Interviews etc going through till 99%but not getting actual offer.

      Can you please guide

    • Hello sir
      My dob is 27 jan 76 @ 12:15am early morning) @ Vadodara, Gujrat.

      I would like to know if my sadesati finished if not when to expect. All days are similar, no constructive..
      Pls guide.

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  3. I too have felt some bad effect on my health which was unexpected and sudden but long term.This is time of getting the sade saati start .Abhi se ye effect hain to aage kya hoga OMG.

  4. hi, my star is pubba (purvaphalguni) simha rashi. i think sade sathi is coming to an end shortly for this rashi. but the effect was just unbearable, be strong and face it, nothing is greater than will power. some one told me to light ellu deep every sat at hanuman temple and doing that since 6 months. just wanted to know when will sade sathi end for simha rashi.

    • Hi Savitha,

      Thanks for sharing your experience on this blog. It is very helpful. For Simha Rashi, Sade Sati will end on 15th Nov 2011. So after 9 days, you can heave a sigh of relief … after 7.5 yrs 🙂

      – Prakash

    • Savitha, formally for your rashi sade sathi will end on 4th Dec 2012. I am sure the 7.5 years of sade sathi would have been difficult on your rashi!

      • Dear Girish

        I am also going through more or less similar situations. But it has been quite severe since 2012 September when I lost my job and few months before I lost my father. Though I have been helpful to many including relatives, every one have turned against. Any hope of securing a job and having positive events atleast in this year? My details are as follows
        DOB : 11-oct 1964
        Time: 11:15 am
        Place: Madhugiri, Karnataka
        Appreciate some one’s response..

    • Savitha, formally for your rashi sade sathi will end on 4th Dec 2012. I am sure the 7.5 years of sade sathi would have been difficult on your rashi!

  5. Hi Shpat,
    Do not worry. Start lighting a diya on every saturday by going to a Shani temple nearby. This Diya should be made of ‘Black Til’ and dipped in Sesame oil. This should probably improve your health and also help to tide over this sade sati period smoothly.

    – Prakash

  6. my son is jyesta and vrischika rashi. hez 6 yrs this dec. 2nd. should i take him to shani tmple and light diya as suggested.

  7. thank u for such a informative site. i tell u i have faced the worst on family side during SS. but now a days, seems little better. hoping for the best.

  8. Hi Savitha,

    I don’t think you need to worry about SS for your son as he is very young. But since you have been lighting a lamp from the last six months, you can still continue to do that, if not every week, at least once in a month.

  9. For some reason I have been experiencing the so called ill effects since 2009! However, everytime there is a testing phase, an answer/help always comes along and it is solved, professionally and personally. I have been visiting Sani temple every Saturday since 2009 and also do Anna Danam (Curd rice) once a month.

    This is my Second Sade Sati and it has been a good start since Jul 11. I have noticed that I have to endure hardships on simple things like tasty food, commute etc. But there is a powerfull hand thats helping me in larger things like Finance, Profession etc!

    Everyone goes through tough times, rich or poor. Each problem that you face in Sade Sati is like a riddle put in front of you. Lord Sani will not solve it for you, you have to solve it. You might ask, then why worship him? Well, you might have seen people around you who come out of near-impossible situations unscathed by their presence of mind. They had the mental stability to see the answer among the chaos and ruins, when it presents itself.

    Having faith and following the rightful path during this period despite all temptations is the key. This faith and righteousness will ensure you can see the solution when it presents itself. Lest, you will be lost in the maze of troubles fending for yourself.

    @Savitha: Sade Sati for kids typically impacts the parents, one or both. If your charts are stronger, it will protect your child. Consult a GOOD astrologer in person with both your charts.

    • This is my second sadesati. My experience is somewhat similar. However, it all started after April 2008. From 2009, things were quiet painful and humiliating professionally. But since November 2011, things improved professionally, although it is not “real” in a sense. The experience is that of a king under British Rule. I have my title back, but no authority or say.

      Then there was an accident in Oct 2011. Yet, I was able to buy a new and better vehicle with insurance money and a LOAN.

      Overall, I can describe the experience as “bhoga.” It is interesting that when retrograde Shani went back into Virgo, my importance at work went on a pause mode. I experienced personal travel and vacations, and debt increased, but it seems manageable. Then Shani went direct. I am waiting to see what hapens next.

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  11. For me being Virchika Raasi has been bad since the last 10 years….So I am not expecting somethng to improve over these 7 years……:(( Most Damages are already done:(
    But Prayers is what keeps me going!! Prayers have their powers!!

  12. Hi Divya,

    Thanks for sharing your experience as a Vrishchika rasian. I agree, prayers keep us all going. I would suggest you to read the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.


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  14. I have found some results on net that Sade Sati for Vrishchik Rashi is good for them !

  15. Hi Scorpion King,

    The data that you have pointed to is old data. It was for the Previous Saturn Transit into Kanya Rashi in 2009. So last couple of yrs should have been good for us Scorpions. Today’s transit has Saturn move into Libra (Tula rashi) which kick starts our SS.

    – Prakash

  16. Great! thanks for the share!

  17. Hi Frenz,
    Read Shanimahatmya and Hanuman chalisa daily or on saturday,
    be vegetarian on saturday and visit hanuman temple,
    Shanimahatmya and Hanuman chalisa will really help you out to balance your inner peace

  18. Vrishchika Rashi Sade Sati, Sade Sati, Sade Sati

  19. Thanks to all for visiting this site and sharing your experiences. This blog is basically for Sade Sati for Scorpio in November 2011, Scorpio moon sign sade sati effects, Saturn Transit 2011, Saturn Transit effects for Vrishchika Rashi, Saturn Transit remedies.

    • I am scorpio anuradha nakshtra going through sade sathi shani dasha problems are coming in all front in my life health issues like ulcer ation in the stomach ,serios finanacial crunch,childrens studies problems etc , but all these problems during this dasha is making me even more stronger , I am getting so much power and inner strength ,,I go to shani temple regularly offer til oil ,chant navgraha mantra , and offcourse I do medtation regularly I would suggest the same for all scorpions
      all the best for all

    • I am a housewife. I was not able to conceive. When I asked my hubby for treatment or adoption, he refused to cooperate in either of them. Eventually I was told to leave if I desired a kid. My in-laws never let me work. Eventually depression got the better of me. Now i hv no money, no job, no kid, no family.

  20. Want to share some good advice, which I happened to chance upon :

    “The “sade-sati” and its effects are just the accounts being settled of your bad “karma”. Any “sade-sati” when it comes, may be physical. Externally, you may experience some bad things like loss of money, loss of name, but one thing is very good in this bad, odd, suffering full times and that is, if you use the “viveka”, the “gyana” given by the Guru, then you can change this bad time into the time of your spiritual practice. But as such, everyone has to face the karma. Be a human being, take the responsibility, take the charge of whatever “sade-sati” or bad “graha dasha”… What will it do… May be it will take away your money, may be it will disintegrate your family, may be infamy will your way, may be you end up in a jail, may be you end up in a hospital. What worse can it bring; these are the only things which it can bring. But if you use all this turmoil, difficult situations in your favour by knowing that things are being broken & taken away to teach you a lesson, this is what we have to bring – “vairaagya” – (dispassion). One day, we do have to leave everything, so why not now and who cares about the social name, fame and riches… If it is today, enjoy, if it goes away, let it go.”

    So True……

    • That’s the ultimate truth. As told by saints, this birth is given to us to remember God and get liberated. Sanso Sas japiye Prabhu ka naam. Only that will go after death. Who cares name, fame, luxury, family, friends….

  21. Hello All,I am scorpion too,I am going through Venus Mahadasha,but I am in sadesati since november 15 2011,can anybody throw somelight how is the venus mahadasa and satisati overlap and it’s effects

  22. Hi Praveen,

    Thanks for your blog. I too am in Venus or Shukra Mahadasha and have entered Sadesati since November 2011. To share my experience, I did have some issues at work during the Saturn transit of November, but overall still looks ok. How about you ?

    – Prakash

    • I am running Sukra Mahadasha and starting my Sadesati as well. Bland as of now. Nothing good nor bad.

    • I am also undergoing venus mahadasa and sade sati. My problem started few months before November 2011. It was too much pressure. I am now settled in the foreign land. This is my second sade sati. I am just praying God that it gives my business back.

  23. yah,I’ve some health problems that are aggravted last week,at work everything is fine actually am going through venus-venus dasha and sadesati

    • Dear All,

      I am also scorpion and I am runing under Shukra Mahadasha and Shukra Bhukti. So, Till date by god’s grace my financially I am coming up. I got a good hike in salary too but Mentally I am not satisfied. In family, already disintegrity started. If I see my relations I will get only negative thoughts , hatredness towards them, what they have done in the past everything it comes to my memory. Please help me out to overcome all these things and lead a good life.

  24. Hi Scorpio friends,

    My wife is a scorpio and I am kanni. Apparently from my research sade sati for scorpio is not that bad because when Lord Saturn moves in Lord Thula he is exalted which means he is very happy. If you go and ask a tense person for help he won’t help you if you ask a happy person for help, he will help you. Also Lord Guru is seeing Sani bhagwan on the 7th house what this means is that Lord Guru is asking Lord Shani to stick to the rules or even neutralise his affects till may 2012 so this period should not cause any problems when you follow the path of dharma, fairness and honesty also most importantly anger if you can control these elements than Lord saturn will not harm you . After may 2012 when Lord guru moves in to ur 7th house it will be a mixture of good and bad ie., more good than bad i hope it helps.

  25. I was told that if sadesati is coming into chart secondtime it does good for you,is that right?because I had a sadesati when I was a kid and got one more now

    • Hi Praveen, Thnx for the post. I too have seen reference to this in many sites / blogs. While the transit was bad for me (i.e when Saturn moved from Kanya to Tula during Nov) overall things are looking brighter. I will update here with my personal observations in a month or two.

  26. Hi Scorpio friends,

    Every one in their life time gets saturn three times, Ist time is a called Mangu Sani usually comes when we were all kids, 2nd time is called Ponguu sani which means that it will give you troubles but will take you to the top spot the third is called Marana Sani which is not good for old people. However because this sade sati is starting off good for Scorpions because the Sani itself is beginning in the view of Guru Bhagwan as he is seeing Sani bhagwan in the 7th house. There is a saying that a good beggining is job is half done. So don’t be scared and keep up all your good works

  27. This is the best blog I came across for Shani Sade sati.
    Ever since 15th of nov, my life has just got more and more tough. Nov 19th i.e on saturday I got the worst news of my life. I am completely in a bad state of mind right now, feeling too lonely. I am just hanging on to GOD,praying him.
    I just need some moral support and a better knowledge of how to deal with this phase.

  28. Hi Swap465,

    Thanks for visiting the blog and sharing your experiences. Whatever happens, pls do not panic. Shani dev is just a delayer and not a denyer. I have found solace in listening / reading the Hanuman Chalisa and Vishnu Sahasarnama. Things will surely take a turn for the better. Also lighting a Lamp with black til on saturdays in either Shani temple or Hanuman temple will reduce your problems and give you the strength to cope.

    • I have been experiencing effects of Sade Sati from Mid November. I have born on vrischik Rashi with Vishakha Nakshtra. Despite putting efforts there is no recognition at work. I have been sidelined in my department and juniors are taken forward. New Jobs expolring is facing difficulty and moving very slowly. Feeling like either I will be totally sidelined in job or will be moved out so looking alternatively for new jobs. Not successful so far even though my astrologer has predicted new job by March. lets see.

  29. shrinivas shastri

    hi frnds call me on 09448071864 for all type of esy remedies for scorpions
    i hope all the best for all

    thank you

  30. hey guys.. this is an amazin idea to start a blog like this.. oh im gettin too nervous bout this sade sati.. hope everythin turns out well:))

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  32. Really insightful info,thanks!

  33. I am already seeing some effect since the start of SS. Professionally it is quite hitting and peace of mind is reducing. Feel like running somewhere. In health ground BP is raising. GOD should help.

    • Same thing with me. Things are really bad for me. Business went down in November, not able to sell the business or able to find any work. Life is very hard at this moment. Feel like going away. God help!

  34. Dear all,

    I’m a vrischika rashian and I’m devastated to let you all know that on 17th Nov I lost my mother after a well fought 24 days of her stay in hospital. It was such a tragic that she was perfectly alright one month ago. I don’t know whether its really due to saade sati, but she passed away on 17th nov 2011 and some astrologer told me its due to saade sati. Now I’m just clueless whether to even perform some remedies, if do also I don’t know what I can prevent.


  35. Dear Vrishiks,
    I am also a Vrishika Lagna/Rashi, So double the Impact. Family
    Astrologer predicted loss of blood/accident and imprisonment. Doctor called me for blood test and amazingly, local priest called me to help him in prison for a day to join him in prayers and donate food. If you remain Satvik in your conduct and mind and give charity to the POOR, then bad times may occur ,but with minimum impact. Sometimes, we have to give back a share of what is given to us in abundance….

  36. Hi All,
    I am vrishchik rashi & Vrishchik lagna.. I am worried tht I will have doubly strong effect SSS. But I am more worried abt my mom’s health & longevity.
    But I also read that Shani is not harsh on Anuradha nakshatra as this is his own nakshatra?? Donno wht’s gonna happen, I was very positive on 15thNov,11 abt ths whole SSS thingy but just within Fifteen days I lost my job!!! Still searching for one & getting really frustrated.
    I am nor sure wther I will survive till end?? It’s long way to go & started to feel the heat already..

    • Hi Nirmala,
      me too belongs to Vrischika Rasi and Vrischika Lagna, my lagna is vrischika and moon in Vrischika rasi. I have been seeing very tough time wrt health of my wife. I’m very upset we both are in different countries, right now she is discharged from hospital after 4 month battle (Oct 2011 on wards) fighting so many frequent fevers, fertility issues… undergone multiple surgeries… My job is not affected so far but whatever i’m earning, i’m spending to my wife’s health or clearing my past debts…but my debts seems never ending,
      i feel it depends on the position of saturn and sun, also the planets positioned in 10th house for your problems regarding job… Also regarding your mother, check out who is in your 4th house or who is aspecting it….

  37. Nirmmala, Take a good care of ur mother Nirrmala, job even if you have lost you can get it back.. but……. My nakshatra too is anuradha nakshatra
    I lost my mother in during this SSS.. 🙁

  38. Hello,
    I am also scorpion with jyeshta nakshatra as lagna
    Could anybody tell me what are effects of SS on this combination?
    I started severe issues for health since may 2011, it continued till november 2011 after which issues started in job and yet continues
    Please suggest

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for blogging. I too am a Scorpion and Jyeshta Nakshatra. Had some issues at work which started way back in Sep’11. But post this Jan, things are looking good. I have been going to Shani temples every Saturday and light ‘Black til’ lamp. Also hearing / reading Hanuman Chalisa gives great mental relief. I am sure we Scorpions can get through this phase even though it would be a bit tough.


  39. Hi All,

    I am born in Scorpio sign and Jyestha Nakastra .
    I am already facing lots of problems, with no cause i was in police station two times, my father was hospitalized and also I have put off resignation from my job, me and my wife are aparted for silly reason. I am losing my mental stability and health, which are keeping me in worries.

    Dear members, request to provide some light to sort out. In fact, i have started going to Lord Shani Temple and lighting up the sesame seeds.


  40. hi to all
    kindly remember scropions!!!! dont please shani at the time of sss,bcause he is enemy of mars, so all scorpions should be cool about shani,,,just challenge him he wil helpful for you,dont wear neelam bymistake also,i request take navagraha yantra and navagraha pray every day,it wil take only 1 minute,,keep always with u that navagraha yantra, and avaid blue and black dresses,compulserly sleep wit south side head,if possible go tirupati with family or alone,,, shani is good for all, bcos he showns what is life and what peoples around,u wil get that bcos u are in lonely position,if u gives ur date of birth and place i wil tell some remedies,,bcos i am also running in sss,,,


    • Hi Shambu, im also undergoing SS now… below are my birth details, can you shed some light based on your knowledge… Im facing lot of problems with my wife’s health and my past debts…

      DOB: 06-July-1979
      Time: 15:30
      place: Rajahmundry, AP, India


    • Hi Shambhu,
      Please tell me my son born on 18 september 1985.
      Newark, Nj. USa I guess he is vishakha nakshtra
      My husband born on 18 Nov. 1952 he is Anuradha Nakshatra. Please tell me detail on SS

    • Sathianarayanan

      Dear Mr. Shambhu,

      I am also Vrichika Rashi / Tulam Lagna.

      My birth details are as follows:-

      DOB: 04/06/1974
      TOB: 03.30PM
      POB: Thiruppathur, Sivaganga Dist., Tamilnadu

      Please give me your predictions.


  41. Hi, I am a Scorpion and Jyeshta Nakshatra. Started facing bad things in both personal and prof life. i was managing a huge team. All of a sudden in Nov, entire team is ramped down and now i am also left without having any project. I wented to consult doctor for some minor issue, but ended up in a surgery.
    Facing lot of financial problems and unncessary fight or arguements with known or unkown people.
    i really suprised the way this dasha works. How well it is planned by god. i also trust that once the time is fine, everything fall in place.
    i do read hanuman chalisa and shani kavacha every day. Also i do pray lord narasimha. I also planned to visit navagraha temples and some other holi places near kumbakonam, but somehow, i could not make it because of one or the other problems. i am also lightining thil oil in hanuman temple on saturdays and planning to start reading shani mahatma book as well.
    can any one please tell me is there anything else which we will need to do to supress the bad effect of this time.

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  43. i am also vrishchika raasi, visaka nakshatra

    I am also facing lot of issues with regards to my office env. lot of mental confusions, lack of self confidence. i got a really bad appraisal from my boss. it all started for me in Jan .
    some un necessary expenses at home too

  44. I am also born on Vrischika Rashi and Vishakha Nakshatra. The SadeSati impacts started showing wef 15th November 2011. With enough pressures on Jobs and started being sidelined. From February 9th the stars have changed, I got new job and relocating back to mumbai. will join new assignment on 2nd April 2012. The situation even in present job suddenly changed now. Made up my mind for new job which is much better.

  45. Hai everybody, my raasi is vrushchika and my star is anuradha, for the past 3 years I am having problems with my bosses and problems have been increased since nov 2011. I changed my jobs it is of no use. i am a sincere and hardworker but still i am not getting enough recognition and pay. and bosses are also says something or the other. so please help me.

  46. Right from November 17th 2011, life has become a mixture of good and bad for me. Though I and my husband earn decent salary, most of it will get exhausted soon. I have noticed that I get into depression very soon these days which was not the case earlier. I get irritable and fight with my parents for no good reason. I am sure all this has to do with SS and I just home more wont come.

  47. Last phase of each transit of each planet will provide an insight to the next phase. However, for most planets due to their short transit period in a Rashi, this is not easily felt unless observed very keenly day on day sometimes hour on hour.
    You can clearly feel the effects of Shani since it is a slow moving planet taking 2.5 to 3 years (considering retrogression) to transit to the next rashi.
    Shani prepares you for the next phase in life in each rashi. He provides an indication of what is to be expected when he moves to the next rashi in advance. By means of close observation and Astrology one can fairly predict the course of your life for the next 2.5 to 3 years when he moves to the next rashi.
    If you introspect for the last 3 years of your life, the present happenings in your life will have some roots in the incidents or decisions that could have occurred maybe about a year or 2 back. This will be true for all rashis irrespective of whether they are running Sade Sathi or not. 12th house indicates loss and loss is something which is readily felt. Hence, only People with Rashis entering into Sade Sathi feel the hardest pinch and turn to various means including Astrology trying to figure out what went wrong. Example – if you are facing a set back in your career, you would have felt a jolt a year or 2 ago but quickly recovered. The measurement of quickness would have depended on your running dasha, bukthi and other planetary conditions. Those who have been facing trouble since 1-2 years before Sade Sathi begins will need to analysis other factors for not supporting them for that period.
    This is a very general way of predicting which will get altered based on dasha, bukthi and all the planetary placements in your natal horoscope.
    There are few who believe there are remedies to ward off the effects completely. However, I believe Astrology and the remedies provided, give you strength to bare the effects – as your Karma has to be dissolved one way or the other. Another way I look at it – you will perform the remedies only when planetary conditions are favorable or going to be favorable or you have cleared the amount of Karma you were to clear in this phase of your life.
    Shani takes 25-30 years to go around all the 12 rashis. Which means, you will face Sade Sathi for 7 years within every 30 years of your life. When you consider the Shanti performed according to Hindu rites when one completes 60 years, it coincides with the person having completed 2 cycles of Sade Sathi. The 3rd cycle is considered to be fatal if there are no other planetary or dasa bukthi to help sail throught. Asthama Shani in its 3rd cycle also can be fatal.
    Btw, my rashi is also Vrishikha.
    Coming to the present planetary conditions (where Shani is retrograde and will be re-entering Kanya in May 2012) for Vrishikha and Simha rashis in particular and all other rashis in general, there would be an instability phase with most people who dont have any other positive support from other aspects. Simha rashi natives will feel the pinch that they thought had been solved since Nov 2011 with the re-entering to Kanya. Vrishikha natives should feel a little temprovary relief from the set back they experienced during the last few months.

    • Sade Sathi is also a phase with dramatic changes in your life style, preferences, your thought process, reworking on your strengths and weaknesses, fears. Shani is a very good teacher. Your next phase’s direction depends on whether you have been a good student. What you observe and learn in this 3 year phase will help you sail/ excel your next 3 years in life. The cycle continues…….

  48. I have heard that shani sade sati is good for tulas and mild for vrishchikas. Vrishchika is friendly rashi for shani dev. Keep positive approach and attitude and do religious activities as recommended in shastras and things will be fine

  49. Hi Vijay, Its Nice, you said it very nicely. Some what i am waiting for May to experience little good in my career. These days my career is in risky phase. i am totally ignored in my company. But till October-November, i was getting very high respect, prominance in my company. But these days i feel everyone are trying to avoid me. I am literally begging all my superiors for work. but nothing is working out. I hope from april i can see some good growth in my career.

  50. Bharathi
    I am also facing same issues in my career front. 3 managers have said I have to improve a lot and put more hard work. All my work never seems to be satisfactory for myself and managers too. I am always racked by self doubts and in a confused state of mind.Full of tension for me in my career front and my sleep is also not good.I plan to put some hard work but i am unable to.. No idea when the clouds will lift.

  51. hi to all
    please read easy remidies to improve your health and wealth in this ss time..
    be dare nothing will happen in ss,,because ss is time to learn everything ,means single rupee value also..
    thank you

  52. hi to all
    please read easy remidies to improve your health and wealth in this ss time..
    be dare nothing will happen in ss,,because ss is time to learn everything ,means single rupee value also..
    thank you

  53. I’m in the same state as you Bharati. Enjoyed a lot of respect at my work place until a few days ago. It made me quite cocky and I started taking things light for which I’m paying right now. Just planning to work hard and keep my mouth shut no matter what happens.

  54. Hi All,

    My name is kumar. Am also in the same phase. Desperately looking for a job. Finances were all of a sudden down.
    Previous year was very good in earnings. Am living abroad searching for a job. Sometimes i feel lonely, abandoned,
    courageless..pick whatever the problem is..seems to look i have it in my pocket..being lonely without anyone
    to speak with, without enough money is a tough thing..but as someone said in this blog..Shani is a good teacher..
    yes..shani brought be back to ground from sky where i was in my own is in fact teaching me good things
    ..stand upright..fight for doesnt end in this SS true friends..all these years, we have lived
    laughed, learnt, cried..why now..lets stand and fight this period..we can..if someone wants to cry out..cry our loud..
    how much will we cry? how much time? lets cry..would that prove anything? we are thinking about the problem..
    lets stop it..lets start thinking about the solution..i diyas in shani temple and reading few things would
    bring us peace..apart from that..lets stand for ourselves..lets smile and think ” if i have lived the problems all
    through these years. why cant i do these few years”..apologies if i have written something bad or which would have
    hurt someone else..but am not belief is with me..thanks for the person who created this blog..god bless him.

    please feel free to share ur thoughts, friendship to

  55. Hello all,
    Just want to put some light. Just forget that you are going through Sadesati phace. Face the situation as if u are not in any phase of graha dasha. I agri u may face difficulties but at the same time u learn so many things from that situation. I am also Vruschik person and sadesati has started for me from 15th november.
    Whatever was happening i was blemming sadesati . So just be yourself and face the situation whatever condiion is with the positive frame of mind and try to learn from it.

  56. Hi,
    Mine is Anuradha with Vrishika Rasi and i am not aware if its 2nd or 3rd time but for me SS brought health problems but professionaly doing better after start of ss.

    • Me too had the same effect from September 2011 my career changed for better and still going strong and got releaved of lot of family tensions…

  57. Mars will turn direct on 14th April 2012. Mars is the lord of Vrishchika Rashi and is currently in 10th house where he is in retrograde motion. Sun will be in 5th house from Vrishchika along with Mercury during this period.

    Do post changes that might happen to your career around this period. Specially if any stalled/ delayed career activities starts to progress or sudden positive change is experienced. Saturn will be the only planet in retrograde motion for sometime post 14th (apart from Rahu and Ketu which are always in retrograde motion).

    • Hi
      Being a scientist I know these planets are just masses of rock/ gas that travel in orbits around the sun and should not have ANY influence on individuals on Earth or anywhere else- you suffer only if you are a meteor and get caught in the gravity of the planet and crash into it!
      But there may be something in the belief and faith that we place in these planets. Faith moves mountains.
      We need an excuse, a scapegoat to pin our troubles to. It’s not in the transit of planets it’s in your deeds, your actions, your personality. If you believe “Shani” gives you trouble then nothing is possible. But if you believe you can achieve greatness then nothing can stop you. Do good deeds ALWAYS not just when you are under the influence of weak planets. Troubles force you to think, to reflect and choose a better step…..they cleanse your life of unnecessary things to prepare you for a better period. One door closes, another opens….have faith. And dont forget to feed the birds/ animals.

  58. Hi, My rashi and lagna is Scorpio. As most of us are under the influence of Sade Sathi, i too am facing the same. However, as we all would be blessed by the Lord Guru from 17th May, i feel we all vrischika rashi’s will be blessed
    with betterment. In the mean time, i wanted to know, i am entering Shukra Mahadahs comming Oct, 2012, will the effect of Shukra Mahadasha been seen? (inspite of Sade sathi). My Shukra is in Meen Rashi with 19 degrees strong.

  59. Dear Friends.
    I wanted to ask the august audience on this blog, in the last kandaka shani (shani transiting though 10th house) all those with vrischika rashi & lagna the same, suffered humiliation, had to cut sorry figure, repeted faliure and god konws what more. My question to you all is, is Shani, exercises malific results to some rashis, including Vrischika rashi making it almost lose courage completely?

  60. hi all,
    hi guys even i am born under jyestha nakshatra, been facing problems after november of 2011, i dont remember the date but yea mid of nov it started , i have been already facing problems before this also i had panoti of rahu and now i came to know even rahu + sade sati has also started .
    i have already lost my job got anew one but dnt know hw long will it stay , i cant also make up my mind regarding my career cause the job which i am doing is my temporary field m just dragging days until i make up my mind just dnt know hw the future will be if select a career for me right now , it feels like a never ending battle cause i guess from 2007 i have been going under some or other panoti’s and still getting panotis, i visited some professional astrologers they give me dates saying that ur panotis gonna end at this date but as the date comes i find another heavy panoti has started it feels very frustrated or mixed emotion but i just keep on fighting it by keeping the hope that i will survive it , i will stand my stand ,keeping my self motivated but yea getting tired of it as welll cause time is just going , i had issues with relationship, ffrendz, etc if i start of with it its gonna be never ending . i do go saturdays to worship lord shani n hanuman , well i guess thats y maybe i am still able to go with the flow .
    Recommendations :
    a)guys keep worshipping lord shani n hanuman on saturday with the offering of oil & feed the poor or stray dogs or birds as well (which i will have to start again)

    b) try to avoid those activities during this panoti period like alcohol, non veg, bad thinking of something or someone, i know its hard for some but atleast we can try to avoid or cut down a little, even m not able to stop but yea i do avoid it cause this are some things which is not liked by lord shani just have faith in him and lord shani will make sure the period goes like a needle has been poked rather than getting sliced by a sword & feel the pain more.

    c)for those who are worried about their family members regarding severe health status or conditions or something bad might happen, me my self is worried so i am thinking of reciting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of lord shiva for my family n me so that it will keep us safe in the toughess times ,i know mantra or worship of lord shiva not heard of reciting during this time but as vrischika rashi is owned by mangal worshipping lord shiva gives a positive effect on vrischika rashi, lord shani is a worshiper of lord mahadev as well

    well that’s what i can help everyone with right now as per my situation cause i have been doing it before and it has helped me out quite in the past years and hope to do it again regularly , if i come across something helpful i will surely post it for all
    people just keep Fighting hard, Learn the lessons & take the Hits as it comes & keep moving forward our prayers will shield us from the malefic effects of lord shani & in the end our prayers will bring back the good nahh!! the best times which we where waiting for the 7 1/2 year by the blessing’s of lord shani, this just the purifying stage of our life

    i wish this motivates all!!!!!

  61. I understand the double effect of Raul Mahadasha+Sade Sathi. For the time being i can suggest you a solace, ie., next month of 17th May 2012, the entire Vrischika rashi clan, will be under Guru phalan, Juipeter transiting the 7th house. It will stay there for 1 whole year till 31st May 2013. This one year should support you on your career and family life. Also please let me know how long is your Rahu Mahadasha? Cos soon after Rahul Mahadasha, you enter, Guru Mahadasha!

  62. Dear all, i do not see any major contribution in this exercises from our respected participants, can we have more examples to be shared by the participants? Can we all share more views on our experience?

    • Hi Girish,
      As the transition of Guru and Shani to Vrishabha and Kanya respectively are nearing, and Ravi already transitioned into Vrishabha couple of days back – most of us would be busy experiencing some changes or near misses/ failures of positive changes (including myself where things I thought I had in hand turned out to be mirages). This should be too tight gripped period ‘so close, yet so far’ kind of situation for most of us. Maybe, there will be some experience sharing in the next 15 – 30 days, as we settle into the change!

  63. hi to all
    recently i visited to tirumala, kolhapur, shiradi,shani singnapur and mahabaleshwar.
    i thought its blessed by shani only hwever from 17th of this month, guru will start to bless us, and its good time both of shani and guru are opposite, shani gives chance to guru make vrichikas very good position in middle period, after getting good luck if vrichikas did anything wrong surely shani wil take back all things which guru is kindly be happy all, and be aware not to horm anbdy and live bad things

  64. hi all
    i have heard from someone that one can get chance of foreign trip in sade sati, the same happened with me, i changed my job and suddenly got chance of foreign trip in December 2011, everything was fine till then but since last 2-3 months i am continuously facing lots n lots unnecessary family problems, financial loss. My job has become unbearable, i am working so hard but getting no output, colleagues seems frustrated with my work, just yesterday i got warning from management, i used to be a good employee, but now everything seems to be running out of control. helpless

  65. Hi,

    i am jyasta nakshatra and born in India and living in UK for last 11 years, will ss effect me????? or will it effect to the people live in India?? any idea???


    • Hi Sudha,
      Sadesati will affect people with different intensities based on your past Karma. It is also not position specific, i.e its affect are felt wherever you are on this earth. But I have known instances, including myself, where the effect of SS is considerably reduced while you are in a foreign country (i.e away from your Birth place). This depends on your horoscope and placement of planets in your birth chart.


  66. Quoting Prakash: “… effect of SS is considerably reduced while you are in a foreign country …. ” Un Quote.
    Another way of interpreting this statement – Moving to a different place (“stanapalata” can be different city – not necessarily different country; even different company; or a change of house within the city – maybe increasing daily travel time) basically – causing separation from family and friends; roaming in unknown place, with unknown people, with unknown culture, etc is the end effect. If there is no separation, then the effect turns towards affecting the career negatively. Half a century ago, separation from family was considered as a negative effect – there would be no/ less communication with the family with many cases where they were considered dead by the family as there was no communication. With the current level of technology, communication and the faster mode of transportation, the negativity is not felt to that extent – also due to the monetary benefits compensating for the inconveniences in today’s time.
    I would not be surprised in such cases (where married) if the spouse could not get VISA or there were other logistic impediment with the travel itself — though career wise there were no issues. Or, an effect on one’s/ family member’s health.
    Like wise interpretation can be made for other events during Sade Sati. For example – marriage or child birth. Positive side of Sade Sati is the long pending/ delayed event taking place in itself. Negative side of looking at the events would be the difficulties faced in achieving the event which would be greater than during other positive planetary conditions (example – post marriage adjustments may require more effort than normal, marriage arrangements itself could require additional efforts, child birth could be more difficult than normal-sometimes tragic if there are no other planets to support, and likes).
    While the effect of the planetary conditions stand true with time – from century to century — the interpretation of the ill/ positive effect will differ with time – from century to century – from generation to generation.

  67. Hi to all Vrishchicks facing SS,

    I just wanted to share my experience, since last week of Nov’2011 i got stuck in a huge loss making stock position and after facing almost 5 and half months of excruciating pain i finally closed this position at a huge loss of around 88lac rupees on 17th May. I have lost 1/3rd of my net worth due to this loss. In march i also found out that i was a type 2 diabetec but that was a good thing as i controlled my diet and reduced my weight which i see as positive effect of SS (i.e. i came to know of my condition so i became cautious of my diet and started reducing weight and exercising).
    Here is what i have been doing as remedies, not sure how much they will or will not help –
    1). Got rahu dosh nivaran puja done back in february of this year as i also had rahu dasha.
    2). Started going to temple every tuesday to offer gur/laal moong/coconut/oil/sindoor to Hanuman ji (which i stopped since past tuesday after the loss)
    3). Offer gur/tel/sindoor to Hanumanji & offer milk+water on shivalingam at home everyday.
    4). Saying Hanuman Chalisa seven times in the morning and night.
    5). Started doing Durga paaath every night between 8PM to 10PM for 30mins since March which i also stopped after last thursday’s loss but i still continue to say Öm Sarvbadha Vinormukto” mantra for atleast 20-30mins.
    6). Started saying Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah for 108 times everyday (since past sunday as thats when i came to know about this mantra)
    7). I was sponsoring 5 kids in India through world vision since 2008, but i reduced the number to 1 and started Akshayapatra donation to sponsor food for 10 kids every year.

    I also intend to start going to temple again every saturday to offer gur / tel / coconut / sindoor / moong daal + light sesame oil diya for Shani dev and also offer milk+water on shivalingam.

    Am I on the right path? Please advise if i am doing anything wrong or anything else i should do. When i told my parents of my financial loss they told me that think of it as positive sign that some other big trouble like life threatening health issues with my spouse or kids or any other major hurdle may have been avoided as Shanidev gave me financial loss which i can still overcome but other loss may not have been recoverable.

    I pray for the well being & send positive karma to all the in-habitants of our planet earth and especially to fellow vrishchicks who are suffering under SS.

    Thanks & Regards,

  68. Excellent post you have made.You are really blessed.I am born in vrishika rashi in anuradha nakshatra please tell me something more about vrishika rashi and anuradha nakshatra.I heard there yogas existing something like please tell me do i have any yogas in my rashi.

  69. hello guys ,
    this is what i am doing since nov 2011
    1) shanti kavach daily
    2) fast on saturday
    3) control anger , remain cool , think , analyse , act .

  70. hi to all
    nowdays shani in kanya rashi now, he will be there until agust, it means he is in 11th house of vrichika,, its very good time,,and from 3rd june guru will start the doing very good help for all vrichikas,,,nothing to wory,,,,unknowly all vrihichikas get all problems solved,,but after getting good dont avaid the pujas and all devotee things,,,,finaly i warn dont please shani very much,,bcos he is enemy of mars,,mars is boss of vrihichikas,,,if you pleased shani mars will get angry,,,than thing is once side one side mars will start the giving problems,,let live shani,,,our mars is there to fight with shani…and this time try to make puja shiva and mahalaxmi,

    thank you

    • Hi Shambhu.

      Not sure with your theory whether should we please more shani than Mars for the time being. I agree to your view point that Shani and Mars are enemies, but yes, your point of view is very valuable point to be considered. Now, more important to it, Guru is combust till 28th May. From 29th May he shall raise to power and then, we all vrischika rashi’s will see the pluse side of guru phalan. Now frmo 2nd or 3rd june, Guru will be fully supportive to all throse who enjoy guru phalan now.

  71. Hi my DOB is aug 13 1978 and I have vrischika rashi and my Sadesati started in November 2011. I was stuck in a bad job but I did get a new job in february in a big company but the people are not nice they. Are very cold towards me. In may 2012 with Guru badal I thought I got a dream job 5 minutes from my house but that may slip through and I may have to keep working where I am so I am really unhappy working with mean people.
    I am also more confused and indecisive than before. I can’t believe I got out of one bad job to land into another where there may not be any growth opportunity and the people are mean.
    I don’t know when my next chance of getting something better will be ?
    I am currently running shukra mahadasha guru antardasha my guru antardasha will end in may 2013 and shani antrdasha will start.
    If anybody here can predict accurately if I should stay where I am and be unhappy or take a risk and potentially be happy please respond. My biggest fear right now is I am stuck in this place with mean and unsupportive people.

    • Hi Namrata. You case is really sad, i can understand cos in the past i too had made similar mistakes. Now Since the Guru has just transited to Vrishabha rashi, i suggest, wait till 28th May 2012. Since Guru is combust, he shall actually start showing its power from 29th May 2012. From 20-21st June 2012, i am told that guru will be around 8 to 9 derees, that means he shall show his guru phalan from then. So if you can remain patient till then, please maintain your patients. Pray to guru bhagawan every thursaday to expedite his powers on us at the earliest.

    • Hi Namrata,

      I think Girish has provided some good guidance with some dates to look out for. I myself am a Vrishchika rashian and having Shukra Mahadasha and Mars antardasha. Since you said that you too are having the same mahadasha, just wanted to let you know that I had a topsy turvy career for around 2.5 yrs during my Shani antardasha. Since you will be entering this antardasha in a year or so and will also have SS, my advice to you would be to tread very carefully wrt your career moves. Weigh all your options before you make any move. Because what I have observed is, if you have to suffer then even if you change jobs you will continue the suffering, albeit with some new tormentors :). So it would be good to be a bit detached from the material wantings and concentrate on some spirtual needs during this time. If you aleviate yourself above to the next plane, then you can clearly see that your sufferings are not so much as they seem to be. Ofcourse this would take some discipline from your end ( and that is what Shani wants to teach us all). Chant / Listen to the Hanuman Chalisa if not daily , atleast on tuesdays. I can vouch that this has helped me calm down a lot.

      – Prakash

      • Hi Prakash, As you said you are currently in Shukra MD and Mars AD, can you please let us now how strong is Shukra and Mars in your horoscope. Since this will help some of us to judge how much dasha plays a role in our life, especially durind SS. If i am right, you Shukra MD would have started around 6-7 years back. Could you please take us all through this journy since the begining of Shukra MD for the benefit of reads?

        • Hi Girish,
          My Shukra dasha started in 1996. I am in the last leg of this 20 yr period. I must say that life has been kind to me and I did grow both professionally, financially and emotionally. While there were small ups and downs nothing major during this MD period, until I came under the Shani Sub-Dasha from 2008 to 2012 Jan.. This period has not been good for my career generally. As soon as Shani sub-dasha ended I got a good break and my position is also elevated. For me since SS has just started, it is very early to generalise. I am facing some of the SS symptoms like moving to a foreign land, seperated from family, loneliness, etc. At present I cannot tell you how strong is my Shukra and Mars, but I will let you know soon.

          • Hi Prakash. Thanks for your comments. Infact your inputs have added some home to my upcoming Shukra Mahadasha. Most importantly career and family life. Currently i am going through difficult face with loads of embarrassment and above all lack of interest in career. Hope to see some improvement in the coming days!

  72. Dear all, i have one specific question which i am not able to find answer for. I read many valuable exprience from every cornor which is only making me excited to bring this queiry to this platform. Currently i am under ketu mahadasha, budha antardasha. I shall enter Shukra mahadasha around September-October. Shukra is in Meen rashi, exalted with 19 degrees power. He is associated with rashi lord Mars/Mangal. Tough it makes Venus-Mars yoga, in other words it also makes 2 kendra lord in 5th house (trikona house). Again the good guru beautifully aspecting the 5th house from my rashi/lagna (both being same for me ie., vrishchika rashi). My question is, can any one tell me when can i expect the benefits of shukra/venus mahadasha and how will be shukra mahadasha for vrischika rashi and lagna native. Eagerly awaiting response.

  73. Mine being Vrushika rasi & anuradha nakshtra with MD -Surya got good break in Professionly in SEP-2011 which is far better than before and hence i believe in SS the effect of MD is also strong for my case

  74. Girish
    nice said, but we vrichikas should neglect shani,,bcos if we pleased him mars will get angry, and however shani is enemy of mars he also start giving troubles, my point is dont think much and affraid about shani,,he is coming for do very good in all our life, but he teaches the pain, hungry, money and moral thinking which we are doing good are bad unknowly, shani is freind of shukra,, in shukra dasha if vrichikas did anything wrong or some bad things like hitting, cheating etc. same thing will be reversed in this ss,, so if anybody did wrong things he should get that punishment by shani in this whatever you pray for shani if vrichikas did good they wil get back, if bad same they wil get back, so be dare those had did good things,,so be ready to get punishment from shani which vrichikas has did wrong things in shukra dasha..

    • Hey Shambhu, what you said is right as far as the action is concerned. I am sure we all are aware of Shani’s role in life, if you do good then you are rewarded by him and vis versa.

  75. I appreciate the advice. I am just saddened by the prospect of being in a job with mean people forever. Is there no job change for the better for me? What should I look forward to?
    Can any astrologer please take a look at my details again and advise DOB August 13, 1978 place kolkata (calcutta) at 5:30 pm

    • Hi Namrata. I checked you kundali. You have vrischika rashi and Makar lagna. Currently you are under Shukra mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha. In your kundali, Shukra is in Kannya rashi which is debelitated house for shukra. Shukra and Rahu are in kanny rashi, thus shukra is inflicted by rahu and ketu. Also you have mars along with them, making slightly difficult times. No wonder you made a wrong choice of your career at this point. Now the positives. In your horoscope, Guru is in karka rashi, which is exalted. Again currently the antardasha would last till 12th March 2013, from 13th march you will be under Shukra mahadasha and Guru antar dasha till 12th may 2016. So from today, till 2016 you life will be better day by day. So rest need not worry on any thing! I am sure the lord guru will bestow his phalan on you from now on….Take care and good luck!

      • Hi Girish,

        My DOB is 04021967 and place of Birth is KOLAR(Karnataka) can u have a glimpse and tell me about the future carrer.

  76. Girish thank you for taking the time to do The analysis but I think you have the dates wrong currently I am under shukra mahadasha and guru antardasha. My Rahu antardasha got over in 2010. Please recheck and advise. Thanks

    • Hi Namrata, in that case you need not worry at all, then your good time has just started, remain patient and offer your prayers to lord guru!

      • Sir, I am S RAMESH. My DOB is 18/04/1957. I am also feeling the effects of ss. I purchased a plot during Feb’12. Started constrution during May’12. During the course due to severe financial crunch it stopped till today. Also my health was upset during july,02. Will u pl highlight me reg house construction as well as health.

  77. Hi Girish,

    My DOB:04021967 and my MD-Surya.
    I have got good break in carrer as soon as the MD started before the SS but now i have not got any negative result till now…will it be real challenges in future due to SS or becoz of MD-Surya will it nullify.

  78. Since all of you are anuradha nakshatra, I was curious about one thing. How is your relationship with your parents and siblings? I have read that this nakshatra ppl do not have good relations with them and mine certainly isn’t good and it bothers me to no end…I am just curious to know.

    • I agree with you. I always had problems with my brother but I loved him and he never ever listened to me and we never got along may be i was possessive and wanted him to what i thought was good for him and that never worked so I was always frustated but now it is getting worse and I have stopped thinking about him. But since 2 or 3 years I have problems with my parents and looks like they only care about my brother and I am more frustrated these days. Just hope it gets better because this is hurting me day by day.

  79. hi girish
    send some peedanivarak navgraha mantra and navgraha stotra so all can read evryday with hanuman chalisa,,bcos in ss navagrha pooja,navgraha mantra pathan and navgraha ring very helpful for shani bad effects,,and must all should read mrutyunjaya mantra without miss, i have all the mantras,, but its in my mother tounge kannada language, so better find english mantras about i said above and mention here ,, so all get that. and now shani turned only 1 percentage ,, still he has to turn 29 percentage,,,afetr he reaches 20 percentage (degree) he start giving good for us,,so until than we have to live here,, and remember in shani dasha no one died,,if u try to die u cant also,,bcos shani teaches the what is life,,and shani in tula rashi now,,,not only vrichikas all rashians get there life effects what they did,,its time to all bad thinking peoples to get punished.
    thank you

  80. Hi to all Vrischika rashi’s. Great to share our expeirnece in this platform. In the past few days, i see some povitivity around. Slight improvement towards my career and gradually feeling of positivity. I hope things, would change in the coming days especially around 21th of June as Guru bhagawan would be around 9-10 degrees, Its only then guru will surely bestow his benevelonce on us.

    • Hello Girish,

      I am also a Scorpio and currently under effect of Sade-Sati. I was never ever a superstitious person, but now a firm believer. Things were really bitter from last few months; bit relieved these days with some positivity around. However, if I put it on my scale- it is still 40% positive and 60% negative. It’s been months (actually years) I really felt “Happy,” lots of stress in life, there is always a fear of losing things, good opportunities and money (which is actually happening).

  81. I sure hope that Guru Bhagwan gives us knowledge and grace to face these times when everyone seems adversarial.
    I have another question though isn’t shani dev supposed to be in Virgo or Kanya rashi in that case it isn’t our Sadesati right now? Then why are these times so difficult and is it going to get worse when shani dev re-enters Libra or Tula?
    Does anyone know if Shukra is also wakri And when it will move forward.
    Thanks Namrata

    • Hi Namarata. Good point to discusse. In my view we need to analyse the present situation in 3 aspects. First is the Transit of planets. Currently, Shani bhagawan is transiting through 11 house in kaanya rashi. This is a good period for all vrischika rashi pesonal. Then Guru bhagawan is transiting through 7th house and the growth effects will be seen from the present week that June 1st week. Most importanly, we all forget that Rahu and ketu are transiting from 1st and 7th house respectively. Rahu is famous to create confusion and fear. Thus purely from transit point of view, we would see the progress slowly but steadily. Also, on 21st June, Mangal would move to Kanny rashi and would receive the aspect of guru bhagawan. Thus from transit point of view and also degreecally, it will an uprise from now. The second important point is the Dasha, which is based on individual horoscope and lastly is the prashan kundali which is again based on individual kundali. However, in general we will see great improvement in the coming days.

  82. Hi!!! Thing will start changing..pray to lord Shani dev .Every sat visit shani temple and putTil oil. Give food to hungry people, donate black blanket , leather chappal and umbrella to needy ones. If ur reading hanuman chalise see to it u pronouce each and every word correctly or it will hv adverse effects.

  83. ravi prakash pydimarri


    • Please dont type entire message in caps. It means you are angry and scolding. It is also a little harsher on the reader’s eyes!

  84. Hi all, I do feel that things are going to get better but it seems like it’s two steps backward and one step forward at this time. I was also wondering about the transit of Mars. Mars is the rashi swami for all vrischika rashi natives and he is supposed to transit every 40 days or so. In June he transits to kanya which is the 11th house and that transit is good what happens after 40 days when he transits again?
    Also isn’t Rahu supposed to transit to Tula in January 2013 would that be good for us vrischika rashi natives?

    • Good Question Namrata. First, i agree Mars will transit to Kanya rashi around 21st June 2012. Here he will be under the direct influence of Lord Guru. So for some time both the rashi and its lord are blessed by the Great guru. Now, What happens when Rahu transits to Tula Rashi, Till 31st May 2013, Lord guru will support all of us, post that, one should be carfull with accidents, since both Rahu and Shani would transit together. However, till June end, Rahu and Ketu will be strong in thier present position. Post that they will lose strenght and Guru will support with its blessings. Most importanly, Guru bhagawan, is currently in between Rahu and Ketu, so it will need time to control all the Malifics. However, once Guru bhagawan assumes power by June end 2012, he will ward off all the negatives from our life. Yes, its painfull, fearfull and irritating till then. One has no other choice but to face the bull by horns. I also suggest all Vrischika rasian’s to offer Chana mala to Lord Dakshinamurty or to Lord Guru in Navaghra on thursdays. This will raise the power of lord Guru week and week!

  85. ravi prakash pydimarri

    is sani do any favour to anuradha born people as it is his own nakshatra

  86. Girishji do you see a better period for vrischika natives towards the end of this year or even January 2013? I do know guru Bhagwan has started getting stronger even though its only the 12th of June. My boss has decided to leave and the person replacing her is supposed to be a very nice man. So there’s hope but I feel so under appreciated and underutilized in my job that I will keep looking and hopefully find something better.

    • Dear Namrata and all rashi friends. Yes, as per my learning the great lord Guru has turned around 6.05 degrees as of 12th june 2012. By 21-22nd he shall turn around 8 degrees +- 1.5 degree. By then our rashi lord mangal will move to kanny rashi which is the labha sthan. So all who are looking for a change in job/role please start searching it right away cos as the days come closers we shall see great period for all. Yes Namrata…. to answer your question, we will see the first big change by 4th August. Post that for a short period, also depending upon dasha strenght, we may face minnor hurdles in the month of August and September. Post that i really do not see much problems cos, by then the great lord guru would control the situation completely!

      • Hi Girish Sir,
        Whatever you stated is exactly same as that of my Guruji (till june 2012 end there will be problems and Guru will take charge after that).
        For last one year I am jobless, and completely confused. I was not aware of our sadesati. I was completely lost and confused with having lots of choices. I evaluated all but couldnt dare to select the one as I lost my confidence. I was putting efforts but even my higher education and experience couldnt help me getting a desired job. I am still searching it and your words have boosted me to put more efforts. Thanks a lot for writing this blog and discussion.
        I have one question, I have been told that I have a Kalsarp dosha. Can we have a kalsarp dosha puja or any other puja during our sadesati phase? Plz reply.


        • Dear Yogesh, first let me tell you, i am not a professional Astrologer, however i have strong fundamentals on astrology. I learned through various books, case studies and have gained experience which i apply to similar cases. I am deeply hurt to hear about your job front. 5 Years back i faced severe problems with my career and gradually i gained some confidence. I have complete feelings for all those who struggle in career. To answer your question on Kalsarpa Dosha, generally ppl having this dosaha, some call it as yoga, i have experienced such people have limited faith in god. That does not mean have no beleif at all, however they still venture out against the usual ritual to be performed. Now its really good to perform puja for Kalsarpa Doaha/Yoga. However, i sould suggest that after completing the puja, please continue to pry to lord. Usuall, Nag devata is worshiped or people are asked to visit the temple where the deity is sarpa (Naag). My advise to continue visiting these temple for life long benefit. Infact i checked recently and i have learned that Guru bhagawan would reach 10 degree (+/- 1 degree) around 30th June 2012. In other words post june 30th, Guru bhagawan will be in ful swing. I suggest you to offer Chana mala to Guru bhagawan or Dakshinamurthy bhagawan on ever thursday. This will strenghen this power and support you on regular basis.

  87. Dear All….. I would each one of you to share your current experience for the betterment of our understanding of the current situation. This will facilitate each one of us to live in hope and ward off negative energy completely. Can we all share some good experience starting from the 17th of may since guru bhagawan has transited the 7th house….

  88. One more thing, i am particular to know how it would be when Lord Mangal will transit through Kannya rashi, which is our 11th house, i generally see it should be good to all, hope to received some good news. Can any one through light on this as to how will be The transit of Mangal through 11th house.

  89. What effects does the transit of shani dev currently in kanya soon to be back in Tula (12th house) for vrischika rashi natives have on eyes? I have been diagnosed with astigmatism in my left eye and will have to use corrective lenses while working in front of the computer no power only correction for the astigmatism.

  90. Here is an update from my end: As with most people here, I started facing difficulties from Nov 2011 — family’s health as well as on career front. However, prior indications were there for at least about eight months on what might happen. In Jan and then Apr-May 2012 period, there were quite a few good openings which I almost got through, but mysteriously did not follow through its logical end (touch and go). Efforts put in by me in this period was high. By last week of May 2012 I relaxed a little and efforts went down a little. However, I got through with one of the openings and joined mid-June. It was quick and happened within few days; while the process with earlier options used to take weeks!
    Points to be noted are – a. Change: I’m changing company after more than a decade-major adjustments to be made – few good, few difficult b. Stanapallata (Change of place): First time I joined a company outside my city – though I’ll be working in my city itself. c. Learnings: I consider this to be a good break for future growth – though next few months will be tough and may not be rewarding d. Loss: I lost a family member during middle of first round of SS in my early years and another member during the start of this SS (this is my second round) e. Dasha, Bukthi, AntarBukthi: It took Moon and Mars AntarBukthi for the change to happen after all other planets (other than Rahu and Ketu) turned favorable f. History repeats (at least similarly): One of the earlier major boost to my career was when Shani was just about reaching 180 degrees from where it is currently. About 6 months later, had to face tough times – though I was confident to sail through the situation and did sail through as well.
    In effect, I would say, Jun-Jul seem to be good period for a positive break for all of us – subject to our Dasha, Bukthi, AntarBukthi also is supportive.
    Each of you might want to go back and check the planetary combination when you had a positive period (or a negative/ similar as current situation period for that matter) and compare with current planetary combination along with the bukthi and antarbukthi. Are you facing similar conditions as earlier?
    Will have to wait and watch out the effect in Jul-Aug when Shani moves direct and then back to Tula.

  91. Hi Everyone, I am a regular visitor of this blog. I have also gone through very tough time since June 2011. I left my previous job due to immense dissatisfaction .Nothing was working out even though I was givng my best. I was trying for new job but nothing was clicking.Offers were coming but for no reasons they were getting cancelled. But eventually I managed to get one where I am currently employed. Like everyone I am waiting for the good time to come. I am Vrischik rashi and Jesta Nakshatra.

  92. My date of birth is apr 18th 1984 and anuradha nakshatra 1st quarter and vrischika rasi facing issues very badly. i came for visa stamping and it is taking lot of time..i want to join my husband badly who is in US. what can be done ..why are we seeing this separation..we are married recently and having hard time…pls help..I am going to hanuman temple on saturdays and offering sesame oil to shani bhagwan..pls tell me if i need to follow any other remedies.

    • Hi,

      Seperation from family or near and dear ones does happen during sade sati period. In my experience this would not be for prolonged periods but may only last for a couple of months. Saturn has been retrograde for some months now, but I believe that period is over and you should see some progress and hopefully be with your husband by Aug. But pls keep going to Hanuman temple and continue as you are doing now.


  93. Hi, Prakash , Girish & Namrata,
    I went through all of your conversation and found so fine to understand few things. Me too Scorpion DOB 29/09/1987 and under SS, facing lots of problem in term of finance and mind peace. just feeling like all my bank got currpted and noone helping me with money even those who suppose to pay me huge amount. thnaks to Guru due to which i have been offered very good JOB and joining in July-12th-2012. wish to ask you if you all can suggest me somemore on this. even i wish to get marry this year so is this will be fine to get marry when i m under SS? Her DOB is 16/02/1983, Yes she is Elder than me :)… I request all of you to help me to get clear from all the trouble as i m younger than you all.

    I keep fasting on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday but from last 3 week due to some ore the other reason i get chance to drink (BEER) and i do even i was not driniking from last 1 year. till when i would be able to clear my dues???

    Thanks & regards to ALL.

    Aniket D

  94. Hi, Prakash , Girish & Namrata,
    I went through most of your conversation and found so fine to understand few things. Me too Scorpion DOB 29/09/1987 and under SS, facing lots of problem in term of finance and mind peace. just feeling like all my bank got currpted and noone helping me with money even those who suppose to pay me huge amount. thnaks to Guru due to which i have been offered very good JOB and joining in July-12th-2012. wish to ask you if you all can suggest me somemore on this. even i wish to get marry this year so is this will be fine to get marry when i m under SS? Her DOB is 16/02/1983, Yes she is Elder than me :)… I request all of you to help me to get clear from all the trouble as i m younger than you all.

    I keep fasting on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday but from last 3 week due to some ore the other reason i get chance to drink (BEER) and i do even i was not driniking from last 1 year. till when i would be able to clear my dues??? i m joining far from my place and near to her. will it be good for me and relationship with her? (my parents are agree for my marriage)

    Thanks & regards to ALL.

    Aniket D

    • Hi Aniket. There is nothing wrong to get married during Sade Sathi. Only thing plz get your’s and her horoscope matched. Ofcourse if you both has decided to get married nothing like that, however to ensure the finer points in the nuptial knot, i advice to cross check the same.

      • Hey Girish,

        Thanks a ton for the time which you spare for me to reply. However i wish to have few more reply from you. i had match the Kundli for Both of Us and below points which are making me worried but i know i have to deal with thios as i love her a most and wish to be with her till my last breath. please suggest and give me advice while reading the below points.

        * She is Pisces and i m scorpio so ofcourse she is not my type, I mean as per experts its not a good match accept we conver our relationship under the phsycial realtion which only can make us both together.
        * She is Manushyagana I m Rakshagan so as you know i will always heading the realtionship (as per expert but its not true in realy life as she only dominate me)
        * She love freedom and get intract with everyone she know and love to have new friend wherein i always wish that she can give prefrence to our Domestic life (which she never listen and we end up with fight oftenly)
        * She had her past with one Guy for good years and she was about to die when i supported her and pull out from everything but as per human nature and Pisces are she always keep diving in her find memories which lead me to frustration but i sallow it by keeping a fact in mind that i cant live without her.
        * As i m Scorpion i dnt like to loose the game and noone cant dominate me ( and onone do in my realy life) but she have good command over me and move me like the way she want (i only support as i know she is like that)

        However being Scorpoin i have improved my skills and few nature where i digest her mistake and forgive her each time. i never doubt on her charecter and try to keep her calm and give her new vision to see world.

        Life with her as of now now so great even i m joining as a Operations Manager (in Age of 25) and earning more than 40k not making her happy. what should i do now? is we are fighting due to SS? fact remain the same i cant live without her and my family ready to support me but still, sometime i feel self alone and As a SCORPION never loose attitude comes back and feel frtusted,

        Suggest me something.

        Hey Prakash & Namrata wish to hear from you guys too..

        Thanks & Regards

        An!ket D

        • Well Replyed Ankit. I have no doubt that you have complete love towards you loved life. Some of the incidents you have shared above is incomplete to suggest whether your problems are due to SS or due to missmatch of Horoscope. I still suggest to recommand a good astrologer to advice you on this or live you life the way it is. Again, i am not sure whether i should commet on this, how much you earn with your wife and how much you should be earning is an individual choice. It can never be supported by an outsider. For some of us 40K would be huge money for other is just some money and for the rest it would be only 40K? hun….. i hope you get what i am saying

          • Hey Girish 🙂 ,

            I got your meaning :)… was expecting such a good reply. anyways i m happy with her and even the scene remain the same will not harm me as i have to be with her and i guess all we scoripon know for great lover and we do know sacrifice for our loved one.
            I need to discusse with you something which is very shocking in my life and amazed to my Uncle and dad who are good astrologers. when i drink ( i dnt drink too much) if someone ask me to predict something i do and that happen in real. for example :- with my friends when i see cricket match while enjoying beer whatever i predict about batsman and bowler its turn as truth and happned number of time which leads to my friend to make me drink beer and play money on IPL and they won everytime. its still far ways from my understanding.
            Recent incident which forced me to post this comment and ask your advice is . last to last saturday night my best friend had birthday party and very close frined of him was drinking with me, we both sat alone and was discussing about God and his existing however after that as he came to know about me he asked me to check his palm and tell about his past and present. trust me i was not knowing even his name before that night and when i started talking about him whatever i spoke about him was trust (admitted by him) even i got shocked when i said that he kissed to one GAY friend of him he bow down to me and said it was before two days when he did at his room and noone knows about it accept these two.
            Is this happnining because i do worship a lot and always take name of my lord. last month in dream i saw Shivaling , before two weeks i saw one Sadhu (Saint) with long hairs and beared giving me his Trident (Trishul) and asking me to take care of it untill he smoke weed (may be Ganza) with his friend on top of the mountain. do post your suggestion on this.

            I wish to learn Astrology & as i know Cancer and Scorpion has god gift to understand and learn astrology. in SS we are spiritual so do this will help me ? anything you would like to suggest?

            Sorry,. i speak a lot i guess 🙂

            Thanks again for your valuable reply

            An!ket D

          • Hey Girish,

            Sorry to bother you again,. Sharing my and her DOB and other information. please do check and share your suggestion, advice & fact. if its possible please share this before friday as from saturday i will b giving training to my new batch and will be unable to be online for next one week.

            My details,
            Name :- Aniket
            DOB :- 29/09/1987 , TOB 0145 hours Place :- Nagpur (MH)
            Her detail,
            Name:- Nuri
            DOB 16/02/1983, TOB 2136 hours Place:- Sapekhati (Assam)

            Please do advice me and predict her as sometime i fail to do that so and please let me know till when i would be able to tie a knot with her? Please do this for me

            An!ket D

  95. rajendra kumar

    I am follower of astrology and believe on the subject. according to the my janam kundli, i have leo ascedent, and scorpio moon in 4th house, currently moon mahadasa of 12th house,
    I faced lot of obstacle since age of 15th year and leave home , many disaster face in my life, such lack attantion of mother side, in 2006 faced sever problem in family life, and loss every thing home, land etc. after all got married to a girl( traditional girl) and sifted in west direction, now my earning is so critical than my experience and study, facing shani saati, feeling emotionl tension, and conflict with wife, frustration in life,
    saturn and sun with mercury placed in 10th house, mar and venus in 11th house, ketu in 12 th house, rahu in 6th house, Guru placed in 5th house,
    Please guide me through astrology’ view on my life .

    • Dear Rajendra Kumar. I feel really sorry to hear you experience in life. Infact 4th house from lagna represents mother, home environment, education etc., Since you have debelitated moon in 4th house, i am sure in some way or the other 4th house benefits would not have been enjoyed. However, as you mentioned above in your 11th house you have Mars and Venus, then let me tell you that your next MD of Mars will be fantastic. Luckly Mars is not in your 12th house (karka rashi) as its his debelitated place. I am not aware of your balance of Moon dasha, however i would defenitely say, your next MD of Mars will be fantastic. This is because 11th house is house of Labha, Fulfilment of desire. Since Mars is the Rashi lord of Vrischika Rashi, it represents complete success.

      • thank you sir, as your prediction. Moon dasa started since june 2010 with anterdasa of Rahu. One question only which i need resolve, i hope that your helping hand like to do. leo lagna and lagnesh and saptmesh sun and saturn placed in 10th house with mercury, Can i pursue the transport bussiness ?present in medical sales as a job, dob 29.05.1972, time – 11:00 am, birth place – kotdwara, uttarakhand
        awaiting for your blessing
        thanking you

  96. Hi G irish,
    I also belong to Vrishchika Raashi and my DOB is 21-Mar-1976 (Birth time 23:10pm).
    These days looks some better things are happening in career front. Though it is not greate, but some sort of fine. Tention and frustration is very common every day. But somehow i believe i can manage this.
    But i am bit worried what happens after 2013 May after Guru phalan?
    it is so coincident that my current project will be over by MAR2013 and hence very much worried and seeking your suggestion and help.

    • Hi Bharati. Since know Guru bhagawan has crossed 10 degrees, you should see the benefits comeing to us soon. All those planning to look for a change in job, settling down with marriage will be successful. Plz give you place of brith to be accurate

      • Thanks Girish for your response…,
        my place of birth – Karnataka – Mysore (21-Mar-1976, 23:10pm)
        I also read hanuman chalisa (daily), shani kavacha, shani mantra, narasimha mantras, narasia mha sahasranama, shiva panchakshari mantra(108) and also on saturdays i also read shani katha. Even after lot of tension at work also, my current project gets over in Feb/March. Exaclty by that time Guru bhagawan would also move. Bit worried what happens after…. Please help me to understand…better…

      • Thanks Girish for your response…,
        my place of birth – Karnataka – Mysore (21-Mar-1976, 23:10pm)
        I also read hanuman chalisa (daily), shani kavacha, shani mantra, narasimha mantras, narasia mha sahasranama, shiva panchakshari mantra(108) and also on saturdays i also read shani katha. Even after lot of tension at work also, my current project gets over in Feb/March. Exaclty by that time Guru bhagawan would also move. Bit worried what happens after…. Please help me to understand…better…

  97. Hi,

    My DOB is 27/07/1972 am i in SS?. please let me know .

    • Hi Madhu, pls update your place and time of Birth as well, so that I can tell u if you are in SS. Alternately if you know your Rashi then it can be told straight away: Presently Kanya, Tula and Vrishchika rashians are having Sade sati in the 3rd , 2nd and first phases respectively.


  98. pydimarri ravi prakash

    time of birth : 20.07 hrs
    place of birth:vijayawada,andhra pradesh,india
    date of birth: 10th february 1969
    anuradha1,vrischika rasi
    i am in government service and planning to go on VRS and join in any other service. is there any possibility in this guru favourable period. presently i am under sukra mahardasha

    p ravi prakash

    • Dear Mr Ravi. Currently you are running Shukra MD from 2008. Your Shukra is exalted however conjointed with Shani and Rahu and to Shukra’s 7th you have Ketu. Prima Facie i would suggest you can explore other options of career after taking VRS, however my only suggestion is the money that you would get from VRS, use it for concret investment. Especially for regular flow of income. So you can opt for Pension Plan some thing like that. This is cos, your Shukra is conjoined between 2 very malific planets, so the adivce is to take a safe bet. However its you choice to invest your money. So please take informed action. Rest your career will be decent in the present MD of Shukra.

  99. Dear Girish,

    My DOB is :21-11-1979
    Time: 4:10 pm
    Place: Delhi
    Got married on April 7,2011 and life has never been the same again.Suffered a loss in businesss and nothing seems to be going right. Strained relationship with my mother in law who is abusive and tries to harm me in every possible way.
    Rocky marriage as well. Please advice.

    • Hi yashasvini.

      You are currently running Shukra MD, however you shukra is conjoined with Surya (SUN). This has redused the power of Shukra considerably. However i am not sure you present AD, as this can support you for the time being. However if your life has not improved since marriage, i would like to know has the horoscope has been matched since many a time it so happens that due to poor match, it leads to problems. I am not saying this is the usual case, however please seek advice from some learned astrologers.


    Girish sir, for the last one year I am living away from my family. After VRS from my present job I am eligible for pension. Is there an chance for me for job change and to live with my family.
    p ravi prakash

  101. Interesting to note everyone’s experiences. I am still in the job where I have hateful coworkers still not found any vacancy to apply to. But my glimmer of hope is that I have a new boss starting Monday and he is supposed to be a very nice guy. I am trying to take a course but see obstacles even there because my seniors are not giving me permission to do it.
    I have Makara lagna and I’ve been told that brihaspati or guru is not very constructive to those with Makara lagna. Girish and other experts please comment. I am hopeful that things get better for me on the professional front with a supportive Guru and good Mangal but so far I haven’t seen anything change really.

    • Hi Namrata,

      I m no so expert but i know one thing for sure that we all Scorpion has to face some issues with Job, Finance, Domestic issues (Family,spouse) in this first 2 1/2 year. however due to Guruphalam whatever harm that we will have has to be cure faster than normal time & if i m not wrong even after you may facing issues with your Job and coworker you might have found that whatever they wish to do wrong to you they cannot succeed.
      Every Scorpion face the same problem in their life time with coworker, friend and sometime spouse if spouse is not Scorpion. people do feel Jealous and do never like. even in realy life we all hate to see real Scorpion. Me working from age of 15 in MNC and from the time i m facing same problem but when i got to know that all issues has one solution and that is “Ignor the other and do you best” and trust me we scorpion best at it.

      SS is all about final exam and result will be depend upon what good Karma we did so if we all are clear then nothing to worry. however i must say onething to all you you. “We got one life to live so let it live clear and gain some good name and win the hearts of people, if even its SS and trouble are waiting for us each corner but have faith on your Lord and you will be fine” Best Luck to you Namrata.

      Sorry Girish i guess u can answer best to Namrata

      An!ket D

  102. Narendra Jain

    My DOB 12th Nov 1977. I am scorpio by sun and moon sign. My sade sath has begin on 15th Nov 2011. Since then I am phasing problems in my professional life and eventually I lost my job 29th June 2012. I am not sure when I will get anther Job because noting is working in my favour. Current going through very bad phases and future is looking very dark. Can anyone help me how can the things can turned my favour or when the good time will come again?

    • Hi Narendra. I felt very much you said you lost you job. Now immediately start praying to lord Guru on every thursday. Make it a point that you offer him Chana Mala either of 11 or 21 chanas. This should be done religeiously. Please remember, for the whole month of July 2012, Mars will transit through Virgo which is the 11th house for all scorcipons. Again Lord shani is transiting through 11th house. Guru bhagawan is floroshing his 5th drishti on virgo. Now our 11th house is house for fulfillment of desire. You please do it religiously asap so that you can get into a decent job soon. Also i would like to remind readers, SS alone is the factor that would decided the future events. Guruphalan, Rashi phalan, MD and AD play an important role too.

  103. Hello Girish,my DOB is June-9-1979,POB:secunderabad,TOB 6.30 pm
    I am facing health problems since Nov 2011,also a venture that I wanted to start is having hurdles,career is fine,I even got an award;very stressful though!also my wife had couple of miscarriages,we are worried of having kids…however today my new business venture is showing some positive signs…can you please throw some light on my future,kids etc. and how is my new businnes gonna be and stuff like that
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Raven, first please provide complete details of you and your wife such as place of birth, time of birth and DOB. I am glad that your business venture is going good, i am not sure of your time now since i do not have complete details but yes i am sure your time should be good since its supporting your career now. Any way please provide me all the details mentioned above. Now in the case of your wifes misscaraige do you or your wife has any paap graha in 5th house. Since 5th house stands for progeny. If so then please consult a good astrologer before raising a family. I pray to lord almighty that you should be blessed with good children and a happy life.

  104. Dear All. I would request all the participants in this beautiful blog to express thier gratidude to Mr Prakasha who have launched and Maintaing this blog. I am aware that there is some money involved and lots of time to maintain good ranking in search results which Mr Prakash is doing for the participants. I would like to appreciate Mr Prakash for his contribution and request all to share thier gratitude to Mr Praksha for his role. Please share this site to many more people who are in need to some astro guidance or the other so that we can in returns increase the traffic of this blog. Hope to hear from many more people from the blog.


    time of birth : 20.07 hrs
    place of birth:vijayawada,andhra pradesh,india
    date of birth: 10th february 1969
    anuradha1,vrischika rasi
    i am in government service and planning to go on VRS and join in any other service. is there any possibility for me to get new job. for the last 4 months I am away from my family is there any chance for me to get job in visakhapatnam so as to enable me to live with my family. presently i am under sukra mahardasha since 2008.

  106. my date of birth is 11th oct 1972, born at vayalpad chittor dist andhra pradesh at 11:11 pm.
    as sadesathi stated with bad note, I was moved to far location from my family and job note is also not in any positive note,lot of work pressure and tension all the time.I dont know when will my family again united
    please help me

  107. Hi Girish,

    My DOB: 04/02/1967
    pLACE: Mulbagal (Kolar District) Karnataka
    Time:4.30 am
    Anuradha Nakshtra.

    Pls guide if i will change job will it be a good dec ision or not.

    • Dear Mr Ramesh Babu. Your Shukra Mahadasha ended aroundOct 2011. Currently you are running Surya MD. It would be till Oct 2017. Now, for change in Job, you have all the possibilty since Guru is transiting favorably. However please remember, you MD is not surrportive now since, SS and Survya MD can be painful. It may not be easy to achive your results/objectives in life. After Oct 2017 you would enter Moon MD. Though moon receives the drishiti of exalted Guru in your horoscope, still Moon is debilitated to all Vrischika rashis. Again Guru is appox 4 degree strong , had it been 10 degree+ it would have been meraculous. Nothing to worry, however request you to beleive in divine almighty since he is the one who can ward off all the sufferings of Human beings.

      • Thank you very much for the valuable reply. I have a doubt that my MD-SURYA started in Oct 2011 & got good job in Sep 2011…but after the SS period started in Nov till now not found any problem in Career or personal on other hand getting stronger in career is there any other positive charecters in my profile???

        • Hi Ramesh Babau, infact your MD started around end Sep 2011. To be in the safter side cos various software would show different date of start of MD, i assumed Oct 2011. Notthing to worry as again you have said your career is moving only in the upward direction i am glad. Shukra MD is fairly good for career, good family life, peace of mind, fame etc., If you are geeting good offer now, please go ahead. If not then you may continue in the same place. Infact this whole year till next year 30th May 2012 we all vrischika rashians would enjoy guru phalan. So nothing much to worry and keep going good!

          • Sorry its Surya MD and not Shukra MD plz replace it with suraya MD and not Shukra MD.

          • Hi Girish,

            As you roghtly said got VERY GOOD offer and joined which was my Dream Job…..i am yet to believe.Do you think that if if in the starting of SS if going is good then the while near the end of SS the going will be too sharp

            Ramesh Babu

  108. Hello Girish,my DOB is June-9-1979,POB:secunderabad,TOB 6.30 pm
    wife August-24-1983,Hanamkondan(AP),3.25 AM
    pls focus on kids,business and career

    • Hi Raven. You both get 20 points out of 36 match pts in your Horoscope. Usually 18 is the minimum match points. I checked both your kundalis and wanted to tell you that you Belong to Dev Gun and your Wife belongs to Rakshasa gun. You are running Shukra MD and your wife is in the last leg of Guru Mahadasha. For the next one year its a good time for you and your wife to raise a family. In your Kundali your 10th house has 2 powerfull malifics which are Rahu and Saturn. I am sorry to say your career will always be with some impedements. Please tell me how was your career aroung 2007 and 2009. Your career will be average however since you have entered Venus MD, this will surelly support you in your life. Yes, life will be with some struggle however you will gradually achive many things in life. You may plan to buy a property which will materialise, you can raise a good family etc.,. Good point is that you both have mangal dosh which nullifies its effects on each other.

  109. Hi All,

    My Rashi is Vrischika and my nakshtra is Anuradha. I had a lot of trouble in my family in Nov’11 and later on my family astrologer said that I am undergoing sade sati. In April I had to resign my job, but got another job with in a month. I will be joining my new job towards end of july.

    I had a lot of problems in the fammily during Nov-Dec’11 and after knowing that I am in Sade sati period, I started reciting Shani Kavacham, Shani Stotram, Shani mantra for 108 times, etc. On Tuesdays and Saturdays I recite Hanuman mantra “Manojavam marutha thulya..”

    There were not many issues in the family in 2012 and trouble has started again from the past one week.

    There are some sade sati remedies prescribed in the below link, if any of our kannada friends can translate it for the benefit of all of us, I’d be greatful to them.


  110. naga sasidhar

    my D.O.B is 23-07-1991.
    time: 01:28 pm
    place of birth andhrapradesh.

    please tell about my career in case of job.

  111. Hello Girish,my career is and was always been great,a lot of opportunities come in my way,since I am a hard worker I never had any problem at work also I am not a maglik also my saturn and rahu are in 5th house

  112. Hi
    My son DOB-. Sept 18 1985.,
    TOB- 23:55.,
    POB – Newark, NJ. I think he is Vishakha Nakshatra. Recently he met girl and would like to marry her. DOB- May 8 1986, TOB- 13:55, POB-Andheri Mumbai. My son have SS now. I saw on internet that girl is Manglik. Is it true? I am worried for my son. Please tell me how will be his future?
    Worried Mom

    • Hi Worried mom,

      You can check if girl is Manglik thru websites like or You can also check their compatability. I’m not sure if it’s accurate, but seems to be correct from my experience.

      Good luck.

  113. Hi Girish,
    I am also a Vrischika Rashian. Here are my details. I am facing a lot of hurdles in my profession from 2008. This has been attributed to Kethu Dasha in my horoscope. However, this year I almosy lost my job and was saved in the last moment. Family also suffering and I am staying away from my baby. I want to switch jobs but some how was unable to make it till now. Will I be succesful if I change job ? Here are my details:
    DOB: 03-Oct-1981
    Place: Vijayawada
    Time:06:10 AM
    Please advise.

    • sarada,
      U better stick to your current job as Guru bukti is going on..till Nov-12. Things become still bad after. dont lose hope. Your good time start once venus dasa begines in end of 2014

  114. Hello Friends ……
    Nilanjan this side .. I am also Vrishika Rishi by birth .. from 15th Nov 2011 I was suffering from the effect . But I could feel the effect from 5/6 Nov . suffering from birthing trouble (health ) . Job change (Wealth ) . I was just in a stage to commit suicide. But I got a very good astrological suggestion . He suggest me to worship Lord Hanumaan (Five faced ) every day with china rose and Tuilsi leaf & Dakshina Kaali Mata with china rose n Bel patta. I also worship Lord shiva . and every Tue & Sat I go to Hanuman Temple & read Hanuman Chillisa . Friends .. My suggestion is that .. Its a good time to learn about life , Friends , Relatives , and the course duration is 7 years 6 months . worship Lord panch Mukhi hanumaanji . He will help you to pass your all the exam.” Om Sankat Mochan shree hanumaanayo Nomo Om” Do not take Non Veg on Tue & saturday ..Love U all friends

  115. My DOB is 18th April 1984 and time is 6:33 AM,Anuradha Nakshatram. Having issues with visa and away from husband since 3 months..lot of uncertainity about my visa, meeting my husband, career..totally troubled..pls let me know if i had to do something to come over this phase…

  116. There are some remedies prescribed in the below video link for sadesati. Can any of our friends who understand kannada please translate it for us.


  117. Hi All,

    I am also a Vrischika Rashian and jyeshta-4 nakshtra.
    Place-chinchwad (PUNE)

    I have also faced many issues is this one year because of SSS.
    My question is will the effect will be same for whole 7.5 years of sss???
    and i am much concerned about my family..will they have any problems in their life because of my sadesati ???
    One more thing my family guruji have advised me to wear MANIK for my job change as i am struglling since 1 year and not succeed till now…will it help ?
    plz advise..any help will be appreciated
    my no is:9860091039

    • First Mr Ritesh. I have been quite busy these days on my personal work hence i am not sure how much would i be able to attend your call. Coming to your question, where SS effect will be same through out 7.5 years answer is now, cos Guru transit and rashi transit is to be seen for this. However causion is suggested in day to day life.

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  119. mahesh shastri

    Actually i shifted my job after working in a small firm for 8 years as director…to a corporate company in 2010 July…but soon in a years time i shifted to a europian company and the process of thinking started in Nov. 2010 and got the job in Feb 2011 at the same salary but peaceful.
    Got a good order in Feb 2012 but very stressful days…struggled a lot to get the payment…
    so i am not really understanding how its it effect of the saturn movement or my own faults….

    Need some guidance…


  120. Hi Girish,

    My name is Niranjan and I’m under the influence of sade saati. My DOB is 17/07/1986 at 06;00PM Bangalore. I lost my mother in (Nov11) the beginning of my sade saati cycle. And there have been lot of hurdles in my education, I have been working for last 6 years, was willing to take up higher studies abroad, but no idea why something or the other is stopping me from going towards that direction. Also, at present am placed well in the job and it’s going pretty normal. My concern whether it’s the right time to quit the job and go for studies as my Family is asking me to think of getting married.
    I’m really in a confused state and need some expert advise from you.


  121. Dear Mr. Girish,
    Thanks for the blog. It’s a very interesting blog to read. Since Nov 2011 my life has changed so much that I am totally shocked. Interestingly my Shukra Mahadasha started in Sep 2011 and I thought that things will improve after the harduous Ketu Mahadash period. But to me such crazy unexplained events are happening that I was totally confounded until I read this blog and felt comforted that I was not alone facing these unexplained, unusual hardship in almost every sphere of life.

    I will greatly appreciate if you could predict my career (changes if any, progression) now and over next few years.
    My details are as follows:
    DOB: April 5th 1966, Time 10.50am
    Place : Cooch Behar, (near New Jalpaiguri), West Bengal.
    Thank you so much.

    • Sunanda, plz check if you are currently running Shukra MD. Since my calculation says its Saturn MD. Hence it can be slightly prainful. It started from last year Feb 2011

  122. Dear Girish,
    This blog is very helpful for all the people who are going through this phase of Sadesati. I am a Vrichika with Anuradha Nakshtra.There have been lot of changes in my life since Jan 12, I am not able to concentrate on my work and have been failing in many of the things I do. I was recently diganosed with high BP .My superiors are not at all happy with my performace and nobody is able to understand why I am behaving this way.Myself I am not able to understand the reason my confusion, forgetfulness and sudden inability to perform.This all have suddenly happended in last 6 months… In fraustration of my non-performance I have put down my papers and searching for a new job. Need your guidence to check my near future conditions, like will I be getting a job immdeatly or will I have to struggle to get one etc.
    DOB :- 5 Aug 1976
    Time :- 6.00 AM
    Place :- Belgaum
    Latitude 15° 51′ N
    Longitude 74° 30′ E

    • Prasad, at first you are running shukra MD. Your shukra is in Sinha rashi, hence inmical. your untardash is Guru presently. From your health point of you please remember, Rahu is transiting over all vrischika rashis so there is a possibilty that some of us would suffer from blood preasure and blood realted problems. From your career point of view, in that house you have ketu placed on it parmanently. Hence you will have minnor troubles and too much of hard work at work place. One more point you have kaal sarpa yoga, so please concentrate more of prayers which will give you releif.

  123. Hi girish,
    I have posted one scrap on19 u plz answer on it?

  124. HI

    DOB :- 25th March 1981
    Time :- 11:40 PM
    Place :- Tirupati
    Andhra Pradesh

    Currently Ketu MD is running and Sade Sati started from Nov 2011. Can you tell me how would the next 7 years be.

    My career and family life is more or less stable.


    • The things when you see materially is very good when compared to many others. But for the past 4 years I have been plagued by deep dis satisfaction in all walks of life.
      A sense of under achievement and low self esteem. Now added dilema about sade satti.

      Hello Mr. Girish, will you be able to guide me.

      • Dear Mr. Girish

        Can you please revert. Why is that even though I know what needs to be done, I am not motivated to do it. How can I over come this problem. Please, please help.

  125. Thank you Girish for your help. I am immensely grateful to you for taking your time, even in this difficult phase, to help me.
    I am sorry but unfortunately, I had typed my fate of birth wrong! it should be 5th Aug 1965, the rest of the details are fine-I think the recent events are really taking a toll on me.
    If you can look at it once more and advice me, I will be extremely grateful.


  126. First, I would like to congratulate for a great blog that is helping tons of people. I would also like to thank to Girish and others for their amazing contribution.
    I am going through tough time. Don’t know what’s happening. I am having Vrischika Rashi with Anuradha Nakshatra.

    Is it really SS effect or a mere coincidence :
    Following are the details :
    DOB : 17-Apr-1976
    Time : 10:42
    Birth place Latitude : 24.03 N
    Longitude : 71.42 E

    Request your input regarding ongoing MD, if any.
    Thank you, in advance.

  127. Hi Girish,
    I understand that most of us face very bad time in 2013 – especially after 10 months from now. And also i understand that we would even loose our job and this makes me very sad and very much concerned.
    I seek your help in understanding this much better and seeking your help on remedies to save my job in 2013. please help
    Also these days i see lot of tension and frustation in my job. please help wiht some good remedies
    thanks in advance

  128. My dob is 18 feb 1971. Vrisciga rasi anu nak. Underwent ketu md from 18.7.05 to 18.7.12 horrible experiences humiliation by coworkers, relatives neighbours, even beaten by a coworker in 2009 and got transferred in 2010. Brother committed suicide in sep 2010. Humiliation started at new place after one year. Ketu md ended just on 18.7.12. Complete isolation so far, will it end during this sukra md or have i to suffer the same date during ss also or how the combination of sukra md and ss will work. Will the humiliation end or else.

  129. Experiences during ketu md were horrible for me. What about others exp during this period.

  130. Kingshuk Biswas

    Dear Mr Girish
    Trust things are good at your end.
    Trying to change my job for the last 16-18 months but things are just not working out. Also, trying to change my current rented house for quite some time now but this is also not working out.

    Need your guidance to check my near future conditions, like will i be able to change my present job for something better and also will i be able to change my current rented house for some new place.
    Name : Kingshuk Biswas
    DOB :- 4-Nov-1971
    Time :- 2:30 PM
    Place :- Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
    Other Details : Mokar logno, Rakkhos Gan, Krittika Nakatra.

    Wish you good luck and many more success in life.

    Thanx, Kingshuk Biswas

    • Hi Kingshuk, at first let me tell u you belong to vrushab rashi. if I take your current time as 14:30 since its PM. So your Lagna will be Meen and not Makar. Any way if vrushab is your rashi, then you need not worry at all since you are not in Sade sathi at first. Again Guru will transit to your second house around 31st May. Hence need not worry at all.

  131. ravi prakash pydimarri

    Girish sir,
    today I got information that i have got promotion, but place of posting is awaited. My family is at visakhapatnam and I am working at Hyderabad. During November 2010 I got promotion but I denied it due to my son’s major operation. Please tell me about my career and is there any chance for my posting to visakhapatnam or there is any chance for job change.

    date of birth: 10th february 1969
    place of birth: vijayawada andhra pradesh
    time of birth: 20.07 hrs.

    p.ravi prakash

  132. Hi Girish,
    I am posting this 3rd time please reply when you get time

    I am also a Vrischika Rashian and jyeshta-4 nakshtra.
    Place-chinchwad (PUNE)

    I have also faced many issues is this one year because of SSS.
    My question is will the effect will be same for whole 7.5 years of sss???
    and i am much concerned about my family..will they have any problems in their life because of my sadesati ???
    One more thing my family guruji have advised me to wear MANIK for my job change as i am struglling since 1 year and not succeed till now…will it help ?
    plz advise..any help will be appreciated
    my no is:9860091039

  133. Hi, I am Naveen from Bangalore Karnataka,
    Born on 19/05/1981 ,
    Gothra = Vashista,
    Rasi = Vrushcika,
    Nakshatra = Anuradha
    Can u tell me how my future is.. I also wanted to know which Phase of sade sati is going for me now & till how long it will be there. Thank you.

  134. Hi, I am from Vrushcika rashi too. Anuradha Nakshatra. Makar Lagna. I got a new job in Jan’12 and it was a wonderful time till about May’12. From May to July was a difficult time. Health woes and too much stress/insecurity at work. I just read that Saturn is exalted in Libra and overall must give good results. However, it had a temporary shift to Virgo (retrograde) from May 15 till Aug 3. Pretty much co-relates to the last 3 tough months. And it seems Saturn would be back to Libra from Aug 4. Hoping for the Best 🙂

  135. Interesting blog. I am also scorpion and could feel the shift from a stable work life from Nov 2011 onwards reaching peak tesnion at work towards begining of May 2012. Had some relief after 15th may where Guru provided some relief and Saturn temporarily moved back to Virgo. I got new work offers and accpted and would be joining new company soon. I have been working for 7 years in present company. 4th August 2012 onwards Sade Sati resumes again. When I look at broader picture, things are moving towards better, since if all would have been going as it was before Nov 2011, I would keep on working in same company and wouln’t have got this new job with 50% raise :-)) . My advise to all fellow Scorions is that Sani Maharaj comes to bring us back to ground so if you are humble doing your duties and helping others, nothing bad will happen but if you have become lazy and living a rajas life, you will be hit hard. So either you choose yourself to come down to earth your self, put your maximum efforts or Shani bhagwan will create conditions to force you do so. e.g if you are lazy and don’t do exercise etc, you health would be hit and you will be forced to do exercise. All the best. YKB.

  136. Hi Girish,
    Thank you for your reply…
    One more thing i wanted to ask i s about my job chnage,i am trying from last 1.6 year but i am not succeed yet….any solution for this?

  137. Very interesting blog. Quiet surprise to see many people experiencing similar effects. Matter of fact I am also going through same phase and now I can relate myself with what been described here. I see significant change in my personality. Nowadays I am trying to be calm and bend with the wind which never been the case with me. My health becoming verse and experiencing acid reflex and breathing problems. Feeling low on energy and don’t have good relationship with anyone you name it; LOL. Most annoying thing people around me tells me that I am riding coolest life, while I am bursting myself. Hopefully we all get there with little or no pain than what we already gone through.

  138. Namrata Sachdev

    I havent found s new job yet but the gentleman who is my current temporary boss is very nice. I really hope he stays and becomes my permanent boss. I wish to learn so much from him.

    I have read too that saturn transiting through Tula is good for career but I am unhappy where I am and want to either get a transfer or another job. My biggest fear is that I am going to be stuck here for a long time.

    My work is not recognized and the people sound me are hateful.

    I hope someone can guide me, dob: August 13, 1978 at Kolkata at 5:30 pm.

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    during 2010 i had forgo promotion due to my son’s backbone surgery. now i got promotion again and posted at hyderabad and taken promotion on 13.08.2012. please checkup if there is any job change for me

    dob; 10th february 1969
    place of birth: vijayawada ap
    time of birth; 20.07 hrs

  141. Girish
    my date of birth is 11th oct 1972, born at vayalpad chittor dist andhra pradesh at 11:11 pm.
    as sadesathi stated with bad note, I was moved to far location from my family and job note is also not in any positive note,lot of work pressure and tension all the time.I dont know when will my family again united
    on Aug 4th I Moved out of project suddenly.
    please help me

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  143. Dear Mr.Girish,

    My date of birth is 10.03.1969, at 12.21 afternoon of Monday, my star is Anuradha. Currently I am facing lot of problems in all aspects of my life…health problems , financial problems, professional problems and personal problems also.

    Please suggest me what remedies should I follow. And my job position. please help me in this regard.


    • Hai Girish,

      This is lalitha again my place of birth is Vijayawada.

      • Hai Girish,

        Please help me out Currently I am facing lot of problems at home front (financial) and professional I am on leave for the past 1 week submitting my resignation because of back stabbing of my boss and coworker(female). Please requesting you to tell me want I am suppose to do, will I get a better job or should I stay back at home.


  144. Hi Girish and other experts I wanted to tell you about the last few days with Mangal being in libra with shani it is really bad at my work place. I am misunderstood by my coworkers and the management support is not very consistent.
    I dont know what to do. Have others felt the same ? Is there any betterment when Mangal moves to vrischika rashi in September of which it is the rashi lord?

  145. I thought things should look up after Aug 4th but its the other way around. Severely misunderstood by coworkers and being falsely blamed. Personal front ain’t great either. Things were going pretty smooth until Aug infact was under the impression that Sade sati wouldn’t be so bad after all:-( boy, was I wrong!!!

  146. Hi guys,
    I resigned my job in Jan-12 due to humiliation and back stabing by my co workers and boss. I was doing very well for past 15 years as Guru in my 10th own house(Sagi). However things started upside down since 2009 as my Ketu dasa started. I’m not sure this happened due to SS ot ketu dasa rahu bukti currently going on. I guess during the time I left the job, guru was in 6th from Moon, Rahu in janma rasi, SS and Ketu dasa all these formed possible worst combination to kill my job. My DOB 13-Sept-72 Tumkur, Karnataka. Can any one throug light on this if any other guess?

  147. birth time 1-30 pm

  148. sorry, it was 6-30 pm, Tumkur, Karnataka, 13-sept-72

    • Hi Murthy,
      You have highlighted (past) good run with only your career.
      Shukra, Ravi and Guru are placed fine. While Ketu being in 5th should negatively affect education and progeny. However, Shukra being placed with Ketu should neutralize this negative effect to some extent. But Shukra’s placement with Ketu reduces the positive effect of Shukra. Shani in 3rd should negatively affect relationships (specially with siblings). Only saving grace here is a week Moon. Rahu again is spoiling any run with good luck. Budha’s placement again is affecting comfort – though it helps in bringing your health back to good condition when it goes bad. Assuming your birth particulars are accurate, and without getting any deeper, I feel you are troubled with other problems as well. If this is true, maybe you should consult an Astrologer you trust for a detailed assessment and remedies – as I feel, this is the beginning phase of getting rid of any ill effects (if any).
      You maybe right with your assessment on Ketu, SS combination for the down trend in your career. But you should also have seen slight improvement on home and relationship front. SS does a course correction – bringing you out of your comfort zone and preparing you for a better future (the hard way).

      • Dear Vijay
        Thanks for your correct analysis. Yes, as you said, I’m the self made person. I lost my mother when I was 1 years old . Grown up with uncle and grandmother with terrible hardship As you predicted correctly, my education was full of struggle but was very good at academics, completed my Engineering from one of best college with my own earnings. As you said, Rahu troubled my jobs throught. In Oct-2010 I had resigned govt job to join MNC which lost in Jan-2012, suffered both mentally & financially. I got an another job when Sun in Leo Sept-12(Sun is in Leo 10th house from Moon in my Birth chart). I was jobless nearly 8 months. In this new job, I was doing very well till end of Dec but again I’m not sure why serious problems started in my current job. Could you please through some light on this.?

        • The only immediate reason I can see along with SS, is due to Ketu Dasha and Rahu Bukthi currently running for you. You should see improvement from Apr-May 2013 onwards when this changes to Ketu Dasha and Guru Bukthi.

          • Dear Vijay,
            Yes I see some improvement from April-2013. However I see that enimies at work alway working against me. kindly suggest any remidies.
            Thanks for the prediction

  149. Hi, i am tula lagna, vrischik moon rasi and anuradha nakshtra with shukra mahadasa and surya sss started in nov 2011 and i can see the stress on health and workplace but not very negative till now. My dob is 9th june 1968 at 16: 14 hrs at new delhi.
    Kindly advice what impact sss will have on my overall career and health etc and what are ways to mitigate it.i read hsnuman chalisaevery day thanks

  150. Dear Girish ji, thanks as your inspiration for next MD of Mars, current moon dasa with rahu antardasa going on , i request only one to resolve the question which i want since my childhood, can i select the trasnport bussiness, currendly working as sales team member in pharmaceuticals industry, dob is 29.05.1972 tiem-11.00.00 am, kotdwara, uttarkhand.
    awaiting for your blessing
    thanking you

  151. Hi my son is four years old. He is born on 5th oct 2008. His nakshatram is jyestha (kettai), rasi vrischika. Since his birth he has been going thru so many health problems. Even nearing death one time when he was a baby. He has also been delayed in speech. Now he n my husband (Thula rasi) r both having Sade sati (7.5 yrs sani) at the same time. We brought our son to so many doctors but there is no accurate diagnosis they can really find. We even went to the three sani sthalams in tanjore to do the pariharams. Even his jatagam says his time isnt gd so there will be many problems for him at this time.Is there anything else I can do to ease the situation? I m willing to try any remedy that will help my son! Pls advise. Thank u

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      Sorry to know that you are going thru some challenging period now. While I am not an advocate of looking at kids issue via astrology, you can look at performing SatyaNarayana pooja at home along with certain specific Homas like Ayush Homa, etc. This may ease out some of your issues. But do continue to reach out to the Doctors / Specialist for a correct diagnosis for your son.

      Because of recent transitions of Rahu / Ketu, I have observed that next couple of months may not be good, but this too will pass. Pls hold on and things will surely turn positive soon.


  152. hi..iam sharmila..iam facing so many problems due to sadesati..i lost my job.. and so many other hurdles arecoming in my left to stay at home now without the work.. please suggest me how to handle sadesati..and how long does it last? and is it for the duration of 7 and 1/2 yrs? together or just 2 and 1/2 yrs?
    please tell me how long does this lasts?

  153. HI,
    I have born in january and my sign is vrishchika.I am going through very tough period with respect to my job.Presently I am working in a software company and not getting any projects from 2 months.I am tired of this and feeling down and frustrated.Can you please let me know when can I get to work normally also is there any remedies that I can do to come out form this situation.

    Thank you,

  154. Dear sir,
    Hi, i am tula lagna, vrischik moon rasi and anuradha nakshtra with shukra mahadasa and surya sss started in nov 2011 and i can see the stress on health and workplace but not very negative till now. My dob is 9th june 1968 at 16: 14 hrs at new delhi.Kindly advice what impact sss will have on my overall career and health thanks and regards

  155. Hi thank u, Prakash. Yes he is already attending school n therapy n all that. We r trying everything we can from the medical end. But our experiences r such that we can’t help believing in a higher power that is controlling the situation. When my son almost left us, even the dr said that it’s a real miracle by a higher power that he lived. His heart had stopped and breathing too. But somehow he regained consciousness and he was only two months old. In the last few years however our faith in god has only increased and our spiritual strength has been constantly reaffirmed. So in that aspect at least we r grateful that god is glancing at us…
    Thank u once again for your positive words.

  156. dear all,

    i am born under vrischaka rasi in 1974, 19 january around 11:45 am. I am under the effect of sade sati and can see the effects of it. I had quit my job and am not getting any offers. I am being under lot of stress and am unable to express with near ones. I have preformed Abhishekam of Lond Shiva for 5 mondays. Am regularly visiting temples to get peace. Please suggest any remedies to get have better quality life. When will I start have some good results coming my way. Hoping things will get better soon.


  157. Hi all
    I was born 19 January 1974 11:45 AM in Andhra Pradesh. I am already facing the effects, lost job and took an adhoc job to just meet ends. That too doesnt look bright. Am really worried about the future. Please advise me how cope with the situation and let me know if things will change for the better or not sooner ??

  158. hi mine is vrishchik lagn kumbh rasi so plz tell me if sadesati is aplicable to me?& when will my good time begin??

    • Sade sati is presently ongoing for Kanya (3rd Phase), Tula (2nd Phase) and Vrishcik Rasi (1st Phase). Kumb rashians will get into SS 1st phase only from 14th Nov 2014. So dont worry too much. The issues you are facing may be because of Saturn in your 11th House (career) and also the upcoming transit of Rahu / Ketu. I expect things to get better by early Feb 2013. Suggest you go to a qualified astrologer if you need more clarity.


  159. Prakash what do you foresee as the effect on vrischika Raashi when Rahu and ketu transit in January
    My date of birth is August 13, 1978 in kolkata at 5:30 pm.ive been having issues at work but I’m being transferred so hope that things look up for me. If you could analyze my chart I’d much appreciate it. Thanks Namrata

    • Namrata, Transits of Rahu & Ketu (Shawdow planets or nodes) are not all ‘good’ or ‘bad’. They generally have mixed effects. Rahu is transiting into Libra and Ketu into Aries around 2nd Dec. Effect of Rahu transit on Vrishchika rashi is around increased expenses, losses and disappointments. But there may be sudden gains via speculations. Effect of Ketu transit is quite favourable for Vrishka rashians.

      – Prakash

  160. Dear sir

    I sincerely thank all who are involved in the creation of such a site and wish everyone best of luck. My details are as follows and am wondering what holds for me in my future:
    I am Jashwini from Suva city Fiji Islands,
    Born: on 03/12/1975 ,
    Rasi = Vrischik,
    Nakshatra = Anuradha
    I guess I am experiencing SS, 2nd round not sure. I have experienced delays relating to my higher studies, something keeps happening, my superviors resign some fall seriously ill. I myself have unexplained health issues of muscle spasms, am required to have a MRI done, sometimes feel extremely sad even on small negative issues but then after sometime am able to bounce back. Career appears ok but i feel i am overworked, always tired etc…
    I pray to hanumanji every Tuesday and saturday and have started to offer prayers to Shani dev reading Shani chalisa.

    Hope for your guidnace and many thnx for all your efforts in helping many of us. God bless everyone.

    • Dear Jashwini,

      Thanks for the post and sharing it with the rest of the community. Since you are Vrishchik rashi, you are in the first phase of SS which runs until Nov 2014. One of the aspects of SS is that there is a tendency to become lazy and hence this explains your chronic tiredness. But the good thing is that you are aware of this feeling and hence you can overcome the same by being more active and being engaged whenever you feel tired. On the prayer front, I think you are doing the right thing. Only suggestion is to light a ‘Til’ lamp to Shani Bhagwan on saturdays.

      I am sure we will all get over this successfully.


  161. debjani karmakar

    Dear Sir,
    my DOB is 28/12/1978, 2:20 a.m. in Kolkata.
    son’ DOB is 17/03/2005 9:30 a.m. in Kolkata
    husbands’ DOB 07/09/1978 7:30 p.m. kolkata
    I was getting troubled by my in-laws and husband since 2003 but suddenly in November 2011 my husband after torturing me he has taken my child to his parents place and not letting me talk to him and meet him.His condition is to give mutual divorce to meet my child.
    please HELP ME as i am just dying without my child.

  162. debjani karmakar

    Dear Sir,
    my DOB is 28/12/1978, 2:20 a.m. in Kolkata.
    son’ DOB is 17/03/2005 9:30 a.m. in Kolkata
    husbands’ DOB 07/09/1978 7:30 p.m. kolkata
    I was getting troubled by my in-laws and husband since 2003 but suddenly in November 2011 my husband after torturing me he has taken my child to his parents place and not letting me talk to him and meet him.His condition is to give mutual divorce to meet my child.
    please HELP ME as i am just dying without my child.

  163. Dear Prakash,

    i am born under vrischaka rasi in 1974, 19 january around 11:45 am in AP. I am under the effect of sade sati and can see the effects of it. I had quit my job and am not getting any offers. I am being under lot of stress and am unable to express with near ones. I have preformed Abhishekam of Lord Shiva for 5 mondays. Am regularly visiting temples to get peace. Please suggest any remedies to get have better quality life and coping with the current situation. When will I start have some good results coming my way. Hoping things will get better soon.

    Thanks & Regards.

  164. sir, mine is vrischika rasi jyesta nakshatra plz tell me when sade sati going to end and when it had started?

  165. Hi, I am also Virchiga Rasi and Anuradha Natchatram. I lost my job in June 2012 and still trying hard to find one. Lot of stress in the family. FIL expired two weeks ago and BIL seriously admitted in hospital due to spinal surgery for the past 2 months. Hospitalization expenses has increased and I don’t have a job. From Nov 2011 it has been very tough at work. Any idea when I will get a job? Feel stressed staying home without a job.

    DOB: Aug 7th 1973, Time: 1:131 am

  166. My sade sati has started with worst phase. It is taking a toll on me. I am 27 and unmarried. Last one year was extremely troublesome for me. I had three back to back unsuccessful relationships. All in one year. Now I have lost faith in love and relationships. I feel scared to even think about getting married. I cannot trust anyone anymore.
    On job front, I lost my job. Now, I am waiting for the next job to start but I am having issues there too. They wont give me joining date. Currently, I am all depressed and sitting at home unemployed. I have stellar academic performance. And now it is reduced to ashes.
    On social front, I do not have a single friend whom I can call a true friend. Any guy friend I have looks at me with wrong intentions. No girl wants to be friends with me. I am all alone in a strange country.
    My parents are upset with me all the time because I am not agreeing to get married. They fight with me everyday and make my life more hell.
    I have lost all hope in life. When I see others around me and how happy they are, I feel like I have no right to live. I am depressed and down. I am suicidal.

    • Hi,

      You are just 27 and you have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t worry, try to understand what lesson life is wanting to teach you. Once you realise that and learn, you can surely expect things to turn positive and you will look back and appreciate the things that are happening now, because without that you may have missed out life’s important lessons. I myself was away from my family for almost a year and at time felt very lonely. But I learnt to enjoy living with myself and kept myself occupied. I also realised how important family is for you. Now I am back with my family and when I look back, I am happy that I went thru this hardship.


    • dont commit suicide

  167. Dob: – 03/11/1967, Place – Konanur, Hassan District, Karnataka, Time – 07:16 AM, facing financial hardships with mental tension for the last three years since I quit the job and started business. When will the business improve. Pls. suggest any remedy

  168. Hi,

    I started experiencing the effects of sade sati immediately after it started. I had gone to visit jammu kashmir & vaishno devi temple and returned back in first week of november 2011. As soon as I returned back, I became ill and had severe cough which lasted for around 3 months. I was coughing non stop and often standing near the basin even during night hours. I had literally tears in my eyes during this period. There was no suitable remedy and no doctor could diagnose that properly. Finally I found one ENT expert who treated for me for a month and finally that chapter ended. Then started another chapter where the work load in my office started affecting me. Although I got a very decent pay hike, I was continously under some unknown burden. Some time later, I could not bear the tension anymore and left the job. I hope to come out of this phase soon and pray regularly to shani dev. I visit the temple every saturday and offer my sincere prayers. I am sure something good will certainly happen during this period too.

  169. All
    There are many people who have attributed their troubles to Sade Saathi and hoping their prayers and offerings would change it. Im not sure how many understand the concept of Lord Shani. Im not an expert in this but this is what I have done and it has helped me a LOT.

    1. No god can punish more than Shani, No god can reward more than Shani
    2. Everything, let me restate, EVERYTHING you are going through is because of Wrong doing you have done when “good times” were around. It could be as simple as “whiling your time” at work to treating your family badly.
    3. You cant just start going to temples without identifying all thats incorrect and unjust. And sins are like big ships, it takes a lot of time to sink it or turn it around.

    So what do you do?
    1. Sit down and list every small wrong doings you did. To your friends, family, relations, colleagues. Dont justify the “situation” for your yelling or hurting them.
    2. Repent. Ask forgiveness within yourselves. You dont have to beat yourself up. Be brave and admit to yourself. If you cant convince your conscience, how do you expect the gods to forgive you?
    3. If these are people who you can talk to, reach out to them and ask for fogiveness. Fix it. If you are too ashamed, atleast try mend the bridges. But remember, you are the one that should a step lower. You are NOT equal at that point. Trust me, those forgiveness will slowly reduce the burden of sin you are carrying.
    4. Give alms. Especially food. I dont drop money in the temple, even if I do its max Rs.10. I donate more to people outside the temple in form of food or money. Especially people who cannot fend for themselves: handicapped, old people.
    5. Trouble yourself more. Deprive yourself more than what fate can. I starve myself even when I can reach food. Every saturday, I only drink water or some odd juice the whole day from Sunrise to Sunset.
    6. Be Disciplined and Walk the just path. Even if you find a 10 rupee note, donate it. If you owe money to someone, find him and pay him.
    7. Treat your parents with respect and LISTEN to them, even if you dont like it. Obviously your decisions are not working, so listen to them.
    8. Spread happiness and joy wherever you are, even if you are suffering. Its difficult, but the positive energy (aura) helps you a lot.
    9. GOD appears in form of people to help you. They wont come to you and say “here, Im helping you”. You should be wise to see the helping hand and with utmost humility accept it.
    10. Dont throw away your job just because its difficult. Its God’s way to test you if you are worthy of the gifts in the end. If you are not getting the rewards obviously you have failed to take responsibility or didnt put yourself to be tested.
    Finally: Help others who cannot see the path clearer. So if you have questions, email me, I can try assisting you to extent possible. Remember, all I promise is to help you find the path, its you who have to walk it.

    Im not preaching things I dont do, but I transformed myself to all of the above. With God’s grace, Sade Saati has actually turned around for me. Everytime something goes wrong, patience has helped me to take the wise decisions and the answer comes in front of me. With utmost humility, I attribute all to the wise words of people around me, young or old, my children to my parents, in guiding me during these tough times.

    • hello sir, am yashaswini and am 21..completed my studies and looking for job..and iam not finding any 🙁 so hard it has become to find a job..and moreover am not at all an dull quite good at my academics..but couldn’t able to find a many hurdles in my life..i feel like commiting suicide but can’t do that..because my parents expect a lot from me..iam unable to handle my life..its not going the way it has to go u know.. 🙁 iam totally lost..and had a break up in a relationship some 6 months ago.. :(and now am so lonely 🙁 i feel iam all lost in life and would remain forever in darkness 🙁 because nothing is working for me right now.. 🙁 u know i can’t even discuss all this with my parents and make them feel sad..i want to rise up in life and become the old me 🙁 please suggest me how i could improve it.. 🙁

  170. hi everybody scorpion,
    as i read in thid blog regarding SS exp. that is the result of our purva karma,but relax, life is not stable in one place.
    i am scorpion and debilitation moon in 4th house, it mean i faced the problem since my childhood, this is my second SS period, 4th house represent to the environment of the house and shelter, mother, land, vehicle etc.
    as i have exp. and little bit knowlge of astrology, ( jupiter in 5th house in sgt. rashi, )
    some point is important during SS Period
    1. be honest 2. avoid quarrel 3. donate something to poor 4. understand the conscience 5. excuses for everything 6. care and cure to the mother, father 7. forget “I” adopt We 8. be bold and laboriousness (shani taking test of strength) 9. take bath every morning , it means be neat and clean 10. if you’ r spiritual and pursuit remedies than go every evening to Peepal tree and give deep daan behalf of saturn. 10 try to become Vegetarian 11. take the first Roti of the morning and divide in 4 piece and serve it for a) black cow b) crow c) dog d) pitra or cat.
    may God bless u

    Rajendra dehradun

  171. Dear All, sorry for not being part of the group for long. I had some personal loss this year at the family front hence could not participate. In the mean while, i wanted to share with you all to read the famous book “The Greatness of Saturn.” The book is a great eye opener on the Lord Saturn.

  172. Dear All. As we all have been contributing towards the effects of Sade sathi which we all are facing, i too would like to contribute which i experienced some months back. I happen to come across a book named “The greatness of Saturn” by Robert Svaboda. In brief the author has in detail explained how lord saturn is important in our life and how would he influence our day to day living. The major portion of the book is in story form and i am sure each one of us would enjoy reading the same. The author also mentioned that the books should be respected as a granth. It is believed that reading the book during sade sathi would certainly benefit the reader as the lord saturn would show some benevolence towards the reader. I shall recomand one and all to read the book and spread the message of the book to all the people in our society.

    • Hi Girish, Hope you are doing good and best wishes for new year.
      just left couple of messages with my Birth details. But 🙁 unfortunately have not got any response yet. So thought of requesting once again… could you pls comment on my career, health, family, money etc in 2013? my DOB is 21-mar-1976, time: 23:10, birth place: Mysore…Pls also suggest any pariharam to overcome the bad time….
      at the moment i am reading hanuman chalisa and shani chalisa, shani mahatma katha on saturdays, lightening til diya on hanuman temple on saturdays, also offer tulasi to hanuman on saturdays, sometimes, i also give milk for abhishekam in shiva temple(on mondays). Apart from this, what else you suggest me to take care of during this SS?
      Thaks in advance….

  173. Hi friends, before i make any further prediction, the year 2013 for vrischika rashi would be a mixed one, where the first half having the support of lord Guru and in the second lord guru transiting to 8th house leaving us with out any guru support. again in 2014 approx from 14 June 2014, lord guru would transit to karka rashi which is the exalted position for all vrischika rashians. Later around 18 july 2014, Rahu-Ketu would transit, taking Rahu to Virgo/Kanya rashi. It is going to be a very benefic phase to our life as Both Guru and Rahu would support us for higher income. Again lord Saturn would remain in Tula rashi which would be beneficials to all of us. From the whole 12 months, Aug 16-Sep16 2014 would be the best month since lord Sun would also transit through leo rashi, Thus making all the 4 importance houses from 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th house operative. This will help all of us in our career and in personal life starting from June 2014-2015. So cheers and let us all pray for the good time to come to us with out any hinderance.

  174. Hi girlish,

    My dob-04/02/1967
    Place:mulbagal -kolar -Karnataka

    Pls focus on career

  175. Hi ,
    Its a nice blog providing a platform to share our experiences and learn from them.

    I am experiencing the sade sati effects in the true sense, However one thing i would like to make a point that believe in god and surrender to him , rest he will take care.

  176. ravi prakash pydimarri

    my dob is 10.02.1969 born at vijayawada(ap) at 20.07hrs. for the last 20 years i am in the same job and my work has been appreciated by all my previous superiors. at present i am the most efficient at my present work place which all of my colleagues agrees. but my lady boss is not likes me and harassing me on trivial points. why? is it because of sade sati. i am eligible for pension and planning to quit on vrs. please comment.

    ravi prakash

  177. Amatuer Astrologer

    Oh Ignorant People — All this happens to people like us because we have forgotten the basics of sanatana dharma which is the basis for hinduism.. Irrespective of the caste.. Hindus are supposed to pray to a divine power called God and practice virtues like charity, patience, honesty etc.. In today’s kali yuga and modern world– in our quest for recognition and money and power- we have foregone all virtues.. nay humanitarian perspective.. Hence planets will make merry because minus the divine intervention- they will wreak havoc. Forget sade sati etc– start praying to god, start practicing good deeds – and start to reconcile to a simple life where you contend yourself with what you have.. Planets and horoscope is nothing but what a messenger of your fate- what you were in past birth and what you are now and how your future will look like.. and only one thing can positively alter it— the divine power called god- be it allah, jesus or ram does not matter. Just pray to the supreme lord with all earnestness- and life will definitely be better. Because happiness is the core essence of all creation. Dont Despair, Dont Lose Heart, Pray to God and Just be Cheerful whatever happens and life will be ok.

  178. HI Girish,
    My date of birth is 30-dec-1975 (3:30 am / vrischika rasi /anuradha nakshatra) , i have been facing problems in my career since i passed out of engineering in 2000 .
    I was never truly settled in my career . And i was always sacked in a very bad manner from all my jobs till now.I have been facing problems in my career even when i was not in sade sati phase.Severe Problems started since July 2011 when i changed my job for a better company but had to leave the job on nov 2011 , then worked brielfy from March 2012 to June 2012 currently facing more hardships since sade sati has started got a notice frm boss today that i will have to go . I am very tensed pls advice and guide.Why so much hadships in career front despite being honest and hardworking.

    • Dear Prakash,

      Yes it happens like that only in sade sathi. I am also anuradha nakshatra and vrischika rashi and I am facing acute health problems which was never there earlier. I dont completely put it on co-incidence and I am seeing the effects of sade sathi. For your satisfaction, you may get a shani bhagawan puja done.

  179. Hello.

    Myrashi is vrischika and jyeshta nakshatra.
    my husbands rasai is vrischika and anuradha nakshtea We are moving from out of country usa to India. e di have a lot of arguments in between us. coule I would nées some suggestion and anyhow it will be for usu

  180. Hi since Im also coming under this category. I have gone through various websites to understand detail and duration of this. As per the latest details, the first phase of Sade Sati started from November 15th 2011 which will continue till 2.5 years and expected to get over by May 15th 2014.
    There are few things which most of jastrologer suggested

    1> The Scorpio or Vrischika rasi natives are advised to stay on the moral and spiritual path during this phase as it would bring them blessings and would reduce the malefic effects. They should carry pure thoughts, should keep visiting temples and should keep the belief upon divinity alive within. They are also advised to recite Shani Kavacha everyday and visit navagraha temple on Saturdays

    2. Donate black cloth, black urad, black leather objects, iron and mustard oil.
    3. Worship lord Saturn on Saturdays. Keep a fast on Saturdays and eat only Urad, Gram, Black-Salt and fruits.
    5. Recite the Maha-Mrityunjaya Mantra for 125,000 times. 4. Wear a ring made of iron from a horse-shoe.

    Hope our belief will get over this first phase smoothly..

    Jai Sani Dev

  181. Dear Mr Girish
    Trust things are good at your end.
    Trying to change my job for the last 20-24 months but things are just not working out. Also, trying to change my current rented house for quite some time now but this is also not working out.

    Need your guidance to check my near future conditions, like will i be able to change my present job for something better and also will i be able to change my current rented house for some new place.
    Name : Kingshuk Biswas
    DOB :- 4-Nov-1971
    Time :- 2:30 PM
    Place :- Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
    Other Details : Mokar logno, Rakkhos Gan, Krittika Nakatra.

    Wish you good luck and many more success in life.

    Thanx, Kingshuk Biswas

  182. Dear Friends, I am off virgo moon sign. Been thru and still in a way going thru difficult time. Lord giveth and Lord taketh away. Only solution after much deliberation, research ( more then two years of research, thousands of man hours) I have come to accept my fate. The conclusion of my research is please all of you Hindu, Christians musilms or any other faith read DUROOD SHARIF ( DUROOD IBRAHIMI TO BE EXACT, YOU CAN YUOTUBE IT). Ya you might say screw you man, i don’t believe your religion, you are a damn muslim, go screw urself. Well, have an open mind and an open heart. There is nothing wrong with it. please try. read it 10 times in the morning ( i read it at least 500-600 times a day) and ten times at night with concentration and give it at least 2 months. I promise you brothers and pretty women that if you dont gain peace in that time. I shall revoke my readings as well. It doesn’t hurt to try, what you hafta lose, most of us have already lost everything…. peace be upon all of you.
    Much love.

  183. Hi Everyone,
    Even I am a Scorpian.
    I was born on the 4th March,1986 at 11:10 AM at pune.
    I dont exactly know when my SS started.But I had to undergo 3 surgeries in the month of April and May,2013.It has been very tough since that time.
    Then I moved abroad with my parents and sister for a better life.But things are gotten so worst in my family.
    There are fight in our house everyday.My dad and my mom fight everyday.My dad also beats my mom sometime.
    This is so frustrating to see and I am getting so depressed by all this..That now I am thinking of dying,bcoz the situtation is getting so bad.
    Please help

  184. Yashaswini and et al,

    Death is not an answer to sufferings as it brings more pain to all those you love and care. IF Sade Sati teaches you anything, its your ability to bear pain, even when its unbearable.

    Its the pinnacle of this pain teaches you humility, perseverence and patience. Gives you the opportunity to see your innerself which probably was gloating in pride, arrogance, pomp and many more vile thoughts. It wont leave until you drop that EGO.

    Remember, “Saranagathi” is the only solution. And that has to happen from your soul and heart, not just staying hungry and spending thousands on homas and pilgirmage.

    What should you do? Sit down and analyse your thoughts. Instead of thinking “Im alone” think who you can make happy by being happy with them. That could be your parents, siblings.

    Bottom line : Everytime the words “I”, “me” comes in your mind, thats unworkable, especially during Sade Sati….

  185. Hi guys, Sorry for the long comment below but really want to vent my heart out on this ideal platform. I was not aware of SS but I noticed each and everything falling apart in my life in past two years and my parents told me that SS is what may be the reason for it. After consulting with a panditji I was told I am Vrushchika, with anuradha star and Kanya lagna and was told by him correctly that things have fallen apart for you. He also said that things may get very tough from august 2013 to july 2014. What more tough can it get now??? To tell you about me I am 28 have had an amazing life till 26 having done very well in studies in my school (12th topper); became a software engineer (from no 1 IT institute in my city), worked in a top MNC firm got promoted quickly, got awards for project and self etc. But I took a big decision of turning down the offer to go abroad and also big hike in pay and pursue a full time MBA from one of top bschools in India which got converted after two attempts at CAT. I had a good time in MBA from 2010 onwards till it so happened that my final placements started on 1st December 2011 (just after the start of SS which i was totally unaware of) and a big software company came to campus with a good offer hired 80 people out of 89 rejecting me without even taking my interview. I was shocked, since I wanted to get back into IT. As more companies followed I was rejected again and again and I was unable to understand why. Many companies were non IT and I couldnt get through though I worked harder prepared harder and was confident of getting placed in 1 company for sure but my name didnt go across due to some communication issues! Placements got over and I was left among few people unplaced. Months went by and when i passed out of MBA I was the only person left unplaced. I still had hope since I am a topper in engineering plus i am an mba, i have everything great in my cv compared to most people with me, but this ego left me at no peril, noone saw me noone recognized me, noone even wants to give a chance to even talk to me. It got worst as i tried getting job from outside, i was offered fake contract jobs, i wasted money in a business, i experienced hell in the name of fake institutes outside and i have stopped depending on anyone now. All my contacts/friends have tried pushing my resume in their companies but everytime i hear that they dont have any requirements now. I eventually joined a small firm in my home town which paid 1/10th of the average salary of all students placed in my batch of MBAs. My work here is not related to engineering nor MBA. But i accepted it (since it is in a field of my hobby). There is hope that I will grow here but then there are other problems and risks associated with this job since it takes a long time to start making good progess here. Also this job is in night shift time and there are health implications and noone seems happy to accept this in my family. On personal front, I have had a girl friend since my days of work at company (from 6 years ago) who also left and went for MBA at the same time I did, she got a job and is settled. But now she is giving up on me as she says she cant marry me since i m in a mess and she says her parents want her to get married to sm other guy etc. Since MBA we were away from each other but now there is big distance in relationship. She doesnt behave the same way she used to. Every small thing i did for past 6 years was keeping her in mind, i considered her fully as my future wife..and now she has gone away just like that as if nothing happened earlier? Every little thing that i was proud of is no more, every single thing has gone, from hero to zero, from big money in bank account to zero, from a good paying job and expecting more higher paying job after mba to a really low paying job. I am the only son of my parents and my father has retired and financed my mba along with my own money which i earned in my earlier company. He is now dependent on me, and i must support them in these times but i am unable to. I am broken bruised since i have lost the love of my life, i have lost esteem, all the people i knew in engineering or mba or last company are doing n times better than me, all my relatives are abroad earning 100 times than me, and i have been singled out even after being so called most intelligent person in family. I dont know where i go from here. But then I am trying hard, fighting everyday, I am doing what I am supposed to do as advised by panditji and parents, i visit hanuman temple everyday, I read shani stotra everyday, I pour oil with til on shanideva every saturday, i donate food to poor (All this started since past 2 months now)…And I believe my time will come, I am trying my best to raise myself in the current job itself, i keep trying for better job, I m trying to come out of past relationship, and I have nothing else to lose from here..whatever little ego i had has become zero and i am seeing myself turn into a better person but the pain is like never before experienced…since i did not get the minimum i deserved also???? i am handling the stress better recently and am able to sleep more thanks to my very supportive and understanding parents… I thank god and i wish i get such parents in every life…touch wood..But i keep asking why, why me, and why so fiercely, what evil did i do in last life….really not what i deserve…trying hard to keep faith in future, something better is in store for all of us…

    • HI yash, u r on the right path. This SS is only to make us let out all our ego and to show us to do our obligatory duties whether we like it or not. This is the time when we cant argue why all obstacles we are facing, but to take what ever comes before us and perform our duties. This is what even i am doing. My blood boils if i think what all has hapnd to me. But then i compare myself to ppl who r lower than me and ill b thankful to God. I have a strong belief that everything will get better and we will b much mature persons at the end of SS.

    • Hi Yash,

      I also faced the same problem. Refer to the 54th comment. It was by me.
      To say frankly things started picking up for me from last december.
      I used to earn 8 Lacs per month before the SS started. And was greedy and not caring about my future till SS struck me. But thanks to SS , if some one says this period is bad, i wouldnt accept. It taught me many things, brought me to my roots, made me realise what i can do and cannot. Now i got back into a job in India, staying with my parents, earning around 1 Lac, though it is low wen compared to past salary, i accept it. Am not an expert in remedies, but i would say what i followed:

      1) I quit bad habits of smoking and drinking. Or give up some pleasantry u like
      2) I started interacting with my parents much. Every Ones Mom is a very powerful goddess than any god on earth or heaven. Talk to them, spend more time with them. we need their blessings first rather than anything. I know i have cried many times literally with tears in my eyes and boozed and spoilt my health thinking wen my life would go good. I was wrong. I was sitting and waiting for oppurtunities to come by..why wud they come? i started chasing them..great goodness are a very intellectual person with such mba and degree..why wudnt u get a good job..u wud certainly..just dont give up..shoot shoot shooot..
      3) Girlfriend? do you really think now if she comes back and u marry her, she wud be able to move into ur family with ur parents..? thank god and SS that she left u now, not after some 5 yrs of sorry to interfere in ur personal life..but reminding u that u are lucky to know the true colors before mrrge..
      4) Last but not the least, u have accessed ur life very good( the problem)..but what did u think of the solution? everyone cribs about their probs..i also did untill i stopped and started finding out solutions..i struck 10 solutions and 1 worked for me…

      please also send ur cv to my mail id and all ur is that as u are in SS period i would help you. I would do that bcoz u really deserve a good job for your qualification. Also, keep praying hanuman to give u just strength..neither money nor position..u wud succeed dude..u really wud..also thank the one who created this thread.

    • Yash my friend, I was touched to read your life experience. The first part of your life story is very much similar to that of mine. 6 years back when I passed out my MBA from Mumbai, I faced the same what your have encountered now. Rejection from every corner. At that point of time, Lord Saturn was transiting through my ten house later joined by Rahu and Ketu. It was a very tough times of my life, I only saw failure but above all I too learned that lord Saturn is always there to teach us some good lesson or the other. I pray to lord that you should be free from all sufferings and come out of all your problems at the earliest.
      Currently I am also in Sade Sati first phase, I lost my father last November who suffered from advance stage cancer. He was bed ridden for 9 months. My mother underwent cancer surgery in January 2013. The entire family, except my wife, is under SS. I sincerely pray for all that SS or Saturn in 4th 7th,8th, 9th, 10th house should not make any one suffer or face humiliation.

      May lord Saturn bless us all….. He is really great!

  186. tears came….you are not alone, and your hay days will come back….don’t worry.
    Every night chant “Hanuman Chalisa”, it is a stress buster, at least for me. cheers

  187. Hello Friends,

    Am also a Scorpion
    my BDate is 12th July 1981, 7:58 PM at Akot(Maharastra)

    Reading this blog from last 4 months, Surprisingly all the problems which i rad in this blog its my experience, am away from my Family, my frnds. 1 year back my job was good i was doing good in job got few Awards like Best S.S. of the year among India, was expecting good hike on salary and promotion this year, but the current situation is am nether getting any promotion nor hike on salary, even i have to left my working area which i developed and awarded for. More over cant save money for any thing dont know what is happening??? this is the only highlight of my problem some times feel so depressed.

    will any body help me about this????? want to know how can i come over from this situation ???

    from last 7 to 8 years doing “HANUMAN CHALISA” in the morning I know its good but should i do some thing more then this ???

  188. hi scorpions,
    i am also going through ss since nov 2011. i am jyeshta nakshatra,vrischika rasi and thula lagna born…i learnt from internet that lord sani is favourable to thula lagna/rasi born ppl and hence ss is little easy for them.. is that so…?

    till now my ride with ss is going on rough only but when compared to my life in (oct 2008-2009 jul) this is much better… my daughter was having ss till 2011. both my husband and me had lot of problems during that period when my child was having ss. my husband had all sort of health problems, misunderstandings with me, with in-laws interfernce things actuallly went worse . my family life was totally hampered. somehow we could rebuild our lives back.
    now again ss started for very much worried about it now..!!!
    my parents visited temples in kumbakonam on behalf of me performed some pujas/danas there…
    is it really so that sani bhagvan is favourable to thula lagna /thula rasi born ppl. can i expect lord sani to be little easy on me this time…by the way this will be my second cycle of ss..i had it has a child for the first time..

  189. Namasthe, Born on 8th January 1967 at Cochin at 7.58 am i am also jeysta nakshatra and vrishick rashi- overall a very bad period from 2006 Nov changed job made huge loses in 2009, then showed some improvement then agian this jan i lost huge loss – i have been told things will improve have faith . I am a devotee of Sai Baba and he bails me out every time. Can some one guide me the period till Next Feb how can i keep both ends meet

  190. Hi, I am scorpion. On 23.10.2011, there was an unexpected development, actually a bolt out of blue, which radically changed my family equations, which I had so painstakingly nurtured. Around Feb 2012, my boss who used to be the best friend of mine (out of the office) actually took a 360 degree turn, humiliating me, insulting me in front of juniors. When I could not take it any more, I had to leave that well-paying job, lost respect for my boss, lost a very good friend. I wonder what 7.5 years will spring up?

    • Dear Ms.Chandini,

      Currently I am also in the same situation, I have not taken any decision on resignation but I am also facing same kind of treatment from my boss (who is known to for the past 11 years) humiliating, insulting infornt of my subordinates etc etc….


  191. Firstly a big Thanks to the creator of this blog and the people who are connected with it! Personal thanks to Kumar, Girish and Kriti for your humble responses to my post on what I am going through. Lets keep going strong and perform all our duties responsibly and bravely. Its a long journey and we have to be at it consistently. I am just trying to raise myself in my current job itself for now. Not ready to switch it yet (though earning nothing yet). I wanted to know exactly when did this phase begin for vrushchikians? Blog mentions 15 Nov 2011 is the start date but somewhere else I read that Nov 2014 is the start of 7 years of sade sati for vrushchika. Maybe Nov 2014 to Nov 2016 is the peak period isn’t it? Any experts please let know if any relief/support is awaiting us to combat the peak phase…Also the experts can do well to keep updating about the changes in patterns and what it means we should be doing additionally.

  192. @Yash, u are right, the peak of Sade Sathi is during 2014 to 2016. What i read from various text, that if MD is favorable then the effects are mitigated. Though i have entered Shukra MD, 6mths ago, i have not seen any change in my situation. May be in the latter stage it would, i am still waiting for the good effects to begin. Hope it will bring good to all soon. Until then pray lord Shani…

  193. Dear all, i would like all the readers of this blog to highlight there experience in this one year from Last May 2012 till today. Has it been average, medium, good or very good. Also each one of u please mentino ur Maha Dasha (MD) along with it. It will help us to analyse the cases. Later this year, Guru bhagawan will transit through Gemini rashi, ashtam sthan. I will bring in some more details to you. Rahu-Ketu are transiting through Tula-Mesh rashi respectively. Mangal/Mars will transit through Kanya/Virgo rashi during Nov 26th till Feb 2dn 2014. Then again from 28th March till June 17th 2014. Mars through Labh sthan can bring some releif to us. However the big transit is next year 2014. Where around 17th June Guru Bhagawan will transit through Karka/Cancer rashi. His exalted sign. Rahu-Ketu will transit through Virgo/Kayna rashi and Meen/Piceses rashi respectively. During 17th August Surya Bhagavan will transit through Leo/singha rashi and from 5th Sep 2014 Mars will transit through Vrischika rashi. In short. from 5th Sep till 17th Sep We will be blessed with 5 auspirious plents starting from exalted Guru in 9th, Moolatrikona Surya in 10th, Benefit Rashu in 11th, exalted Shani in 12th and Our rashi lord Mars/Mangal in the 1st house (Vrischika). I know this is a very long time away, but when i predicted this i had some hope for all to last until then. The first relief for us will be from Nov 26th 2013 when Mars will transit through 11th house for a long time. Later in 2014, all those of you who have a stong MD with effective transit of planets mentioned above, i am sure, it will help u to make the best of it. Especially those planning to go abroad please work to words it. since the effects of Sade Sathi is mitigated when u are away from your birth place. I hope this will bring some solace to all my fellow bloggers, i request you all to participate into this.

  194. hi there, quick questionm when will the sade sati for tula rashi will end?. please if anyone knows lemme know. thanks a lot.

  195. Dear Mr.Girish,
    Thank you for giving some positive hopes….lost month was very horrible month for me such humiliation i have ever faced in my life….. even currently i am on sukra mahadasha for next 10 years or so….no improvement neither financially nor professionally. for the past 4 years i am facing lot of problems at work. where ever i join ( i am getting jobs surprisingly but) suddenly boss becomes against to me and my days are becoming harder and harder.
    Can you just let me know why all these things are happening to me….my name is lalitha, dob:10.03.1969, at 12.21pm at vijayawada.

  196. Dear Lalitha Madam. I have gone through ur Horoscope. I see that Venus is in Mesh Rashi along with Saturn. I am sure this will ad to strain to ur kitty than achieving easy results. Trust me I can understand ur pain and agony on the same. Since Venus is week in horoscope, I suggest plz offer prayers to Godess Laxmi on every Friday. Please offer some rose to her on every Friday for improvement. I am sure u will get some relief from it. I hope Godess Laxmi will bring u luck….

  197. Dear Girishji,

    I am Taurus Lagna and Scorpio Moon sign born. My DOB-12-5-71. Place-Nagpur, 6.59 AM. Since 2009 I am under stress. In 2011 I had to quit my job and since then facing tremendous problems in the career front. But I got admission in some of the best Business Schools in the USA/UK for MBA study. But lack of funds is the problem. When Shall I experience good life? Since 2011 I am under Sade Satti of Saturn.

    • Dear Abhijit. You are currently in shukra Mahadasha and Budha antardasha. Shukra is exalted in your horoscope so I presume prior to 2009 you should have good career. Your Rashi and Lagna is the same which is Vrischika. Infact your Shukra Mahadasha will end in 2016 after which you will ne in Surya MD. Again Surya is exalted with Budha conjoind with it. It means, your Surya MD will again be very good your career and in general in life. Surya MD will last till 2022. Post which you have Chandra MD. Chandra is neech in your horoscope, however it is placed with Guru in the lagna making Gajakesari Yoga. Nothing to be surprised your Horoscope is very-very good. The only problem will be in Mangal/Mars MD. You will have health problems which I don’t want to express in this blog. Do doubt Mars is also exalted in your Horoscope. Now you have to give me some feedback. Since your Shukra MD started in 1996 till 2016. how was your experience from 1996 till 2009. Was it really good, average or poor. Accorndly to me it should have been really good.

      • Dear Girishji,

        You have mentioned that my lagna and rashi is Vrishchika, but according to my horoscope my lagna is Brishava and my rashi is Vrishchika, and now I am under SS. Yes…My venus MD would end in 2016, Venus is my Asc Lord and exalted, then my Sun MD starts..which is Exalted, then Moon..which is Neech, but with Jupiter forming Gajkeshari Yoga, then Mars..which is again Exalted. Some astrologer predicted that I have a very good career but at a later stage of my life? is this the later stage? Please throw some light. DOB-12-5-71 Time:6.59 AM, Nagpur

  198. Hello Girish,
    I am Jyestha nakshatra, Vruschika and whatever I am going through, I sincerely pray to God that even my enemies should never be subjected to such conditions that question the very existence of human spirit.

    Some very personal setbacks are happening in my life which I cannot mention in open blog for obvious reasons.

    As such, I am not in a position to reveal my personal emailId on this forum. Is it possible for you to share your email id with me, so that I can send my birth details etc for your review. Hope you would reply.

  199. struckbyshani

    Fellow Scorpions,

    First of all, thanks for this site and for narrating your experiences. It is a little disturbing to read some of the comments, but for all you folks on the edge…Hang in there.

    To narrate my own experience:

    Since Nov-2011, I have had a host of sudden, unexpected and significantly negative developments in my life. Saturn is the lord of 7th and 8th houses in my horoscope (Cancer Lagna) and is placed in my 2nd house (Leo). As a result, I have had marital distress (7th House) which continues unabated. I have had obstacles (8th House) in every single endeavor that I have undertaken since Nov-2011. I have lost a big part of my life earnings (2nd house) due to poor judgement on my part. I have also had severe eye problems (2nd House), faced immigration problems (Saturn in Libra, 12th House from Scorpio) and employment issues (7th aspect from 12th house)

    What gives me hope is the following:

    1. All my troubles were at least in part due to poor judgement / lack of adequate accountability on my own part. Things I did well, I’m less impacted. Shani holds you accountable, we all have to raise our game.

    2. Just realizing and accepting the power of things that are beyond our control can bring a lot of relief. While physical realities may not change, how we react to them does

    3. Lastly, it is spring in the US. I see flowers all around on trees that a month ago were absolutely barren. Everything and everyone is subject to the cycles of nature. Spring is not far, it may seem so, but will get there sooner than we expect

    Sorry for the long post. I’d love to hear which areas of your life are impacted by sadesati (Relative to your lagna and moon sign).

    cheers and good luck to all.

    • I can understand how much problem you would have faced. I can also understand how much pain you would have suffered. Please read the Book “The Greatness of Saturn” The book is a therapeutic myth which brings good results to all who read the book. God bless you my friend.

  200. I dont think..we need to fear Sade sathi…fear is the worst enemy ..we can only think positive and believe almighty he is always with us..Get going..My family all 4 members going through husband and elder Son Hastha nakshatra , me Jyeshta Nakshatra and my younger so Anuradha Nakshatra..
    my health was effected..but fine it is life ..let me face..

  201. hi all,

    For me, career was always a problem, even before sade sathi started for me. Mine is anuradha nakshatra. Say since 2009, my career has never beeen good. Most of the time it will be problem from the managers whom i have to report. I have almost changed 4 companies in last 5 yrs (I consider myself lucky to get job offers though). But every company creates prob for me. Rest of the things in life are also going at a snails pace. Nothing great worth mentioning…just waiting to complete this phase soon… 🙂

  202. Dear Girishji,

    You are right. I had a smooth ride in my career since 1997. I have worked in some of the best companies and Banks, which for others were just a dream. But everything went topsy-turvy in 2011, during my Saturn AD (2009-2011) and again Saturn SS since 2011 (Nov). It has made me spiritual, and made me to undertake a lot of pilgrimages. My Asc is Brishav and my Moon Sign is Brishchika. Saturn is in my Lagna in Taurus, Ketu in Cancer, Jup-Moon in Scorpio, Mars-Rahu in Capricorn, and Venus in Pieces and Sun-Merc in Aries in my BC. I want to go abroad for my MBA study. And since I am currently under Budha AD, is it possible, as Budh is my 5th Lord. But only problem is money. Is there any possibilities of inheritance ? The only possibility is my Aunt’s property ( she doesn’t have any son/daughter) but when it will happen?. Again when I shall have a good career?. And why so many changes in my career.? Please throw some light.

    • Hi Girish,

      I am also in the same boat that Abhijit is in.. i.e I am also presently in Shukra MD since 1996 and I can say that I have risen in my career since then and having worked for Top companies both in India and major part of this period was abroad. But since 2009-10 onwards career progression has stalled and I have had two changes in the job front. The Shani-AD from 2009- 2011 was not good but during the Budh-AD, last year was pretty good, as I was again abroad and was completely satisfied with my Job. But post Nov’12 again back in India and Job wise it was a complete turn around. Also something made me resign from my present job and now I am back searching for one.. I can also state that I am having a strong internal voice nudging me to go back to Australia for the job hunt. I am Vrishchika rashi, Jyesta Nakshatra and presently under SS influence ( Hence I created this Blog 🙂 ). My lagna is Kanya lagna. Also I might lose the Guru bal from May 29th onwards.

      Could you pls check what would be my Job prospects in near future ? Also Sonali has pointed out that there may be a greater chance of Foreign residence during the immd future. So question is, would SS impact get reduced if we are away from Birth Place ?


  203. Hi Girish, my name is Niranjan. My Date of birth is 17th July 1986. Anuradha nakshatra. Guessing that I am also under saade saath. During November my mother passed away suddenly and after that I got a promotion at my work. However, ever si nce my promotion my days at work has been deteriorated. Frequent conflicts with my boss, issues with other people. This has affected my mental peace. Hence, every day I am scared to even talk or even express anything thinking that what if it backfires me. First of all, I got a major shock of my life in the November month. Now its almost becoming everyday I am living under the fear of something bad happening because of my actions. Please can you check my details and let me know if I need to make any changes to my routine or perform some pooja to lord shani. You advise would be much appreciated. Thanks…. Niranjan.

  204. Hi Girish, This post is directed towards you Sir. Since you requested us all to share our experiences in different Maha Dashas I am posting this. Honestly, I am really a beginner when it comes to astrology. I do not even understand the significance of each house. But I did use a MD calculator and it says I am in Shukra (Venus) MD from mid 2009 to 2029. I was in Ketu Dasha from 2002 to 2009 (mid) and I felt this was the best phase of my life. I got whatever I aspired for. From being topper in 12th in 2002 to getting my dream company after graduation in 2006. But in 2010 it all changed as I left the company (which was a decision I regret) for higher education and I it all fell apart as mentioned in my earlier post. Shukra is supposed to be good isnt it? But it hasnt been good at all since it started. Maybe the sub-dasha has a role to play too? The calculator says I was in Shukra sub-dasha till 2012 July and since then till July 2013 I am in Sun sub-dasha later moving to Moon. I do not know if all this is right. Even if it is can you just help me interpret the significance of this. Also Girish if you can just verify if all this analysis is correct and what it implies for me in present and future that would be great! My details are: Name: Ayush Chaudhari, DOB: 6 August 1984, Place-Bhusawal, Maharashtra, Time: 10.10am
    Thanks in advance and awaiting your reply,
    (P.S: Yash is my nickname used by friends and family so kindly address me by this)

    • Hi Yash. Sorry infact I had created your horoscope but forgot to reply. Your calculation is right. Your Ketu MD would have been much better than Venus MD since Ketu is exalted in your horoscope. Now since Venus is in Sinha rashi, it will be little difficult for your to pass the MD. I suggest offer prayers to Godess Laxmi on every Friday. This should be through out Shukra MD. I would have recomanded some stone, but I strongly suggest ppl plz do not wear stone during SS. All the best.

  205. Dear Girishji,

    I read astrology books and have interest in astrology. I have send you the details about myself. Now as Saturn is the most beneficial planet in my horoscope being the Lord of 9/10-as Yogakaraka for Taurus Ascendent. I want to know why he is giving me all sorts of troubles?. And now I am facing humiliation from my won relatives. When I shall have a better life?

  206. Dear Girishji,

    Your prediction was right. I am thankful to you. But this SS is really making me wild. But it has made me much matured, and skillful, I must say. I have shown my horoscope to many renowned astrologers. All have said that I shall get success later in life. Is this the later stage?. My Sun, Mars, and Venus is exalted. Presently I am under Venus MD-Merc AD. Merc is also good. Saturn is the Lord of 9/10 making it -Yogakaraka for me. I want to bounce back in my career by acquiring an MBA degree from abroad. I have been offered admission in some of the best B-Schools in the world, which again can be a matter pride for me, and during my SS period. But life has become tough for me since SS started. Earlier I used get job as and when I wished, but now I have put in much efforts. I am already on the brink of 2.5 years of SS, and I think for Taurus lagna( I am Taurus lagna, Scorpio-Moon and Anuradha Nakhatra), it is beneficial. Let’s see…..Please throw some light. But I must say I have become more spiritual, and can recite all the mantras with even seeing them like ‘Mahamritunjaya mantra’, Hanuman Chalisha, Shani Stotra, and other important mantras. I have visited several places during this period. Trimbakeswar, Tarapith, Daksnieswar Temple, Kalighat, Vaisno-Devi, etc. Did Narayan Nagbali Puja at Trimbakeswar to ward off the evil effect of Pitra-Dosh in my Horoscope. Did a lot of hardship and still doing….let’s see what happens. I am not yet broken….

    • Hi,

      I too am Taurus lagna, scorpio moon & Anuradha nakshatra. Just wanted to know how are you health wise at the moment as I am in bad situation as I got TB on 7th Jan 2014 and really shit scared about future. I got Mars, Mercury, Sun & Rahu in my 6th house ( Libra) which is currently saturn transiting.
      Pls revert my mail. I am so worried I need to share with someone who is going thru Sade sati as I cant share my fears with others .


  207. Hi Abhijit. Thanks for your feedback, since mnay of your planetary positions are similar to mine, hence i was waiting to know your feedback. Yes you are right, Saturn is Yogakaraka in your horoscope. Please do remember, Sade sathi is on rashi and not on lagna, hence you will have to undergo some effect of SS.

  208. Hi Niranjan, i would need your place of birth and time of birth for this. only then i can make predictions

  209. Hi Prakash i can certainly understand your present condition, please understand SS will have impact during MD also. Only thing is that it will mitigate its effects. Hence your present SS effects will be minimal only comparing all other who are not so fortunate. Now to your question, during SS does the effect gets reduced if you live abroad, then it is not necessary. you will still be under SS effects may be like you will be away in an foreign land but your family would be in india. you would miss them though you will be happy here. Some effect of SS will always be experienced by all of us.

  210. Dear Girishji,

    How long I have to undergo such tremendous stress?. Is my career finished? Please throw some light.

  211. Abhijit. Since you are quite disturbed due to the current transit effect of SS. Please do not forget your current Shukra MD is exalted. Your next MD which is Surya is also exlated. So ur careern cannot end now. Infact be happy that your Surya MD will take you to great heights. Hence do not worry of any thing. Yes since you have enjoyed Shukra MD for the past 14 years or so, now all of a sudden has disturbed u for time. Hence do not worry, allow the time to pass on its own.

  212. Dear all. I am sure all my dear virschika rashian’s would know that on 31st May 2013, Guru Bhagawan would transit to the 8th house now for the next one year. Transit of Guru bhagawan to the 8th house is general now auspicious, though with certain exceptions. The good thing is that, Lord guru would aspect on Rahu and Shani bhagawan from 31st May. Thus gradually reducing to some extent the effects of the dual power. However, before Guru bhagawan would fully transit to the 8th house, here is the last opportunity we all get to reap the benefit. From today Surya bhagawan wouldtransit along with Guru bhagawan in the 7th house, brining some relief to our career strees. Then later on 23rd of this month, Mangal transit would transit through 7th house along with Guru and Surya bhagawan. Thus before the final transit, all my fellow vrischika rashi people, kindly go ahead and collect all your pending dues like promotions talks, money and other material dues. I am sure this post will help all. In case of any special queries you can write to me.

  213. Hi Girish, My Date of birth is 17 July 1986 Place of birth Bangalore. Time around 6:10pm. Hope this information is sufficient. Do let me know if I need to provide you with some more information. Thanks for the help.!!

  214. Hi Niranjan, just to cross check you have given me 2 timings in the past, one says 18:00 hrs and the other recent one says 18:05 hrs. I take 18:05 hrs. Before i proceed i feel sorry to hear about ur Mother. Now currenlty you are under Budha MD. You have Budha MD till 2018. You have Budha-Aditya Yoga in 8th house from lagna. So you can have some relief on ur career part in this.

  215. hi ..i wanted to know if sade sathi affects vrischik rashi people only or even vrischik lagna ? i hav exprncd a lot since 2003 onwards ..mine is vrischik lagna satatara nakshatra kumba rashi..its like my life came to a stand still …
    plzzz tell me when will my good time begin..m awaiting for the good time again..
    hope u will reply

  216. Hi Girishji, Awaiting response to my post #207 directed towards you. Awaiting predictions on basis of my details provided..

  217. I started experiencing things since last aug(aug2012)…I am vrishika, jyeshta nakshtra plus (vyatipat yoga)..I outside the country… I came here to do Masters… In india I was bright student(atleast I thought so), but after coming I lost everything.. My grades are very low. Whenever I try I just fail. Usually I am stubborn person I don’t give up easily, but lately how much I try I just can find single ray hope or any direction. My five year old relation got ended with my girlfriend. I was so depressed, when that happened. She was only thing which going good in my life( and even she left me..). I was thinking about ending this life( but very next I used to think about my parents and loan which I have taken for these studies… I don’t do it). Now I am searching for job and still no luck. I am loosing my patience. I understand all bad things are going to happen but I am just expecting a single good thing which I can cling on. I feel ashamed calling my parents because of my grades( they don’t have any problem.. but I was never such a poor performer in my entire life)… I am all alone, for past 10 months I don’t have single friend who I can trust, my other friends are back in india and they are very busy so we dont get time talk to each other.Question is how much worse is going to get… Even someone has told me that in vyatipat yoga person can loss their limb or limbs… I don’t know what is written ahead… but I am bored with everything… Its nice place to share things.. first I thot I was alone… but after reading so many posts I feel ok.. so there are others too … I am not wanna mean but it feels bit better if you are not alone…

  218. r.k.deepakarthiga

    im engg student.suffering alot as i am studies going so bad and personaly i am feeling so bad.i am feeling the extend of my bad luck.not only in studies but also in all.i have resently come to know about hanuman kavach in tele shopping.Is this realy effective during this7 1/2 years or what???.please tell me about that and what we suppose to do to protect ourself from this harm.26/11/1992 is my date of birth.please help me

  219. Dear Brother
    Pls dont be scared of SS it will not harm you it wil just try your patience. Have faith everyting will be good this is your testing period and you should have faith and confidence do your regular prayers , help epole , feed the poor, give some food to all living beings birds,ants dogs etc make it a habit do your responsiblity and duty diligently and you will reach great heights. see this as the darness before sunrise. Running away from situation will not resolve it correct face it with a smile and thanks God for gving you the strength to face it- God Bless

  220. Hi Girish
    Please help me in understanding my career in this SS period. My date of birth is 21-Mar-1976, birth time is 23:10 pm, place of birth is mysore.
    your reply is more appreciated. Please help.

  221. Hi,
    My D O B is 23rd Jan 1971
    time: 5:1AM
    place: Mangalore ,Karnataka India

    Can u please tell me how the sade sati period is going to be. Definately can feel its effects. Nothing seems to go right. What is the solution to this?

  222. Dear Girishji, Namaskar.
    I am experiencing extremely tough times during my SS. Career is in shambles. My DOB is 23rd August 1966, Time is 18.30hrs & place of birth is Delhi. Could I request you to please revert on my career. Kindly oblige.

    Best Regards,

  223. Hi Girish,

    Thanks to you and all the members here who have been a constant source of encouragement during this testing time.
    I too am facing similar effects, firstly work environment i was with for more than 10 years turned hostile. Work place got very insulting and had to give up. After quitting didnt get any reasonable offers outside. Finally settled for a much less paying job but meeting my basic necessities. Professionally things seem to be looking a little bright though the results are slow to come by.
    Personally I am at a very low. My wife who used to be a great companion has started insulting me. Sometimes I feel i should quit this materialistic world but know just for a few lows, i cannot be hurting so many innocent souls. My parents aren’t aware of my financial state… I just feel like weeping, crying ….feel don’t have anyone to share my sorrows with.

    Today’s been another such day of being low, am worried about my married life. don’t want to quit that either.

    Have been visiting temples regularly to find some peace and strength.

    Please suggest and help me.

    My DOB: 19-Jan-1974
    Time: 11:45 AM
    place: tekkali, AP

  224. Dear Girishji

    Am writing on behalf of my hsuabnd who is vrischika rasi and under the influence of SS. DOB 1st Dec 1967. There is extreme finance presure & heavy lsoses in his business. Can u pls suggest a way out & when it will be better or can we call u – pls provide ur contact info. We aer stationed in HK

  225. Kingshuk Biswas

    Dear Mr Girish
    Trust things are good at your end.
    Trying to change my job for the last 20-24 months but things are just not working out. Also, trying to change my current rented house for quite some time now but this is also not working out.

    Need your guidance to check my near future conditions, like will i be able to change my present job for something better and also will i be able to change my current rented house for some new place.
    Name : Kingshuk Biswas
    DOB :- 4-Nov-1971
    Time :- 2:30 PM
    Place :- Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
    Other Details : Mokar logno, Rakkhos Gan, Krittika Nakatra.

    Thanx, Kingshuk Biswas

  226. Dear All. Hope all of you are doing very well. As I had already mentioned in the past and again I would like to bring to your notice, today morning Guru Bhagawan has moved to Mithun Rasi. My sincere suggestion to all is please be carefull for the next one year. Health wise, Money wise and also keep low profile for the time being. Since Lord Shani will not dis own us all, however the test will be strainfull. Later, next year around Mid 2014 Lord Guru will transit to Karka rashi which is its exalted position. Then again in July middle Rahu-Ketu will transit through Kanya rashi and Meena Rashi, thus making rahu very auspicious for all of us in Kanya rashi which will be Labha sthan for all of us. Again around Mid August Lord Sun will transit through Leo for a month making our 10th house from Rashi also very strong, and finally around 5th Sep 2014 Lord Mars/Mangal will be in vrischika rashi, 1st house, Effectively speaking for all of us from 5th Sep to 17th Sep 2014, the time will be exceedingly good as 5 planets will be auspicious and again if you are in very good MD or AD then need not worry. I will strongly recommend all those who are looking for overseas opening can apply and take decision during this time period. Till then please visit Lord Shani Mandir on every Saturday and offer him Til Oil Lamp. If you can visit navagraha on Saturday, then great, this is also very good time to visit Shabari Mala as Lord Sastha is worshiped for SS. Or for those whose kuldev is lord Sastha from, then please offer Niranjanam on Saturdays, atleast once in the month.

  227. Dear Girishji,

    What prospects does it hold for me? Myself- under- Venus MD+Merc AD, In my BC Venus is in exaltation (Piecies), Merc in Aries with Sun. I am struggling to go abroad for the last 2 years or so for MBA study, but lack of money is the only problem. Now working in a small company since 2012 (In 2011 I had to quit ) what is the prospects for me. My Birth Chart is already with u. DOB-12-5-71 Time: 6.59 Am Nagpur

  228. Hi Girish,

    I have gone through several pressures financially and @ work also for last almost 2 years now I thought some what settling down but again the Guru transit fear started what ,s in store for nest 5 years in SS with this guru transit pls help to get the positive mindset.

    Place of birth:mulbagal (kolar-Karnataka)
    Time:04:30 am
    Ramesh babu

    • Dear Mr Ramesh, currenly you are running Surya MD till 2015. Then you would run for 10 years. Honestly, it would not be easy for you settle down, as the SS would be in Peak from 2014 November.

  229. Hi Girish
    wish you all the best. This period looks very scary and very difficult.
    Could you please help me in understanding my career, health, wealth, family and personal life during this period? my dog: 21-03-1976, time of birth : 23:10, place of birth : mysore.
    Thanks in advance.


  230. Dear Girishji,
    Thanks for all your guidance. I would once again request you to kindly tell me about my career. As stated earlier I am experiencing extremely bad times during my SS. Career/Income is in shambles. My DOB is 23rd August 1966, Time is 18.30hrs & place of birth is Delhi. I will be grateful if you please revert on my career front.
    Kindly oblige.
    Best Regards,

  231. I am not astrologer.But these are some prescribed remedies
    read Dasaratha Shani Stotra

    -for saturn related problems-perform sindhoor(orange color not red )
    archana to lord hanuman regularly

    -perform bilva archana to lord bairon also
    -perform archana for saturn
    -Pray to SriPad Sri Vallaba for saturn dosha-Among Lord dattathreya avathars he can save from difficult time including saturn perion
    -read Sree pada Charitramurtum(order book from temple)
    -read hanuman chalisa(if you dont know hindi convert the enlish to your languange and read)
    -write sri ramajayam in enlish in white paper for 1008 times.Make
    a papergarland 1o sri ramajayam in 1 paper.Do for 100 papers.
    Create the paper garland and put around lord hanuman in hanuman temple.Do this weakly

    -read sri pad vallaba charitram for saturn perion and guru charitra for
    financial prosperity

    -chant om gum ganagapathaye namaha-to solve problems

    -read sripadd vallaba charitram
    -you can also dowload sripad vallaba picture and pray to him for saturn period

  232. Dear Girishji,

    With Jupiter’s movement into Gemini, and Saturn-Rahu in Libra, what will be their effects on Scorpio Moon? +ve or -ve?. And when Scorpio ppl will be able to breathe a fresh air of relief? Another thing…Is there any chance of getting some money thorough inheritance this year?. Please comment. My DOB is already with you. [12-5-71, time: 6:59 AM, Nagpur].

  233. Left job in Aug2012 to settle abroad but no job since then 🙁

  234. hi scorpions,
    i am also going through ss since nov 2011. i am jyeshta nakshatra,vrischika rasi and thula lagna born…i learnt from internet that lord sani is favourable to thula lagna/rasi born ppl and hence ss is little easy for them.. is that so…?

    till now my ride with ss is going on rough only but when compared to my life in (oct 2008-2009 jul) this is much better… my daughter was having ss till 2011. both my husband and me had lot of problems during that period when my child was having ss. my husband had all sort of health problems, misunderstandings with me, with in-laws interfernce things actuallly went worse . my family life was totally hampered. somehow we could rebuild our lives back.
    now again ss started for very much worried about it now..!!!
    my parents visited temples in kumbakonam on behalf of me performed some pujas/danas there…
    is it really so that sani bhagvan is favourable to thula lagna /thula rasi born ppl. can i expect lord sani to be little easy on me this time…by the way this will be my second cycle of ss..i had it as a child for the first time.

  235. hi all fellow scorpions
    it has been a really testing year and a half for start with i suffered from the worst illness possible as ss took me a whole 14 months to get back.apart from this loss of wealth, constant trauma, fear of known and unknown keep bothering me.low confidence another aspect and feeling of leaving every thing and going away keeps coming to me.BUT one thing for all that i have suffered what i have got is the spirituality ,enltitment and belief in god more than ever.first it was because of fear now its devotion. girish ji my dob is 24/6/1983 time 8.25 am place delhi.pls let me know how will venus md and mercury ad.also most some astrologers have told me to make a carrier abroad but i am not getting any oppertunity as of yet.when can that will be sun md. thank u. jai mata di

  236. Dear Friends.
    It has been long time since any one has mailed or posted any update on the blog. I thought of bring up one important point for the benefit of all. I have been analysing some crucial transit around the month of August. From 17th August, Lord Sun would transit through sinha rashi. Later on 19th August, Mars would transit through karka rashi and debilitated. My suggestion to all is that, if you plan to start a new job, or change job, avoid the doing the same at the above mentioned time. Mars would be debilitated from 19th Aug to 5th Oct 2013. For 1 and a half month, Mars would not favour us. However nothing serious to worry about, but i suggest to all avoid the above dates.

  237. I dont think anyone can do these visits “on your behalf”. Please make it a point to visit the Shani temple on your own, irrespective of how difficult it is. Please consult a good Jyothish and find out what parikrama you have to do for other planets depending on your natal chart.

    I have visited three times now to Shani temple, twice to all navagraha and once to Shingnapur. Trust me, big problems come like a huge boulder and then help comes from somewhere like magic and the boulder becomes powder!!!

    Its all Lord Shani’s blessings…

  238. hello girish, I need some information regardingmy career, not sure where to go hence turned to you. I just interviewed for a position that I’ve been waitingfor the past 5yrs. ive been performing the duties of the position unofficially. as im goi.g thru safe sati, I was wondering if I even stand a chance. my
    Dob-nov 5th 1975
    place- tarikere, Karnataka
    time – 12:30 AM
    any information is appreciated. ive workef very hard for the past 5 years and I really really want it.

  239. Dear Friends.

    The month of August is here. As always, i love the month of August, particularly the second half. Even this year, i am anxiously waiting for the second half of August. Post 16th August 2013, the Sun/Surya bhagwan would transit through the most auspicious house in the zodiac sign which is Leo/sinha rashi. The Surya lord turns very benefic planet during this transit, bestowing only luck, good fortune and above all great, happiness. Particularly, if you have Vrischika rashi and lagna as same. The Surya lord every year, around mid of August, transits through the sinha rashi which brings great strength to the planet benefiting Vrischika rashi. So what does this mean to all of you, if we are working for someone, you can expect ease to settle down during this transit. If you are looking for a better job, then this transit will bring luck to all of us and if you are looking for some monetary settlement, this is a good time to go ahead and ask for it. I strongly suggest all vrischika rashi’s to go head and please grab this opportunity for yourself.

    • Hi Girish Sir, Thanks for the positive note for 2nd half of august. I had my birthday yesterday and on my birthday morning I got a mail from the company where I have been giving few rounds of interviews from past month or so saying ‘the position is currently filled hence we will consider you for next interview cycle since you cleared interview rounds’. I was really hopeful of joining this firm and it was perfect for me being in my area my hometown and really relevant for me. Now again I am back to being stuck in 1 place with negligible income. What a gift on my birthday! I must have done something really bad in my last life :(…
      My zodiac is Leo (obviously) and rashi is vrishchika..lets hope the later part of the year brings some good fortune as far as my job is concerned….

    • Hii Girish Ji,

      Thanks a lot for give the Honest feedback to All of Us.
      My Two Question is with you, As I am Scorpions and my LAGNA is MEEN
      2. My D.O.B. 12-FEB-1988
      T.O.B. 09:40AM
      PLACE :- Indore (m.p.)
      From Nov11 till day I got Two Promotion in my Job but its a very Hectic period I am enjoying and Earning Good and also lots of travelling for LAST YEAR (i.e. JAN12 to DEC12). But After May13 I got suffer for my health its like I fell very Low I just ask you is everything is Good for me. and how about my Future. Please Suggest. I will be very much thankful for your Valuable Feedback.

  240. Hi Sansmon. i have gone through your horoscope. Currently you are running Ketu MD. Ketu is for philosophy and not much for career. I suggest please offer as much worship to lord Ganesh to avoid any obstacle. This phase would run till 2016 post which you would enter Shukra MD. Your Shukra is also debilitated however the great lord Guru is aspecting the planet. Hence it would have good impact on you. So rest assured nothing to worry and please do not forget you are currently running Sade Sati. So please also offer your prayers to lord Shani on Saturdays.

  241. Hi
    My DOB is 13/06/65 time 0.58 am, place Mumbai(India). I am going through a very bad phase of SS. Please help.
    Thank you

  242. Hi

    My DOB is 13th June 1965 at Mumbai; at 0.58 am. I am going through a very bad phase of SS please help.

    Thank you

  243. Dear Sir,
    I need your guidance regarding my career. Going through very rough phase for almost last three years which includes job loss etc. I have given below the required information. Would be obliged if you can guide me about my career.
    DOB :- 13/12/1974
    Place of Birth :- Kumata (Karwar District-Karnataka)
    Time :- 8.07
    Thanks a lot and once again request for your early revert.

  244. Ans to your first Question, you have sade sathi till 2020 January. Considering your birth details, i understand that you must be fair in complexion and slim body. Again, you have Ketu MD currently running till January 2016. After which you have Shukra MD which is exalted in your horoscope, Shukra MD would support you to a great extend as it is exalted and well positioned in your horoscope.

  245. Hii Girish Ji,

    Thanks a lot for give the Honest feedback to All of Us.
    My Two Question is with you, As I am Scorpions and my LAGNA is MEEN
    2. My D.O.B. 12-FEB-1988
    T.O.B. 09:40AM
    PLACE :- Indore (m.p.)
    From Nov11 till day I got Two Promotion in my Job but its a very Hectic period I am enjoying and Earning Good and also lots of travelling for LAST YEAR (i.e. JAN12 to DEC12). But After May13 I got suffer for my health its like I fell very Low I just ask you is everything is Good for me. and how about my Future. Please Suggest. I will be very much thankful for your Valuable Feedback.

  246. Hi,


    When will SS end for Scorpions?.. This testing time will be over?. I am getting offers for admission to MBA course from some of the Top Universities, but not able to go because of funds. When the obstacles will be cleared for me?. Very very intense time for me. Please throw some light.

  247. Just wanted to know if anybody can provide a clarification.
    Does sadesati also affects according to your name (ie initial of your name).
    I am a scorpio rashi . An astrologer recently told me that according to my name I am kanya rashi so the sadesati is doubly affecting me , and also the sade sati affects a person more according to his name rather than his janma rashi , how much of this is true.
    If this is true then will the person face double sade sati , one according to name and other according to his janma rashi ??
    Anybody pls clarify

  248. Dear Mr Girish
    Trust things are good at your end.

    Trying to change my job for the last 24-36 months but things are just not working out. Also, trying to purchase new house for quite some time but it is also not working out.

    Need your guidance to check my near future conditions, like will i be able to buy new house for my family and change my present job for something better. In general also, health wise things are not shaping up well.

    Girish Ji : Please share your views as last few occasions you didn’t reply.

    Name : Kingshuk Biswas
    DOB :- 4-Nov-1971
    Time :- 2:30 PM
    Place :- Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
    Other Details : Mokar logno, Rakkhos Gan, Krittika Nakatra.

  249. Hi Girishji,
    Request you to kindly guide me for my earlier query and oblige.

    M Pai

  250. Girish ji,

    My details are as follows:
    DOB: 15-02-1974
    TOB: 4:30AM
    Place: Kakinada, AP

    I have absoilutely no problem with my job and earnings. However from Nov 2011, I got serious porblems with my wife. We have been seperated. Now our mater is in court. Could you pleaswe let me know when the situation will become better?


  251. Hello Girish and Bros,

    My name is Abhijit. Details are as below:
    DOB” 27/01/976, Time: 00h05min, Birth Place: Vadodara, Gujarat…

    Man.. . I was working in biggest (Fortune 10) MNC , i was growing rapidly…got married in Mid 2010 and due to personal reson seperated in Feb 2011 and then resigned my jiob June11. from that owards i am suffetring Worst time ever. The wife whome i loved much left me …divorced me.. i lost my dream job… i was working with night shift …lower paid job…and having many bad experience…i was crying with lot of tears in alone…but now i have lost all the hopes to be a rich , popular, strong professional and now my tears are dried…
    I supported every one in their bad time but no one supported and left me alone in my bad time……

    I was On The Top in every means with Self Proven Efforts, non Egoest, Down to earth person, respecting, was looking for a single loving understanding my love of life to have family….But Y Me for these all bad…?
    I am just smiling bcoz i want to keep my parents happy …i always thinking to get remarried but afraid to have false selection again….
    I have very fantastic certifications, internationally masters degree from one of the Top 10th BSchool of Europe…Top Post Graduation from one of the Top Institution of India, Bechelor from well known University….
    But…known I am Broken,hopeless, down…
    If you can help me to tell when this will end…pls email me the facts
    -Abhijit (abhiReds at gmail Dot Com)

    • Hey Abhijit,

      I can understand what you must be going through, but if you feel “hopeless, broken, down…”, you will remain there only. As can be seen in this blog itself, you are not alone. There are so many who are affected.

      I too had a fantastic long career, consistently contributed in all companies that I worked, had a good reputation in my companies and in my field. Like you, even I was working for a conglomerate. A year ago, I lost my job due to recession and from then on I am looking for a job. I have applied to hundreds of opportunities by now, some progressed to some level, but did not materialize due to one reason or the other. Although I am willing to take up even lesser position and package, I am still looking for a job.

      I have kept myself extremely positive and I am sure that I am getting closer to my goals with every passing day. I am practicing mind control, subconscious mind power, visualization etc. which is giving me peace of mind, inner strength and tremendous positive outlook. Suggest try doing these simple things, they will certainly work for you. Have unshakable faith in God. Remember, “He who got you to this will GET YOU THROUGH THIS”. Don’t give up, have faith. We all have had good times in our lives and better times are just round the corner… Just hang on.

      May God bless all of us.

  252. Hey Abhijit,
    I can understand what you must be going through, but if you feel “hopeless, broken, down…”, you will remain there only. As can be seen in this blog itself, you are not alone. There are so many who are affected.

    I too had a fantastic long career, consistently contributed in all companies that I worked, had a good reputation in my companies and in my field. Like you, even I was working for a conglomerate. A year ago, I lost my job due to recession and from then on I am looking for a job. I have applied to hundreds of opportunities by now, some progressed to some level, but did not materialize due to one reason or the other. Although I am willing to take up even lesser position and package, I am still looking for a job.

    I have kept myself extremely positive and I am sure that I am getting closer to my goals with every passing day. I am practicing mind control, subconscious mind power, visualization etc. which is giving me peace of mind, inner strength and tremendous positive outlook. Suggest try doing these simple things, they will certainly work for you. Have unshakable faith in God. Remember, “He who got you to this will GET YOU THROUGH THIS”. Don’t give up. We all have had good times in our lives and better times are just round the corner… Just hang on.

    May God bless us all.

  253. my DOB is 1967 june 21 – TOB19 .10 JYESTA 4th padam

  254. Hi Girish
    First of all thanks for this blog, this is really help full.
    I am cancer ascendent and vrushchika rasi, in nov 2011 a lost my job and 2 lakh rupees. From then i have been chanting dasharatha shani stotram & hanuman chalisa. In may 2011 I got another job which quiet ok in terms of pay and i am continuing till date but i dont have job satisfaction. I want to leave this job and willing to travel abroad for new job after may 2014.
    1. can you please tell me whether this is correct decision and if travel abroad will i get a job there.
    2. Is it good time to change job right now or else when is the right time to change job

    Please help me i have been thinking about since last three months and i am going through lot of mental tension.

  255. Dear All, I have been trying to write this for the benefit for all vrischika rashi, however have not been able to find time. At the outset, let me wish one and all a very happy and prosperous Diwali! I over the past few months I have been receiving queries from various quarters through this blog and to my mail id, as how would be the coming few months in general. Almost 4 mths back I had predicted when lord guru transited to Mithun rashi that for the next one year we all should be cautious, though next year would be a great year for all of us! but the question still remains how would be the next few months? starting from November 2013. Let me give some good news to all, Lord Mars, the deity of Vrischika rashi is currently transiting through Simha rashi which would move to Kanya rashi on 26th Nov 2013. From then he would remain in Kanya rashi till next year July 2014 (except for Feb & March 2014 where he would move to Tula rashi) Mars/Mangal in Kanya rashi will be in the labha sthan for all of us and would only give more prosperity and raise in our economic status depending upon all other factors (like dasha, planetary strength etc) But the good news is each one of us would have monetary benefit in some way or the other! Thus I request each one of us to pray the almighty to give us courage until 26th Nov 2013 and then allow the almighty to do the rest for us!

    • hay girish…..
      as per the ccomment was expecting some good news , some improvements
      at workplacce…. But i am not seeing any improvement.. no good news also. the project i was handling is also closed and tension still persist.. could you please comment on this? facing lot of tension in all phases of life. Pls help by your advice
      my dob: 21-Mar-1976, 11:10pm (23:10), mysore

    • Dear Girish,

      Thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us. This is Lalitha again, I am waiting for some relief (professionally or personally). I am very depressed and feeling like drained out. Please suggest me remedy or pooja or anything.


  256. Dear Girishji, Namakar. It has been extremely soothing to read your posts during such tough times for all Vrischika rashi. Please keep on doing this. I had written two posts dated 22nd May & 04th June 2013 sharing with you my birth details. From 29th October 2012 I am experiencing the worst times of my life. I was in a very senior position with a MNC but suddenly lost my job. Life has been very bad since then. I was a star performer at my job but suddenly the times changed & apart from loss of job I had to face lot of disgrace. My D.O.B is 23rd August 1966. Place of birth is Delhi. Time is 06.30 PM. I am running a MD of Venus & AD of Budh. I would once again request you to please share your views on my horoscope in terms of my career & my personal life. Best Regards, Vijay

  257. Dear Mr. Vijay,

    My Situation is similar to you. I had been working in some of the Top Banks & FI, but suddenly in 2011, everything went upside down for me. Life has presented a tough challenge, which eventually I had to face.

    Now It has helped me to learn a lot of things. Hopefully, next year will be good to all Scorpions in terms of Career/Finance.

    God bless us.


  258. Dear All,

    I think we all Scorpions should unite at this hr of distress, and communicate with each other through this blog/facebook/email, so that when we pass this stage, we can form an eternal friendship amongst us. Thanks Girishji for starting this wonderful blog. May God bless all of us.

    Keep mailing : romi12042004 at yahoo dot co dot in

  259. Dear all,

    I have been closely following this blog post since Sade sadi started for me. I am born in vrischika rasi and Anuradha nakshatra. Like each one of you, even I had my fair share of troubles and sad circumstances in my life. I had troubled relationships and my career was down the drain. Though the salary I received in my job was extremely good, I was not able to have cordial relationship with my manager and I took the bold decision of quitting my job on October and take a break for a few months. During this break, I decided to reassess my life and what changes to be made to improve my situation.

    That was the time when I came across the movie and the book “the secret” by Rhonda Byrne. This book has completely changed my thought process and I have been able to identify why few things were not working in my life. To cut a long story short, in a few months of practicing the principles laid down in the book, miracles have been happening in my life.

    1.All my relationships have been improved and revived. My family members love me a lot. This was something bothering me from last two years.
    2. I was able to manifest a trip to Europe. The most wonderful and memorable dream trip of my life with my husband.
    3. I got pregnant. This is something which we were trying for a long time and was not happening.
    4. Many small things which I have been wishing.

    So guys, please do yourself a favor and buy a copy of these books”the secret”, “the magic”, and “the power” by the same author, Rhonda Byrne. This is the best thing that you can do yourself during the phase of Sade sati. After all, even Shani bhagawan also wants to teach us lessons in life about the right things and these books will help you get there soon.

    Good bless all of you.

    Thanks you!!

  260. Dear Vrichikans, Extremely Good forum where one comes to understand about the importance of Sade Sathi. Greatful to Girishji for starting such a wonderful blog.
    On the auspcious day of ” Sankatahara Chaturthi”, lets pray Lord Ganesh that he provide us with direction and endurance to clear all the tests laid by Lord Shanieswar, so that he gets pleased with all scorpions turns us to be Gold by the time we are out of Sade Sathi.

  261. Dear all Varschiks..

    I would like to share my past two or more than two n half years experience when SSS started . I was in Capital Market Business . I am doing well well n well Good business. From June 2011 i got sudden losses.My all business ended badly. Since last two years i m suffering from a Disease which called PANIC ATTACK. I m suffering from high blood pressure , which i had never ever in past. The disease from which i diagnosis in this month but doctor tell me that this is from last two years. I was very very much mental pressure , feel fear of Death . I cant share or tell the feeling its was really bad and scary !!!

    I am borrowing money from last two years as business is not doing good to meet out the expenses per month. I do several poojas , mantra, visited tripuati , shani singnapore as well. I visited daily Hanuman Mandir.

    But the conditon is going badly n i feel it will be more bad future for health n wealth as well.

    Please let me know some strong more remedies if you can . Because now all the doors are closed for me ,no body can understand my sitaution n position too.

    My date of Birth is 15-september -1980 Rashi – Varschik and Lagna Vrisabh lagan. i am also suffer ing from Ketu Mahadasa.

    Thanks & Regards


  262. Dear all Varschiks..

    I would like to share my past two or more than two n half years experience when SSS started . I was in Capital Market Business . I am doing well well n well Good business. From June 2011 i got sudden losses.My all business ended badly. Since last two years i m suffering from a Disease which called PANIC ATTACK. I m suffering from high blood pressure , which i had never ever in past. The disease from which i diagnosis in this month but doctor tell me that this is from last two years. I was very very much mental pressure , feel fear of Death . I cant share or tell the feeling its was really bad and scary !!!

    I am borrowing money from last two years as business is not doing good to meet out the expenses per month. I do several poojas , mantra, visited tripuati , shani singnapore as well. I visited daily Hanuman Mandir.

    But the conditon is going badly n i feel it will be more bad future for health n wealth as well.

    Please let me know some strong more remedies if you can . Because now all the doors are closed for me ,no body can understand my sitaution n position too.

    My date of Birth is 15-september -1980 Rashi – Varschik and Lagna Vrisabh lagan. i am also suffer ing from Ketu Mahadasa.

    Thanks & Regards


    • Dear AMIT,
      My condition is exactly like yours and am also doing business and i lost more than 45 lakes from 2012 feb. today i take leave from office to think and take decision abt continuation of my business. even am running ketu dasha and budha antardasha which will loast in comming feb you can mail me at

  263. Hi ,
    I am also scorpion, Since Last year I am facing lot of trouble in my life which I never experience before. it is becoming hard to sustain in such painful situation, I was at good position of my work with decent package but suddenly since dec 11 things are going upside down, I have lost confidence within myself
    . I am being blame for others mistake, also project which I am been assigned is giving me hard time to sustain, I got lowest rating in appraisal and fear of losing job. I am going thru severe tention, feel like ending my life.. I am clueless what to do.. I have huge debt on my head.. Is there something good will happen in my life
    My DOB is 13 feb 77, and birth time is 1.40 AM.

  264. Dont worry we all are int he same boat, Have faith and do your prayers, keep thanking god every time for giving you the courage to face this situation and pray to him to guide you and lead you in the right path to overcome this hurdle – it is not dark always there is light on the other side of the tunnel – keep moving and do good to all you will see the light very soon.

  265. I am Suresh (Scorpio). My SS and Ketu Mahadasha started on Dec 2011 and 2010 respectively. Also my son is a Scorpio with similar SS and Ketu Mahadasha. Right now I have been going through so many issues from losing a job, getting into big losses in the business and doing a low wage job now. All these while, my son was studying in the boarding. Now with his 11 and 12th coming up, we want to get him out of boarding and study from home. Also my wife is going through the asthma sani. With these, bringing my son from hostel to home, will it complicate more things? I am worried because he is a teenager and once he comes home, he will have more things to spend time on like tv, internet, mobile phones, etc. Those are not available in the hostel. He might waste his time and with wrong dasa and SS, I am really worried if this move will drag him into other directions than studies.

    But generally we three (me, my wife and son) are going through some sets of bad events. Appreciate any help.

    DOB: 21-7-1972
    Time: 1:30 AM
    Place of birth: Thanjavur


  266. Lalithji,
    Let me fist tell you one thing , when u say dipressed and all how did u conclude that it is dipression, you do not have faithin you and your God, if you parents punish you is it that they dont love you or like you or is it they want you to correct yourself and lead a good life, this period is our testing period and we should realise that this is not the end of the world, yes its very tough but then only one thing that can sail u is your confidence in your god, have faith do your prayers and he wil open doors to you , he will punish you but not harm you , you feel you are being harmed but if you look at others i am sure you are much better , you will oose a lot of money , property , job but was it all yours – no correct – you were just the custodian , you lost that means God dint want you to hold that things for long and you need to move ahead – life has to go on – have faith do your prayers and when time changes you will forget ll your past- this is like a turbulance caused while in the flight – God Bless

    • Thank you very much Mr.Ajit. Professionally we can manage but personally means at home we 3 of us are (My husband and my daughter are both Kanya Raasians having sadesati ) having very bad time.
      Once again thanq.

  267. lalitha,
    Good , to keep thngs right at home, Every day morning and evening light lamp at home all three should start your day with praying before you leave your house and have a habit of thanking god as and when you feel you can and when ever you get spare time, have Frankin or agarbathi and champor lit every day take it all over your house and evening also do the same- half your stress and worries will fade of, i am also sailing in the same boat and if a situation of argument arise one of you just move out of the house for some time till things settle and when you are out start saying some shloka or mantra if nothing comes to your mind say narayana narayana- go to ganapathi temple once a week and break a cocount to remove obstacles or offer milk- put prayer songs or japa in your house let it keep going on your music system it will change the mood of your house – avoid arguments – one of you have to comprpomise- Have faith and you will see the diff

  268. Thank you Ajit. I am already following few of your advises.

  269. Hi
    I am also going through more or less similar situations. But it has been quite severe since 2012 September when I lost my job and few months before I lost my father. Though I have been helpful to many including relatives, every one have turned against. Any hope of securing a job and having positive events atleast in this year? My details are as follows
    DOB : 11-oct 1964
    Time: 11:15 am
    Place: Madhugiri, Karnataka
    Appreciate some one’s response..

  270. Sorry for the delay in replay, I have seen you horoscope, you are currently running Mars Mahadasha which is your own Rahi lord. Unfortunately it is in Karka rashi which is debilitated sign for mars. Having said this, I suggest offer Milk Abhishekam to Lord Kartik on Shashiti which falls once in a month. This you need to do till 2017 as your Mars Dasha is until then. Further, you need not worry as going forward this year you would have Jupiter transit through Karak rashi which is exalted position for Jupiter, and then you have Rahu tansit through kanya rashi in July 2014. Which will further increase your income.

  271. Dear Girishji, Namaskar. It has been extremely soothing to read your posts during such tough times for all Vrischika rashi. Please keep on doing this. I had written three posts dated 22nd May, 04th June & 08th Nov 2013 sharing with you my birth details. From 29th October 2012 I am experiencing the worst times of my life. I was in a very senior position with a MNC but suddenly lost my job. Life has been very bad since then. I was a star performer at my job but suddenly the times changed & apart from loss of job I had to face lot of disgrace. My D.O.B is 23rd August 1966. Place of birth is Delhi. Time is 06.30 PM. I am running a MD of Venus & AD of Budh. I would once again request you to please share your views on my horoscope in terms of my career & my personal life. Best Regards, Vijay

  272. Dear Girish
    Thanks for the reply and encouraging words. Would look forward to good days to come in this year.

  273. Dear Girish,

    I had earlier posted my queries. Requested you to further give an insight on my Chart. DOB-12-5-71, Nagpur, 6.59 AM. I have had already experienced nightmarish 2+ years of my Sade Sati, quit job in 2011 under pressure now some good things also happened, my wife got a govt. job, we have shifted to a new flat, my daughter got admitted in a good school, myself got admission to some of the reputed B-Schools in USA/Uk. But ultimately still waiting for some funds for my MBA study. Will this transit of Saturn, & Jupiter extend me some help in this regard?

    Please write.

  274. Dear Mr Vijay. Your details are absolutely correct, you are currently running Venus MD and Budha AD. However your current position will only improve from the 19th of June 2014. Infact there would be gradual improvement from the 7th of March 2014 as Jupiter would turn direct and then begin its journey to Karka rashi. Untill then keep visiting Lord Shani’s temple and offer oil lamp on every Saturday.

  275. Dear Girishji, Namaskar. My sincere gratitude for responding to my request. Your words gives a great deal of mental calm & peace. If possible could you kindly elaborate in detail about my professional & personal life in times ahead. Thanks a lot. Best Regards, Vijay

  276. Dear Sumit,

    Health wise I m OK, occasional depression….Recite Hanuman will give u strength….and also Mahamritunjaya Mantra…

  277. Dear Girishji, Namaskar.
    I once again humbly request you to kindly share your thoughts on my professional life ahead. My apologies for bothering you but in this time of acute distress I look towards you. Please share with me how it would be after 19th June 2014 with regards to my professional life which is in shambles today.
    My D.O.B is 23rd August 1966. Place of birth is Delhi.
    Time is 06.30 PM.
    Best Regards,

  278. Dear Girish,
    Gr8 to see ur encouragement to the community in distress.
    i have the luck of getting good job immediatly after the SS STARTED IN 2011 BUT I WAS JOBLESS for almost one year before this..even now its going good but i am worried because of SS pls advise.

  279. Hi,

    I am facing lot of problems from Dec 2012 , my husband had let me and not willing to continue our relationship anymore.Please advice me .

    DOB 7th Sep 1981
    6.32 AM

    Husband :Sudheer
    DOB 7th Sep 1981

  280. Which place in Karnataka Ramesh, please mention

  281. Dear Ramesh, I presume your Place of birth is Kolar, Karnataka. Currently you are under Sun MD and Jupiter AD. Sun is in your second house from lagna however he is also the lord of your Labha sthanam. This should give you good results. Post 6th march 2014 Jupiter will begin its journey to Karka rashi which is labha sthan from Rashi which will benefit your completly lifting you from our current situation

    • Dear Girish,

      Thanks for the continuos support & guidence for the last 2.5 years and gracefully we are passed or just passed the first qtr but then suddenly when we are hoping for beeter results from June 19th due to jupiter the pressures are increased from now where and started hitting me badly in terms of mental tension and not able to focus on work front …is this the direction for next 2.5 years i am leading or is it a temporary phase …pls advise if u find time.

  282. Hi
    My date of birth is 10.6.79, time 11.05,
    place Visakhapatnam
    Moon sign vrischika
    Sun sign gemini.
    Hope if someone can help with some sound advice.
    I have lost a good amount of money in 2005-2009 in shares and gambling. Not much bothered about the loss as I take it as a good lesson. I am only mentioning it as it may be explained astrologically.
    I have been in a stable job but not been able to save much.
    I did a university course to improve my income. I worked hard for two years while in a full time job, did well in the university course but am failing the final exam in my own profession for the past 3 years which I never imagined would happen given my past academic achievements. I have done a lot of things which were suggested to be nullifying the effects of sani. I pray, meditate, walked round the Arunachala but nothing seems to help. The exam in itself is not very difficult and people who have been years behind me are walking through with no issues. Feel so helpless and frustrated.
    The good thing is a supportive family and happy-no problem kids.
    I would be grateful if someone can explain what is going to happen next. I will be going for the exam again in sept 2014. Also I have started working on exams to go to USA. Will I be successful with the USA attempt or will that be a loss of effort and money. Thanks a lot.

  283. hi my details

    i am facing tension in job.i want to shift job.when will i able to shift job

  284. Dear Priya. You belong to Vrischika rasi and Kanya lagna. Prima Facie your horoscope is quite good with Jupiter exalted in 9th house giving strength to your Chandra. Also Rashi Nathan Mars is also exalted given you good confidence and to some extent ego. Your present Mahadahas is venus and AD is Saturn. Since Saturn and Rahu are together in your horoscope it can give some confusion however nothing much to worry about it. Since Jupiter is already exalted. Once you cross 19th June, lord Jupiter will again turn exalted. post which you can expect good results. Again after 13th July 2014, Rahu will move to Kanya rashi which is labha sthan so money wise there can be again some more increment. Only word of causion, post 13th July you can suffer some rashes or skin disorder, which will cure slowly.

  285. Dear Yesh. From your detail I get Vrsichika rashi but Vrushab lagna. You are currently under Shukra MD which will last till 2017. The good thing is lord Jupiter is exalted in horoscope and again this year from 19th june 2014 lord Jupiter will turn exalted in your horoscope. Hence if you plan to give your exam in September 2014 it should be well performed. Again if you can chose your date, then the best time will be between 5th Sep to 17th Sep 2014 which will certainly give you successes in your endeavour. Remedy would be offer chana mala to lord Dakshinamurthi or lord Jupiter in navagraha

  286. Dear Sir Girish
    Thank you for saving precious time to look into my chart. Can you please email me you email ID so I may send you a personal email.
    This is only out of curiosity to know more about the person who went the extra mile to help me out by giving me some comfort during a very uncertain, confusing and frustrating time of my life.

    Also (please ignore to answer if you are busy)
    1. would you be able to advise on the exam for the USA as well which I have taken the slot for Oct to Dec. 2014
    2. Will I attain any spiritual progress in my life.

  287. My id is already in the blog Yesh…

  288. Dear Girishji, Namaskar.
    I once again humbly request you to kindly share your thoughts on my professional life ahead. My apologies for bothering you but in this time of acute distress I look towards you. Please share with me how it would be after 19th June 2014 with regards to my professional life which is in shambles today.
    My D.O.B is 23rd August 1966. Place of birth is Delhi.
    Time is 06.30 PM.
    Best Regards,

  289. aman bharadwaj

    Dear Girishji please throw some light here also

  290. Dear Friends. I hope all of you are doing well. I am aware all of us are eagerly waiting for the transit (retrogate) of Lord Mar on 25/03/2014 back to kanya rashi (labha sthan) for vrischika rashi. I am glad that for us the situation will slowly and steadily improve. Gradually 1 month from now around april end Lord Jupiter will be around 20 degrees making its major entry into Karka rashi (though full transit is on 19th June) I wish all my vrischka friends a very prosperous time now and please keep praying the lord almighty for their blessings on us.

  291. Hi Girish PVV

    Thanks for your response. To understand more on the description you provided, are you saying that our bad time ends by Mar 2014? can we expect some good time from April 2014?
    it is good to know that we are almost done with our bad times and very near to good time….
    Please help me in understanding your prediction….”Lord Mar on 25/03/2014 back to kanya rashi (labha sthan) for vrischika rashi. I am glad that for us the situation will slowly and steadily improve. Gradually 1 month from now around april end Lord Jupiter will be around 20 degrees making its major entry into Karka rashi (though full transit is on 19th June)”

  292. Dear Bharthi. I appreciate that some one has gone through my blog writing in detail. Yes, one good thing for all vrishcika rashi, I would say the bad face financially and personally has come to an end from 25/03/2014. Going forward each day the effects would only turn positive. However the impact will vary from horoscope to horoscope as each one of us may run a different MD or AD and the impact of the same too has to be considered. However most of us would feel content in life making us feel better day by day

    • Yes, Mr.Girish I am the one who follows your blog very curiously and regularly. I am the who is eagerly waiting for the good time.

    • Hi Girish,

      Thanks for your blog, and I am a Visicka Rasi, Anusam Navshatram.

      One information I wanted to share was I managed to come out of a very abusive, controlling and manipulative relationship on 25-03-2014, which was going no where for past 5-6 years.
      I have been feeling positive since and can predict that next three months time from now is going to decide many aspects of my life. Job change, marriage, relocation, learning to resolve issues – Sani is a great teacher, and hopefully things go positive than negative.

  293. I read all your comments in detail. It gave us strength. You helped us a lot which is invaluable in last 2 years which were horrible for all of us. Thanks is a very less word to be used.

  294. I went thru a very bad phase in last 2 years. In Aug 2012 – I gave up the job on my own to settle in Australia. Actually the job here was good but lots of management problems which forced me to do so. I went to Australia on PR visa but have to come back without job due to many difficulties like not getting place to live, high medical fees (as my wife was pregnant) , etc. After coming back to India – I was jobless till Oct 2013. I got the job in same last company on previous package which is bad but still I accepted so to start earning. In such a way I lost almost 2 years of career because I joined on same previous package. Losses are around 8 Lacs in all this. Only good thing happened in last year was – we were blesses with a baby boy in Jan 2013. Lets hope for best now.My birthdate is 2nd March 1978 – Place – Pune – Maharashtra Birth Time is – 18.30 – i.e. 6.30 PM. Let me know if any other details are required. Let me know how would be the finances and career chances abroad to get back loss.

  295. Hi Girish
    Thanks for your response. There are many who would be following your blog seriously and your comments really help us think and be prepared for the future.
    Whenever you have little time, please see if you can comment on my horoscope pleaseeee…
    My dob: 21/mar/1976 (23:10)-Mysore/karnataka
    i hope everything goes fine in future… eagerly looking for your comment…
    thank you so much

  296. Dear Bharti. I have analysed your horoscope, you belong to Vrischika rashi and lagna as same. Nakshtra is Jeshtha. Currently you are running Surya MD with Shani AD. Lord Shani is in 9th house of fortune, reducing the good effects of 9th Bhava. Again your own rashi & lagna lord which happens to be Lord Mars is placed in 8th house in your horoscope. In General you would have toiled in life to achieve certain things. Many a time you would be force to do certain thing with repeated attempts. Overall i am sure you would have struggled in many things in life. However going forward this year will be good to you starting from now.

    • Hi Girish PVV
      Hope you are doing good..its almost 2.5 yrs now. Looks like good time is yet to come…though we say that we dont have much tension as it was in a year before. right? What is your thought for May/Jun?


  297. Dear Sir,

    I am also runnung thru SSS being scorpion. Also i am running into venus MD and Rahu AD making it more complicated in faimily front as well as business front. Please put some light if possible when will my time change.

    DOB: 01-09-1976
    TOB: 07:10 Morning


    • Dear Girishji,

      I am also runnung thru SSS being scorpion. Also i am running into venus MD and Rahu AD making it more complicated in faimily front as well as business front. Please put some light if possible when will my time change.

      DOB: 01-09-1976
      POB: ALIGARH (U.P)
      TOB: 07:10 Morning


  298. Dear Girish Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs from time to time and we regularly follow your blog seriously.
    I would be highly obliged if you can spare some time and guide me further regarding my professional life…. Any remedy/ measures for the continuous obstacles I am facing in professional career. (Lack of stability, job breaks, uncertainty etc. )
    I have given birth details below
    Birth date :- 13/12/1974
    Birth Place :-Kumata (Karvar, Karnataka)
    Birth time :- 08.07 am

    Warm Regards,

    M Pai

    Once again thanks a lot.

    • Dear Girishji,
      Awaiting your valuable inputs….
      Kindly advise asap.

      M Pai

    • Dear Mr Pai. My appologies as i am over loaded with work hence i have not been on time to write to all your queries. These days i find some time so i am picking of selective cases hence i would like to write to you. I see your horoscope as Jyeshta nakshatra, 2nd pada, Vrischika rashi with Dhanu Lagna. Technically you have 10 house lord which is Mercury in your 12th house which indicates loses. This is one of the reasons for not having a stable career/income. Currently you are running Surya MD which is also in the 12th house not very supportive. My view is that first praying your kul deva/devi along with Lord shiva and parvathi. In the interim also pray to lord shani since your sade sathi too is creating problems. This will last for some more time. As against your horoscope indicates that you would have enjoyed your life during youth, i.e., till the age of 30 years at least. After which the life span would have been arduous. I strongly suggest offer prayers to your kuladeva and also to Lord shiva+parvathi with lord saturn.

  299. No words to say thanks to you Girish.
    You predicted very well and accurate. Things did not come to me very easily, and most of the time it did not reach me though it was very near. People who were reporting me are one or two level above to me. Both personal and professional life was not so good till now. Sometimes we will not be left with any hope because of repeated failures
    Your last comment “However going forward this year will be good to you starting from now” really helped me to think something positive in my career and personal life this year. I wish to get into some good project and promotion at least this year. Could you please let me know if you foresee this in my career this year?
    Thank you so much Girish for your time and prediction.

  300. Anil Shashikant Naik

    Hello Girish Sir,

    I am Anil Shashikant Naik, my DOB is 22/10/1971 (16.00) Birth Place : Pune(Maharashtra).
    I am facing problem of job. I can’t get a good job, i have tried & get two jobs but i can’t able to continue it & returned to previous job . Currently I am working in a company which is not progressing hence there is also not my progress.
    I just can’t able to switch my my job. Please give me suggestion, my condoyion is very critical. I have wife & son.

    Anil Naik

  301. Hi Girishji,

    I have see you are providing very good insights on Individuals query. Could you please let me know your view points on my details regarding the effects of Sade Sathi. How would be Surya Dasha which I am undergoing currently would be in terms of my career & family life.

    Name: Naresh Venkatachalam
    Place of birth : Chennai
    Time of Birth : 6:05 A.M
    Date of Birth: Mar 30th , 1978
    Rasi : Vrichika
    Nakshatra: Jyestha


    • Dear Mr Naresh. I have analysed your horoscope. Infact the current phase of sade sathi is the only arduous factor. Once saturn moves to the last phase till 2020 and then from 2020 to 2022, Saturn will be favorable in its transit. Here again your first phase of life till the age of 30 would have been really good. The age till 60 and then 60+ is the 2nd and last phase of one’s life. so the 2nd and 3rd phase is mediocre for you. However that does not mean you will not enjoy your life, this is just an indication how your life graph will be looking like. However currently i suggest to offer prayers to lord shani.

    • Dear Mr Naresh. I have analysed your horoscope. Infact the current phase of sade sathi is the only arduous factor. Once saturn moves to the last phase till 2020 and then from 2020 to 2022, Saturn will be favorable in its transit. Here again your first phase of life till the age of 30 would have been really good. The age till 60 and then 60+ is the 2nd and last phase of one’s life. so the 2nd and 3rd phase is mediocre for you. However that does not mean you will not enjoy your life, this is just an indication how your life graph will be looking like. However currently i suggest to offer prayers to lord shani.

  302. Dear Girishji,

    DOB – 21-11-76
    Time – 2315 hrs
    Place – Mumbai

    Seeking your help as I am a little confused.

    In the last 2.5 years starting from November 2011, my family members have suffered a lot. My grandma, mom and wife suffered a lot from different ailments. My wife suffered the most and was bedridden for about 4 months with a broken back and took a long time to get back on her feet. She has not completely recovered so far, but is actively doing her work, chores etc.. Their condition bothered me and caused some anxiety. However I had a pretty successful and rewarding time in career, inherited a property, and am fine health wise also. I am not very religious and do not observe or perform different rites, rituals, or visit temples as I do not believe in idol worship etc. However I am god fearing and only pray in my mind.

    Am I not affected by the current sade sati? Are my next five years in line with the last 2.5 years? Will my sade sati impact my family for the next five year period(as I believe it may have been responsible)? Kindly advise.

    • Hi Jimmy. You are currently into the 2nd phase of sade sathi. And then the last phase of sade sathi about to come to being around 26th January 2017. Therefore I strongly suggest you should be offering prayers to lord saturn for a long time to coming

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  304. Dear Girishji,

    Could you please revert with your view points.


  305. Hi Guruji,

    My dob. 15-05-1987 time 10.25 am. 13.4500° N, 79.5500° E.I am facing lots of problem related to job and personal life.Could you please suggest me when I will get relief frm this sade sati.

  306. I am undergoing more than all of your experiences, I had lot of enemies, lost my family, lost reputation, sent to remand, my husband is asking for divorce, my parents are helpless, I have no home to stay, no earnings, what not, I have faced every thing bad. Please I beg some one tell me how long are my sufferings, will I be able to survive, will I be able to bring up my 11 year old son. I have court cases, will that be solved, debts, my enemies are haunting me. I have attempted suicide 2 times but survived . I am unable to bear the tensions. My parents are also affected so much due to me, my husband lost his job due to me, please somebody give me hope and help me.
    My D.O.B-29/3/1978
    T.O.B-4:45 a.m
    P.O.B- Nellore .

  307. Someone please help me with my horoscope and remedies.

  308. Kingshuk Biswas

    Dear Mr Girish
    Trust things are good at your end.

    Trying to change my job for the last 24-36 months but things are just not working out. Also, trying to purchase new house for quite some time but it is also not working out.

    Need your guidance to check my near future conditions, like will i be able to buy new house for my family and change my present job for something better. In general also, health wise things are not shaping up well.

    Girish Ji : Please share your views as last few occasions you didn’t reply.

    Name : Kingshuk Biswas
    DOB :- 4-Nov-1971
    Time :- 2:30 PM
    Place :- Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
    Other Details : Mokar logno, Rakkhos Gan, Krittika Nakatra.

  309. Dear All
    If you have faith do a very simple proceadure
    Pray to Sai Baba chk on google for Sais 9 Thursday Vrath very simple and easy to do any one can do irrespective of cast creed , belive me i did it , i want every one of us to do it with faith and Sai will come to bail you out he will be seen to you every time you think of Him – Om Sai Ram

  310. Dear Girish Ji,
    Request your help to understand the SSS phase Iam currently going through.
    Name : Mudit Srivastav
    DOB :- 31st May 1969
    Time :- 0425 Hrs
    Place :- New Delhi.
    Kind regards,

  311. Dear Girish,

    DOB-12-5-71 Time-6.59AM, Nagpur. Earlier posted in your Blog. Now SS has been little over 2.5 yrs, what is store there in my career front?. Feeling exhausted & dried.

  312. Respective Sir,

    My son is entering 7th standard now. My biggest worry is ss will end for him in middle of his 12th standard. These are really precious years for education. We have a very educated family, but looking at him last couple of years, we are worrying a lot. We are not sharing this with him, but would you please guide us on what we should or he should do?
    He had his thread ceremony too, so knows the Scanscrit to some extent.

  313. My date of birth 24th Aug. 1982 at 09.35.A.M. kolkata west bengal., presently I am suffing from big problem, now I am job less, no mental peace….cancelled….marriage …. I try to come from this situation, but incidence are happen with me….what I have to do??…should I prepare for higher study in abroad?????when i will get married???howz the married life???????, pl. help and guide me to come out from this.

  314. girishji
    pl tell when time for me will change
    DOB 32/11/1957
    TIME ” 10;45( MORNING)

  315. Hi first of all thank you very much for stating this blog, I am also facing lot of problems due to this..
    16th Nov 2011 I changed my job to a new company with good profile, I got many awards and recognitions for an year, and in Dec 2012 I got an offer from another company with double salary, I left this copany and joined there, but I was not happy with the profile, so i was looking for change in few days, then my previous company itself called me back and I joined back with a good hike in salary, things were fine till Jan 2013, then things went worst the manager who used to praise me, and got me hike, started saying my performance is not good, slowly he started blaming me for the things which I had not done, then it became a tourture, and underwent lot of harassment, now I got the least hike in my salary this year compared to that of any one in my office, and my junior has got promotion.. wondering how things are going so worst, where in I am very ambitious and career oriented person,
    Now things have become unbearable, I thinking of changing job, looking for job rigorously,
    Girish ji, please suggest me, will I get a good job urgently.. and how long this problem persists.. some one told me that once guru changes from Mid june, things will be right.. how long it will remain…

  316. My date of birth is 18/ 1/ 1985,
    Place dharwad, Karnataka
    Vrishchika rashi, jyeshta nakshatra

  317. Time of birth : 9 AM

  318. Myself Ravikant, I’m continously reading this blog since 2012. I also experienced the same problems like left my job in nov. 2011, loans, debts, accident, financial loss, loss of gold ring, loss of 3 months old baby on 24 march 2014, emotional losses at domestic front and from friends. As I am topper since my childhood, I did mechanical engineeing from State Govt. College but I got opportunities from cheap level comapnies. So, i did not join any company and doing a part time teaching in private college.Now i am preparing for IES (indian engg. Service) exam only. So, there are two queries from myside :
    1) will i crack ies exam
    2) will this sadesati affect my mother because on
    3 nov. 2014, saturn is going in scorpio and
    my moon is also present in scorpio rashi.

    D.O.B= 27/04/86
    Place= Sonipat, Haryana
    Time= 2:40 AM

  319. sreedevi prabhu

    mine is vrischika rashi and vishaka nakshatra….
    having lots of problems in money,health….
    main problem is i want to become mother…we r trying but not yet!!!!
    please tel wat to do????

  320. Namaste Girish Ji, my DOB:09-June-1979, POB: Hyderabad(India),Time of birth 6.30 PM (18.30), I have been facing lot of problems from last 1 and 1/2 year, especially from last 2 months facing threat to my job, spending money like water. I am running sadesati, but how is guru transit is going to affect me? are things going to get better? how is nov 2014 shani transit going to affect me? also I am running venus mahadasha, heard venus mahadasha is bad for scorpio lagna?

  321. Dear Ramesh. I can understand your feeling. However these are temporary transit effects. By the month end you would see a silver lining in the dark clouds. Also next month on 13th July you have Rahul transit to 11th house which is again excellent.

    • Dear Girish,
      Thanks for the reply and the problems which came in as a sunami …vanished in the same speed also got monetary benefit pending form last 2 years as a surprise what we thought never comes…

  322. Hi Girish
    I think SadeSati started for my kid also. Could you please let me know if he has any problem. What are the remedies we need to follow?
    My son (Yash Varenya) DOB: 20-Apr-2006-7:14am, Bangalore
    my (bharathi) DOB: 21-Mar-1976-23:10, Mysore
    my husband (Sridhara) Dob: 02-Feb-1973, Manday
    Please do the needful.. thanks in advance..

  323. Dear Girish,

    DOB-12-5-71 Time-6.59AM, Nagpur. Earlier posted in your Blog. Now SS has been little over 2.5 yrs, what is store there in my career front?. Feeling exhausted & dried.

  324. Hi,

    I am R Reddy,My moon sign is scorpio, anuradha nakshtra.
    In this sade sati, mejore problems i am facing is health related problems.
    From Sep 2013, i almost spent 12lacks on my health treatment, till feb doctors don’t know what is the problem later they found out, from then i under went 2 surgeries so far, i need to go one more surgery in august.
    Expenses are very high, purchased couple of vehicles, purchased property.Trying to get married, facing lot of issues with girl side.

    My rising sign is Taurus, as per rising sign sat and rahu sitting in 6th house, might that is the reason i might facing marriage enemies.

    Just want to know how the Jupiter trasit would effect scorpions, as jupiter is moving from 8th to 9th, as 8th position of jupiter has 5th aspect on sat, i am feeling, even in this difficult situation i am not feeling pain.But when jupiter move to 9th, Saturn wont have Jupiter aspect, i am feeling this might trouble scorpions alot till sep, please provide learned expert input on my comments.

    Rahu also in 12, when rahu moved from 1st to 12th, good thing happen in my life is i cleared all my debts.

    Can any one please share experience sade sati in venus mahardasha?.

    my Dob:13th feb 1985
    Place Of Bith:Hyderabad


    R Reddy.

  325. Dear Girish,

    Please check my Horoscope, last 5 yrs i m suffering and had heavy loss in money and business. Last 1 year i m without work, can’t find any job. I don’t know what to do ? i m confused. Pls help me ……

    Birth : Maputo – Mozambique
    Time : 18:00
    Birth date: 31-01-1970

  326. Hi all
    Hope things will improve. However I am still struggling with some aspects of life. Especially with poor sleep, anxiety, lethargy and feeling of being exploited, being useless.
    A few positive things however that I wish to share. This tough period has helped me a lot on reflecting on my past. It has dispersed some of the clouds covering my eyes to the reality of my true potential and limitations. The reality that eventhough everything seemed to me in my control when things were good, neither the good nor the bad was really in my control and I was simply getting what I deserved based on what I did in the past. How much blinded I was with pride mixed with a feeling of uncertainity but hoped that everything will be fine…how wrong I was. How oblivious, ignorant and in denial I was of my weaknesses, short comings and bad habits. How I neglected people who depended on me, how abusive I was of people who were helping me. How dismissive I was of everyone else, How vengeful I was of people for trivial things. How selfish I was in achieving what I wanted and how indiferent I was to other people’s grief and troubles. How hurtful I was with some of the comments I made towards good people and how much they must have suffered. How my addictions spoiled my health, my daily routine, my capabilities.
    With this awareness, the future does look brighter. I will make sure I do not repeat the same mistakes and try to help at least a few who need my help.

  327. I have been going through sade sati for close to 5 years now and i am a thula rasian. As per one of the reputed astrologer on this blog, Last year in the month of june i was told i would get a job when guru would go to the ninth house, but that never happened and i had a pretty tough year. I got my job just the last week 🙂 when guru went to the 10th house. Whatever may be the plantery effects just keep chanting the mantras given by your guru and have faith in god and you will see the success even in tough times.
    Getting your horoscope studied online is not the way to go.

  328. ninadh l kambli

    Hello girish ji, my DOB- JUNE 9 , 1968 (13.08) PLACE OF BIRTH MUMBAI, going thru very difficult time, please suggest how long this will go on.

  329. What a roller coaster ride! Folks my SDSTI started in Nov 2011, Vrishchik rashi (as per Hindu astrology). Gosh had anyone told me before, i would have cautioned myself and myself would have gone into safe harbour and not taken risky decisions.
    By the way I have double trouble _ Sun Mahadasha with Sade Sati, all coinciding very well for next 7 years. (Anyone has clue for this combination).

    I now feel Sade sati is the time to step back. Find a safe refuge, and hibernate. Do minimal to sustain, such that less mistakes happen.
    This period instills fear directly affecting the nervous system, makes a person feel very very nervous and then a person either commits a mistake or does wrong decision making.
    I find few rules if adopted makes a person comfortable during this period.
    1) Never say NO or offend anyone. Leave your ego behind.
    2) Stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking and stop spending frivolous time with friends/ womanizing, do stop non veg diet, alcohol may still go on a little.
    3) Try to circle back into your family in the evening after work- which is the biggest support to a person.
    4) Discuss how you feel especially with your brother/ sister and avoid sharing any bad news with father/ mother.
    5) Param dharma is service towards God- get closer to God by spending time in devotions. Sade Sati instills fear in mind/ nervous system. Only Bhakti toward God thru devotion of time helps a person. Its said by old saints that BHAKTI MEIN HI SHAKTI HAI. Service towards God makes a person’s planetary position/ horoscope redundant or provides solution/ alleviates pain inside heart.
    SHAKTI SE banta hai NIYAM (Discipline)
    NIYAM SE BANTA HAI SAIYAM (which is inner strength)

    Sade Sati is the time of cleansing one’s body and soul, do experiments that makes you a successful person not only in your professional but also personal lives.
    – Sade sati brings humiliation to you, then learn humility in life!
    – Sade sati makes you feel helpless, then start helping the helpless around you! (start giving food to poor, I diverted all my pub/ party expenses towards giving poor/ helpless food items.)
    – Sade sati gives/ brings expenses, start curtailing down your frivilous expenses on other front, which u have been doing for a long time! (No pubs/ discos/ No womanizing)
    – Sade sati makes you learn to live life with full circle. (Back into profession and family)
    In 2011 Nov, lost a heavy gold chain and the problem started in my family life. In 2012 deliberately changed a job, In 2013 about to get divorced one day/ next day lost a job.

    In 2012 and 2013, was afflicted with family problems, physical problem – got a chronic disease of skin and lost job all together. Became an alcoholic, and was totally depressed. Was about to go to jail, but didnt.
    Got another job after 1 month of spending time idle, which was another problem. Now losing current job and finding another job in 2014.
    My 2012 company asked me to come back, refused them to go back in 2013. Losing job again in 2014, old employers now saying NO. Still in phase of uncertainity towards job!

    Now the good side met a good doctor, In Dec, 2013 started treatment, by Feb, 2014 the disease started showing reverse symptoms and body started curing, by today I am 95% cured of this adamant disease (which remains/ spread in body for decades in other people cases).

    My family life started improving and relationship with my wife started to come back to normal.

    a) Physical ailment- So body is cured 95% (almost), rest 5% shall be cured by winters (when the disease may attack- once again).
    b) Family life – Back to normal, infact now better than even before with ample understanding between my wife and myself. My relationship with my parents especially with my father has improved.
    c) Left only is professional life- well lets bring discipline and upgrade our skills further, to make myself indispensable for anyone to say NO for a job????

    Baaki Bhali karega RAM!
    God bless you all! and remember people during their Sade Sati have also became PM of this country that too with complete majority and out of blues! No one expected them to go to such heights!
    Whatever Sade Sati takes during its coming starts giving back by the time it end, infact gives more, while going away! So cheer up!

    Makes you a better person, out of that 7.5 years.
    A kind suggestion, whether anyone takes or not. Start reading Bhagwat Gita, it will answer most of the issues/ problems we face during sade sati.
    If possible also read Ramcharitmanas, Both these scriptures will find most of solutions faced during sade sati.

    Face it, amend yourself, mend yourself and enjoy life. Enjoy the uncertainty!

  330. girishji namaste!
    my dob -22/5/70. place of birth Honavar Karnataka. going thru second sade sati of my life. first sade sati was very severe on my education and continuously filed 12th std 3 times. from then my life became miserable. after several up & downs finally frm 2010 life was smooth and became beetter in 2012.
    but again frm nov 2013 problems started. resigned job bcos of too much pressure. only i was targeted by my boss and felt very hopless, so resigned. now after 8 months still NO JOB !!! have a family to take care and also home loan. very depressed. was thinking that jupietr transit in 9th house will be helpful on my job front. but no such thing happned.

    PLS advice.

  331. time of birth ____ 6.30 PM

  332. Hi Girish,
    Please let me know what will be the condition for jyeshta naksharta 3rd pada , vrushicka rashi. I am in the phase of SS.

  333. Hello JC,
    I completely agree with u that Sade sati instills fear into your brain or nrevous system and create all unwanted hassles and mental glitches. It really makes your life miserable and full with fear. Anyway i would like to talk to u JC, u can reach me at 09500038504 or mail me your contact number

  334. respected girish ji and others
    please help me…recently i purchased a house,not much to my liking but i purchased because i want under obligation from my father.The house is far away from Mumbai,i have to change my traveling plans and relocate to entirely new area.
    My question is :should i move into new house or stay in rented premises?off course i will be paying monthly EMI for new house…
    my date of birth is 6 October 1719,birth time:1 pm,place of birth:parbhani maharashtra.
    I had already gone through much difficulties like divorce,urinary tract infection,being cut off from friends and family,extremely severe depression..i am total mental wreck and have suffered from nervous breakdowns,depression,alcohol abuse from long time.I have given up everything now except tobacco.
    please please guide me if possible

  335. year of birth is 22 october 1978

  336. sir delete earlier two comments..i am mighty confused
    date of birth
    6 october 1978
    time 1 pm
    place of birth parbhani

  337. My birth name is
    anuradha nakshtra
    date of birth:06-10-1978 sixth october 1978
    place of birth parbhani

    I have gone through extreme mental agony from 2009 not 2011.Exactly in october 2009,my 3 relatives died.I got married in 2008 and girl withheld she had a serious skin disease which was incurable.So i filed court case and was defeated in every one of them.In 2013 i got divorced after paying huge money.
    Now it is 2014 and my sade sati continues..i purchased a flat far far away from my work place and am afraid to make a move.There were problems in purchase of house and i got it somehow.
    Is it okay for me to shift to new place?
    Please respond

  338. Hello Girish,

    MY DOB-12-5-71 Time : 6.59 AM, Nagpur.

    I wrote earlier in your blog. Now I am almost into the 2nd phase of SS. First Phase was real test for me. Quit job and was idle for 1.5 years, after that joined a small company in a very less salary. A very good career all gone. But did not lose courage, offered admissions in some of the top most Universities for MBA, but lack of funds blocked my way. Good news?..wife got a govt job which we never expected that too in her 35th year…miracle. Parents shifted to a better city, which was apparently not happening for the last 3 yrs. Now, again had to quit job and waiting for a new opportunity. Under Venus MD (Exalted) and only 1.5 yrs left to enter SUN MD (Again exalted), an astrologer had predicted that I am going abroad very soon for Higher Study in a good University. Also I am in line to receive some legacy/inheritance. Please advice….And yes….learnt spanish, did numerous online certificate courses during this turbulent time. Looking forward to your reply.

  339. Girish sir,

    i have posted my Problem on 18th July. yet no reply. pls respond ASAP as am going thru lots of Tension and also feeling suicidal.

  340. hi all

    members need to share their experiences especially successful experiences. so that it will motivate others. i recently saw this site. ther are many posts of 2012. so pls start posting. God bless ALL!!!

  341. Dear All,
    Things have improved a lot since July this year,I feel a bit more relaxed , Hope things will get better further , Hope my Business gets success
    Best Wishes

  342. I am glad many are experiencing good results post July 2014.

  343. Thanks a lot for this post, I would appreciate the same. Here is my story.

    I am seating home doing nothing since more then 5 years in my career, however, good thing like getting married and moving abroad. however, the panoti never leave u behind, you luck follow you no matter where u go. I am going through such illness which I never thought of as well never can expect in life again. last night suddenly i had short breathing and was admited to hospital, I am on bed rest now. I spend fortune in one night to find out what went wrong. all report clear, still I got same short breathing. I started my business here as well as at Mumbai, failed over and again in past nearly 5 years, you can call from 2011, my career is in right mesh up.

    The only hope I would like to give all of you is not to loose hope and if our panoti is about to finish, we must need to look forward for best time once its over. trust me all of us are in equal pain. just pray to god the bad time goes faster..

    God bless all of us,


    • Hi Nisha,
      I believe your problems started around December, 2009. Based on your description, your problems seem to me more related to Rahu than Saturn. When Shani moves clockwise, Rahu moves anti-clockwise. When sade-sathi is 7.5 years, Rahu’s impact is around 4.5 years. From July-15th onwards, Rahu has come out of 12th and moved to 11th, which is good period. Once Saturn moves out of Tula (12th) to Vrushchika (1st), things will become alright. Take care of health though!!!!

  344. Hi Vrischiks..

    Here is my experience. 2012 has been a dreaded period. Lost my father, lost my coveted job.. All my siblings who were major beneficiaries during their young age (me being the eldest of the family) simply stayed back and created enough troubles. All relatives and in laws and friends distanced themselves. Had severe health issues and so on and so forth. One thing I realized is the fact that this period will give us the enlightenment of who are your near and dear. They need not be your parents/in-laws/cousins and co-born. It would be very tough to accept this hard fact as being an eldest of the family you would have been taught by elders to be committed to family etc.. and obediently would have been following that with the assumption that all those who got benefited would be with you during troubled times, which I realized is not true.
    God will teach you to swim on your own. One way it is good if it is happening in early part of life so that one can make their further life a pleasant one. For a middle aged person like me though hard to visualize but still fine atleast I can make rest of my life a meaningful one.
    It is now close to 2 years without a job and no other ways of earning though attempted several things and failed. Do feel sad when I look at my illustrious career and very high credentials.. but no way out.. you got to struggle and wait for right time to come in.
    I wish with current transits of jupiter and Rahu may help all vrischiks to see some light at the end of the tunnel..
    I see many asking for the answers namely, when this troubled period ends etc.. Now it is already two and half years and we faced enough..
    In my view if things change for better we all can thank God if not I guess we get used to this..

    Suggestion in a nutshell is .. Accept the facts, be realistic.. no dependency or expectations from any corner including parents… and learn to move on as you will have dependents of your own (wife and children).. Then God will surely show us a path for existence.

    May God Bless All


  345. hi all,

    pls continue posting your thoughts. Had a doubt. i’m jyestha nakshatra and vrischik lagna. but have seen lot of other ppl with same combination who have come out of bad times. like got Job / healed from health prob etc. but i have had no relief for past 10 months.
    So is the SS effect different even if the nakshatr/ lagna comination is same? Girishji if you could answer this for benefit of all.
    May Lord Shaniswara bless us all.


    • Hi Vinod,
      Your time was 4 times the normal sade-sathi. The transit is calculated based on rasi (100 points), Lagna (50 points) and place of Venus (25 points).

      You had Rahu in 12th for last 18 months. A month ago he came out. Rahu’s is impact is equal to Shani. But for shorter period. Shani is still in 12th till November 2nd 2014. This applies to both Rashi and Lagna in your case. But fortunately, Saturn will become vrudda (old) 2 months before actual transit. So from September 3rd onwards, you will have some improvement. Hope for the best. It is only another 1.5 weeks. Already Rahu in 11th…So if you try, you will succeed. All dreaded time is over. All the best.

      • Hi Dave,

        Thank you for the response……. Am very thankful to you for giving such a detailed explanation which is huge motivation for me. I will try my Best and hope the Lord’s blessings are with me in getting a suitable job.
        Guys like you are Great as you inspire us and give us solutions to act upon.


        • hi Dave

          since 3rd sept oppurtunities are coming but not fruitifying. interviews happened but no confirmation. somewhere Girishji written that best time to gain Job is sept 17th. as this date is nearing again am getting very tense. pls suggest some remedy.


  346. Dear all
    I am one of many people who is going through this phase…2 term in my life. Ist term was when I was very young but still remember the difficulties I have gone throu. Before this 2nd term I had an heavenly life..means heaven but now..things changed pain pain pain pain… but I want to tell you one thing I am from very orthodox hindu background…now under shield of Jesus creater of everything. Please continue to read don’t stop you if you want a protection from this. This bible versue from Palm 23 says The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    2 He makes me lie down in green pastures.
    He leads me beside still waters.[a]
    3 He restores my soul.
    He leads me in paths of righteousness[b]
    for his name’s sake.
    4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,[c]
    I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.
    5 You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies;
    you anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
    6 Surely[d] goodness and mercy[e] shall follow me
    all the days of my life,
    and I shall dwell[f] in the house of the Lord
    Yes even though its is hard time God goodness and Mercy (point 6 above) is the only one which is keeping me alive and strength to go through this difficulties. See point 4. He is supreme above these stars. If he is with us no harm will touch us. So pls spk to you christian friend who know more about this.

    One more important thing in Bible – there is a person called JOB that time no 1 rich man in the world but he go through excatly same phase and lost ever thing including is wife, children and his health but he trusted GOD and later GOD restored everything and blessed more than 10times he had before.
    Please google and search for JOB in Bilble and Palm 23 you will know more.
    God Bless

  347. I knew that sade sathi coming before it came in Nov-15-2011. Also joined with Rahu, who was supposed harm for 4.5 years. From November 2009, it was the hardest time of my life (Only Rahu till Nove-15th-2011).

    With the grace of my master I did few things to satisfy the impact of the period.
    –I went to US to be away from the family for 200 days.
    -I sold a property
    -I bought a property
    -made lots of loans (due for the impact of 12th saturn+ 12th Rahu)

    But still I had lots of troubles including health.
    >On March’ 8th 2012, my back bone was broken (L4-L5 dsik) on a holiday. Could not walk even 10 meters for a year. Later I had the back bone surgery diskotomy to repair the broken disks. For another 6 months I was bed ridden due to the impact.

    >I lost my father who was my best friend and master (This impact also is well written in the astrology text books)
    >I had to face unnecessary blame from close relatives.
    >I had to fight with my own people.
    >Faced civil case on my property
    >Had to live like a vagabond, away from family.
    >All works delayed due to un-called for reasons
    >Loans Loans and Loans
    >Had a hard time with girl child but problem solved very soon
    >Anxiety, depression and suicidal temptations (Only temptations..

    On the positive side:
    >Bought the house without even a rupee in hands
    >Lots of realization from near and dear
    >Got true friends, who supported me through my very hard times
    >Made a commercial complex, which can feed me for the rest of my life
    >Physically away from family but got lots of mental support.
    >Nobody believed the blaming game played by some of my near and dear.


  348. Dear All,

    Being a Vrishika (born on 3rd May 1969) I am in same boat as most of us.

    I lost job in November 2013. However, till June 2013 things were very very comfortable ,with good financial security and family life.

    I have been praying to Lord Shiva and Hanuman for past 6 years.

    But now, I have completely surrendered to the concept of KARMA without any attachment to gains/outcome. Things are not very bad but they are not too comfortable as well.

    I have started getting anxiety attacks which completely leave me shaken. Whenever, I get these attacks I stop my work and pray harder to Lord Shiva, Lord Shani and Lord Sun.

    One thing I have found interesting in a website. Shani resides in our body – at the end of the spinal cord. Infact all the navagrahs are associated with different chakras in the body. Yoga and Vedic knowledges tries to balance these chakras through meditation. Prayers are also a form of meditation.

    Some asans in Yoga can be helpful in making these chakras strong. I am finding Surya Namashkar to be very beneficial in keeping the mental balance.

    REMEMBER SHANI IS SON OF LORD SUN! Thus Surya Nashkar may be beneficial.

    These are only my observations and practice. I am no expert in vedic and yogic knowledge.



  349. hello Sameer,
    My name is neerav, and i also suffer similar situation like u. i would like to talk to u. U can call me at 09500038504 or email me your number to my mail id



  350. To all concerned,
    Some remedies for mental peace during SS-

    Recite the Shanishwara kavacham daily and also Shani Mantram. Visit Shani temple on Sat and offer oil with til. Nonon veg / alcohol on SATurday.
    Pray to Shiva and Hanumaan temples. recite hanumaan chalisa.

    Do charity and help others.

    Dont be nasty / angry at anyone. DO NOT show any Ego to anyone, forget the ” I “.

    Have Total faith that Lord will help us get out of the stressing time.

    you can also check site – Tavamitram wordpress for more understanding on SS and shlokas for recital

  351. hi,

    Girishji, we have not heard from you for looong time. pls post your wonderful thoghts.

  352. Dear Vrischiks,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences which are congruent to mine to a large extent. From 29th October 2012 I am experiencing the worst times of my life. I was in a very senior position with a MNC but suddenly lost my job. Life has been very bad since then. I was a star performer at my job but suddenly the times changed & apart from loss of job I had to face lot of disgrace. My D.O.B is 23rd August 1966. Place of birth is Delhi. Time is 06.30 PM. I am running a MD of Venus & AD of Budh. I would earnestly request you all to please share your views on my horoscope in terms of my career & my personal life. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Thanks & Best Regards, Vijay

  353. dear all,

    thoughtful message which i wanted to share with u all :

    The two main truths about BEING good and bad are :
    a. about causing or not causing harm to others
    b. being or not being of use to the society, the nature and to fellow beings

  354. hi all,

    pls post your experiences……. anybody with positive experiences since Sept 5th 2014?? Lord Mars/Mangal moveed in vrischika rashi, 1st house. meant to be positive for all vrischikas

  355. I posted here before but didn’t get response..but that’s normal..nobody gives me correct advice when i want
    Since i couldn’t get qualified astrologer,i made my own kundali and found moon in 12 th bhava and saturn in ninth bhava..whatever that means
    so this is my life story:
    lost mother in childhood
    stayed in hostel for entire life
    brilliant academically but suffer from depression and nervous breakdowns..So my talents coulf never be utilized
    Had first breakdown in 2000 and had to leave a course…then depression continued for very long time..
    took a job but left it and again entered course
    completed course and got job
    meanwhile depression addicted to dizapheman ,alcohol and cigarretes
    Suffered from serious withdrawal from diazapham and started antidepressants…they destroyed my drive…
    changed job in 2007
    got married in 2008
    wife concealed she had very very serious genetic skin disorder,filed for divorce and got defeated in every agreed to pay money and got out in 2013..suffered extreme humiliation and travel during divorce case and i was deefated
    The divorce was worst defeat i suffered and it changed me..i can no longer trust women and govt people and this has made situation bad for me
    Suffered from tuberculosis in 2012 and had to go through operation
    Has been cheated by wife,in laws,friends,lawyers,judge..everybody
    suffered extreme mental stress from 2009 onwards in job
    Tried to change job but had to stay …
    suffered from serious urinary tract infection and was on medicines for 4 months in 2013
    Can never do any job which requires management skills and involves stress..i can’t withstand stress so stayed poor
    whatever i earned in last 14 years has been to savings.although after divorce i can manage to save something

    So whether it was sade sati or not,i always suffered…
    I never spoke with relatives in last 15 years,friends were few…had constant fights because i still have very sharp tongue and make enemies i always stayed alone,ate in hotels,wasted time on reading novels and internet

    I am prone to make hasty and bad decisions because at exact time of making certain decision,i suffer from extreme mental stress,inferiority complex and my decision proves out to be wrong in longer term and then i go into depression again
    I always suffer from insults every day from people and i just got used to it
    So whether it was sade sati or not,i was always alone,unhappy,depressed and going through one nervous breakdown or other
    The constant intake of dizapham,antidepressant.alcohol,tobacco and other medicines have diminished my mental capacity
    I don’t see how sade sati can improve my personality ..i have become more bitter,more depressed and have happy go lucky attitude
    On positive side,if you can call this as positive
    1)I am alive..any other man could have committed suicide in one of the nervous breakdowns
    2)purchased a new house although my planetary positions say i can not enjoy living in my own house and i agree with this
    3)Have given up thought of marriage,children and family life..this is not my path..i am happy being alone and staying in company makes me very angry..parents and friends tell me to get married and another astrologer tells me i have a wife and 3 children in future but i won’t marry again and spend my money on women ..marriage and families are pain..i don’t like it
    4) had done a sadhana during this time and that was the only time when i recovered from all mental problem but gave up sadhana as it demands too much…searching for a simpler sadhana
    5) gave up all medicines.alcohol,smoking but kept with tobacco
    6)accepted my depression is never going away because it is genetic so no need to worry on that score

  356. Dear Girish,
    Please let all of us benefit from your views. It has been a very long hiatus since we heard you. Kindly share your thoughts.
    Best Regards,

  357. By GOD’s Grace I got a job (with less pay) but lot of heavy work. Its ok.

  358. Dear Brother,
    Your Problem can be solved it is very very simple.
    Pray to Matha Parvathi and Ardha Nareshwari – Half shiva and Half Maa Parvathi
    You will find drastic change in your life with in few weeks
    Pray from the bottom of your heart and tell al lyour problems to God and you will see your problems fading away one by one and your confidence will also increase. God Bless you

    • Hi Ajit,

      Thanks for information.

      Can you please also share shlokas, mantras or prayers for same?

      Does it somehow relate to Ek Mukhi Rudrakhsa as well?



  359. Hello,

    I went through a lot since Nov 2011. Firstly my father became critically ill and had to be hospitalised in Nov 2011. Though he recovered but we again became sick in Aug 2012 and finally I lost him in Nov 2012. Though I got a better job in Mar 2012 and got married in Apr 2012, I have been struggling since I lost my father. My mother and sister are dependent on me and I and my husband are working extremely hard to settle them. I even got a promotion in 2014 in my new company which I joined in 2012. But in my personal front, I going through tough times. Also my husband is a scopio and is facing tough times at professional front as well.

  360. Hi Dave and ALL

    have been trying very hard since 3rd sept( as you mentioned) but no JOB oppurtunity yet. have attended a couple of telephone interviews but no confirmation. am still praying and hoping the Almighty will give me relief.

    But one positive thing is my relation with Parents have improved. they blessed me whole heartedly and even said they will support financially. after many yrs I got their Love and blessings and now think that I was wrong . should have communicated with them regularly.

    Today Navratri starts and i have sought Maa Shanta durga and Vijayadurga’s blessings so that within 9 days i will get a Job. All oy you kind souls also pray for me.

  361. Dear Brother,
    The day you got your blessings of your parents your sins are written off
    everthing will fall straight dont worry
    mother will bless you
    With Best Wishes

  362. Dear brothers and sisters
    I am a vrischikan and I am posting this message with the hope that it may bring some comfort to at least some of you. Many people have described terrible experiences. Compared to them, my difficulties are negligible. Only thing that bothered me since 2012 was my inability to pass my exam which I needed to progress in my career.
    I am very glad to say that I got my result today and I have passed. Now I can plan further.
    However I just want to tell people, last 2 years has been relatively stable for me. I learned a lot about myself. My family life has been happy. I had a good job , worked with a lovely team and got a good pay. I discovered better ways to cope with failures.

    So it’s not all bad for all vrischikans.

    Only thing that bothered me was the lack of progression. The exam meant a lot to me as a way to prove my abilities and it hurt my ego quite badly every time I failed.

  363. Dear Girish,

    With the transit of Saturn in Scorpio after Nov 2nd what it all holds for Vrischika Rashis in general?.

  364. Kindly share your details for better understanding DOB, Place of Birth. time etc.,

  365. Dear all, many requested me to post the readings of Saturn transiting over Vrischika rashi. This will be the 2nd phase of sade sathi, or famously know as janma shani. The transit is certainly going to be a touch phase, however it will also be transformational for many of us. Thus it cannot be a blanket reading that Janma shani will be worse for all. Yes one important thing is that it would effect health in general, it would also reduce the savings level for all either for self or for family hospitalization, it would give unnecessary tensions for many, one need to be carful while driving at night, avoid late night parties, this can also leads to imprisonment for no reason, one can be layed off from the job, one might get a low paying job, more work and less pay, however the good things can be purchase of real estate, though loan approvals might lead delays, foreign travels and many more, however if blessed with a good mahadasha, the bad effects can be mitigated to some extent, I strongly suggest to do individual readings, which shall be more precise, in general please offer prayers to lord Saturn, this will provide some relief, also I strongly recommend all to offer prayers to Lord shiva, offer niranganam to lord shashta or one who regularaly visit shabari mala please continue visiting the sanctum sanctorum. Also please offer prayers to lord shiva and mahavishnu who are the almighty to all god and goddess in hindu mythology. Rest I suggest for individual readings to over come evil effects

  366. It has been long time since I have posted some insights to the blog, I get many request from people as to why are they suffering so much in their career, personal life, health and many more areas of life. I would bring some important points here to give some relief to all of us. Yes! many Vrischika rahi’s are into sade sathi and many are suffering under various circumstances, however few aspects of astrology too has to be kept in mind. 1) Mahadasha, it is of at most importance as a good MD or friendly MD with Lord Shani can reduce the effects of SS. For Vrishcika rashi, Budh, Shukra and Sahani MD can bring havoc however exalted, Moolatrikina, well placed shukra, exalted/well placed Guru and its MD can bring better results for Vrischika rashi’s. MD of Mars, Sun, Moon can bring more sufferings, of which affiliated Moon is the worst of all. Second important aspect is good karma, though not in the same order. Since lord shani is the ruler of karma, it is very important that one accumulates good karma, else invite the wrath of lord shani. This is very important though its effects is subtle not realised by may for example one who visit temple every morning before starting his day, is sure of good karma deeds, one looks after their parents, ailing spouse, brother, sister, parents etc., even during their worst individual period, best lord shani will by no means leave you empty handed in this case, please ensure, many of us follow an ideology that this is kaliyuga, so one has to outsmart the other, though this may not be true always. One might attune this thoughts which shall force him to practice this with all in the walk of life, this will certainly invite wrath of lord shani. Therefor keep practising good karma, although some of the past jannma karma is also bound to be suffered by us in this jannma.

  367. Hi Girish,
    From last 5-6 months I guess I’m waiting for your response for my elder cousin but turns out no one is interested to respond here. I even posted this question twice but no avail. You asked birth details and i gave immediately. I still waited patiently. Now I can’t even find the question in the list.. Thank you. Guess this is new way of wasting people’s time and giving them hope that they can actually find in themselves..

    How does one unsubscribe here..??


  368. Dear Girishji,
    This is the fourth time I am posting this request to you. Hope you will share your thoughts on my horoscope. Please do so.
    From 29th October 2012 I am experiencing the worst times of my life. I was in a very senior position with a MNC but suddenly lost my job. Life has been very bad since then. I was a star performer at my job but suddenly the times changed & apart from loss of job I had to face lot of disgrace. My D.O.B is 23rd August 1966. Place of birth is Delhi. Time is 06.30 PM. I am running a MD of Venus & AD of Budh. I would earnestly request you all to please share your views on my horoscope in terms of my career & my personal life. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Thanks & Best Regards, Vijay

  369. Dear All,

    Pls continue with prayers & positive thinking!! only these can see us thru the bad time.
    am also confused as many of you that despite saying prayers to lord shani, shiva & ganesha why the good time has still not come??
    maybe our good karma is still not enough to negate our Bad karma!

    I pray that LORD give us strength to overcome this difficulties.

    Om Shanescharaya namah!!!

  370. Dear Vijay, Please understand, i am a professional with multiple roles. Hence you might have posted your details and many a time i would have little time left to reply. any way, yes you are into Shukra MD and would come to an end by Oct 2017. Post which you will enter Surya MD. Now currently you should have minimum problem sine Jupiter which is in 9th house in your natal chart an also in the current transit should bless you with luck and prosperity. Going forward, after 15th July 2015, things will be very difficult as you would have jannam shani and also on your 10th house since you belong to Kumba lagna. this phase would last till Aug 2016. So please take care of your health and also your career.

  371. Dear Girishji,
    My sincere thanks for your inputs. As I have always stated in the past that this is a fantastic forum which provides a platform for all Vrishiks to share their concerns & connect with each other.
    I also understand & appreciate the fact that you are a professional & would be surely occupied with your issues as well. Sir, you are doing a service by sharing your knowledge which provides lots of support & strength to each one of us. I have a humble request that Kindly find time & keep sharing your thoughts which motivates all of us. Once again thanks for your inputs. Thanks & Best Regards,

  372. All,
    I came across this blog while searching for sade-sati. I am also vrushcikan.
    Since May 2011, nothing is working in my favour. This year has been a nightmare so far in terms of health, finance and career.

    After going through all the posts here in this blog, it looks like I am in a better position than many. It might be because of my continuous parayan of Sai Satcharitra and Guru Charitra. Some of the posts here have been positive and inspirational. We have to sail through this tough period till 2017.

    Right now, I am working with a big company at US but my job is not of my interest. If I get new offers, is it advisable to switch the companies ?
    Can someone please look at my horoscope and advice.

    DoB – 29th Jul 1974
    Place – Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh)
    Time – 21.10

  373. Dear Girish,

    I am having a similar Horoscope like Vijay except that I am running Shukra MD which is exalted and my Sun MD starts after Sep 2016 which is again exalted. Also I am Taurus Lagna and Scorpio Rashi, and Jupiter now transiting Cancer. DOB-12-5-71, Time-6.59 AM Nagpur, Please guide. Should I be able to go abroad for my MBA, and what about my Career which is going down since 2011, after Sade-Sati

  374. Can any one share how is sunny transit going to affect to Scorpio Rashi, Kanya Lagna, Sukra MD.

  375. Since Jupiter is transiting through 9th house, you should get the blessing of the lord completely. Hence you can proceed with you plans

  376. Dear Friends, Since many of us are under SS effect, I suggest all to kindly read the therapeutic myth book, Greatness of Saturn. I have personally experienced by interacting with many individual have given me positive effects by reading the book.

  377. Namaskar Girish ji……..Charan Saparsh.
    Guru Ji, I want to know about effect of Saturn transit in scorpio moon sign on 2 Nov. 2014. Also, What will be my career now, I am preparing for Civil Services.
    My D.O.B = 27/04/1986
    Time= 2:40 AM
    Place= Sonipat ( Haryana)

  378. Dear Ravikant, at the onset god bless you, Currently you are in Venus MD, which is well placed in Vrushabha rashi, and 4th house from your lagna, making it dishabali which is very good, Also as you are blessed with gajakesari yoga, you can certainly shine in your career with not much difficulty. Hence you should attempt your Civil service exams and give your best shot

  379. Girishji,
    I am Born on 8th January 1967 – at Kochin Kerala 7.58 in the morning, I am in Oman since 1991 , i am doing fine and have resonable assets which is associated to me but till today i am not able to buy anything on my own, can you pls guide me what is in for me and how long should i continue in this country, will i be able to settle in my home land.

  380. Dear Girish,

    You had replied earlier to my query. Now after struggling for nearly 2.5 yrs what life has stored in for me after the Saturn Transit on 2nd Nov?. Trying for the last 2.5 years for an MBA abroad. DOB-12-5-71, Time-6.59 AM, Nagpur. Currently Venus-Merc AD, till july 2015. Venus is Exalted, next MD -SUN from 16-Sep-2016, which is also exalted.

  381. Sadar pranam, Girish Sir!.

    Your every word in this blog are the words of wisdom.
    Sir I am very thankful of you for starting this blog. This blog is a tonic for people like me who are in dismay.

    Sir, I have been following up with your blog since year 2011.

    Till Mid 2010 my life was under my control. But After Nov 2010, all my decisions and career related predictions went wrong. I lost my job, failed in relationship, became bankrupt, lost my hopes and confidence.
    My mom and dad were my financial and emotional support. I trimmed down my expenses and social meetings to sustain and survive.

    Then, your blog gave me the answer to my state. It gave me a helping hand with your positive predictions and remedies. I started chanting Shani mantra and Ganesh stotra.

    Somehow, magically and miraculously, I got job in July 2013 with one of the finest financial- insurance institution of India. I have been trying to do well in it. Although I got a job, still I am on probation and there is still insecurity in it. People of my age are well settled. I try to give my best every time but still I am unstable and unmarried.

    I lost my confidence, I always have a fear about my future. I doubt on my capabilities. From childhood, I learnt to dream big and every time I tried to chase those dreams, I failed. After 2011, my every equation went wrong.
    I doubt whether I would be successful or not? what path I should follow? Can I be successful entrepreneur without leaving my job? Do I have a chance to go abroad in my lifetime? Will I get married this year

    I fear of taking the decisions in a thought that it may ruin me again.

    Sir, Please show me the path of success, happiness, with your kindness and divine knowledge.

    I am aware of that you have very busy schedule and have very limited time to reply, but still sir, whenever you get 1 or 2 moments, try to reply me.

    Name: Yogesh
    My DOB: 14/10/1980
    Birth Time : 21:30
    Birth Place : Mumbai

    Thanking You.

  382. Srinivasarao Damarasingh

    Hi Girishji,

    This is the second time I am giving information. I didnt get any response for the time. Could you please let me know about my future.

    DOB : 30/07/1982
    Time : 4.15 AM
    Place: Visakhapatnam ,AndhraPradesh

  383. Dear Girish Ji,
    I was in the same Phase of SS.Am following this blog from 2011.I have left my Job and started Business & it was very good for a period of 6 Months with good profits.Because of project Completed & service field i have left the existing business and planning to establish a permanent Business of a Manufacturing Unit with an approx. amount of 20-30L from Jan/Feb 2015.Is this the right period to start the business would you please suggest me the best way to go ahead.Below are my details…

    Name:Kiran K
    DOB:16-Jan-1985, 10:43 pm.
    Vrishchika Rashi/Anuradha Nakshatram.

  384. Dear all,

    I was doing great business till the end of the year 2009 but after that till date every thing is going against me , I lost every thing .

    Still,I hope and believe every thing will be fine by the next coming year.


  385. Hi
    My dob is 24/01/1979.tob:22:20PM.please let me know when I can change my job

  386. pob:udupi,karnataka

  387. Hi All, This is Niranjan, I have been following this blog nearly for last 2 years. I just wanted to tell you things are not at all going good for me on the personal front ever since my sade sati started. In november I had to face a sudden and unexpected death of my mother and very recently the girl who herself initiated a relationship with me broke up with Me cause she couldn’t stand up for me in front of her parents. For 1.5 years she continued this relationship with me, initially I did not accept her thinking that she’s not serious. But later I gave her a chance and now she gave up on me. I am really down and out have lost hopes in relationship or marriage. On the other hand, my dad started to search a girl for me to get married. Can someone please tell me how do I go about it. I really don’t want to end up dealing with my broken heart again in my life. My place of birth is Bangalore. Time and date of birth – 17/Jul/1986 @ 6PM. Please someone gimme guidance..

  388. Dear Girishji,

    DOB:- 18/09/1977
    Time:- 10:05 AM
    Place:- Mumbai

    I am facing too much problem in my life during this period (SS), Last 3-4 years my life is like hell, please guide me.

  389. Dear Girishji,

    DOB:- 18/09/1977
    Time:- 10:05 AM
    Place:- Mumbai

    I am facing too much problem in my life during this period (SS), Last 3-4 years my life is like hell, My current job is no more friuitful for me. Too much stress, finanacial burdens. I am struggling in each & every face of life. Please guide me some remedies

  390. Dear Raj.

    Since you are into Janma Sani with Ketu MD, i can understand that you are under tremendous pressure. If you are looking out for a job i suggest complete the formalities before 14th March 2015 as the time is auspicious. Since you are under SS and also due to Ketu MD, you would face confusion in every aspect of your life, however offer Ganapathy homam once in a month and also offer Chana mala to lord Jupiter to expedite the benelovence of lord Guru.

  391. Hi every one
    My name is vijay my D.O.B : 16/06/1981
    T.O.B : 07:05 am
    Hi plz tell me the prediction’s for anuradha 4′th pada mithuna lagna

  392. Dear Mr. Girsihji,
    Thank you so much for your reply. The remedies your suggested to me it is not possible to perform me personally as I am working in abroad, & regarding the job channge within this short span of time it is impossible for me to find another job, I am already getting some job but visa issue is there. Now I find the Visa but to complete all the formalities it will take more than 3-4 months. & current job is no more fruitful. Give me some more suggestion to sort out the problems.

  393. Hi Girish

    How are you? Please tell us the current planetary position for vrischika raasi people and few suggestions and encouraging words. Because worst face of my life is going on sometimes feel like paralysed.

  394. Renuka Ramsinghani

    Hi Girish, Hi Sonali,
    I am from above post. I also want to inform that, my boyfriend broke up to get engaged in 2012 when my saadesati started. He came back begging for second chance in 2013 & now again disappeared after giving false promises. Plus, I am jobless. Kindly help to inform me on my questions as I am very stressed. Truth is, life has only been problems & I have never got deserving things till now. All my friends happily married except me. Awaiting your kind advise at earliest.

  395. I have been always held up in some work or the other which forces me to postpone the article to get published in the blog. However today i though let me make some time and write down this article. I Have noticed one thing that many of the vrischika rashi’s are suffering form one issue or the other during this tough times. Some of you are facing issues with career, some with progeny, some with health and many more. One thing which is common is career, money and health. The only suggestion i have for all is that we have to endure this phase of toughness since no the lord of Karma which is Lord Saturn is passing through jannma rashi. This has to balance out all our karma and its effects in this transit. The one silver linings i see is that India is moving towards a great time frame leading to great improvement. This will help many of us to over come the career issues as the Indian economy will see a whole new set of employment opportunities.

  396. Renuka Ramsinghani

    Hi Girish, Hi Sonali,

    I provided my time & DOB too. My comment about my questions are not published too. Can you please check & confirm?
    I really need your help in the reading the way you provided the rest. ?

  397. Renuka Ramsinghani

    Hi Girish, Hi Sonali,
    I gave my DoB–10-01-83, Time-08:20 am in morning, place—Thane e, maharashtra..
    I faced breakups twice & I lost job in jan 2015.I need to know about marriage & job urgently?
    M very tired, frustrated & in huge depression. Please reply?

  398. Renuka Ramsinghani

    Hi Girish, Hi Sonali,

    People like us search nd join this forum so you guys can help with our reading. I provides my details nd request few days back nd its my 4th request but there’s no response from your end at all. Its disappointing since I wanted to understand feedback as I see you did provide readings to many. Theres no point of such blog to register if you can’t help. I will request and appreciate once again to send me my reading. I would wait till Monday. If I dont hear from you then I guess please unsubscribe me or I would unsubscribe myself. Hoping to hear from you Thanks.

  399. Thanks Girishji for sharing your thoughts. This is very frightening that we will have to endure such issues with our career, wealth, health for some more period of time. Can you please indicate by when the situation intends to improve on these three fronts.

    Best Regards,

  400. Hello Girish,


  401. Friends,
    I am also a vrischikan and faced lot of problems in my life beginning 2011. Financial and job loss. Now I have managed to overcome the past. however, I am not satisfied with the job. I am constantly looking for a job and am not able to get one. Can anyone see my chart and throw me light: DON 29-04-1975, 3:15AM, place: chennai


  402. Hello Girish,

    My DOB is 30-6-1985, born at 7.10am in Bangalore. (Anuradha nakshatra)

    I am presently in United States and having a tough time with my career.

    From Nov 2014 my time is going very bad. I have given interviews with 3-4 companies. Everything goes well but I get rejected in the very last round.

    I am living with my wife and daughter and mother is in India. I am shifting my apartment within the same city in US on April 8 2015.

    Can you please check my kundali and let me know how my time would be and what are the remedies suggested?

    I read Hanuman chalisa and Shani Chalisa everyday and go to Hanuman temple (but no navagraha present) every Saturday. I am planning to quit meat until 2017 and do fasting on Saturdays.

  403. whats up guys..??
    no comments these days..
    hows life going on scorpions?

  404. Namashkar,
    Happy Holi to All
    Looks like every body is little settled compared to last two years, thanks to Shani Bhagwan for his blessings on us, have faith and do your prayers he will not let us down.
    Help each other help the needy keep your anger in control do not abuse any one respect elders and feed the poor – Best Wisehs to all

  405. Hello Girish sir, My date of birth is 14 april, 1990 time 9:15 pm ludhiana . Iam also scorpio rashi and also undergoing the same phase plus shukra mahadasha. I have been trying hard for certain competitive exams since 3 years. its been really tough for me and also lot of anxiety and no mental peace.

  406. H i,
    Found this blog very useful. Hoping to find some help here.I am born under Jyeshta Nakshatra scorpio and going thru the peak phase of sade sati. I want to have another child as my kid is 6 now. But I was advice by an astrologer not to have any child now as this period will effect my health a lot. My kid really wants a sibling but my husband wud not agree and is very firm. I feel devasted and hopeless. I am born on 16th sept 1980 at 22:10. Can anyone please help me?

  407. hello guys..
    no comments these days..?
    just wanted to know how is life going…
    as my life hasnt improved much..

  408. Namaskar,
    Dont worry, If in your destiny you have to have a 2 nd child it will come no astrologer can stop it , relax be happy dont bother and discuss with any one do your prayers and your prayers will be heard, be happy and confident everything will fall in place – God Bless you

  409. April to August should be a good period for most as Jupiter in transit is currently turning normal from retro and is aspecting Saturn! This means Guru’s blessings will limit the amount of suffering from Shani and hence the period till july mid is supposed to be smooth!
    Saturn is retrograde till August in transit as well which means one will be able to dig deep into our past problems and find their root cause thus helping us to resolve them permanently! Thus make full use of this phase to sort out all the things that have been bothering you thus far as retrograde Saturn will show the way !
    Om namah shivay!!

  410. Great news Yash sir. Thanks for the ray of new hopes.

  411. hi friends,
    i am also anuradha nakshatra born in scorpion rashi and facing same problems in my life post starting of this sade satti in nov 2014 last year. i am standing on the peak stage of my career from where things were looking just fine to me for change in my career pre sade satti but things suddenly changed worst post sade satti and now everything is going negative and negative. i felt that rather than going upwards in my career , i am rolling back downwards post this sade satti phase .. everything is going down and negative in personal or in professional life .. i am very fred up and also feels like suicidal at times… plz help me out guys if u can .. my date of birth is 16-3-1982,10:47am ,delhi..
    regds, shivani

    • If u r vrishik then ur first 2.5 years was good then from 14 nov second phase started which is creating problem. Personal life, professional and physical problems including suicidal thoughts. Typical traits….. Solutions are there. Get back to basics of life, pray to god, do meditation, read gita. This is the time to know yourself and people who are really there in your rough times. It hurts when suddenly AC turns of in hot summer noon. Sorry, may sound little frank, contact me, shall share what i have attempted and found success though a little but positive trend has started.

    • Hi shivani,
      My name is neerav and I am from Chennai. I am also suffering the same from sade sati. would like to talk to u. If u are interested than call me at 09500038504 to share the experiences.



  412. From July 2011 all my problems started.
    I got a job in Netherlands , after reaching there my company refused to pay me.I went to court but company had no assets. Now lawyer is executing verdict in UK ( parent company ).
    From 4 yrs am fighting for my salaries and am unable to find another job as I do not have experience letter for 4yrs.
    Sade sathi has literally killed my finances, my confidence , my life.
    Its like by the time it ends in Jan 2020 , am scorpio moon sign with lagna pisces, I wont be able to stand up.

  413. Hello Guys, I am also scorpian raashi & Scorpian Lagna. my DOB-23-03-1973, DOT : 22:40, Place Mumbai. During 1st phase of sade sati I was getting difficulty in my career and personal life but any how it was manageable at that time I haven’t noticed that this is due to sade sati, but during 2nd phase of sade sati(i.e Nov-2014) I took few wrong decision, I decided to leave my job as I was planed to start business but unable to start, sold out properties, put my family in trouble, and mentally got disturbed. some one advice me not to start business as its not favourable according to my horoscope. During this experience I realize that do not take any big decision during sade sati and do not buy property or start any venture with natives name who’s undergoing sade sati. Also please advice for any suggestion and let me know when should I get Job again. Thanks & Regards Nil

  414. Hi Guys, I am also Scorpian raashi and scorpian lagna. Since 2011 i.e. 1st phase of sade-sati I find difficulty in my job as well as personal life but somehow it was manageable. But during 2nd phase of sade sati i.e Nov 2014 I quit my good job to start business but unable to do so and some one told me that business is not suitable for me as per my horoscope. I took few wrong decisions which put my family in trouble, lost my property, I am mentally frustrated. Please advice my DOB 23-03-1973, Birth time 22:40 and Birth place Mumbai.

  415. I’m following this blog since 2012 on and off. I could not help posting this after reading few posts.
    Please read at the beginning of this blog when it was created in 2012. It was created to discuss about the issues we have started to face due to Sade Sati and also help each other with positive suggestions. Intention does not seem to be to provide predictions to all who post with their problems. But rather to share experience and knowledge with each other.
    People who are complaining about lack of response or complaining about other people not solving their problems should understand those who have been responding and helping are also undergoing similar phases in their life as their rashi is also Vrischika.
    Request – Please appreciate the creator of this blog and people who are helping with their responses. If you don’t have something to share or help, please don’t criticize nor lose hope for not receiving response. There will be an astrological reason for not receiving a response to your query as well. Your time has not yet come for a solution! Please have patience and hope.

    • Yeah, all of you are also having /facing smae kind of troubles. We should have been more sensible. Sorry.


  416. Watch out for 14th July 2015 and share your experiences – when Jupiter moves to 10th house from Vrischika.
    10th house is the house from rashi is the house of profession; Karaka for profession being Sun and for Vrischika rashi, the 10th house lord also happens to be Sun as well. This might bring in some solace for those of us facing problems in profession/ job/ career – if our dasha-bhukti is favorable as well.

  417. Vrishchika Rasi (Scorpio Sign) 2015 Rashi Phal Career, Finance, Education, Health and family
    This year forecast is based on Moon sign or janma rashi not Sun sign or western Astrology based. If you don’t know your moon sign or rashi please Click here to know your Moon sign or rashi
    Vrischika Rashi Year 2015 Rashiphal (Rashifal) People born under Vishakha (4th Pada), Anuradha (4), Jyesta (4) comes under Vrischika rashi. Lord of this rashi is Mars.
    This year Jupiter transits over 9th and 10th houses, Saturn transits over 1st house, Rahu transits over 11th house and Ketu over 5th house.
    For Vrishchika rashi people Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 5th houses. He signifies family, finance, speculation, love and children. Jupiter’s favourable transit will give success in competitive exams, love, financial growth and support from family and ill transit of Jupiter gives financial losses, problems in love and misunderstandings with family members.

    This year up to July 14th, Jupiter will be passing over the ninth house, house of fortune. So with its effects this period will be highly auspicious for you. During this period you will be more inclined towards religion and charity. You will enjoy good health and mental peace. Most of your pending works will be done this year. You may launch a new project. In your field of work you will get the desired success and profit there will be an upliftment in your status and in the society you will be known as a respectable and dignified person. You will be famous in far off places. Even financially this year will be excellent. Luck will favour you in various fields. Those who are waiting for abroad chance, they will get it in this year. Students will get desired results and admission in good institutions.
    From July 14th, Jupiter will be moving over the tenth house so this period will prove to be very important and auspicious. You will get the desired success and profit in business or work. You will be on good terms with the high officials or politicians and they will extend their whole-hearted support to you. This year you may be honoured on the state level. The atmosphere at home will be peaceful and congenial. You will get the desired profit and success in your field of work. Due to which your financial position will be strong. But you will be deprived of rest and sleep. You are advised to be polite towards others.
    for Vrishchika rashi, Saturn is lord of 3rd and 4th houses. He signifies education, fixed assets, vehicles and short journeys. His favourable transit will give successful education, purchase of house or land and successful journeys. Ill transit of Saturn will give failure in education, lack of interest in education loss of vehicle etc. This year Saturn will be transiting over 1st house, throughout this year. Hence with its effect you will be keeping generally good physical and mental health. You will get most of your important works done successfully with hard work. You will also enjoy a happily married life. In your field of work you will progress a lot by virtue of your sincere and disciplinary approach. Progress in business or politics is very much likely. Financially you will be in a strong position. Your family life will be in a strong position. Your family life will also remain peaceful and happy. So this year you will attain success in some of your important worldly works. But due to the sadesati of Saturn there may be a few bad results, to avoid which and to get better results you must worship Saturn regularly and give donations. This will get you success in various fields.
    For you rahu signifies gains and success and ketu love and knowledge. Favourable transit of Rahu and Ketu will give success in all undertaking and gains through speculation and friends. Ill transit will give problems with friends and loss in speculation and failure in competitive exams.This year Rahu will be passing over the eleventh house and Ketu will be moving over the fifth house which indicates that your will be getting benefice results in a greater proportion as compared to the malefic results. If you work hard you will get the desired success in business. A promotion in service or politics is very much likely. Due to this there will be an upliftment in your status and in the society you will be known as respectable person. Even financially this year will be suitable as there will be an inflow of money from various sources but you will become short tempered. During this year you will not be satisfied with your children. They may suffer from physical ailments.

  418. Hi girish ji,
    I appreciate your help towards others in this tough time of depressing sade satti but do understand that few of the people like me r suffering very badly during this peak phase of sade satti and no relief is coming despite of doing all remedial measures to overcome this sade satti , so plz help me out with your predictions as stated above regarding my career which I want to change desparately to IT field this year only… my details r 16.03.1982,10:47 am , delhi ….

  419. This year up to July 14th, Jupiter will be passing over the ninth house, house of fortune. So with its effects this period will be highly auspicious for you. During this period you will be more inclined towards religion and charity. You will enjoy good health and mental peace. Most of your pending works will be done this year. You may launch a new project. In your field of work you will get the desired success and profit there will be an upliftment in your status and in the society you will be known as a respectable and dignified person. You will be famous in far off places. Even financially this year will be excellent. Luck will favour you in various fields. Those who are waiting for abroad chance, they will get it in this year. Students will get desired results and admission in good institutions.
    From July 14th, Jupiter will be moving over the tenth house so this period will prove to be very important and auspicious. You will get the desired success and profit in business or work. You will be on good terms with the high officials or politicians and they will extend their whole-hearted support to you. This year you may be honoured on the state level. The atmosphere at home will be peaceful and congenial. You will get the desired profit and success in your field of work. Due to which your financial position will be strong. But you will be deprived of rest and sleep. You are advised to be polite towards others.

  420. Hi All,

    I am agree with Mr. Vijay do not lose hope as its all we facing is result of our past karma.

  421. Aniruddha Deshpande

    I am little confused. The “Vrushcika” refers to sun sign by Indian astrology or Western sun signs. Like, My birth date is March 17, 1963. In my “Patrika” my “Rashi” is “Vrushcika” but according Western style birth date based my sun sign is “Pisces”.

    That being said I am feeling perils of Sade Sati as we speak. More so starting January 2015. Everything in my career seemed fine when things started changing from October 2012 and are just spiraling out of control since January 2015.

    If you Google for “Career Report for Pisces 2015” you will see what I mean.

    • Aniruddha Deshpande, Here we speak of only Moon Sing which is Vrischika in your horoscope. All individuals are undergoing Sade Sathi during this phase, however the results would wary depending upon each horoscope. As, individual Mahadasha and AntraDasha too play a very important role. Also, transit of planets such as Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu too has to be taken into account for interpreting results

  422. Hi I am scorpio moon sign and lagna pisces
    I finally got a new job after 4 yrs.
    The jupiter transit due on 14 july 2015 has shown its signs I guess.
    Also my jupiter antardasha starts on 15 juy 2015
    Finally sade sathi is giving me some relief.

  423. Namaskar to all…
    Myself RAVI KANT
    DOB- 27/04/86
    TIME : 02:40 AM
    PLACE :Sonepat

    I’m also feeling sade sati dasha & now completely frustrated with financial losses & career loss. Please guide me for my career details

  424. Hi all,
    one thing I realised that during SS never take any decision who is undergoing SS period, always get guidance from your parents (father) and do as they advised which protect you from cause of any malefic result.

  425. Guys Guys Guys, I have been suffering through sadesati same as you. Don’t relate every failure to sadesati… it may be cause you have not given enough efforts required. If you keep doing this, You will loose on upcoming opportunities.

  426. Hi All,
    My name is swapnali
    Dob 13 August 1986
    Place Beed
    in my family me my husband and my 2.5year old boy are from scorpio. Please help me I m trying for job from 2011. Will I get job or not. We are facing money problems from 2014 when it will solve

  427. Dear All,

    How r u all? Have entered the second phase of sade shati. Continuing with a low paid job. Much frustrated. Family probs. Came to see all their real faces. How about others? Please share experiences.

  428. Namaskar,
    Expecting some thing Great to Happen is being Over Ambitious.
    Yes we all are going though many Ups and Downs, but that dosent mean it is the end of the world – See the positive side its the Beginning. Look at our Role Model our PM Narendra Modiji who is also Vrishchik with all the issues around him he is roaring and moving ahead like a lion.
    Have faith Prayers is the only way out – Thank God every minute for what he is set for you and i am sure we all will come out like Gold.

  429. Dear Swapnali, since you are of Tula rashi and all in your house are of Vrischika rashi, there is sever sade sathi effect in your family. I suggest please offer oil lamp to Lord shani on every saturday. Also i would suggest, please worship lord shiva every day to thwart any serious problem to get

  430. After Loard Satrun turn from retrograde(Vakri) to Prograde (Margi) from 2nd August again realizing more trouble in life, specially for those who have vrushcika raasi as well as Vrushcika lagna.

  431. I belong to Kanya, Hasta, 2nd pada.
    Lost job, trouble with boss, layed off from job, lost H1 status.
    Jobless – 3 years and still on going
    Attempts several job search – only few calls, unsuccessful
    Attempted interviews – failed, lost… no offer.. still hunting..
    fame, reputation – Lost
    Education – highly qualified in IT.. still hunting for job
    Friendships- relationships are breaking apart slowly, losing friends.
    Family – utmost trouble from near ones, broken and patchy
    Money – big dent and losing money.. Lost almost $30000 in expenses
    savings – getting nil.. spent over $30000
    expenses – high and unavoidable
    Health – I am only 35, female, serious permanent health issue, depressed, high cholesterol… detrioting..
    Maternal side – trouble to my family which is bringing be lot of stress and depression, sleep deprived, no motivation, no energy, no focus, no aim, wandering mind, suicidal thoughts.
    Fights/disputes – unnecessary, unavoidable.. disturbances to my family, court issues, land capture… and many more to me.

    This is what I have been facing from past 3 years.. Not a single day improvement. I don’t have any idea how long it will be… now I even wonder if I will ever get job…and be out of all these troubles.

    Bright side – Learning about people, relationships and back stabbers.
    Being active, exercising, participating in marathons and becoming slim and fit.
    Learned several cuisines, volunteering…

    BUT…. I am not happy. just diverting from what I have been suffering.. my problems still exist and still continuing… I need money, job… which will set everything else for me. I have around $20000 in debt. My husband is close to losing job, end of contract….. NOW how should I take this????
    When can I be relieved????

  432. Hello Girish sir,
    I am vrishik rashi(jyesta nskshatra) padha 2. was going through relationship strain however thing re improving now… hoping things improve as i go along. My Dasha us very good as venus has given me lot of benefits being exalted in my navmasha.Saturn is in my ascendent sign in birth chart and in 10th sign in navmasha.also my Astakavarga point for vrishika are 31 and for sagitarius re 28 which i believeare good enough during safesati. Saturn also has 4points in each of these signs. From oct i will be going through saturn antatsha in dasha of venus.. could you please let me know your i sight on carrer a d relatio ship front.. all my plans have been disturbed a bit.also i feel the stress of saturn being over my moon sign.. the first 2.5yrs werenot that bad except for few fights with wife nd work place challenges….DObB:20th aug 1980. Tob-10:07AM, Mumbai

  433. Ninad, your Current AD is of Rahu in Shukra MD. Untill 26/01/2017, after which you have Jupiter/Guru AD. It will be under Guru Antra dasha that you will see better results.

    • Hello Girsih Sir,
      As per the horoscope , I have Venus(Dasha) and Saturn Antardasha . My Jupiter Antardasha Finished late september.

  434. hello girish sir,
    plz help me out too regarding my career change as mentioned above . I am also going through rahu antardasha in shukra mahadasha along with shani sade sati due to which facing a major hurdle in my career change .. my details r 16.03.82 , delhi,10:47 am

  435. hello girish sir,
    plz help me out too in this difficult sade satti phase regarding my career change as mentioned twice in comments above .I am also vrischik rashi born in anuradha nakshtra and going through rahu antardasha in shukra mahadasha . my details r 16.03.82, delhi,10:47am .plz suggest any solution to my career change problem as I am getting opportunities to change my career but nothing has been achieved so far despite of many hard work …

  436. Hi All, GOOD NEWS!!!
    I got a job. Handling major tasks. Very happy. All I need to do is prove I am worthy. I will work hard for it.

    past 3 yrs was hell. I know that my sade sati is until Nov, 2015. Jst when it is about to hit, I got this job. 2 yrs back was extremely horrible. I can never forget and did not forgive those for the cause of that horrible experience.

    BUT…. try hard and believe in yourself. YOU WILL SUCCESSED.
    Just to give you all the hope I am posting it here. My job is done. I have to take care of many things… Not all of my problems got solved.

    But… the major is solved.. this job will keep me occupied and keep me away from unnecessary thinking, depressing.
    With this job, I will pay off my debt.
    With this job comes my dignity and pride.
    With job comes happiness to my family
    With this job, I will learn, interact with ppl, enjoy friendship, makes me independent.
    I will be … so much better.
    Still lot more are to be cleared… but this makes me believe and believe….
    I learned a lot all these yrs. Thanks Shani!.
    GOOD LUCK!… you are there.

  437. Dear Girishji
    I wrote earlier as well but given the number of posts you might have overlooked it. I am writing with fervent hope that you would see this and reply to me. I live abroad away from family and have for past 20 years. I am unmarried. I worked very hard in my life and achieved much of what I wanted but since October 2014 my life has taken such a bad turn that I am Suicidal at times. I have been working but my health has been severely affected, I lost a few thousand dollars on home renovations due to a cheating builder , my car broke down and now I m
    Facing backstabbing colleagues and a bad boss at work. I hardly sleep at night due to depression and anxiety and it looks like all doors have closed as far as help is concerned .
    Can you please advise me? I would be very grateful to you you have no idea how much!
    Dob – 6/12/72 time – 4:08 am place – Lucknow India
    Please help as I am at the end of my tether
    Best regards

  438. Dear Bharat. My appologies if i happen to miss your post earlier. Currently your horoscope is under peak phase of sade sathi, with Venus/Shukra MD till Nov 2015. After which you will enter Surya MD, which shall be better for you as Surya/Sun is Yogakaraka for Vrischika which shall be beneficial. However Sade Sathi effect will not subside but will not reduce to dust. I would strongly suggest you to visit Shani temple on every Saturday for the next 5 years. Above all, you should also be careful but not investing in business or start any new business

  439. Girish (or far that matter anybody)…
    please spare some time to analyze & if possible help in this case
    Sunday-13-February-1977, 12:30 noon, Lati:16:40:N, Long:75:55:EE, Jyeshta nakshatra

    Saade sati struck very badly in Nov2011 as for the 1 st time in my career, i was told that i was not good enough and eventually lost my job.
    Somehow got another job at lesser pay.
    Marital worsened and wife made police complaint of character allegations, in mid-2012 on behest of listening to unwanted people.
    My own people avoided me due to police complaint etc.
    At start of 2013 again lost job due to ongoing tension, cunning activities by wife.
    Now got another job, again at lesser salary.
    Within span of 1 year, salary got reduced by 50%
    Own father went against me and my mother and he sided with wife.
    Ultimately divorce proceedings started.
    Wife moved out with kid and made another police complaint and also filed criminal case.
    But somehow this time did not loose job
    But lost all credibility and respect
    Also skills became almost zero as no new things wete learnt by me from past 2 to 3 years.
    Had been in phases of depression in past 2 years and got worse as I could not even meet my child.
    Nowadays was getting somewhat better and relatives started understanding me.
    But lately project changed and due to frequent court dates again question mark came on productivity.
    So ultimately all projects were taken away from me.
    Now not sure what will happen next with my job and carerr and family issues.

    Have put everything above in short manner as there are too many complications, twists turns that happened in my life without any control on them.

  440. Hello all of you

    I don’t know where to start, I got married in Nov 2011 and within in that week my Sadesati started. I wasn’t serious about it before, I took it very causally . Then the problem started. I first left UK for India and came back to India. I thought i will get job easily because of 5 years of experience and the abroad degree in MBA. I couldn’t get job and there were clashes between with my wife. I lost all my money for nothing. In May 2012 i went to job for dubai and i got job there but that employer said he can not give me family status so i returned back. then everyday there was fight between wife and me. I coudnt able to getting anywhere, not getting any job beside talent.finally i have started home tutions but earning very less. it was total pressure on me. and i was preparing for govt. exam and one night i got sick. i went to doctor he said BP is high.And for next 2 weeks it was higher. So doctor suggested some test and in that test it shows i am diabetic. Everything fallen apart.Sadesati hit me badly.That time my wife was pregnant. then again lots of fight with her and she left for her home. But i was regularly in contact with her. I got beautiful daughter but still problem with financial things. She wanted to move away from the place to another place. I agreed to move. then again one evening she called me and there was big fight. since from that day i havent talked to my wife and haven’t seen her and my daughter. Meanwhile i have suffered from piles and urine stone. So in this way I lost my health, all my wealth, my relationship.Also so called friends left me after they used me.
    Dont know how long Shani Maharaj going to test me.I know 7yrs 6months sadesati will be in my rashi. i fill everything out of control. People says sadesati is good to show your weaknesses, ur true friends, give the chance to build up from scratch. only in hand to fight n fight n fight with situations.

  441. Dear Girish sir – I am vicrika rashi, jeshta nakshatra – i am in middle of Sade sati and i agree with all the comments which people have put. I have problems with family health, change of place, extreme mental stress etc.

    Please advice if any remedies at all. And most importantly when will we come back to normal? how should one be during this period?

  442. Dear Girish,
    Thanks for ur patience and sincier effort.
    Though the first part from 2011 to mar 2015 it was good now from past 6 months its horrible ..can u through some light when u r free.
    time:4:30 am

  443. Dear Girish – appreciate your reply. Sorry to disturb you sir.

    Thx Raj

  444. Dear Sir,

    I am vrushichka rashi and jyeshta nakshatra. My time is too bad now i feel. Especially too much tensions anxiety, feeling of fear. if i overlook past 4 years, nw i feel really worst situation. please advice me to overcome from this stressful life. As i am staying abroad with husband, cant spend tim wit my parents too to ge some sort of relief. i really appreciate your suggestions. thank you in adavance sir.

  445. Hi my dob is 5/5/88, star jyeshta, rashi vrushchika and currently running dasha is venus. Could you please advice me to overcome from the effects of sade sathi. My life is too tough now. kindly help me to get my heart consoled. very sensitive and emotional i became.please help me.

  446. Friends,

    I am also from vrischika rashi and I can understand what sade sati effects are. Some well known remedies:

    – After watching this video , I started making note of the days that were stressful and they are really happening on days having pushya, anuradha (not very severe) and Uttarabhadra. So perform remedies on days having these stars.

    – Offering sindhoor to Hanumanji on tuesdays and reciting Laghu-Sundarakanda before dinner everyday also seems to help

    – There is a shanibhagwan temple in Thirunallar, TN. The temple offers various puja services, e.g. sahasranama archana, on your janma nakshtra day. You can send them the DD for required amount and vibhuti and kunkum would be sent as prasad after the pooja.

    – Perform Rudrabhishekam to Lord Shiva during this month of Karthik.
    – Offer Vada mala to Lord Hanuman
    – Watch this video: The remedy is shown from11th minute in the video.
    – Walk for atleast one mile a day.
    – Wear 7 mukhi and 14 mukhi rudraksha. 7 Nos. of 7 mukhi and 1 No. of 14 mukhi will help in case of severe financial problems.

    There are many videos in youtube regarding saturn remedies. Checkout which ones are convenient for you to perform.
    Discipline in all walks of life is definitely required. (Financial, Professional, Health, etc.)

  447. Dear friends. i am anuradha3 bornand since 2011 thngs are very bad. denied promotions 5 times in a row. back and knee problems developed. lost lot of money during 2011-12 all my savings. i am finding humbly surrndering to what is happening may give some relief mentally. outside nothing changes.
    be slow and careful in talking. navagraha worship may give some releif to mind and confidence to get along. because we need other graha support also during this time. peace to all.

  448. Dear Girish,
    My DOB is 09/12/1988, 1:24 PM, at Bangalore. I am experiencing lot of difficulties from december 2014. I also lost my job in march this year. No matter how many interviews I attend how well I perform in the interview, I am not able to get into a job. Will I be able to get a job at the end of 2015. How much more I have to face difficulties. I request you to Please suggest any remedies and do the needful.

  449. Dear friends,

    I am also scorpion born under Anuradha nakshatra, 01/10/1973,
    things started changing, lost my job, all went in wrong ways, lost my savings, started getting in to fighting situations with my wife and family. relationships started fading
    Relatives stared showing their colors, friends became enemies etc..
    I met someone who changed my life, as per his advise, i have done some pooja, few temple visit’s, chanting some mantra’s everyday, again i am back to normal, things are not yet set all the things right but many things are in order and now facing very less effect of Sadesati Shani even i am in the peak period.
    There is no way to escape from this sadesati Shani effect, but effects can be minimised and one can live a decent life with less issues.

  450. Hi, I want to know the future of my husband as is very bad now !!
    Dob: 30 Oct 1989,12:12 pm
    Place of birth: ahmedabad

    • Hi Rasagjnya. Your Husband is young, and he is of tula rashi with dhanu lagna. He is under the influence of sade sathi and that shall end only on 26th jan 2017. However, even after the end of sade sathi, his time is not conducive till 2022 .i.e 5 years. That does not mean the whole of 5 years shall go bad or full of hardships to him. Currently he is running Shani MD with Moon AD. Thus his mind is influenced. More over he will work very hard, but the result will not be fully achieved.This is only temporary, since his horoscope says he will work less and earn more. Therefore not much to worry. Keep worshiping your kul deva/devi and also lord shani for the next 5 years

      • Hi, Ithere has been severe disturbances in my life….i think there’s something wrong with me then…..can you please let me know if I am the one with issues?
        My DoB: 15 Feb 2016, 03:58 AM, Hyderabad

  451. Sandhya Nagaraju

    Hi Ji,
    My Name is Sandhya Nagaraju, My Date of Birth is 13th July 1957, Mysore, 9.45PM Night…

    I’m under severe problems now, recently my husband died on 4th September 2015 due to Kidney Problems (his date of birth is 19th December 1948, 11.45pm, mysore)…

    Now im facing lot of problems in my life, i have 2 sons, elder son is well settled now with his own family, he built his own house and leading happy family life (my husband and my elder son are same, Kataka Rashi, Pushya and Ashlesha Nakshatra respectively).

    My Younger Son is 34 age and he is struggling with life since 2007.. He took care of our family responsibility and leading life alone…

    He is doing new sewing machine selling business since 2009 (previously my husband was doing same). He cleared all his dad’s loans and all, he also constructed house but Incomplete from the death of my husband.

    Me and my younger son staying in old house. My younger son always says he is tired of struggling in life. Sometimes he feel depressed and im worried about him. Dont know about his future too..

    His business is severly down now since 8 months, sometimes he say he want to quit business or sell the house…

    I kindly request sonali ji please tell me about my younger son’s future.. Also some astrologer said here his life is short he may die before 37 age. Please let me know.

    His details

    Raveendra, 21st December 1981, 11.45pm, Mysore (karnataka)

    Please please im waiting for the prompt reply
    We performing all kind of pooja and karmas of my husband’s death… We are Brahmins by religion..


    Sandhya Nagaraju

  452. Sandhya Nagaraju

    Also we tried to search for girl to him, its not hapoen, please do let me know when my 2nd son’s marriage will happen… Analyse his chart..

  453. Dear Mr. Girish,
    I am Vijay V from Bangalore, can you please help me to know the upcoming days as I am not able to do any business, everything is failing and end up in too many expenses. Please help ! My DOB : 10th July’1984, Place of Birth : Bangalore, time of birth : 5.30 PM. Regards, Vijay

  454. Hi Vijaya. Currently you are running Venus MD till 2019. Venus is in Ashtam Sthan which is Karka rashi. Venus MD should be have been good albeit placed in 8th house. In the mean time you have Sade Sathi, which will be sever till 26th Jan 2017. Post which Sade Sathi will start given you very good results for the next 2.5 years. Again Jupiter transit from 12th aug 2016 to your labha sthan will provide monitory benefits to you. Hence i suggest if you plan to do any thing start only after 12th Aug 2016 as the time is conducive. However, at the time of marriage be care full in selecting your partner since you have dosh in 7th house of your kundli.

  455. Dear Girish Sir,
    I have lost my job since one year and still I am not able to get into any job. I am financially going low day by day facing humiliation from people around me. I am very much worried about future career and future life . As of now I am going to hanuman temple and shani temple on every saturdays. I request you to Please let me know how my future would be in my upcoming days.
    my birthdate :09/12/1988,time 1:24 pm.I request you to please help me out regarding my career.

  456. Dear Girish Sir – Thank you for starting this blog and responding to everyone. Its hard to believe that most of us are struggling and shows how important it is understand the power of planetic movements and belief in God. I am Vrichika rashi Jyesta nakshatra. I have had my fair share of problems with illness of spouse, mental stress etc. It is getting better now, but still need your advice on how long this period will continue for us.
    With Humble regards – Ganesh

  457. @ Pawan, Place of birth please

    • Dear Girish,

      Place of birth : Bangalore


      • Dear Pawan. You belong to Jysheta Nakshta 3rd Padam. Infact you are under sade sathi effect, main phase. The sade sathi effect shall completely end on 26th Jan 2020. Until then you shall have hardships and not an easy walk. But with Jupiter transiting into favorable positions such as 11th house from 12th Aug 2016, it will give great results and betterment. But this shall be for a 1 year only. Later from 2018 till 2020, Jupiter transiting through Vrischika rashi and Dhanu rashi will give better results. Some remedies what i would suggest is oil lamp to lord Saturn on ever saturday.

        • Hi Girish,

          Thank you for taking your time for the reply.
          I will definitely do as suggested by you.

          Thank you,

  458. Girish Ji

    Lost job during the first phase of Sadesathi and could get into some consulting role which is far below my earlier positions of VP in IT industry. Some how it is sustaining with lots of humiliations and unwanted pressure.

    Hope I get a better job suiting to my caliber atleast this year. Request you to look at my chart and suggest whether there is a possibility of better job prospects and financial position and ofcourse peace of mind.

    Here are my details

    DOB : 11 Oct 1964
    Place : madhugiri, Karnataka
    Time : 11:15 am

    Request your time to look into and respond

    Thanks and regards

  459. Dear Natesh. You belong to Anuradha Nakshtra with Mithuna Lagna. Since September 2015, you have entered Moon MD. Moon is debilitated although in exchange with Mars, making it as a Parivartanam yogam. However both Moon and Mars is debilitated hence you have hardships for long time. More over, you have sade sathi which is at its peak. Hence this phase shall be below standard till 12th Aug 2016, after which Jupiter will transit through labha sthan. Later around 26th Jan 2016 When your Janmma Shani will end it will be even better. However i would strongly suggest to offer oil lamp to lord saturn and also if possible keep praying to Lord Chandramolishwar for Neecha Chandra/Moon in your horoscope. Since this will give a strong frame of mind.

  460. Dear Girish sir – I appreciate your reply to my concerns.
    Date of birth 19 Feb , 1971

    THank you Ganesh

  461. hello girish sir,
    plz help me out too regarding my career change as mentioned above . I am also going through rahu antardasha in shukra mahadasha along with shani sade sati due to which facing a major hurdle in change of my career from finance to IT .. my details r 16.03.82 , delhi,10:47 am.. Plz reply as I have posted this query twice on this blog ..

  462. Dear Shivani. As you are of Anuradha Nakshtra, Vrischika rashi but Vrushaba Lagna. Since your lagna is a fixed lagna, you will lack flexibility in your approach in life. More over, Since your are into Rahu antra dasha in Venus MD, Rahu being in 2nd house, expenses will be extravagant. Even if I analysis your horoscope expense will surpass income. But the current Sade sathi, which is janma shani, is not very painful then the one coming around 26th Jan 2017. In other words the last phase of sade sathi will be painful. Remedy is keep offering oil lamp to lord saturn and also visit laxmidevi temple every friday to enhance venus MD effects.

  463. Hello Girish Sir
    Please help me out, I am going through shani sadesati and nothing is going right monetary, health and relationship. Everything is upside down.
    My birthdate is 25th June 1980 Birth time 11.40am and place is wai(Maharashtra).Don’t know what to do. Please suggest some remedies.
    Thank you.

  464. Hi Girish,

    This is Niranjan here, I have have interaction with you earlier in this blog as to in the beginning of my sade saati, my mother passing away(Nov 2011) things like that etc.. So far things have been going well for me on the professional front, however I am trying to get married from last 2 years nothing is working out. Even got in a relationship with a girl, but that did not sustain. Cur rently I am planning to quit my job and planning to pursue higher studies and better job opportunities abroad. Can you advice what would be the good decision for me to go ahead with. I really wanted to pursue my higher studies for long, but it was not happening due to some reason, but things have started to look positive from education perspective.

    My DOB – 17/07/1986
    My POB – Bangalore
    My TOB – 6 PM
    Nakshatra – Anuradha Nakshatra

    Awaiting your reply. Thanks in advance

  465. Hi Niranjan. At First you have Mars in your lagna, making you mangalig or with mangal dosh. This will be active till the age of 28 years, after which it will subside gradually. Your 7th house lord is Venus which should be seen as life partner and it is placed in 9th house ie., Leo from your lagna. Currently you are running Mercury MD, Saturn AD. thus making it little difficult for your to chose a life partner or some one into relationships. Also the current Sade sathi is not very conducive for looking out for a partner which shall be disturbing in the long run, hence i suggest not to focus much on relationships. However from education point of view, i strongly suggest to pursue higher studies since Mercury MD will help you to pursue a good 2 years higher studies program. Again, you have the blessings of Lord Jupiter in your 7th, 9th house and 11th house. You have Ketu in the 11th house and it is the following MD from 2018. Therefore one can safely say that you will have a good education followed by good career to start with. Only the present Sade sathi is a trouble some phase.

  466. Hello Girish
    DOB- 20th AUG 1980
    I am in the middle of sadesati and did get a jerky ride however hoping to get things in line as I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Venus Dasha has been great for me so far Being in the 10th house. I am a Kanya Lagna and Vrishik Rashi.. I am looking for a carrer betterment as I feel stagnated at the moment. Any thoughts?


  467. Dear Girish sir – I appreciate your reply to my concerns. I had written to you earlier but seems you are busy which I understand. Thank you in advance.
    Date of birth 19 Feb , 1971

    THank you Ganesh

  468. Ninad. You have lord jupiter in the 10th house from moon, making it a gajakesari yoga. Infact your first phase of sade sathi should have been hounding and arduous. The second and the upcoming last phase starting from Nov 2014 till Jan 2020 shall be better, albeit, it would require prayers to smoothen the same. Infact if one trifarcate your horoscope into 3 parts with the first part till the age of 30 years, second phase till 60 years and the 3rd as 60+ then your first phase of life will be the best, followed by 2nd and least would be 3rd. However it would still say prayers will help you a lot

  469. hello girish sir,
    first of all thanxs for the reply to my query, but plz tell me clearly “will i able to change my career this year \ next year or not because from the starting of this 2 nd phase of sade satti , i have been getting many opportunities to change my career line but till date not able to do so” …..i am very much confused as to ” should i keep on making efforts to change my career or nothing will happen in this regard so keep on concentrating on my present line only”…. details r 16.03.1982,delhi,10:47 am


  470. Namaskar Girish ji…..
    I want to know my career details. I am preparing for IAS. Please suggest, Could I make it this year.

    Name: Ravi Kant
    DOB: 27-04-86
    TOB: 02:40 AM
    Place: Sonipat, Haryana

  471. Ravi kant. If you plan to give after 12th Aug 2016 it will be possible, however you should try to clear your mains too before September 2017.

  472. Hi girish,

    Couldyou please advise when I should get a chnce ro buy a secound property?.also a beeter opportunity in my carrer, as I am looking for a change


  473. Dear girlish sir,

    Pls help. I am going through a rough time both in professional and personal life.
    Dob: 7.7.1979
    Patiala, Punjab
    Time : 1845


  474. Dear Akashatha. Your Venus MD should have been very good, though it is coming to an end around 2018. After this you are entering Surya MD. In this case, i will say your Suya MD too will go very well. It is for 6 years. So be rest assured. The only thing currently is for Sade sathi.

  475. Ashutosh Joshi

    Hello Girishji,

    I sent my quesy 3 times but didnt get reply. May be it was missed or so.
    Can you please help me out

    Name- Ashutosh
    DOB – 2-Mar-1978
    Place – Pune India
    Time – 18.32.

    Many issues in current job – rivalries from inside and outside of organisation.

    I am struggling to change the job. All interviews go well – almost till success of 99% but due to small issues, not getting converted into offer.

    Can you please check out.

    Thanks in advance.

  476. Yadhu Kumar